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Columbus Washing Machine Buying & Disposal Tips

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine in Columbus Ohio then it might be time for you to take a crash course in the best approach to buying that new machine. When it comes to washing machines you are basically dealing two specific types. The most common is the top loading which has an agitator that rotates on a vertical axis. The other option would be a front loading with the agitator on a horizontal axis. So what’s the difference?
First of all, top loading washing machines are often more inexpensive than their front loading counterparts. However, they are also more expensive to operate because they use more water and energy. On the plus side they are generally quiet and can accommodate large loads of clothes. Because they are the most common type of washing machines sold in the United States you’ll also find the most varieties and models to pick from.
With regard to front loading washer machines they are often more energy efficient but come with a heftier price tag. They also will be able to hold the same amount of clothes but are more gentle on delicate fabrics. The front loading washer machines also have longer rinse and spin cycles. Even though these are more energy efficient they are not as common as the top loaders and therefore might be hard to find many options to pick from.
The Federal Trade Commission requires that every washing machine manufacturer place an energy guide label on each one of the new machines. This can help you make a direct comparison between the machines and let you know exactly the kind of energy will take to run them. In other words, you might find that you’re paying more upfront for front loading washers but in the long run it will pay for itself in energy savings.
Is saving energy on a new washing machine really all that important? Consider the fact that your washing machine probably wastes more energy than any other electronic items in your home. If you were to make the switch to a more energy and water efficient type of washing machines you can save anywhere between 30 to 75% on your energy bills and cut your water usage by up to 50%.
When you read that energy guide label you’ll want to look for how much kilowatt hours that machine will use in one year. The smaller the number the better it’s going to be on your electric bill. A machine that has an Energy Star rating could end up saving you significant amounts of money. That’s what you need to be looking out for!
When you make that switch you’ll also need to make arrangements to get rid of your old washing machine. This can be easily accomplished by hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Columbus to show up and haul away that appliance. Don’t expect your new washing machine installers to take away the old washers. ┬áSimply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Columbus Furniture Recycling

Everything Old Is New Again
You might think that once you throw out your garbage you’ve done your part to keep the world clean. In many ways you have however that garbage has to end up somewhere and that somewhere is usually a landfill. Landfills are the quintessential “thing” that nobody wants in their backyard. However, we just can’t function as a society without having a place to dump all of our garbage. That doesn’t mean we can’t be smart about dumping our garbage and that is how recycling was born. With the goal of reducing the mass of a landfill, recycling takes materials and converts them back to their raw form and find a way to repurpose those materials. You are already probably part of a recycling program in Columbus with a weekly pickup of your papers, plastic, glass, or aluminum cans. But what about all those items that might not make it into the recycling bin but are still worthy of recycling? That’s where landfill mining comes into play.
Landfill mining is a process whereby companies can take the garbage at a landfill and converted into fuel by burning it safely. But this is not always a profitable endeavor because of all the digging involved and because you just don’t know what you’ll be digging up. That’s why you’ll find many recycling centers located right next to a landfill. Savvy recycling companies can spot incoming truckloads of garbage and know if there is value in diverting that truck load from the landfill to the sorting center. Once that happens increase the chances of finding more reusable and recyclable materials.
One such operation can be found in the Ohio Valley facility where recycling and trash are processed under one roof. At this facility the recyclables are pre-sorted, baled and sent on to larger material recovery facilities (MRFs). Material from the Ohio Valley facility is usually transported to Columbus where it is refashioned into new product material.
Among one of the big items that calls for recycling are construction materials and furniture. Every construction site generates a lot of waste but that waste can still be put back into use if handled properly. For instance pieces of drywall can be ground up and used as drywall. The next time you’re at Home Depot check out the label on the drywall and you’ll probably find it has been made from recycled materials. This can also lower the cost of that drywall.
Recycling furniture is a bit more intensive of an operation. First of all, you need to hire a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Columbus to pick up your furniture and make sure it gets to the right recycling center. Once there, that furniture is broken down and separated into its different components. They’ll be a pile for the wood, the metal, the foam and all the other materials that went into the construction of that piece of furniture. Those piles are then shipped off to the appropriate repurpose and centers. You’ll be able to see this in action the next time you look at a label on a sofa or loveseat. It should tell you just how much of that has been made from recycled materials.
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