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Utilize Junk King For Safe Rubbish Removal

Since you’ve been spending more time at home have you discovered more things that you can get rid of? All of that positive decluttering and sorting might have revealed a lot of items that you newly have designated as rubbish. Once you have decided that a particular item is no longer needed there is no reason to hold onto it. That is when a call to Junk King Dallas can be a big help. We are a business that has been in continual service providing much-needed junk hauling and rubbish removal for residents and business owners throughout the Dallas area. We have also instituted new safety procedures to help keep our customers and our crews safe. Junk King wants to help you get rid of rubbish the right way.

Book Online

Once you have decided that you want to get rid of things you can set up your session with Junk King online. All you need to do is pick the day that works best for your calendar in a two-hour window within that day. Because you are home more often, you might be more flexible. That could mean being available for same day pickup. The message you send in the morning could result in having all your rubbish picked up by the afternoon.

Part of the new safety procedures involves the crews from Junk King wearing gloves and masks. We also are picking up items from driveways, porches and sidewalks. This will minimize contact inside the house and that is what social distancing is all about.

You will also be able to set up your fee for this service online as well. You can text a photo of the stuff that you want to get rid of and we’ll be able to provide you an estimate based on how much space that stuff will fill up on the back of the truck. That remains the fairest and most affordable approach for this type of service.

You shouldn’t have any concerns with rubbish removal that is handled by Junk King Dallas. We will make it safe and affordable.

Junk Removal Dallas – The Useless Junk We Haul Away

Dallas has changed quite a bit in recent years. The suburbs keep filling in and extending out, while the Bishop Arts District and Victory Park have rejuvenated downtown Dallas. For many of us, it might also be time to rejuvenate our homes and lifestyles by getting rid of the old stuff. When you call us for junk removal Dallas residents can say “happy trails” to the useless clutter.

When people around the country think of Dallas, they often think about how big the houses are. It’s true that you can get more square footage for your money in Texas compared to most places. Yet most of us in the Metroplex wind up filling up the space with too much junk. Sports gear, holiday decorations, pool toys, outdated furniture… let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised if you park in your driveway because the garage is filled up.

Use our new price estimator or contact us to schedule an appointment in the greater Dallas area.

Junk Removal DallasDon’t Mess with Dallas

The Texas Tribune reported several years ago that Dallas produces more than 2 million tons of trash annually. The Big D has a plan to recycle more than 80% of trash by 2040, but that goal will only become harder with the population expected to grow by 40% in that same time span.

With junk removal Dallas can already to a better job at avoiding waste. So much more can be recycled besides the glass and plastic bottles we recycle at home — but in many cases, the junk needs to be hauled away to special facilities. That’s where Junk King’s green junk removal trucks come in.

Most Popular Items for Junk Removal Dallas

Anytime you have bulky items or large amounts of unwanted stuff, you can call our junk removal Dallas team to haul it away. Cleaning out a room? Handling a family estate or rental property and need discarded items removed? Junk King will do the heavy lifting and transport the junk to the proper recycling, donation, or responsible disposal facilities.

We take just about everything, including these items that junk removal Dallas customers call us about most often:

  • Old or broken furniture, especially sofas and recliners

  • Home construction project waste and debris

  • Estate and foreclosure clean outs

  • Refrigerators and other appliances

  • Bulk yard waste

Junk Removal Dallas Options for Recycling

The easiest way to be green and reuse or recycle unwanted stuff is to call Junk King. We handle the heavy lifting and hauling — so you don’t need to strain your back or scratch up the interior of your car — and we do not have the strict limitations of many donation pick-up services. We’re the greenest junk removal Dallas has. In fact, we’re the greenest junk haulers, period!

Please note that many charitable organizations only accept certain items and often require drop-off by the donor. One important way that Junk King facilitates things for our donation junk removal Dallas customers is by sorting and transporting large volumes of stuff to various local recycling and donation centers.

Why We’re the Best Junk Removal Dallas Company

Since we began in 2005, Junk King has climbed to the top to become the best-rated junk removal service in North America. When you choose us for junk removal Dallas residents and businesses can expect the highest class of service at the lowest price possible.

Before you invite people into your home or office for junk hauling, it’s worth making sure that you are dealing with professionals. Junk removal Dallas companies that aren’t as experienced and careful as us could damage your property or surprise you with hidden fees.

Junk King makes several promises for a great junk removal experience:

  • Guaranteed lowest written estimate

  • We’ll beat any competitor’s written estimate

  • We guarantee the best customer service

  • Eco-friendly service (up to 60% of everything we take)

  • Insured, trained teams

  • Large trucks to handle any size job

Online Estimates for Junk Removal Dallas Prices

The first thing you really want to know is how much our service costs. Junk King keeps things transparent by offering upfront estimates with no hidden fees.

Our new online price estimator is the only one of its kind in the junk removal business. All you have to do is add up the items to be hauled off, and our system will estimate the cost based on volume.

Schedule a Junk Removal Dallas Appointment with Junk King

If you’re looking for the best junk removal Dallas service at the best prices, contact Junk King online or call us to request an appointment and get a free, onsite estimate.

Get Green For St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas – Recycle Junk!

Yes, New York City has its big parade and up in Chicago they turn the river green. However, that doesn’t mean they own St. Patrick’s Day. Here in Dallas there are plenty of folks who are proud of their Irish heritage. There are just as many who enjoy being Irish for the day! You can tell right away who is in the spirit by the color of their clothes. If you spot someone wearing green, then wish them a “Top of the morning!” Of course, there is another way to show off the “green.” That would be with a recycle junk appointment with Junk King.


You might not be focused on getting rid of your clutter during your St. Patrick’s Day celebration but that clutter isn’t going anywhere. When you hire Junk King, you’ll be getting a company who is dedicated to a green way of doing business. It all comes down to the diversion rate. This is the percentage of collected junk that Junk King is able to divert away from local landfills. The goal is to keep as much junk out of a landfill as possible. The only thing junk does in a landfill is decompose and that is when potentially harmful materials can be released into our water and soil. Keep junk out of landfills and the environment is kept clean. As for Junk King, they are proud to maintain a diversion rate of 60%. That translates into literally tons of junk being recycled on a daily basis.

Not all recycled junk is about grinding or melting. You can also recycle junk by donating it a charity. Many local organizations accept all kinds of unwanted stuff and Junk King makes weekly drop offs to these charities. This happens after they’ve sorted through all the truckloads of junk they collect. Furniture goes into one pile and clothes in the other. There can also be a pile for books, toys, appliances and household goods. Even if those items are bit scuffed up, they can still be put to use. Junk King doesn’t want anything to go to waste.

Because the Junk King crews do all the sorting, you don’t have to worry about what can be recycled. You also don’t even have to ask. Junk King will always recycle junk without asking. It’s just how they roll!

Celebrate Earth Day In Dallas With Green Junk Removal

If you want to get into the spirit of Earth Day, then you should make your way to the University of Texas Dallas for the big day. That is when the campus will be throwing the Earth fair. There will be 20 informational and interactive booths set up by community and campus groups. This comes on the heels of a campus wide effort to recycle e-waste. The E-Waste Roundup encouraged students and faculty members to get rid of old laptops, cell phones, computers and other office equipment the responsible way.

“We hope to engage and encourage students to continue finding Earth-friendly solutions to help all of us become effective stewards of the environment,” said Monalisa Amidar, assistant director of the Office of Student Volunteerism.

Additional UT Dallas events include gardening and compost workshops, screening of Earth Day themed documentaries and Adopt-A-Highway cleanups. Simply put, there is a lot you can do for Earth Day around the UT campus.

You can also do a lot for Earth Day around your own home if you hire Junk King to take care of all junk removal needs. Earth Day is all about cleaning up but cleaning up the right way. With Junk King on the job, you’ll be getting a dependable two-man crew who will do the actual lifting and loading. Anything you want tossed out will land on the back of the Junk King truck. This is your chance to get rid of all those oversized or heavy objects that have been taking up space in your home. One junk removal appointment with Junk King and all that unwanted stuff can be gone.

Once everything has been loaded up, you can get back to your day but the Junk King crew will still be on the clock. They’ll be heading out to the nearest recycling center or charity that will accept your stuff. If they can, Junk King will try to avoid the area landfills at all cost. The idea is to make Dallas a zero waste kind of town. You can do your part when you hire a professional junk removal company like Junk King.

If you were to hire your own workers, rent a truck and take time off from work, this type of project could put a serious dent in your wallet. Instead, with Junk King you’re only going to be charged a flat fee based on volume, not weight. You’ll only going to be charged an estimate based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the Junk King truck. Simple. Use Junk King’s junk removal appointment to reduce your carbon footprint without breaking a sweat.

Wylie Texas Junk Removal

Wylie wasn’t always known as Wylie. Its first name was Nickelville after the store that the town was built around. By 1887, Nickelville changed its name to Wylie and all 400 residents had a place to call home. Flash ahead to today and you’ll find that Wylie is a bustling community with over 41, 000 residents and more on the way. That’s because many folks are discovering what the locals already know about Wylie; it’s just a great place to live and raise a family. Wylie also has a decent recycling program that is helping keep the local environment clean. However, since this is a new program there is still a bit of a learning curve for some folks.

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