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Chico Junk Removal

On your next trip to downtown Chico, you might notice things are looking a bit neater. You can thank the Cleanup Brigade for that. This is a group of homeless folks are have been hired to spend a few hours every morning scraping up gum, picking up trash and sweeping the sidewalks. This is a wonderful program that is helping those folks who have found themselves displaced in these tough economic times. It’s also keeping Chico shining like new!

Perhaps the efforts of the Cleanup Brigade might inspire you to finally tackle your big cleanup project. If so, then you could enlist the services of the number one junk hauling team in Chico. That would be Junk King and they’re standing by to make your home a 100% junk free space. Perhaps you have seen one of the big red Junk King trucks driving around town. That’s because the Junk King crews are always on the move but they are never too busy to take on a new client. In fact, you might just be lucky enough to have same day service.

Before you make that call, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and figure out exactly what you want tossed out. There might be some big pieces you know you want to get rid of like that nasty couch that has been sitting on the back patio or those boxes of newspapers and magazines you’re done with. But think about what else you can get rid of. Keep in mind that you’re going to have a two man crew to do all the lifting. You’re also going to have the use of that big truck that you can fill to the brim. Suddenly, it makes sense to go through your closets and pile up a lot of discard stuff you’re never going to use again. It’s also the perfect time to finally go through your garage and get rid of everything that shouldn’t be in there. You don’t have to move anything. Just point it out to the Junk King crew and they’ll handle the rest.

You can do the same thing in and around your yards. If you’re getting ready to put up holiday decorations then you’ll want a “clean palate” to create your Christmas art work. Once Junk King has cleared out the rubbish you can start hanging those lights! Give them a call today and you can have all your junk gone by tomorrow.


Haul Away Junk From Your Chico Home

Haul Away Junk ChicoThere’s good news for homeowners all across the country. The prices for homes cropped up by 12% this past September compared to the same time from last year. This represents the 19th straight month that home prices have ticked up. Here in Chico, that number actually went up by 13.5% in September. For all those folks who weathered the housing crisis this is good news indeed. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home having increased value will come in handy if you’re looking to refinance or want to open a line of credit using your home as collateral. Besides remodeling one of the easy fixes to improve your home’s value is to simply clear out the junk.

Think about the appraiser who will be coming by to inspect your home. They’ll want to make sure the structure is sound and the plumbing isn’t leaking. But they also want to know that your home could be competitive if put on the open market. That’s why clearing away the junk can be a big plus on your side. Even if you’re not getting an appraisal, having all the clutter removed from your home is a great way to get ready for the holidays. Let’s face it, nobody wants to see a beautifully decorated home that is full of junk. Why not let Junk King Chico lend a hand with all that junk removal?

It didn’t take long for this branch of Junk King to become Chico’s number one professional junk hauler. They got to that position by providing exceptional customer service for all kinds of removal projects. Many Chico homeowners have turned to Junk King to take away tons of their junk. They then told their neighbors what a terrific job the Junk King crew did. Before you know it, everyone on the block has used Junk King. Is it your turn?

One of the biggest advantages with hiring Junk King is that the crew they’ll dispatch to your home is going to be doing all the work. If you tried to rent a dumpster to toss out your stuff you would still be stuck with carrying all those bulky items down to the curb. With Junk King on the job, you won’t have to lift a finger. You also won’t have to rent a truck to haul everything away. That will be provided by Junk King, too! The quicker you get rid of all your junk the quicker you can get ready to open your home for the holidays. Junk King Chico is standing by to help!


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