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How To Get Rid Of E-Waste In Chico

After living in Chico for a while there are a lot of things that you learn about the area. You know what days your trash will be picked up. You know where the DMV is. You know who the electric power is provided by. You might also know where the nearest fire department is to your home. What you might not know is how to get rid of e-waste. As important as that is, it is not as easy as putting something into the trash. In fact, e-waste should never go into the trash. Occasionally, there are drop-offs that are sponsored by community groups. That requires you to load up your car with all of e-waste items and have it brought to a designated spot within a certain timeframe. That is not always convenient and those drop-offs aren’t always widely known.

A better approach for getting rid of e-waste is to hire an outside company to help with the task. In this area, the best company for the job would be Junk King Chico.

Room on the Truck

Deciding what is e-waste is easy. It would be all of those electronic devices that you are no longer using. It could be that some of those devices were upgraded to a new model. Or it could mean that those devices were broken and are but beyond repair. There isn’t a lot of value in those items once they become obsolete. There is also no good reason to hold onto those objects. They are only taking up valuable storage space.

There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for any amount of e-waste that you want to get rid of. In fact, there will still be plenty of room to get rid of the rest of your unwanted items. You don’t have to call in Junk King to make separate trips for different classifications of rubbish. As far as Junk King is concerned anything you don’t want is rubbish and that can all fit onto the truck.

As part of the service, Junk King will strive to make sure your e-waste is dropped off at the closest certified facility that is set up to handle that kind of disposal. Junk King Chico remains the best option for getting rid of your e-waste and rubbish. Book a session today.

Junk King Makes Rubbish Disappear

Several years ago, there was a huge television special where a magician made the Statue of Liberty disappear. It seemed like a really big deal at the time until the “secret” was revealed. It turns out that the Statue of Liberty didn’t move but the audience watching it did shift ever so slightly so as to make it seem as though they were looking at a “blank space.” It would be nice if we could use magic to make rubbish disappear from our homes. Until those spells are perfected you can always count on Junk King Chico to get that kind of rubbish removal job done the right way.

Always Safe

Before the COVID crisis, Junk King was already operating under the “safety first” philosophy. The work crews were trained in the proper lifting and loading techniques so as not to cause them any injury. They also took great care to protect the property of the homes they were removing items from. There is always a little planning that goes into this type of work to make sure that floors and walls aren’t scuffed up. Now in the “new normal,” safety takes on a whole other meaning. Junk King is once again leading the way by making sure all of our crews constantly wear masks and gloves and practice social distancing. We also sanitize our trucks in between each pickup. All of this means that Junk King is a very trustworthy option for getting rid of rubbish around your house.

The amount of rubbish that you want to get rid of the depends entirely on you. There are some Junk King customers who like to tackle one area of the home at a time. They might focus on sorting through all the clutter in the garage and then have that hauled away by Junk King. They then can turn their attention to all the closets and other storage areas inside the house. There could be another session focused on clearing away yard debris. Junk King is happy to make return visits but they are just as happy to get all of the things you want removed in a single session. That means all the clutter from your garage, closets and backyard can be loaded onto the truck in a very timely manner.

What do you need hauled away from your home? Whatever the object, Junk King Chico can make it happen. Book a session today.

Customer Reviews Show Why Junk King Chico Is A Good Hire

Whenever you hire a service company for the first time you want to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. You also want to make sure that you can trust them to provide exceptional customer service. That holds true for a plumber as much as it does for a junk hauling service. In the latter category, Junk King Chico proves itself to be a good hire based on all the positive customer reviews. When a customer takes the time to post their opinion you know it matters. Here are some prime examples:

“This place was awesome! Robert and Riley showed up, on time and were very professional throughout the entire process. We had tons of stuff to get rid of, everything from couches to a water softener. These guys worked hard and smart. They showed up on time and were in and out of here with a loaded truck. There was absolutely zero screwing around when it came time to pay, too. I was anticipating one of these situations where they quote you low and try to bump you when they’re settling up the bill. It did not happen. We paid exactly what we were quoted. This right here is how you build a business and get repeat customers. Thank you again Robert and Riley.” – L.C.

Junk King prides itself on and affordable and guaranteed pricing policy. That flat rate will always be determine before the work begins. It will be based on how the crew intends to pack up the truck. Once agreed-upon, that price is locked down. It’s a very fair and competitive approach to this type of service.

“Junk King Gold Country offers excellent service. They are friendly, fast and affordable. I have a property rental that needed junk hauled away. I received a free estimate and decided to go with Junk King Gold Country because they take pride in providing superb service. Try it out for yourself!” – Juanda

Once you make the decision to get rid of your rubbish you only need to hire Junk King Chico to make sure it gets done right. Book your session today.

Greenest Junk Removal In Chico

You probably don’t give much thought to what happens to your trash after it is picked up by the city workers. Obviously, if you are getting rid of recyclables like plastic water bottles, newspapers and soda cans then you can expect that they will be recycled and quickly converted into raw material for repurposing. As for the rest of your trash, that will most likely end up in a landfill. The goal for every home and business is to make the recyclable items outweigh the trash items. Anytime you reduce the amount of trash going into a landfill you are supporting the surrounding ecosystem. The same approach can be used with junk removal. These would be the big pieces that can fit into the trash can but with the right company they also can be kept out of a landfill. Junk King Chico prides itself on its environmentally friendly disposal policy. That is why they can boast as being the “greenest junk removal service in Chico.”

The Crew Knows

When it comes to making the determination as to what can be recycled from the items that you are getting rid of, the Junk King crew knows. They have been trained to spot those items that the area recycling facilities can take in. It might be that one facility handles electronics while another takes care of things like scrap metal and foam. There also all the items that might be suitable for a charity drop off. There many organizations around Chico that hire folks to reupholster and repair furniture and appliances. When you put all of these efforts together it results in an average 60% diversion rate for Junk King. That means 60% of everything that they collect is kept out of the landfills. When you consider that the national recycling rate is around 30%, then it is clear to see that Junk King really is the greenest removal service in town.

Get rid of your junk the right way by hiring Junk King Chico from the start.

Junk King Continues To Provide Safe Junk Hauling

Spending more time at home provides an opportunity to go through a “to do list.” These could be all the tasks that you might have been putting off for some time. But after watching all the TV shows that you want and building all the jigsaw puzzles you may find yourself with plenty of time to finally tackle that list! That can include organizing all the storage areas in your home. How long has it been since you went through your closets and all the boxes in your garage? Just imagine how much more space you could create if you sort through those areas and pull out all the items you know you are never going to use again.

Once you have completed that sorting you will be left with a lot of things that can be removed from the home. That is when Junk King Chico comes into play. We remain committed to providing safe junk hauling services for homeowners and apartment renters all throughout the area.

Safety First

Junk King has always operated under a “safety first” policy. Our crews are trained to practice proper lifting and loading techniques to avoid injury. They also take great care with a person’s property. All of those methods remain in force but now we have added an extra level of protection for our crews and our customers. Junk King has instituted a touchless pickup policy. This will have our teams picking up discarded rubbish items from driveways, porches or front yards. That work can be accomplished while you stay inside. Even though our crews wear masks and gloves maintaining social distance is recommended by the CDC in these are protocols Junk King is happy to follow. You will still be able to get rid of a lot of junk this way!

After you have set up your appointment with Junk King, we asked that you take a picture of the things that you want to get rid of and text it to us. That way we will be able to provide you with an estimate for the job. It will always be a fair and affordable price.

The best way to get rid of your junk remains giving that job to Junk King Chico.

How To Make Remote Work Productive

If you’re now working from home, then you have to find a way to be productive. That can be a challenge if this is the first time you’ve worked from home at this level. It can also be a challenge if you’re also taking care of kids at home. Fortunately, there are ways to make your remote work more productive. Here’s how:

Set Up Working Hours

The classic workday is 9 to 5. If that works for you, then you can keep those hours. After all, you’ve also managed to take care of your home when you were working. Because you aren’t commuting, you could add up to an hour of your work day. That could have you working less because you can get more done within that 9 to 5 zone.

Setting up your workday should also mean ending your workday at a definitive time. When you log off from work, stay that way. You don’t want to feel like you’re working

Close Out the Distractions

At work, you might not have time for social media. You might also be restricted by doing so. At home, it is a different story. You need to treat your workspace like your office. That means keeping those social media sights “closed” until you check out for the day.

Get Dresses for Work

As tempting as it might be to roll out of bed and start work, you should keep up with your work routines of getting dressed. It might mean that every day is “casual” day but you shouldn’t go to work in your pajamas.

Tidy up First

You should keep your workspace as tidy as possible. That can extend to the rest of the house, too. It might be a good idea to take care of all your cleaning chores before you start work each day. You might also be inspired to take on bigger decluttering projects over the weekend. If this results in the discovery of a lot of unwanted rubbish items, then you should call up Junk King Chico to get it removed. We’ve put in place new safety protocols that can help get that rubbish hauled away the right way. Working from home doesn’t mean working with clutter. Junk King Chico can help with that.

Clear Out The Rubbish To Make Room For Your Home Office

Working from home is a terrific option that many companies are providing to their employees. If you can take that option, then you might actually start saving money right away. You won’t be spending as much on your commute or on lunches that you have to order into the office. Working from home also makes it easier on parents to keep up with their kids’ schedules. All of those advantages can be activated once you set up a dedicated workspace. This means creating your own home office. It is important that you have a workspace that is free from distractions.

This could mean turning a spare room that has been used as a bedroom into your home office. It might also be that the spare room has been turned into a kind of storage unit for the family. Spending a little time in that designated room to sort through all the things you have in storage can result in a lot of items that could be removed. When you have that list ready, you need to hire Junk King Chico.

Your Removal Team

Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers who will become your removal team for this task. This is the crew that you only have to point to the things that you want to get rid of and they will pick them up right from the spot. This is a hard-working crew who won’t have any challenges lifting heavy furniture items and carrying them down narrow hallways. It will help if you have done all of your sorting before the Junk King team shows up. That way they can spring into action and get everything loaded in as little time as possible. That way you can start setting up your home office immediately.

Everything you turn over to Junk King will also have the opportunity to be repurposed. The Junk King teams know exactly which charities or recycling centers can take certain objects. You don’t have to make those designations the team from Junk King will do it automatically. It’s all part of the removal process with Junk King.

To set up your home office you have to clear the rubbish first. That means it’s time for Junk King Chico!

Make Spring Cleaning Count

Spring cleaning sometimes requires outside help. Yes, you can get a lot accomplished if you dedicate a few hours on your day off. But you might also need to get your carpets and upholstery deep cleaned by professionals. You might also want to bring in some painting contractors to freshen up the rooms in your home. One other outside vendor to consider is Junk King Chico. These are the professional junk haulers who can help make this year’s spring cleaning count.

Attic to Basement

A thorough spring cleaning involves taking on the cleaning in every room in your home. That would include the rooms that you might not always use. With Junk King’s help, you can bring down furniture from the attic or bring up washing machines from the basement. The Junk King crews who will be assigned to your session will have the lifting and loading experience needed to navigate any amount of stairs. You can trust them to get those items removed without causing any damage to floors or walls.

Your spring cleaning might also involve clearing unwanted items out of the closets and dresser. The time you spend sorting through those storage areas will be well spent when you can make more room and get things better organized. The goal should be to give Junk King any item that you’re not longer have a use for.

Smart Disposal

Junk King takes a smart approach to getting rid of what they collect from your home. That will often mean dropping items off to a charity. You don’t have to worry about what condition your items are in. Many of these charities employ workers to refinish and repair furniture. Another option available to Junk King is recycling. There is a wide array of recycling centers that can take in all kinds of items but from the inside and outside of your home.

As for the cost, Junk King charges a flat fee based on how the crew packs up their truck. The less room they fill up with your junk, the less you will be paying.

Make your spring cleaning count this year with a session from Junk King Chico.

Junk King Helps Clear Out Your Old Mattress

When you’re getting a new mattress, that old mattress might make its way out to the garage or into a space room. It that joins that potentially long list of items in your home that you want to get rid of but don’t have the means to do. These are the kinds of things that have to be carried out by a pair of movers and loaded onto a truck big enough to hold them. That is exactly what is provided by Junk King Chico. One call to these pro haulers will have your old mattress gone for good.

Everything Else

The Junk King truck makes all the difference in this process. It will have plenty of space for your old mattress. That might be all that you want to get rid of but consider the possibilities. You have a moving crew and that big truck. You can get rid of a lot of things with those two elements. This is your chance to clear out more old furniture that you want replaced or busted appliances that you’ve already replaced. What you should do is go through your home and start with the “big stuff.” What are all the things that need two movers to get rid of. And don’t stop at the inside of your house. Go outside and consider all oversized things out there that you could get rid of. The Junk King team can make it happen in no time at all.

The cost for this helpful service will all come down to how your things are packed onto the back of the truck. The Junk King squad wants to present you with a great deal that works with your budget. That is why they will strive to get all the things you’re tossing out into as little space as possible. That will make it so that you pay the low end of the Junk King price scale.

Call in to book your session today and you might be able to have a same day pickup. That is how fast this can all happen!

Junk King Chico helps you clear out your old mattress and all the rest of your wanted clutter in a single session. Are you ready to make that happen?

Bring In Junk King To Bring Out Old Living Room Furniture

Over the past couple of years, the average square footage of homes has nearly doubled. That is certainly good news for folks who are investing in a new home. It also means that it takes a few more pieces of furniture to fill up a room and make it comfortable. After all, you don’t want to have a living room that just has two recliners! Aside from your bed, the living room furniture is what gets the most use in your home especially if that living room is also what you call the “TV room.” They will come a time when you will need to replace that old living room furniture. If you have reached that point, then it is also time to plot out a way to get rid of the old living furniture. That is actually a task that is easily handled by Junk King Chico.

Your Moving Crew

Junk King is going to provide you with your own moving crew for this job. Instead, of taking your old furniture to a new home, they are going to clear it out to make room for the items you’ll be replacing it all with. Your old furniture will be going on a “one-way” trip for disposal. With Junk King on the job, that disposal will often mean dropping it off at a local charity. These are the organizations that can repurpose your old furniture and that is much better than having it dumped in a landfill.

The Junk King squad will find the easiest way to remove that without causing any damage to walls and floors. They will also be packing onto the truck using as little space as possible. That might not seem important until you realize that this is how junk King will determine your final fee. The less room your old furniture takes up, the less you will be paying. The junk King crews have a lot of experience getting furniture into as tight a space as possible.

Bring in Junk King Chico to bring out your old living room furniture today. They’re standing by to help.

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