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How to Get Rid of Old Appliances in Dallas, TX

A lot needs to happen to bake a cake. All the ingredients need to be properly measured out. Too much flour or too much sugar would ruin the whole thing. There are many bakers who can make a cake from scratch but still need to mix the same amount of ingredients every time. Of course, the best cake batter in the world won’t amount to much if the oven isn’t working properly. As with all the other old appliances in your kitchen, the stove will eventually break down. You’ll know that is happening when it takes longer to preheat or the cooking temperatures seem off. When you’re ready to buy a new stove, you should also set up your old stove removal. That is a quick fix that can be provided by Junk King.


Junk King specializes in old appliances removal. These are the kind of bulky and heavy items that require two capable moves to get out of your home. The crews working for Junk King have all been licensed, bonded and insured. They also have been trained in the proper technique of moving heavy objects. In the case of a gas stove, there is also some crucial disconnecting that has to be done properly. Junk King will have you covered there, too!

You might initially call Junk King to arrange for your old appliances removal but you don’t have to stop there. Since you’ll have the crew and the truck, why not take full advantage and clear out all the clutter in your home? This is your chance to finally remove all the junk from your garage and basement. Won’t it be nice to use those spaces for something other than storage?

When it comes to disposing of your old appliances and other junk, Junk King will have two options: Recycle it or donate it. The goal is to keep as much of what they collect out of local landfills. Appliances that aren’t working any longer would be perfect for recycling. That metal can go a long way once it has been refurbished. As for the other items, there are plenty of Dallas area charities who can find new homes for all that stuff. Getting rid of old appliances and junk is easy when you do it the Junk King way.

How to Give Your Basement a Makeover in Dallas, TX

Next to our garages, the basement often becomes your home’s most popular storage space. This is where you keep all the boxes of holiday decorations, clothes that aren’t being worn, appliances that aren’t being used and all the computer equipment that has been replaced. You know you shouldn’t throw those things out but keeping them is just creating a lot of clutter. One call to Junk King can take care of all that mess and give you back your basement!


Before the Junk King crew arrives, take your time to go through all your stuff and decide what needs to go and what should stay. Keep in mind that you don’t have to bring anything up from the basement that you want taken away. The Junk King crews will gladly climb up and down those stairs to remove your stuff. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and it will be as good as gone!

Along with the basement cleanup, that same Junk King crew can work wonders throughout the rest of your property. They’ll be able to take away furniture, appliances and other household goods from any area in your home. You’re hiring them to remove junk so put them to work! That also includes and pickups from around the yard as well. This is a perfect chance to finally get your home into the shape you want it to be.

Before the Junk King crew starts loading your stuff, they’ll present you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. Once agreed upon, this estimate will be locked down. The only time it changes is if your junk takes up less space than the estimate. In that case, you would be entitled to a refund of the lesser amount.

Included in that affordable price is all the recycling services that Junk King provides. That might mean extra drop offs of your items to recycling centers or local charitable organizations. The goal is to keep as much junk out of landfills as possible. So far, Junk King has maintained a respectable 60% diversion rate across the country. That is helping the environment in a big way. Take care of decluttering your basement and home with a single call to Junk King.

Remove Junk in the most eco-friendly way

We at Junk King haul away everything without exception. Junk removal, furniture and household items removal, hot tub removal, construction trash cleanup, yard debris cleanup, office clean outs and moves, appliances removal, attic and basement clean outs, you name it and we do it.When you call us to take my junk, no job is too big or small for us.
We charge minimal cost in the area. We charge basically by the volume of the truck utilized. Gas, work and transfer charges are all included in the evaluation given. The no commitment estimate is first presented to the client and if they agree we start our process. It is really that easy!

We recycle most of what we remove. We also supply families in need with previously owned things which includes: furniture, machines, dishes, carpets, towels, covers, mattress cases, sheets, garments and pretty much everything else you may need to supply a home with. A number of these things are in extraordinary condition yet we offer these. We offer these things for nothing, and will considerably convey them to you by and large. We along with your help try to serve our society as much as we can.

Contact Junk King Dallas, Texas to book appointment.

Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Dallas

When you give a gift to someone, you hope it will be put to good use. The best way to prove that is to find it on display in their home. Of course, when you receive a gift and the giver comes over for a visit, you had better put that item out! Giving the gift of a junk removal session from Junk King guarantees you’ll be able to see that “gift” for a long time. That’s because Junk King will be able to clear away all kinds of clutter and who wouldn’t want to show off a junk free home?


It only takes one call to Junk King to put the junk removal gift plan into action. Before that call can happen, you’ll want get with the person who will be on the receiving end of that gift to find out the best time for the appointment. Junk King can often schedule a session within 24 hours of that first call. However, if the recipient needs more time to sort through their stuff, that appointment can be scheduled out for the weekend.

You should also let Junk King know how much stuff they’ll be removing. They want to make sure they send over the right amount of manpower. The typical junk removal session involves two capable movers. This is the team who can easily lift and load furniture, boxes and appliances. However, if the person you’re giving the junk removal gift to has reached hoarder levels of rubbish, then Junk King will send over additional teams and trucks. A recent job took three trucks to remove everything!

As for pricing, you won’t know the final cost until the team has had a chance to size up all the junk in person. They’ll be looking to see how much space the junk will take up on the back of the truck. The Junk King website price estimator can give you a range based on a list of items you plug in. Just know that the crews always land on the low side of the range because they’ll be packing up that truck extra tight.

Once you agree to the estimate, it won’t change. That is a price that covers everything from start to finish. Ready to put a smile on the face of someone special? A junk removal gift from Junk King can make it happen!

Junk King provides complete solution to your every problem

If you are looking for a friendly and reliable team of junk haulers who will clear up your space without causing any king of hassle, you are looking at just the right place. Junk King provides complete solution to your every problem and is available in Dallas, Texas to provide 100 percent satisfaction to its customers.
We make sure that our team of experts arrive at the specified time given to you. We do all of the junk hauling and clearance ourselves.You don’t have to worry about lifting heavy junks or moving it to a specific location.Just show us where it is and instruct us as to what has to be done. Post that leave everything on us. We leave only after cleaning up your entire space.
Our fully trained team also clears everything from garage to garden rubbish.Our team is more than happy to clear your waste on your behalf. Junk King respects its customers and their property.We leave both your house and garden neat and tidy after the completion of the job.
If you are looking to get any kind of your rubbish cleared as quickly as possible, call us today and book an appointment. We guarantee to reach your place within the two hour window.

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