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Columbus Junk Hauling – Avoid the Hoarding

The hoarders are once again among us! The popular cable reality series detailing the lives of hoarders has returned for a new season. We’re getting peaks inside the houses of people who simply can’t throw anything away. As a result, their lives have come to a virtual standstill. In some extreme cases the health of family members are actually in jeopardy. Luckily for most of us, we could only be classified as amateur hoarders. Yes, we’re all a little bit guilty of holding onto junk, but it hasn’t gotten to the same dire circumstances as the real hoarders… yet! Watching an episode of “Hoarders” could inspire you to finally get your own piles of junk under control. When you’re ready to take the plunge, then it makes sense to hire a locally based Columbus Junk King hauling team to help you cart away your hoard.

There are lots of reasons why we hold onto our junk. One of the most common is that it’s just too big to move. Sure, we can manage to shove it into another room or onto the back porch or in the garage, but then that’s where it will live for as long as we stay there. Many of us have items like broken kitchen appliances, ratty sofas, busted ping pong table and car parts that are simply beyond use. They are now officially collecting rust and mold. Is this really something you want to expose your family to? Bringing in the Junk King Columbus crew will let you get rid of this trash once and for all.

Of course getting rid of junk isn’t just restricted to homeowners. Business owners are equally guilty of being “closet hoarders.” Go through any typical office and you’re sure to find that one room or abandoned cubicle which has become the depository for all kinds of office junk. Things like outdated fax machines and printers are top of the heap. And let’s not forget the files. How many cartons of files are sitting around collecting dust? These can be tossed out, but there are just too many. Once again, let a professional hauling team like Junk King handle this.

Getting rid of junk takes muscle and a big truck. Those are two things professional junk haulers like Junk King have in abundance. A quick assessment by a Junk King Columbus team supervisor will let you know the exact costs of the job and what type of truck they’ll need. Then all that is left is scheduling an appointment for the Junk King crew to show up and get the job done.

Once all your junk is gone, you’re going to have some brand new space to embrace. In your home, this could mean as much as an entire room that will be reclaimed or a new work space in the garage. For your business, valuable storage space can be opened up for those materials and goods you really need. Starting the New Year is the perfect opportunity to clear the clutter from your life. Whether it be your Columbus home or business, we should all avoid hoarding!

Columbus Office Junk Removal

Is your Columbus-based business or office filled with useless clutter? There could be storage spaces right on your office floor that are filled to the rafters with garbage that needs to be tossed. Instead of asking your employees to do something that might not be in their job requirements, why not call in a professional Columbus office junk removal company? They’ll be able to quickly assess your situation and arrange to swiftly haul off any amount of designated junk. Then you can get back to work!

We all know where the office junk is. It could be a storage closet at the end of the hallway or a room in the parking garage. The simple fact is, that just like in your personal life, a company can’t exist without collecting a certain amount of junk. This junk can come in the form of outdated computer monitors or PC towers and old files. It could also mean some unused office furniture that will never make it back out onto the floor. Basically, your company is paying for office space to keep junk. Of course it might not be your call to make but why not take initiative? You could impress the bosses by suggesting a Columbus office junk removal company to show up and get rid off all that waste.

Even if you decide to take the bull by the horns and handle the junk removal project, you won’t be doing it alone when you bring in a professional team of haulers.  The professionals would first come to provide you with a free on site estimate based on how much space the office junk fills in their truck. You certainly don’t want any surprises when it comes to presenting a bill to upper management. Once the terms are agreed upon you can then arrange for the actual haul day. This can be done on your terms so as not to disrupt the work day. Whether it is after hours or on the weekend, the Columbus junk removal company should accommodate you and not the other way around.

Another benefit that comes with bringing a qualified Columbus junk removal company is finding one that has gone green. This is extremely important if you have any electronic gear that you’ll be getting rid of. These pieces of office equipment can and should be recycled at the proper facility. When it comes to electronics, there is the potential for hazardous materials being released in their destruction which is why you want them handled properly by an experienced junk removal crew. Once all that office junk is gone, you’ll be able to utilize your space more efficiently. Isn’t that what business should be all about: efficiency? Get on track by getting rid of your junk!

Junk King Columbus provides the fastest and greenest junk removal services in the Ohio area.  Feel free to book your free on site estimate online, or call 1-800-995-JUNK for more information.