Tips For Throwing A Block Party

If you start planning now, then you could throw an amazing block party for your neighbors this Labor Day Weekend. What a great way to say good-bye to summer. Here are some good tips on how to make it all happen:


Pick a Theme

Every party gets better when there is a theme. Your block party theme could be as simple as “red, white and blue.” Or you can take the luau approach and get everyone in Hawaiian shirts. The theme also helps with setting up the menu.

Pick the Right Spot

The obvious best spot for a block party is right in the middle of the block. The real question is whether you’ll actually be shutting down the entire street. That isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. Just check with the city to see what’s allowed. They might issue you a permit that allows you to put up blockades at each end of the street. Obviously, the folks who live on the street can come and go but it would be nice if everyone was on board so that for the duration of the event, there will be no traffic.

Set Limits

It will help on the invitation to set a time limit on the party. That way everyone will know when to come and more important when to go! If you have a pool and want to invite the neighbors in, then let them know to bring their own towels and enjoy. It is important that there will be adults supervising the swims at all time. You can take shifts.

Delegate Duties

Just because you’re organizing the block party doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Split up the duties. One neighbor can be in charge of tables and chairs. Another can be in charge of the grill. Someone else can be the activities director. Everyone can contribute and no one will feel overwhelmed.

Menu Sign Up

There should be a menu sign up where the neighbors can post what they’re be brining. It will help to split up the sign up into categories like appetizers, meat for the grill, side dishes, condiments, desserts etc. That way you’ll get a balance.

Clean Up

Plan ahead for the cleanup by bringing a trashcan down to the street on the day of the party. That way it can easily be filled up with the trash. Before the party, you might want to get Junk King Dallas over to your home for a little yard debris cleanup. Although they specialize in removing furniture and appliances, Junk King Dallas works great with clearing yards of all kinds of construction waste, auto parts and anything that is an eyesore. Let Junk King Dallas help you get your yard ready for a block party and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!