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Efficient Junk Removal Service

How many times have you seen a piece of furniture or large appliance left out by the curb? That is a good indication that someone just got something new! It also might mean that there is a scheduled pickup of that item. The city offers limited bulk item removal but there are a lot of conditions that have to be met before they’ll help out. The size and amount of what you want to get rid of is limited. It’s not like you can clear out your garage and put all the rubbish on the curb for a pickup. That’s not going to happen with the city. Plus, it is getting the stuff to the curb that is a challenge. Anything requiring two people means asking for help and putting both your backs as risk. There has to be a more efficient junk removal service. There is and it is called Junk King Fort Lauderdale.


Some of your neighbors might have already hired Junk King to remove their unwanted rubbish. Ask them what kind of job Junk King did. Based on the five-star reviews, it is a safe bet your neighbor will have nothing but praise for these professional junk haulers. What you’ll also find out is how fast Junk King works. You could call them in the morning and have your junk picked up before dinner time. There is a limited number of same-day pickup appointments available each day. If you can’t score on of those, then expect your junk to be cleared away by the next day. That’s how fast Junk King works.

They are also efficient in how they handle the actual load up. Junk King will send over a pair of movers who will handle all the heavy lifting. That includes climbing stairs and taking about things to fit them out of the door. This full-service junk removal continues with the responsible way Junk King gets rid of all your discarded stuff. They’ll be making drop offs to charity or recycling centers of any of those things that can be repurposed. Are you ready to put Junk King’s efficient junk removal plan to work at your home? One call makes it happen.

Helping Your Child Make The Switch To A Toddler Bed

Until your child grows up and moves out of the house, you’re going to be helping them with everything. That is especially true in the early years when you teach them how to walk, get dressed and go to the potty. You’ll also have to help them make the switch to a toddler bed. This is a big change in their little world but one that can further help with them developing into an independent person. Here’s how to help your child make the switch to a toddler bed:


Make It a Positive Change

You’ll want to open the discussions about the switch by framing it as a positive change. This new bed will be just like mommy and daddy’s bed. It’s another sign of growing up and that’s always a good thing because there will be so many more opportunities.

Let Them Pick the Bedding

You don’t want to give your child free reign of Amazon to pick their bed. They might come back with a race car bed that might be fun for a couple of nights but when the novelty wears off and they grow several more inches, it won’t be that practical. You pick out the bed that works best but let them pick out the bedding. This is where they can certainly have a lot of fun choosing all kinds of Disney or other cartoon characters to spend the night with.

Establish New Rules

A toddler might look at their new bed as a license to explore. After all, there is nothing holding them back. You need to explain to them that once they’re in bed, they need to stay in bed until it is time to get up. A clock with a light timer can be helpful with this transition. Also, if you had a video monitor for the crib, keep it up and running for the toddler bed so you can stop any expeditions before they happen.

You will probably need to make room in the bedroom by clearing out the baby furniture. That is where a company like Junk King Fort Lauderdale can be a big help. They’ll be able to send over a pair of movers and a huge truck. That’s exactly what you’ll need to get rid of the old crib and changing table. While they’re at it, the Junk King crew can also haul away the rest of your home’s unwanted clutter. Let Junk King Fort Lauderdale clear out furniture to help your child make the switch to a toddler bed.


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