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Backyard Safety Tips For Summer Fun

Backyards and summer go together like Fourth of July and fireworks. And just like making it safe with those fireworks, you also have to make it safe in the backyard. A lot of things could have changed in the last several months. Before the kids are officially out of school and spending their afternoons in the backyard, take the time to go through that area to make sure it's ready for summer fun. Here are some good safety tips to put in the practice: backyard-jump-1394159 Proper Grill Placement Your barbecue grill could be working overtime this summer and there's nothing wrong with that. You just want to make sure it is placed at least 10 feet from anything combustible. That includes deck rails or the side of your house. If you're working with charcoal, then be sure to carefully extinguish that fire after every use. It only takes one floating ember to start a fire. Get Rid Of Standing Water There are a lot of places around your backyard that could hold standing water. Buckets, empty flowerpots, tire swings and even birdbaths could provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Clearing away standing water is something you have to watch out for throughout the summer. Check Your Deck For Rot You should check your deck every spring. The most vulnerable spots for your deck are where it is attached to the house. Don't just look on top but also underneath. If it has been at least three years since you last waterproofed your deck, then you might want to add a coat of sealant this summer. If you can poke a screwdriver into softwood, then you're looking at some rot. It might mean replacing the entire deck. Inspect the Swing Set A backyard swing set is a great fun zone for the kids but it can also become a hazard if that swing set is starting to break down. Even the best of swing sets can start to rust after being exposed to harsh weather for several years. Be on the lookout for sharp screws, bolts or nails that might have worked their way out. If it seems that your swing set is just too rickety, then this also might have to be replaced. Swing set removal is not a challenging job if you turn it over to a company like Junk King Dallas. These are the junk removal pros that will send a pair of movers and a big truck over to your home to take care of this task. Don't worry about bringing down that old swing set. That's what the crew from junk King will take care of. The best way to have fun your backyard this summer is to make sure everyone is safe.
Backyard Safety Tips For Summer Fun


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