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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Clear Out The Junk For The New Year

The start of a new year is where the adage “out with the old and in with the new” gets a workout. It’s the perfect time for fresh starts, which can begin around your home by clearing out all the junk accumulated in the last year (or maybe longer!).

Getting rid of junk is what Junk King Dallas is all about. These are the professional junk haulers who help homeowners and apartment renters clear out all kinds of unwanted furniture, appliances, and other household goods. Even getting rid of a single old recliner can positively impact your home! So are you ready to clear out the junk for the new year?

Service With a Smile

Many companies proclaim to provide “service with a smile,” but Junk King really does approach each job with that kind of positive attitude. The two-person crew assigned to your removal session will take on any challenge with a “no hassle” approach. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be; the Junk King crew will find a way to clear it out of the house without causing any damage to your property.

And weight is never a factor when determining the final cost for the Junk King service. That cost is always based on an estimate of how the truck gets backed up. Your experienced junk King crew will know how everything will fit onto the truck just by looking over your items. Once they make that estimate, it is locked down. If it turns out that your stuff takes up more room than the estimate, you will still pay that original price.

The best way to start 2023 is without any junk in the house. Junk King Dallas can make that happen. Book of removal session today.

Awesome Reviews For Junk King Dallas

Sooner or later, every household needs to get rid of some junk. When that happens, a professional junk hauler can be a big help, especially when that junk hauler has a proven track record of providing exceptional customer service. Junk King Dallas is such a company. Junk King has been helping homeowners, and apartment renters clear out all kinds of clutter and rubbish for many years. The proof of how great a job they do can be found in reviews like these:

“I’m the executor of an estate in horrible disregard. Junk King was able to schedule and remove junk items left by previous tenants in a matter of a couple of hours. I appreciate the responsiveness and speed of completion. Thank you!” – Jake, Garland

Whether you need to get rid of one old TV or an entire household of furnishings, Junk King has the crews and the trucks to do the job. All you have to do is point to what you want to be removed in the Junk King crew will do all the rest.

“Great staff. Courteous. The job was done quickly.” – Cheryl, Red Oak

“I had a large entertainment center that was upstairs and needed to be removed. The workers did a good job.” – Donald, Rockwall

Every Junk King appointment is desperate to experience movers. That experience matters when bulky items have to be maneuvered downstairs or in narrow hallways. Junk King will always strive to make those removals happen without damaging walls or floors.

“Amazing hard-working and kind workers. They did a fantastic job.” – Fran, Dallas

“Amazing experience and very helpful employees.” – Ian, Rowlett

It will only take one session with Junk King Dallas for you to add your own review. Get rid of your rubbish today.

The Holidays Can be a Great Time to Clean Out Your House



The holidays are coming, and for many, that means it’s time to enjoy visiting with friends and family they may not get to see often. There are also holiday parties to attend, festivals and events to go to, and various school holiday performances and activities your children may participate in. All of this does have a significant impact on your social calendar, of course, so you may find that you don’t necessarily have much time for other tasks such as cleaning or organizing.

Even though you may have more on your plate than normal, the holidays are actually a great time to set aside a day or so and clean out your house. There are a few reasons why this season is a good time for cleaning, organizing, and purging. Let’s take a look at why you should do some cleaning now, even if you do have other things going on. Junk King Dallas is here to help you with your cleaning endeavors so you’re not under too much stress.

Junk King Truck

You May Need Space for Guests

One of the biggest reasons to clean your house before the holidays really start is that you may be hosting. If your home is the largest, it’s likely that you’ll be nominated to have the big family dinner or gift exchange. This means you’ll need to be sure your living room, kitchen, dining room, and main bathroom are all clean. You might need to set up some folding chairs or a folding table, too, so you might need to move some furniture around. 

The other space you may need to clean and prepare is your guest room. If you’re going to have a family staying with you, you’ll need to be sure that the room is clean and comfortable for them. Often, the guest room does double duty as your kid’s playroom or as your home office, so it may need a little work. Even if it’s not used daily, your guest room may be mostly used for storage. You may need to find another space to store some of this stuff while your guests are visiting.

Parking is an Issue

Another area where you may need to make more space for your guests is in the driveway. Do you have enough parking spots for all of your friends and family members who are coming over? If you can’t park your vehicles in the garage, you may not have that space. Cleaning out your garage so you can at least park your car in it will help. This may mean getting rid of old appliances or furniture that you’ve stored in the space. You might also need to sort through boxes of stuff to determine what you need to get rid of.

In addition to calling Junk King to help you get rid of broken things and old stuff you no longer need, you may also want to organize the garage. Adding pegboard to hang things from, investing in quality shelving for your storage boxes, and even looking at options such as overhead storage can all help make the space less cluttered and more useful. You may also find things you could store in your shed, attic, or basement instead of the garage, giving you that space needed to fit the car in.

Besides making room in the driveway for your guests to park, there’s another great reason to clean out the garage during the holiday season: the weather. You want to keep your car protected from the snow and ice. Winter storms can bring tree branches down on vehicles, causing serious damage. Even if that doesn’t happen, there’s the risk of walking outside to your car. You could easily slip and fall when it ices over. Being able to get into your car via the garage is much easier and safer.

Junk King Coupon

You Can Help Those in Need

The holiday season isn’t full of joy for everyone. Some people have nowhere to go. They may not have the money to purchase gifts for their children, while others may have no home. These people rely on the kindness of others, especially during the colder months. If you take the time to clean out your closets, you may find clothing that you no longer need. You can donate this clothing, including coats, scarves, gloves, and hats, to various organizations that help those in need. Your donations can keep people warm throughout the winter and for years to come.

There are also groups that accept gently used toys and other items for those who cannot afford gifts this year. You can give a child the magic of Christmas while also cleaning out your home. There are a number of charities and other local Dallas groups that you can donate to. In addition to donating old clothing, toys, and other items, there are also food banks that are always in need of donations. If you have canned goods and other food that your family won’t eat, you can give them to these organizations. 

When is the Best Time to Do Your Holiday Cleaning?

As mentioned earlier, you may have a lot on your calendar during the holiday season. With all of this going on, you may not find a good amount of time to clean. Don’t add more stress to your holidays—start cleaning early. If you can give yourself several weeks or more to clean, you’ll have a better chance of accomplishing everything than if you tried to set aside a whole day to clean.

If you have guests coming, start working on the guest room a week before they arrive. This gives you time to figure out what you need to do and where you can put things. Otherwise, you may end up cramming all the stuff in the room you need to move into a closet or the basement. That’s not a good plan since it leads to disorganization. 

Junk King Booking Banner

Where Do You Put Everything?

Once you have a plan for cleaning, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do with all the junk you find. The first thing to do is figure out which things are trash. You don’t need to keep any garbage. Junk King Dallas can help you get rid of this stuff, though you may need to set aside a space to pile it up until you’re ready for us. 

When it comes to furniture, appliances, or large items, you don’t need to move them at all unless you need to. Instead, you can let us know what you need us to take, and we will move it out of your home and into our truck. There’s no need for you to haul it down to the curb or even move it to the garage or near the front door. We’ll even take things out of the attic and the basement. We work with those who live in apartments, too. We’ll haul old sofas, chairs, refrigerators, and other items up and down stairs, wrestle them into elevators, and do whatever else is needed to get your junk into our truck.

If you’ve got boxes of old stuff, it might help you to pile them up in the garage or other location just so you know you’ve sorted through them. This helps keep your trash contained so you don’t accidentally throw away things you want or keep stuff you don’t need. 

Full Service Junk Removal

Get Started on Your Holiday Cleaning with Junk King Dallas

Now that you have an idea of why you should clean your house before the holidays, it’s time to make a plan and put it into action! Junk King Dallas is here to help. Once you know what you want to get rid of, you can reach out for one of our free estimates. Our quotes are fully transparent, so there won’t be any unexpected charges added at the end. There’s also never any obligation to work with us, so there’s never any risk with getting a quote.

What can Junk King haul away? Just about anything! We can’t take any hazardous materials, but everything else is fair game. We can haul away furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and much more. If you have any questions about what we take, just ask. Our online price estimator will give you an idea of some of the common items we haul away, but it doesn’t cover everything. We always do a final, in-person survey of the job before we start so you know the exact cost.

Once we’ve picked up what you want to get rid of, we’ll sort through it to determine if anything can be donated. We pass along usable furniture, appliances, and other items to local organizations that help those in need. We also recycle anything that can possibly be recycled. In the end, only a small amount of what we pick up actually goes to the landfill. 

Want to learn more or get a quote? Give Junk King Dallas a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text with photos of what you want hauled away to 1-737-888-5865. You can also book online. 

How Junk Can Affect Your Holiday Plans



No one likes having a lot of junk around the house. It can get even worse when that junk makes spaces unusable or prevents you from storing stuff you actually need in those areas. For example, when the garage fills up with junk, you may not be able to park your car in it or easily get to your yard stuff. Even if you don’t have that much clutter, you may still find it annoying. You may end up with clutter in your cabinets or closets. That makes it harder to find things or properly store and organize items. 

This can be particularly annoying around the holidays. During these times, you may have family visiting from out of town, which means you’ll need your guest room to be functional and comfortable for them. Your family may receive gifts from others, so you’ll need some place to put them. Here are some of the ways junk can affect you and your holiday plans this year. 

Junk King Truck

It Adds Stress

The holidays are already stressful enough without adding more anxiety to them. As the temperature drops, you may find snow and ice in the forecast. You’ll want to put your vehicle in the garage to keep it safe, but you can’t do that if you have too much clutter in there. You might find yourself trying to clean out the garage while also entertaining family from out of town and juggling various holiday parties and events. 

If you find yourself trying to clean out the garage or any other part of your home, you can always call Junk King Dallas. We handle all of the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is open the garage overhead door and show us what you want taken away. Whether it’s boxes of junk, old appliances, or busted furniture, we can handle it.

Another area where junk can lead to stress is in the guest room. If you have family staying with you, you want this room to be functional and comfortable. Unfortunately, guest rooms can end up serving as storage throughout the rest of the year. You may need to quickly find a home for some of the stuff you’ve stored there, plus the room may need a good deep cleaning. 

The best advice is to start working on your guest room several weeks or more before anyone will stay in it. This way, you have time to carefully consider what needs to be moved out of the room and find a good space for those items. Otherwise, you’re likely going to be grabbing everything and trying to shove it in a closet, and that’s not the best approach.

You May Not be Able to Use Your Guest Room

If your guest room is really full of stuff, you may not even be able to make a dent in it. You may have to tell others that you simply can’t host anyone this holiday season. That can affect your relationships, and it can even make it difficult for those from out of town to come to the family gathering if they have a tight budget. It’s possible they won’t be able to afford a hotel. 

Even if you don’t have people staying over, having the guest room available during the family gathering is helpful. It gives the kids a place to play or the teens to hang out. It’s a good area for people to drop their coats, bags, and other things they brought with them. It can serve as an overflow area for your own possessions that you need to move out of the way in order to make room for your holiday decorations or for more seating for guests. 

Junk King Booking Banner

You Have No Space to Hide Gifts

This one may be minor compared to not having room for guests, but for some people, it’s important. You likely want to keep the gifts you’ve bought for your kids, spouse, and others hidden away so they’re surprised when they unwrap them. This isn’t easy if you have a lot of clutter in your cabinets, closets, and other areas. You likely don’t want to store these gifts in the garage, attic, or unfinished basement, so those aren’t options. You could end up asking friends to hold on to your gifts until you can wrap them or trying to cram them in whatever space you have. 

You Have No Room for Guests

Even worse is when the junk in your home prevents you from having a large number of guests over. You may have old furniture that isn’t usable but that you haven’t got rid of. That furniture takes up space no matter where you put it. This is definitely a time when you need to call Junk King Dallas. We will help you get rid of any old furniture that doesn’t have any use in your home. Why keep it if all it’s doing is taking up space? 

What type of furniture might fall into this category? Often, it’s older pieces that you have inherited and have an emotional connection to. That’s very understandable, especially if it was a chair or sofa that you grew up with. However, when furniture isn’t usable, there’s no reason to keep it. If you do plan on having the piece repaired or refurbished, you’ll at least want to move it to another room so you have space in the living room, dining room, and other public spaces for visitors. 

Sometimes, it’s not a question of usability but whether or not something is needed. Do you really need the pair of large end tables on either side of your sofa? If you replaced them with smaller options or with a coffee table, you may be able to add another chair to the space. That could help make your family more comfortable on a daily basis in addition to adding more seating for guests. It may not even be a question of getting rid of stuff—sometimes just rearranging your furniture allows you to add more seating for large gatherings.

Full Service Junk Removal

It’s Embarrassing

Having a lot of junk around your home can be embarrassing. Do you really want your guests to see that you have all this useless stuff around, especially if they’re from out of town and don’t see you that often? You may give them the impression that you don’t take care of your home or that you have some hoarding tendencies. Getting rid of all this junk before they arrive allows you to organize and clean your home so it looks amazing.

Even if you don’t have guests coming in from out of town, having your home in order for the holidays will still help you and your family. You’ll be able to put up any decorations you want more easily since you’ll have more space, plus you’ll have room for any gifts you want to wrap and set out before the gathering. Being able to have space for everyone to move around comfortably is also nice. 

How Do You Declutter Your Home Quickly?

Have you found yourself with only a few weeks before family is coming into town or before the holiday season really kicks off? If your schedule is about to fill up, you need to get your home in order quickly. That means it’s time to determine what junk needs to go. 

Take a look at what you have in your garage, attic, basement, or other space that is broken, out of date, or simply isn’t something you need any longer. These are the things that you can potentially get rid of. Anything that’s broken should go unless you have a very good reason to keep it. Likewise, if you’re not using something and don’t anticipate using it again, why let it take up space in your home? You could donate it so it provides some benefit to others. 

Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan and aren’t simply moving junk from one space to another. That doesn’t help at all. In some cases, it even makes things worse because you try to cram a lot of junk into a very small space.  

Call Junk King Dallas for Help

Junk King Dallas can help you get rid of any junk you may have. We take anything that isn’t hazardous, including furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and more. Unlike some of our competitors, though, we won’t take it all to the landfill right away. Instead, we sort out items that can be donated and pass them on. This means you can get rid of old furniture that is still in good condition without feeling bad about trashing it. It won’t get thrown away. We also sort out items that can be recycled, including electronics, and pass them on to the appropriate recycling center.
Whether you have a few things you need hauled away or want to get rid of years of accumulated clutter, we’re here for you. To learn more about what Junk King Dallas can do for you or get a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call today at1-888-888-JUNK. You can also send us a text to 1-737-888-5865.

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