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Recycling TVs and Computer Monitors in Columbus, Ohio

When we first opened Junk King we were amazed at the number of calls we got from people in the Columbus area who wanted us to pick up and recycle an old television or monitor.

While we are located in Dublin and a majority of our appointments are from here, Columbus, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Westerville, New Albany and Delaware, the fact of the matter is that central Ohio is home to over 2 million people.Old TV ready to be recycled Tube-type displays are heavy and bulky; large, flat-screen TVs are…well, large. Beyond that they contain mercury and other heavy metals, which means they can’t go into the regular trash (legally and environmentally speaking).

Needless to say, if you are researching television recycling you are not alone. Very few, if any, local municipalities offer this service and while there are places that accept drop-offs, you have to find them and visit on their schedule—which in all likelihood are the same hours that you have to work. Not to mention lugging a big, bulky, possibly heavy TV…and that’s assuming you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you must recruit a friend or loved one to help.

It can eat up a lot of time and effort…Or you can call us!

Our appointment line is 1-800-995-JUNK (5865) and we can often come out the same day you call. Beyond that we are concerned with the environment and we recycle everything thing we can. With TVs and monitors that means 100% is recycled so it never ends up in a landfill leaching heavy metals into the groundwater. The same is true for all the electronics and appliances we take in, be it a laptop, old stereo components, or a Super Nintendo that finally gave up the ghost.

If it is a serviceable item we try to donate it to a local charity but in most cases, we recycle them en masse. Truth be told, it feels really good to realize the volume of items that we reuse or recycle in one way or another that won’t end up in a landfill somewhere; most of our customers share this sentiment.

We have some of the lowest prices in the industry and professional, uniformed, bonded and insured teams who will come to you and pick up TVs, monitors, electronics and just about anything else you want us to get out of your way. It’s pretty common for people to also realize they have other stuff they’d like us to clear out and to decide to kill two birds with one stone—maybe even clean out the basement while we’re at it.

We operate every day but Sunday and we service all of Franklin County and parts of all the surrounding counties. If you have specific questions you can call the appointment line above or our local number can be found on our website: northcolumbus.junk-king.com

Professional Help Cleaning Out Hoarder Houses in Columbus

If you need help cleaning out the house or other property of a person with hoarding disorder in the Columbus, Ohio area, Junk King is here to help! Be it a friend, a family member, or even yourself, you can call us knowing we are experienced, sensitive, professionals who will handle the job with tact and efficiency.

Cleaning out a hoarder’s house can be a very difficult task. It can be physically and emotionally draining on all involved, especially the owner of the home. Hoarders typically have a strong attachment to the items that they have collected throughout their life. While friends or family members may see the items in their home as complete junk, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Hoarders can develop emotional attachments to all sorts of items, including things like newspaper, boxes, books, clothing, or anything at all but the sheer volume makes it impossible for them to maintain it all and in most cases the hoarded items are not in a serviceable or valuable condition.

The items that a hoarder attaches themselves to can be completely random, making no sense to an outside party, which makes it difficult to provide help. Trying to help a hoarder can be extremely difficult and very frustrating. The owner of the home will likely erect emotional walls and boundaries and be very uncomfortable with the disposal process of their items. For this reason, you largely have to hire a waste management service that can come in and help you get rid of all of the items in a quick and efficient manner.

Like pulling off a Band-Aid, the quicker the better!

If you have ever seen the hoarding shows currently on TV, you’ll notice that they do not delay the cleanup process. Rather, they initiate cleaning out the house and throwing away items, as quickly as possible. Every single time, yard waste and junk waste companies are called in to help initiate the process and work out a solution for the hoarder. Hoarding therapists see this as an important issue that needs to be rushed into, so that the homeowner can adapt to their new ways, without having time to resist the process. Surely, there are going to be some complications and difficult moments for the homeowner but it is important to be able to make a clean break and a fresh start.

As mentioned before, hoarders are very attached to their items, even though they may not have reasoning for this attachment that make sense to anyone else. Nevertheless, empathy and understanding combined with good boundaries help to acknowledge the validity of their feelings without minimizing the extent of the disorder and addressing their needs.

We’ve had hoarders hire us themselves because the cleanout process is something they are simply incapable of, even though they are aware of the problem. This is generally a pretty time-consuming job (don’t worry, we charge by volume, not time or labor), and often requires protective gear due to the likelihood of animal and insect infestations.

Hopefully, the hoarder will start to recover and will develop skills that are necessary in order to overcome this problem. They should start to realize that some of these items that they have been collecting are unnecessary, and can be thrown out without consideration. This is a process that they have to experience for themselves, albeit with assistance. Rest assured, Junk King Columbus will provide that assistance, with compassion, in central Ohio.

To schedule an appointment or a free on-site estimate call us at 1-800-995-JUNK (5865).

Why Junk King Columbus Composts All Yard Waste

Composting is a great way to dispose of yard waste in a sustainable and eco-friendly way

What is composting?

The term compost refers to any kind of organic matter that has been recycled into a fertilizer and soil amendment though a natural decomposing process. Composting is a natural process but there are steps you can take to help it along. Naturally over time, the ground gets covered with a layer of organic materials, which includes leaves, branches, manure and animal remains. During the rains, this layer becomes wet, which hastens the decomposition. Over weeks, months, and sometimes even years, depending on the natural climate and environmental conditions, this is turned into humus and it is this layer of nutrient rich earth that is known as top soil.

Flowers on a hillsideScience has come up with several ways of speeding up the composting process to produce richer fertilizer using less conventional base materials and within a shorter span of time. Modern yard waste composting can be a complex, multi-step process that involves the addition of carefully measured amounts of air, water, carbon, nitrogen-rich materials, and beneficial organisms like aerobic bacteria and fungi.

How to make compost out of yard waste

Making compost is a simple process, as long as you have the time and space to devote to it. You’ll want to set aside a portion of your yard or property (here in Dublin where space is at a premium that isn’t always easy but that is why we take all suitable organic debris to a place where they will compost it). Clear the ground of grass, weeds, plants, or yard waste until you get a plot of bare earth. Once the ground is clear, add a two to three inch deep layer of twigs or straw. This ensures better drainage and helps aerate the mound. Next, add the yard waste in alternate layers of moist and dry materials.

Add a nitrogen source in the form of animal or green manure. Good sources include wheatgrass, clover, and buckwheat, which is why these crops are grown on in rotation on plots of land used for organic farming. The nitrogen activates the compost pile and helps speed up the process. Make sure you keep the compost slightly moist. Given the normal amounts of precipitation here in central Ohio, it should only be an issue in times of drought. If needed, water the compost pile or bin occasionally but that and the occasional turning for aeration, is about all you need to do, then just let nature take it’s course.

If you live in a urban or suburban area you may want to buy or build a bin that will keep scavengers and pests from getting into your compost pile. Otherwise, cover the mound with wood or mulch to help retain moisture. Finally, give the pile a quick turn every other week with a pitchfork to provide aeration and to help the bio-degradtion.

Supplementing your compost

Many organic gardeners add specific ingredients to for trace nutrients or microbes; two of the most common are egg shells and coffee grounds but please be careful before you consider doing so, any type of food can draw bugs, animals and other pests. As noted above, there are special bins you can buy or build to facilitate composting and to make it easier (more compact, keep out animals, etc.)

Composting yard waste keeps it out of our landfills, keeps the nutrients in our local eco-system, and is an effective way of recycling of natural materials. It is a great aid to organic farming or suburban landscaping, as it produces, fresh, 100 percent green fertilizer for plants.

Many central Ohioans find themselves too busy to do everything they should, or want, to do for the environment, and this includes composting. In the Columbus area you can call Junk King Columbus for yard waste removal and we’ll handle it for you. We take everything possible, which means all organic yard waste, to a facility which composts and then re-uses it locally.

How to choose a hauling and junk removal service

The past few years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of junk removal and hauling services in the Columbus area. As such, some of the businesses offering hauling and trash related services lack professional expertise and experience, this can cause headaches for the home and business owners who unknowingly choose them (usually in hopes of avoiding the headaches and stress of disposing of junk themselves). Thankfully, there are several factors that can help identify a good junk hauling team.

Things to look for in a hauling service:

Flexibility: Not all junk removal services deal with all kinds of junk. Some of the common categories include appliances; construction materials; concrete pavers; furniture; electronic items; lawn and garden refuse; along with all sorts of miscellaneous trash. Make sure that any service you hire covers all the categories of items you want to be hauled away. A good, all-round junk removal service will cover almost anything non-hazardous and recycle as much as possible. Flexibility also includes the ability and willingness to work at a time of your choice.

Customer Service: Check user reviews and ratings to ensure that the company you choose believes in good customer service. This includes prompt answering of the phone during the specified business hours; politely explaining the various terms and conditions as well as the pricing details; giving a clear ETA for the removing team and ensuring that the latter arrives at the promised time; no hidden costs; and a good customer service department for handling problems and complaints.

Pricing: One of the easiest ways to ensure a cost-effective pricing for junk removal is to search for the companies that charge according to the volume of junk to be hauled away rather than the time it takes to load it. Many junk removal firms actually charge by the amount of time that it takes to load and remove the debris. This can artificially inflate the price, especially when dealing with slow workers or multiple items. The better option is to choose companies that charge according to the amount of space taken up by the junk. This means that you get a steady, reasonable rate regardless of how much time it takes to actually move the items.

Insurance: Last but not the least, always make sure that any company you hire has adequate insurance coverage and is licensed or bonded as appropriate. With the necessary insurance, you know you are protected, no matter what.

Junk hauling services differ greatly in pricing, competence, and efficiency. Take your time researching and we are confident you will choose Junk King every time.

For more information, or to book an appointment or a free estimate, call 1-800-995-JUNK (that’s 1-800-995-5865).

Or you can visit the Junk King Columbus website.

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