What To Avoid In A Columbus Junk Removal Company

Are you ready to get rid of all your oversized and heavy junk pieces? This would be items like a couch, table, bedroom set, stove, fridge or mattress that you’ve been keeping in your garage or basement. If you have the space, it’s practical to pile up that junk but you can’t put it out on the curb. But does that mean you need to hold onto this stuff for the rest of your life? Absolutely not! Thanks to Junk King, you have a great opportunity to get rid of all your clutter in a single appointment.


Why should you pick Junk King for your junk removal task? First of all, Junk King is part of a national franchise. This means that they take junk removal very serious. They are also following standards of customer service that have been set down by the parent company. That matters for a service type of job. You don’t want a company who is just making up stuff as they go along. Because Junk King carries the brand name, they have to provide dependable service. This means showing up on time for an appointment. If there is some unforeseen circumstance like a traffic jam, then the Junk King crew is obligated to call you with updates. You’re not going to get that from other companies.

There is also a matter of trust that applies to Junk King. That trust starts with having the crew licensed and insured. These the types of professional workers you want to invite into your home. Will a day laborer in a pickup truck be responsible? Trust also applies to what a junk removal company will do with your stuff once they’ve picked it up. Junk King operates under a green business model. This means that the majority of what they collect is going to be kept out of landfills. Instead, it will be recycled or donated to a charity. There are some junk haulers who don’t care where you junk will end up. In some cases, they could even be involved with illegal dumping. That’s never going to happen when you hire Junk King.

You also want fair pricing. Junk King will present you with a flat fee based on an estimate of how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. There won’t be any additional charges or surprise fees. For professional and dependable junk removal, Junk King is the best option in Columbus.