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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Reliable Storm Debris Cleanup

Cleaning up after a storm can be overwhelming. But, it is one of the responsibilities of owning a home or business. There’s no telling what will happen when any storm blows through the area. It helps to know that there is support standing by that can provide reliable storm debris cleanup.

Around Dallas, that help is provided by Junk King Dallas. These professional junk haulers spend most of their days removing furniture and unwanted appliances from homes and apartments. But you can count on them to get the job done fast when it comes to storm debris cleanup.

All Hands On Deck

After the storm, Junk King takes an “all hands on deck” approach to provide cleanup help. They know things can’t return to normal until the debris is cleared away. In fact, you might not be able to make any repairs until the cleanup is complete. That is why the Junk King crews will be on high alert with any forecasted storm.

When you call Junk King to set up an appointment, you might be able to take advantage of a same-day pickup. That will depend on how close the crew is to your home and how much room they have left on the truck.

The price for Junk King’s service is determined by how that truck gets filled up. Storm debris can take up a lot of space. But the Junk King crews will always strive to pack that stuff in as tightly as possible. That will provide you with the low end of the price scale.

Reliable storm debris cleanup help can be found with one call to Junk King Dallas.

Junk King Is The Perfect Recycling Partner

There are a lot of companies who like to promote the fact that they are “green.” Of course, being green is always a noble pursuit. But it takes true dedication to be serious about reducing your carbon footprint. Right now, the recycling rate in the country is around 35%. Unfortunately, that means close to 70% of available recyclable materials are still ending up in landfills. The only way to increase that recycling rate is to work with companies dedicated to a zero-waste community. One of those companies is Junk King Dallas.

Since they began collecting junk several years ago, Junk King Dallas has been dedicated to a disposal policy that avoids landfills whenever possible. That happens with two options. First, the Junk King crews can drop stuff off at a recycling center or a charity. Both of those options break the landfill cycle. That might seem like extra work, but it is work that the Junk King crew is happy to take on. It is second nature to them!

No Need To Decide

As you are putting together the list of items that you want the Junk King team to haul away, there’s no need to decide what can be recycled. Instead, you can leave that to the Junk King crew to sort out. After all, there may be many items that could be recycled that might not be aware of.

A flat rate determines the cost of Junk King’s service. It all comes down to how everything fits on the back of the junk and truck. One fee covers all the labor, transportation, and disposal. That disposal includes all those helpful recycling drop-offs.

Getting your junk recycled is easy when you hire Junk King Dallas for the removal. Book your session today.


High Rise Living and Dealing with Junk

Living in a high-rise apartment complex or condo building is, for many, the height of luxury. These buildings provide unparalleled views of your surroundings, and the amenities that come with these homes are often beyond what you would find anywhere else. The apartments are finished with high-end finishes, a doorman is often available to ensure security, and many newer buildings even have restaurants and other businesses on the ground floor. 


But there are a few drawbacks to high-rise living. One of these has to do with your garbage. You’re often very limited with what you can throw away. While there may be a trash shoot or a large dumpster for residents, you don’t have the benefit of being able to put bulk trash out on the curb. You also don’t have the option of adding another shed to your backyard, which means you can’t hold on to anything you’re not going to use. If you’ve got some old furniture, appliances, or other large items to get rid of, what can you do? One solution is to call Junk King of North Texas. We haul away large items from homes, apartments, high rises, and any other location.

full service junk removal

What Are the Restrictions on Garbage at a High Rise?


Different high-rise buildings have different rules, but many of them do make it hard to dispose of large furniture and other items. If you lived in a house, the solution would be to put one or two items out for the city’s bulk trash pickup. However, that’s often not an option for those who live in apartments or condos. 


Even if your complex or building has a dumpster available for use by residents, there’s still the issue of space. Putting a large sectional sofa into a dumpster is very difficult. If your building has one of those small square dumpsters, it may not even fit. You would have to get each item up and over the top of the dumpster, and that can be dangerous. You could drop the furniture on top of you or easily hurt yourself trying to lift something heavy up that high. Don’t risk injuring yourself. The much easier solution is to look for a junk hauling service in North Texas.


Dealing with Junk Hauling Yourself is Difficult


There’s also the issue of even getting heavy, bulky items down to the dumpster. If you live on the ground floor, it may not be as bad, but if you’re up several stories, it’s more of a challenge. You have to get the item out of your apartment, down the hall to the elevator, and then down to the ground floor. Some items may not fit in the elevator, leaving you to try to get them down the stairs. The chances of hurting yourself or damaging the building increase with every additional step. If you’re older, live alone, or are in poor health, you may have no way of moving these heavy objects without help. 


If the junk you’re getting rid of doesn’t fit in the dumpster, you may have to haul it to the landfill yourself. However, this means you’ve got to have a truck or other vehicle that is large enough to hold the junk. You have to load everything into the truck, drive to the landfill, pay the fee to dump items, and then get them out of your truck. It’s a lot of work and, again, there are plenty of opportunities to injure yourself. 

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

The Ideal Solution for High Rise Junk Removal: Junk King


Working with Junk King is the best way to get rid of any bulk garbage you have at your high rise or any other home. We’re professionals with years of experience handling junk removal. Whether you have one old refrigerator you need to dispose of or an entire home of junk, we can handle it. Here are some of the benefits to working with Junk King North Texas:


We Do the Heavy Lifting

One of the biggest benefits to using Junk King when you live in a high rise is that we will handle getting your items out of your home and down to our truck. You don’t have to move them to the ground floor or even out of your apartment. Just show us what you need us to take, and we’ll do the rest. Our team understands how to carefully move heavy, bulky items without hurting ourselves, plus we’re always very careful about our surroundings. We won’t damage the doorframes, floors, light fixtures, or anything else in your home or building. 


We Have all the Equipment Necessary


Junk King has a fleet of large trucks that can hold a lot of stuff, so don’t worry about having too much. We also have all the necessary equipment to get large items down to the truck quickly and safely. This includes dollies, furniture movers, two-person shoulder dollies, and much more. 


We Do More than Your Condo or Apartment

We do much more than just haul stuff out of your home. If you have a storage closet, locker, or other space in your high-rise, we can help you clean that out, too. Again, all you have to do is tell us what you want us to take, and we do the rest. For homeowners, we will haul junk out of garages, basements, attics, sheds, and other spaces. We’ll haul off cut-down trees, old hot tubs, dismantled decks, and other yard debris as well as DIY home remodeling


What Will Junk King Haul Away?


In fact, when it comes to hauling away stuff, there’s only one thing Junk King can’t deal with: hazardous materials. For the safety of our crew and anyone we may come in contact with, we have to leave the hazardous materials to professionals who have the correct equipment and knowledge to handle them. If you have something hazardous, we may be able to direct you to someone who can deal with it. Other than that, we cannot handle hazardous wastes in any way.


What we can handle, however, is most everything else. This includes large, heavy items such as old furniture and broken appliances. We deal with electronic waste, including broken televisions, computers, and cell phones. Junk King can haul away yard waste, DIY construction debris, and general garbage as well. We can help you clean out a hoarder house or a foreclosed-upon property, empty out rental properties for new tenants, and assist businesses with the debris that comes from remodeling or during a major clean-out. If you ever have any questions about what Junk King can take, just call and ask. 


We Donate and Recycle What We Can


Some people who call us do need to get rid of trash. They have broken appliances, old furniture that’s no longer usable, or other garbage. However, some people who call us simply need to get rid of things they no longer need or have room for. They may have purchased a new sofa, but the one they’re getting rid of is still usable. If you’re upgrading and need to get rid of something that’s not truly trash, Junk King can still help you.


When you have something that can be used by someone else, we will still get it out of your home and put it in our truck. However, we won’t take it to the dump. Instead, when we get back to our warehouse, we sort through everything in the truck. If there’s something that’s still usable, we will set it aside. Once we have sorted everything, we take what’s in good shape to one of the local organizations we work with. These organizations will take the items and get them into the hands of those who need them. Your old furniture could be used in a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, or go to someone who has escaped an abusive household. 


After we sort out the donatable items, we’re not ready to go to the landfill just yet. Next, we sort out everything that can be recycled. Metal, plastic, untreated wood, and any other materials are pulled out and sent off to a recycling center to be made into something new. We will even break down furniture and other larger items into their base materials if those materials can be recycled. 


Junk King’s goal is to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we possibly can. Only around a third of what we pick up actually goes to the dump, and we’re continually working to get that number even lower. 

Bigger Trucks

Contact Junk King North Texas Today for a Free Quote


Ready to get some of that old junk out of your high-rise apartment? Calling Junk King is the easiest solution, so don’t risk throwing your back out trying to get stuff to the elevator or down the stairs. With a quick call to 1-888-888-JUNK, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. You can also text us information about what you need hauled away to 1-737-888-5865. Finally, you can also book online or use our online price estimator. No matter how you do it, Junk King is here to help you regain space in an affordable, quick way. We hope to hear from you soon!

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The Complete Guide To Junk Removal Services & How They Can Help Your Business

What is a Junk Removal Service?


Junk removal services are an arm of the waste industry. Junk King North Texas specializes in removing unwanted items of all types from homes and businesses. Unwanted items may include furniture, appliances, e-waste (televisions, computers, etc.), hot tubs, trash, construction site debris, garbage and yard waste, and more.


At first glance, hiring a junk removal service for your business may seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, you or your employees could do the job yourself. However, doing it yourself is going to cost you in the long run. 


When you take employees away from their regular jobs, you’re losing time and money. If you have to rent a truck, it will cost you even more. Loading a truck and hauling the trash to a landfill or recycling center and unloading it is work intensive and time-consuming. It also takes your employees away from work that only they can do. When your employees aren’t able to do their jobs, productivity plummets, and you lose money.

Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

Throwing your old junk out on the curb may seem like an option, but how much do you want to bet that your local trash pickup will refuse to pick up what you throw out? Many city bulk waste services will only take a small number of items each time they pick up trash. There also tend to be restrictions on what you can put out for pickup.


Junk King North Texas is the most cost-effective solution. You and your employees are freed to do the work that your business requires while we care of the unpleasant task of removing unwanted items and disposing of them in a way that is both economical and environmentally responsible. If you add up all the time and money spent on dealing with your bulk trash yourself, you may be surprised at just how much you can save by using Junk King.


Why is Junk So Harmful to Your Business?

All businesses generate junk, some more than others. It’s not uncommon for business managers to stuff unwanted items in storage closets or corners of business space and worry about it later. But is that a good idea? Have you ever considered the negative aspects associated with avoiding the problem of how to get rid of junk? Not only is it unsightly, it can also be hazardous.


1. Physical Harm

Imagine what would happen if one of your employees tripped over a piece of old furniture you hadn’t thrown out and broke an arm or leg. You might have to find someone to fill in for that employee, and you might risk a lawsuit citing you with negligence. At the very least, you will have to deal with the paperwork that comes with a worker’s compensation insurance claim.


Dark, trash-filled areas can also be prone to dampness. Dampness is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, both of which are serious health hazards that can affect employee performance and create serious medical problems for employees with respiratory issues. Like physical injuries, this can lead to worker’s comp cases, lawsuits, and could even require costly mold remediation services. 


2. Fire Hazards

You have to consider the safety aspect associated with piling up old junk in storage closets or out-of-the-way corners of your business. Junk piled around heaters and light bulbs can ignite and start smoldering. Rats love piles of junk, and they love to gnaw on wires, so electric fires are also a concern.


Once a fire starts in a junk-filled enclosed space, it will spread quickly, especially if there are combustible items lying around. Evacuation can be difficult if pathways and exits are blocked by more junk.


3. Bugs and Other Pests

Pests love clutter and junk. Mice and rats will eat away at wiring and woodwork. Piles of debris make it easy for them to chew through walls and insulation. Roaches and other insects like the dark spaces in and around junk piles, and they can hide here for weeks or months without anyone seeing them.


If you allow junk to pile up, you will eventually have to contact a pest control professional in addition to Junk King. Even if you get rid of the pests, they will return until the source of the problem is addressed., All it takes is a quick call to Junk King, and you’ll never have to worry about rats, roaches, or other bugs making a home out of unwanted garbage. 


4. Damage to Property

Excessive piling up of junk can even threaten the structure of your business. When items are piled up in storage closets, basements, or even in various corners of your business, it can become impossible for technicians to work on electrical, HVAC, or plumbing for maintenance or repairs. When plumbing, wiring, and other systems have junk piled in front of them, it can be difficult to notice when problems occur. For example, a pipe could leak for days or weeks before anyone sees it.


5. Morale

Nobody likes to work in a cluttered and dirty environment. It jeopardizes morale and reduces productivity. Your employees are the backbone of your business. If they are stressed and distracted by junk and clutter, it will eventually affect your bottom line, and not in a good way.


6. Effect on Business

There’s an old expression that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Never has this been more true than in business. Consider the effect clutter and piled-up junk has on your customers. If you don’t care enough about your business to keep its premises pristine, what does that say about the product or service you are trying to sell – and about you as a business person?


How to De-Clutter Your Office with Junk King

Many business owners mistakenly assume that junk removal services are only for large jobs that require the removal of many unwieldy items. This is not the case. While office de-cluttering can be a big headache for business owners who have put off getting rid of trash, it’s still an easy task for the professionals at Junk King. We can help you de-clutter your office and get rid of any debris for a remodel so you can concentrate on work.


Using a junk removal service like Junk King to help with de-cluttering is a great solution for business owners who are in over their heads when it comes to beginning the clean-up process. All you have to do is point to what you want us to get rid of and then get out of our way. Our team will have even the heaviest, bulkiest items out the door and in our truck in no time.

Bigger Trucks

We Also Recycle 


Most people are not experts when it comes to which items are recyclable and which items are not. If you’re thinking of handling a cleanup on your own, you will be tempted to haul everything to the local landfill instead of separating items you think might be recyclable. Junk King North Texas will take care of sorting recyclables for you. We have the means and expertise to remove all recyclable items from the trash we pick up and make sure they are disposed of correctly and in the most eco-friendly way possible. Every truck is sorted at our warehouse for recycling and donatable items at no extra charge. 

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Why Every Company Needs Junk King

What should you expect from a professional business junk removal service such as Junk King North Texas?


  1. Convenience. Why disrupt your business and take employees away from the jobs you hired them to do in order to dispose of your junk when you can hire us to do it for you? 


  1. Cost savings. If you and your employees are busy picking up, loading, hauling and unloading your company junk, that’s time you aren’t making money. When your employees finally get back to their actual jobs, they’ll probably be hot, tired, dirty, and resentful that you forced them into work that is nowhere in their job description. They may be behind on time-sensitive projects, which will make them even more resentful of you as the employer. 


  1. Safety. At first glance, hauling out old office furniture and equipment and picking up debris around your building may not seem like a safety issue. It can quickly become one if one of your employees falls, throws out their back, or is exposed to dangerous mold. You’ll be left short-handed and in danger of a lawsuit.


  1. Restoration of your environment. Instead of moving your junk from one storage spot to another in an effort to clean up, Junk King will safely and quickly remove all your unwanted items and dispose of them in the most economical and environmentally responsible way.


Your workspace will be returned to its former pristine condition, which will improve morale and increase productivity.


  1. Peace of mind. Once we’re finished hauling off all your garbage, you will no longer have to worry about safety issues, fire hazards, bugs and other pests, property damage, and low employee morale due to an uninviting workspace. This peace of mind may not have a price, but it can be invaluable to a business owner.

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Contact Junk King Today


Junk King provides free written estimates for every job. We are fully insured and have all of the equipment needed to take care of any job. We offer a pickup time of your choice, guaranteed low prices, and a cost adjustment for any truck space you don’t use. You can also be assured that your debris is handled in a manner that is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.


When you have a debris removal project, don’t make the mistake of interrupting your business by taking it on yourself. Leave it to the professionals to provide quick, efficient, courteous service at a price you can afford. You’ll be glad you did. 


To get rid of junk in the North Texas area, contact Junk King North Texas. We will provide a no-hassle solution for your junk removal without making a large dent in your budget. Call Junk King North Texas at 888-888 JUNK(5865) or if you prefer to text, you can do so at 737-888-5865.

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