Fast & Affordable Junk Hauling In Frisco

Recently, an estimated one million gallons of sanitary sewer water overflowed into White Rock Creek in Plano. This happened because of heavy rainfall and clogged storm drains. Here in Frisco, there were two million gallons of sewer water that overflowed into Stewart Creek. Thankfully, the drinking water wasn’t affected. Can you imagine what it would take to clean up that kind of spill if that dirty water poured into a road or a home? It might just be too much to think about!


Has your home every suffered any serious flooding damage? Just because a sump pump fails and a basement floods doesn’t mean the home is ruined. Only if that water stays there will problems start to crop up. It’s important to act fast with the clean up and that’s where Junk King Dallas can be a big help. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with water damage cleanup. These are crews that like to move fast and that holds true if they’re cleaning up after a storm or just helping you clear out all of the clutter from your Frisco garage.

Cost is always a consideration when you hire a professional service. Junk King’s pricing policy has more to do with volume than weight. There are some junk haulers that want to charge by the pound. They do this because that’s how the landfill charges them. Junk King prefers to skip the landfill and those big charges. Instead, they have a pricing police that is based on how much space the crew will use up packing your stuff onto the truck. It might be one-third, one-quarter, one-half or the entire truck. Whatever the amount, you’ll know what the fee is going to be before the job starts. If you’re not happy with the price quoted, you can turn down the pickup. There is never any pressure getting rid of your unwanted clutter.

Once all that junk us gone, you’re home is going to feel totally different. You’re also going to have a lot more room to store the things that matter. For fast and affordable junk hauling in Frisco, call on Junk King Dallas to get the job done today.

Action Plan For Organizing Your Kitchen

There is a general rule of the kitchen that goes whoever cooks doesn’t clean. After cooking for a few hours, it is certainly nice to have help with the clean up. The challenge becomes cleaning up in a cluttered kitchen. It’s hard to get organized if things are just crammed into cabinets and drawers. Here’s a good action plan for organizing your kitchen.


Make Use of Vertical Space

There is a lot of space you could utilize with “out of the box” thinking. Hooks can be placed underneath cabinets to hold mugs. You can also hang a stemware rack in the same spot for your wine glasses. This will open up a lot of cabinet space. You can take that same approach for utilizing hooks on the inside of cabinet doors. That’s a terrific area for hanging potholders, towels, mitts and other tools.

Use Lazy Susans

Anyone with a big family knows the benefit of a Lazy Susan on the dining room table. But this device can also be used inside cabinets and even the refrigerator. Use it to hold spices, oils, vinegars and condiments. It’s also good for small jars of pickles, olives or salsa.

Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers like you use for flatware can also be used in the cooking tool drawer. They’re great for separating spoons, ladles and other utensils. You can even place a divider in a junk drawer.

Sort Papers

A kitchen can sometimes have as much paper as an office. Coupons, recipes and take-out menus all should be stored in a proper place. You can use accordion folders to separate the menus from the recipes. A magnetic sorter box can also go up on the side of the fridge for the coupons.

Clean Out the Refrigerator

When was the last time you took everything out of the fridge and freezer for a thorough cleaning? You’re going to create a couple of trash bags full of expired food for sure! It’s a smart idea to do this chore the night before the trash is collected. That way it won’t stay in your cans for long attracted unwanted “guests.” Once the fridge has been cleaned like this, get into the habit of doing a “sweep” before every trip to the grocery store. It will help remind you of what you need and what should be thrown out.

For the big things to get rid of in the kitchen like broken appliances you can count on Junk King Dallas for fast removal. Whether you have a little or a lot, you can count on Junk King to do all the work of hauling away your rubbish. Start in the kitchen and end with an entire home clear of clutter thanks to Junk King Dallas.

Easy Approach To Home Decorating

Are you feeling the need to freshen up your home? A vase of flowers might not cut it. Instead, you might want to think about decorating. That can take many forms. All your choices reflect your personality and tastes. But which approach is the right approach for you? Consider the following:


Minimalist Design

Minimalist home decorating is just that: minimum. You’re going to be taking away versus adding. Minimalism is defined by neutral colors as variation of white tones. Lighting should be unobtrusive, but in plentiful supply. When adding accents, less is more. You don’t want to fill up shelves or tables with knick-knacks. Concealed storage also adds to the minimalist approach.

Eclectic Design

Eclectic design is the very opposite of minimalist approach. Here you bring in a lot of things that make you happy. Best of all, nothing has to match in terms of design or style. This approach is other referred to as “thrift store chic.” That’s because you can find a lot of treasures by shopping thrift stores, yard sales and Craigslist. For color schemes, think bold pastels and accent walls. Even though you’re going eclectic doesn’t mean you have to make things look cluttered. Let your accents be special.

Don’t Decorate Everything at Once

You don’t have to decorate the entire house all at once. Think of this as an ongoing project. Once you’ve established a style for a particular room, you can go on the “hunt” for more things to add but it doesn’t all have to be complete on a single Saturday.

To keep costs down, you might also want to consider DIY projects. Most lumberyards will precut wood to your specs. That will let you create all kinds of table legs for an interesting piece of reclaimed wood you might happen upon. That would be easy to assemble especially with the help of YouTube DIY videos!

Before you start to pull a room together, you’ll want to “take it apart.” That means getting rid of any item you’re not going to use or replace. This is where Junk King Dallas can be of assistance. One session with these junk hauling pros will have your home clear of unwanted furniture, electronics and other household goods. Don’t decorate your home until Junk King Dallas has had a chance to get rid of the rubbish.

Keep America Beautiful Campaign Celebrates 65th Anniversary With Dallas Conference

The Keep America Beautiful Campaign recently celebrated it’s 65th anniversary with conference in Dallas that attracted community leaders and educators from all across the country. Also, in attendance were the business owners and policymakers who are instrumental in implementing a lot of the initiatives set forth by the campaign. The conference featured sessions on recycling, disaster recovery and beautification programs conducted at the community level.


“As we enter our 65th year, Keep America Beautiful has its eyes on a future in which everyone deserves to live in a clean, green and beautiful community, while sharing a responsibility to contribute to that vision,” said Helen Lowman, president and CEO of Keep America Beautiful in a press release. “Today, we turn our attention to ‘The Next 65′ for our organization – empowered and inspired by our state and community-based affiliates, millions of volunteers as  junkwell as our corporate supporters and other partner organizations. The future of Keep America Beautiful lies in our ability to continually educate and inspire a new generation of community stewards.”

All of this begs the question, “What are you doing to keep America beautiful?” Anytime you toss trash into a trashcan, you’re helping. The same goes for recycling at home. It all helps but you don’t have to stop there. You can also improve the environment by picking the right green companies to give your business to. That starts with junk hauling and the perfect company for this task is Junk King Dallas.

A lot of the beautification work provided by Junk King Dallas often goes unseen. No one can tell if you’ve cleared out the clutter from your garage or closets unless you invite them into your home. But with the Junk King crews on hand, those spaces can be literally cleaned out in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and the crew will take it away from there. They’ll also pick up any debris or rubbish you have around your yard. If you want to make your home beautiful again, then start with a junk hauling session from Junk King Dallas.

Take Care Of Shed Clutter Removal Today

There isn’t anything we can do about the weather aside from adjust our appliances. When it is too hot, the AC can be cranked up. When it is too cold, you turn up the heat. Those two simple acts make life comfortable around the house with that out of control weather. There are some other things you can control around your home with a little outside help. Specifically, you can finally clear the clutter from your backyard shed. To get that done, you only need to bring in Junk King Dallas.


Junk King Dallas is part of a national chain of professional junk hauling franchises. These crews are dedicated to improving your living environment one truckload of junk at a time. Think about all the things you have in your shed that you’ve been eager to get rid of. There could be an old lawnmower that is no longer work. Maybe there is a crusty grill that has been replaced. You could even have all kinds of busted pottery planters. All of those items are perfect for a Junk King pickup.

As with any other junk item you want removed, all you have to do with the shed rubbish is point to it. The team from Junk King will take their cues and remove it on the spot. You don’t need to haul anything around to the front of the house. Leave all the heavy lifting for Junk King.

Beyond the shed clutter, you might also have some other items in your yard that Junk King can clear away. They will be able to clear away piles of lumber or construction waste, auto parts, spare tires and even an unused swing set. The goal is to fit everything onto the truck. Sometimes that requires taking apart the object first. That won’t be a problem for the Junk King crew even with rusty screws!

Once the team has completed clearing out the shed, they can also load up anything from inside your home or garage that you want removed. Think about what kind of difference that can make around the house. Shed clutter and junk removal is a chore you can turn over to Junk King Dallas today. Get it done fast.

Ways To Senior Proof Your Home

Are you retiring this year? What about your parents? As we head into retirement, things start to slow down but in a good way. That is why it is even more important to make sure you or your elderly loved ones are living in a home that is safe. Here are some good ways to senior proof your home:


In the Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most common area in your home for injuries. Most of those injuries happen with the simple act of getting in and out of a tub or shower. To senior proof the shower, start by making sure every surface is of the non-slip variety. Your tub and area right outside should have non-slip mats.

Grab bars place inside the shower and by the toilet help with added support. Make sure they’re installed the right way to maximized that support. While you’re at it, you should also reinforce towel bars to make sure they are sturdy as well.

The light switch should be near the door. Night-lights are also a good idea for the bathroom. Be sure any outlet is up to code to prevent accidental shocks

On the Staircase

Staircase should have sturdy railings. This is something that needs to be inspected periodically. If climbing stairs starts to become a problem, then you might want to consider a stair lift. This is a good option when you want to stay in the home and still have access to the second floor.

Stairs also have to be well lit. If there isn’t an overhead light, then you should consider attaching small motion sensor lights along the staircase. Carpeting on stairs can prevent slipping but only if it is well maintained. If it starts to wear out, then it should be replaced.

All clutter should also be kept off the stairs. In fact, unwanted clutter should be removed from the entire home. That is where Junk King Dallas can be a big help. You’ll be able to set up a junk removal session that can have your entire home clear of rubbish is less time than it takes to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Make your home senior proof with a helping hand from Junk King Dallas.

Recycling 101 Facts

Did you know that the average American creates up to about 4 pounds of trash every day. That comes out to around a couple of tons for each family, each year. Lots of trash. Unfortunately, we only recycle about 30% of all recyclable materials we use. Yes, even with all the curbside collecting, only come out to 30% of billons of ton of trash. Can we do better? Absolutely.


Consider glass. Glass is one of those materials that can be recycled over and over again. It never loses its purity or its composure. That makes glass a perfect material to continue recycling and turn into new class. Cardboard packages can ultimately break down but glass doesn’t ever lose its shaper or composure… unless you break it! That makes it the perfect sustainable packaging material.

What about steel?  Recycling a pound of steel saves enough energy to run a light bulb for a whole day. You could also heat 18,000,000 homes with the amount of steel that gets recycled every year. It is also more economically efficient to recycle as much steel as possible instead of producing new materials every time. Most of the steel you buy now has about 20% recycled content already included.

Styrofoam is another major trash item that can be recycled. Styrofoam coffee cups are another major source of garbage that we can recycle instead- every year, we throw away 25,000,000,000 of these cups.

There are some recycling programs across the country that actually pay for what you turn in. That is especially true for aluminum can and plastic bottles. Even with those programs, there is still around $1 billion worth of recyclable material that still ends up in a landfill.

How extensive is your home recycling program? Do you know you could also recycle things like old mattresses, furniture, appliances and e-waste? At least you could if you hire Junk King Dallas to take care of the hauling. This is a professional junk hauling service that is dedicated to a green way of getting rid of rubbish. It’s all part of their complete junk removal package. If you want to expand your recycling, then give your junk to Junk King Dallas today.

Getting Your Home Prepped For Holiday Guests

The only “guest” who should surprise you for the holidays is someone who already lived in your home like a kid who was away at college or in the military. They already know the rules of the house and don’t have to be made to feel welcome; they already are. As for anyone other overnight guest, you need to do a little prep work to make them feel welcome. It’s what the holidays are all about. Here are some great ideas for getting your home prepped for holidays guests.


Check Their Foodie List

The folks who are coming to stay for the holiday might have changed their diets since the last time you saw them. They might be gluten free or developed an allergy to lactose. Those are not insurmountable changes. It will help to check in with them to find out what they enjoy, especially in the morning. Some people can’t start their day without a jolt of java.

Freshen the Linens

Having guests spend the weekend is the perfect excuse to go shopping for new linens. Welcome them with fluffy towels and clean sheets. You might also want to drop off the comforter at the dry cleaner and buy a couple of extra blankets just in case.

Figure Out an Itinerary

There is a lot to see and do in Dallas. That includes paying a visit to all your favorite BBQ joints. You should plan an itinerary and maybe even print it out so everyone knows what is going on. Just be sure to allow some time for just hanging out and having fun.

Try Out the Bed

Have you actually ever slept on you guestroom bed? You might be surprise to find it is more comfortable than your bed because it is still firm or it is very uncomfortable. Spend the night there and see things in that room from your guest’s perspective. You might discover you need fluffier pillows or the TV remote doesn’t work. Little details can make a big difference towards making someone feel at home.

Remove the Rubbish

You’re going to want to give your home a good cleaning but don’t just stop at scrubbing and dusting. Give Junk King Dallas a call. All it will take is one session with these pros to have you home totally clear of junk, clutter and rubbish. Make your holiday guests feel welcome in home without junk thanks to Junk King Dallas.

Are You Ready For A Junk Free Holiday?

Over the next coming weeks, there will be a lot of things coming into your home. On the short list is a turkey for Thanksgiving, a Christmas tree for Christmas and all kinds of friends and family for parties and visits. Before that happens, you should focus on all the things you can take out of the house. That would be any junk or rubbish item that is taking up valuable space and making your home look cluttered. To get that stuff gone in a flash, you only need to hire Junk King Dallas for a single session.


What you want to get rid of is entirely up to you. Just know that you don’t have to limit yourself by size or weight. The two man moving crew assigned to your session will be able to lift and load anything you “throw” at them. They love a good challenge. One crew even cut an entire hot tub in half just to get it onto the truck. Talk about problem solving!

Weight isn’t a factor with regard to your price, either. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King Dallas on the job. Their pricing policy is structured to reflect how your stuff will fit on the back of their truck. This is an estimate that is presented before the work begins. There won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job, either. And one fee covers everything from the labor, transportation and disposal.

That disposal is also determined by the crew. Not everything you’re getting rid of is going to end up in a landfill. If the crew spots an item that can be recycled or donated to a charity, then they will strive to get that item to the proper drop off. If they can avoid going to a dump, then Junk King Dallas considers that to be a good day.

Think of how much better you’ll find once all your unwanted junk is cleared out of your home. Even if all the rubbish is in the garage, it will still make a world of difference. Kick off your holidays with a junk free home thanks to a little help from Junk King Dallas.


Regular Junk Removal Sessions Keep Your Business Clutter Free

When you first took over your business there was probably a lot of renovation that needed to be done. Even if you moved into a totally empty space, whatever build out you engaged in resulted in a lot of construction waste that needed to be tossed out. Now that your business is up and running, you probably have a lot of deliveries on a daily basis. Hopefully, just as many items that are coming in are also going out. To make sure your business never gets overrun with clutter and rubbish, you should set up a regular junk removal session with Junk King Dallas.


Important thing about hiring outside contractors for business is to make sure that there isn’t any disruption. That’s why Junk King Dallas provides a flexible scheduling options. If you would prefer the junk removal crew show up before you start business, then that can be arranged. They can also stop by after hours. What you like into a time that works best for you it’s easy to maintain that schedule.

Just as you used to supervising your own staff, you’ll be able to supervise the Junk King crews as well. They’ll be looking to you to point out all the things that you want removed. You might find it convenient to put everything outside the loading door. However, with junk King on the job that’s not necessary. The crews will happily command pick up all the stuff you want removed right where it is being stored.

Junk King is also an eco-friendly company. The bulk of what they collect either gets recycled or donated. This is been their operating philosophy since they began collecting junk back in 2005. By extension, you’re able to continue to promote your business as a green company thanks to the work Junk King does on your behalf with regard to recycling.

It’s a safe bet that what you see how Junk King works around your business you will probably put them to work around your home as well. They’ll be just as fast and efficient. Junk King Dallas are the junk removal pros that can make your business junk free in no time at all.

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