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Monthly Archives: September 2020

The Best Place For An Old Mattress Is On The Junk King Truck

No one wants to see an old mattress out on the curb or in the alley behind their house. That kind of the illegal dumping is a blight on any block. It is also curious that someone would go through all the effort load up a mattress in the truck and drive around for spot to dump it. It could be that someone moved out of the neighborhood and just left the mattress behind. Whatever the reason, this is not something that anyone wants to look at. The best place for an old mattress is on the back of the Junk King Fort Lauderdale truck. These are the professional junk haulers who make it their business to clear out all unwanted items from a home or apartment in a single session. Do you need to hire them for mattress removal?

Easy Work

Although a mattress is bulky and heavy it is actually easy work to get out of a home when you have to experience movers on the job. That is what the team from Junk King is going to provide you. The two movers who will be assigned to your task have plenty of experience when it comes to hauling away all kinds of furniture including old mattresses. Even if there is an extreme situation where bedbugs are involved you can count on the team from Junk King to handle that removal efficiently and discreetly.

The mattress that you are getting rid of will take up a lot of room on the back of the junk King truck. That allows you to fill it up with a lot more of your unwanted items. This is a terrific opportunity to clear out all the storage areas in your home like your garage is an closets. You can get rid of a lot of big things, a lot of little things or both! Just think of what a difference that can make around the house.

Getting rid of your old mattress and the rest of your unwanted rubbish is a job well suited for the team from Junk King Fort Lauderdale. Put them to the task today.

Turn Over Your Old Kitchen Appliances To Junk King

What type of style of kitchen do you have in your home? Has this been the same style since you moved in? Remodeling your kitchen affords you the opportunity to change the style. You can go from “modern” to “country rustic.” How you remodel your kitchen can also impact plans for redecorating the rest of your home. No matter what type of kitchen design you will opt for chances are you’ll want to replace your old kitchen appliances as well.

Like everything else in life, kitchen appliances won’t last forever. The good news is that you will have a lot of fun shopping for new appliances because of all the added “perks” that are part of appliance design. Before those new kitchen appliances come in you will want to make sure the old kitchen appliances are safely removed from the house. That is a job to turn over to Junk King Fort Lauderdale.

Heavy Lifting

You have probably moved some of your kitchen appliances like the stove or the refrigerator in order to clean behind them. Of course, having those appliances removed altogether will probably reveal a bit more dust and grime that has to be cleaned up. Getting those kinds of appliances out of the house requires some “heavy lifting.” That is the type of job that is best handled by a pair of experienced movers. That is exactly what who Junk King is going to send your way. These movers have the experience and knowledge to facilitate any type of removal from a home. For the kitchen appliances, that removal might involve handcarts and moving straps. That is the type of equipment that Junk King team will have readily available.

The heavy lifting comes into play when those appliances have to be put onto the back of the Junk King truck. Before that happens, the Junk King crew will make an assessment of just how much space your stuff will feel onto the back of the truck. That assessment will translate into a written estimate based on volume. It is a fair and competitive price this type of work. You’ll be happy that it can all be taken care of with very little effort on your part.

When you need to replace your kitchen appliances, you need to bring in Junk King Fort Lauderdale to get rid of the old machines. Book your session today.

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