Junk King Helps Clear Out Your Old Mattress

When you’re getting a new mattress, that old mattress might make its way out to the garage or into a space room. It that joins that potentially long list of items in your home that you want to get rid of but don’t have the means to do. These are the kinds of things that have to be carried out by a pair of movers and loaded onto a truck big enough to hold them. That is exactly what is provided by Junk King Chico. One call to these pro haulers will have your old mattress gone for good.

Everything Else

The Junk King truck makes all the difference in this process. It will have plenty of space for your old mattress. That might be all that you want to get rid of but consider the possibilities. You have a moving crew and that big truck. You can get rid of a lot of things with those two elements. This is your chance to clear out more old furniture that you want replaced or busted appliances that you’ve already replaced. What you should do is go through your home and start with the “big stuff.” What are all the things that need two movers to get rid of. And don’t stop at the inside of your house. Go outside and consider all oversized things out there that you could get rid of. The Junk King team can make it happen in no time at all.

The cost for this helpful service will all come down to how your things are packed onto the back of the truck. The Junk King squad wants to present you with a great deal that works with your budget. That is why they will strive to get all the things you’re tossing out into as little space as possible. That will make it so that you pay the low end of the Junk King price scale.

Call in to book your session today and you might be able to have a same day pickup. That is how fast this can all happen!

Junk King Chico helps you clear out your old mattress and all the rest of your wanted clutter in a single session. Are you ready to make that happen?

Bring In Junk King To Bring Out Old Living Room Furniture

Over the past couple of years, the average square footage of homes has nearly doubled. That is certainly good news for folks who are investing in a new home. It also means that it takes a few more pieces of furniture to fill up a room and make it comfortable. After all, you don’t want to have a living room that just has two recliners! Aside from your bed, the living room furniture is what gets the most use in your home especially if that living room is also what you call the “TV room.” They will come a time when you will need to replace that old living room furniture. If you have reached that point, then it is also time to plot out a way to get rid of the old living furniture. That is actually a task that is easily handled by Junk King Chico.

Your Moving Crew

Junk King is going to provide you with your own moving crew for this job. Instead, of taking your old furniture to a new home, they are going to clear it out to make room for the items you’ll be replacing it all with. Your old furniture will be going on a “one-way” trip for disposal. With Junk King on the job, that disposal will often mean dropping it off at a local charity. These are the organizations that can repurpose your old furniture and that is much better than having it dumped in a landfill.

The Junk King squad will find the easiest way to remove that without causing any damage to walls and floors. They will also be packing onto the truck using as little space as possible. That might not seem important until you realize that this is how junk King will determine your final fee. The less room your old furniture takes up, the less you will be paying. The junk King crews have a lot of experience getting furniture into as tight a space as possible.

Bring in Junk King Chico to bring out your old living room furniture today. They’re standing by to help.

Junk King Chico Customers Post More Terrific Reviews

Your opinion matters. That is the philosophy that any successful business takes with regard to its customers. It is important for a company to hear feedback from their customer base. It is the only way they know that they are delivering what they promise and how to make improvements. That holds true whether you are a four-star hotel or a junk hauler. In the junk hauler category, there are a few options but none that come with as many positive reviews as Junk King Chico. Here is a small sampling of the kinds of opinions Junk King customers have about their experiences with these professional junk haulers:

“The individuals who serviced our property worked diligently to ensure the cost was kept to a minimum and that the work proceeded safely and without injury to property or people.” – James M., Grass Valley

Whenever a Junk King crew arrives for an appointment, they will take a few moments to assess the situation. The first thing they will determine is just how much space all the things you want to get rid of all fit onto the back of the truck. That is how they will come up with your fee. This is a price that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. Once you agree to that price the crew will then develop the best route to take through your home in order to have those objects safely loaded onto the truck. They are going to treat your property with the utmost respect. This is how they consistently earn high marks with regards to customer service.

“The workers were on time and called ahead to let me know when they would arrive. They were respectful, ready to work, got the job done and the price was very good. I will definitely hire them again. Very easy to request their service on line.” – Janet K., Oroville

Not only is it easy to request an appointment online but you also will save $20 off the final price. That is always a great way to start any service!

“I am so impressed with the guys that did the hard work… courteous, friendly, professional and efficient. And the service itself is organized, on time and invaluable, while the cost was very reasonable… I even got a senior discount!! Recommend Junk King very highly!” – Sandy C., Grass Valley

The reviews are in and they are all positive for Junk King Chico. Are you ready to get rid of your rubbish? Make the call to Junk King today.

Make Your New Year Junk Free

The start of a New Year is always the perfect time for a “do over.” You can do over your workout routines or your eating habits to get into better shape. You can also plan ahead to do over your home with a renovation project. There is no more excuse of “the holidays are coming up.” It is time to look forward to all you can accomplish in the New Year. Having a do over means starting with a “clean slate.” The best approach for that would be to clear out all of the junk you’re storing in your home. This can create an improved living environment even if you’re just getting rid of a single sofa. To help make your home junk free in the New Year, you can call on Junk King Chico today.

Your Own Movers

Junk King is going to send over a team of movers. This will be your crew to supervise for the duration of the junk removal session. When they show up, they will ask what you want removed. Those items don’t have to be gathered together in the driveway. They can stay right where they are. Your moving team will pick them up right on the spot. This is dependable lifting and loading that can help you get rid of any object regardless of size or weight.

Not being worried about weight also applies to the pricing. Junk King never charges by the pound. Instead, they charge by the volume. It all comes down to how the truck will get packed up. The less space for your stuff means the less that you’ll be paying. And once you agree to the price, that fee will be locked down. There won’t be any additional charges.

Smart Disposal

Included in your fee will be Junk King’s approach to disposal. This is a company that has been dedicated to a green way of doing things since they began collecting junk over fifteen years ago. That approach involves dropping your discarded items off at a recycling center or charity. That way it won’t end up on a landfill.

The best way to start your New Year is without any junk in the home. Junk King Chico can help with that.

Junk King Makes The Garage Clean Out Easy

When was the last time you returned home to park your car in the garage but had to get out first and clear way some clutter? The more stuff you have in the garage the more likely it is for some of that the spillover throughout the course of the day. That leaves you with a serious parking dilemma. If it is important that you park your car in your garage, then it is important to keep that garage clear of rubbish. It might be time for a total garage clean out. Instead of being overwhelmed by that task consider hiring Junk King Chico to help make all of that garage clutter disappear.

A Team Effort

Taking care of your garage clean out is definitely a team effort. That team might start with your family. They can help you sort through all the objects that you want to get rid of. The simple approach is to pull everything off of  shelves and sort through those items. You can create a pile in the center of the garage of all the things that you want to dispose of. When the shelves have been cleared you can restock them with all the valuable tools, decorations and other household goods that you want to hang onto.

When the team from Junk King shows up, they will swiftly remove that pile of unwanted rubbish and even sweep up the space they just cleared! What you get rid of can be a lot of little things, a few big items or a combination of both. Weight in size is never a factor for Junk King. They will just as easily load up the old ping-pong table as they will a box of boots. Before they start their loading, they will present you with an estimate for the service. That price will be based on how they will pack up the truck. Their goal is always to use as little space as possible. That will translate into you paying as little as possible. Junk King wants to make you a satisfied customer to help spread the good word of their services.

Hiring Junk King Chico for your garage clean out makes the whole process easy. Book your session today.

Turn Your Old TV Over To Junk King

Do you have an old TV that is sitting unplugged somewhere in your house? This is probably a television that has already been “upgraded.” Even if you had your new TV professionally installed and mounted on the wall, then you would still have to deal with the old television. This is not something that you can put out onto the curb for pickup. An old television that is being disposed of is classified as e-waste and that means it needs to be dismantled at a certified recycling center. Those are not the easiest things to find but it is something that Junk King Chico can take care of for you. You can turn your old TV and the rest of your unwanted rubbish over to Junk King today.

Plenty of Room

The Junk King crew who will be helping you with your old TV disposal will be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of rubbish. That means if you were to place just your old TV on to the back of the truck you would find that there is plenty of room left over. There is nothing wrong with hiring Junk King for a single item removal. However, you should take full advantage of the moving crew and that truck space to get rid of just about any unwanted items from your home or yard.

Yes, in addition to hauling away old furniture and appliances the team from Junk King can also do some fantastic cleanup around your backyard. Anything from an old hot tub to a swing set can be dismantled by the Junk King team and loaded onto their truck. Think of what a difference that can make around your house!

Scheduling with Junk King is easy. You can set up an appointment online the moment you stop reading this post or you can call them to lockdown the time. Either way you can expect a fast response that will have all your items swiftly removed maybe even within just a few hours.

When it’s time to get rid of an old TV or other unwanted items from your home is time to call in Junk King Chico.

Outsource All Your Junk Hauling Needs To Junk King

How good are you at delegating tasks? If you are in a supervisory role at your job, then delegation is a big part of what you do. As a parent, you might be delegating tasks on a regular basis. Those tasks start out small with “clean your room” and can become more details as in “clean the bathroom.” You did those same chores as a kid and now it is your kid’s turn! There are other tasks you need to delegate around the house that requires outsourcing. Any time you go outside of the house to bring in a service professional you are essentially engaging in a bit of outsourcing. Junk hauling is a perfect example of a task that you would benefit from outsourcing and the perfect company for that gig is Junk King Chico.


Junk hauling would be a challenge as a DIY task. Yes, you might be able to take care of donating a few bags of clothes from your closet to a thrift store, but there is the time factor to consider. After devoting time to all the sorting, will you still have time to drive and make the drop off. What about the bigger items that you want to get rid of? The moment you designate something like a sofa or washing machine for disposal, you are creating the need for a moving crew and a truck. It doesn’t matter if it is just one bulky piece; you still need that help which takes the task out of DIY territory.

Junk King provides that moving crew and truck with every session. The moving crew is going to do all the lifting and loading for you. That means your back will be spared an over extension. Don’t worry if something is too heavy for you to move. The Junk King team has it covered.

As for the drop offs, you don’t have to worry about that either. It might take Junk King awhile to get from one charity to the next or to a recycling center. This is how they operate and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

Outsourcing your junk hauling needs to Junk King Chico is a smart move. Book a session today and get your home clear of clutter.

Use Junk King For Your Chico Construction Scrap Cleanup

Any construction project involves a lot of “moving parts.” It all begins with the design phase where the plans for the project are drawn up by architects and developers. Once the designs have been agreed to, contractors are hired to implement those plans. Those contractors in turn hire crews and purchase materials to get the job done. When the actual construction gets under way there are also a lot of permits and inspections that have to happen throughout the course of the building. Finally, the project is completed hopefully on time and on budget!

The other thing that happens throughout the course of a construction project is creating a lot of debris and scrap. This is the kind of construction waste that can quickly overwhelm the project site if it is not removed in a timely manner. If you are planning any type of construction project, then you should also plan to hire Junk King Chico for your construction scrap cleanup.

No Limits

When you hire Junk King to take care of your construction scrambling up there are no limits as to what they can haul away for you in terms of size or weight. This is very important to know especially if demolition is going to be a part of the project. Whether you are tearing down a home or stripping a kitchen to the bare walls, there is going to be a lot of waste created in that process. A lot of that construction scrap can also be hazardous to handle. That’s why you want to leave the cleanup to a professional crew like the one provided by Junk King.

As for the weight, that isn’t a factor with regard to cost. Junk King never charges by the pound and that makes a huge difference especially for getting rid of scrap metal and concrete. It will all be safely loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck by the very capable crew. Any of those items that you are getting rid of that could be recycled will be dropped off at the appropriate facility as part of the cleanup process.

When you need to factor in construction scrap cleanup for your next project then you need to factor in Junk King Chico. Call to set up removal today.

Do You Need To Clean Out Your Storage Unit?

Renting a storage unit fills the need for keeping some possessions safe when you run out of room in your home. That doesn’t mean you need to always keep renting that unit. There might come a time when you have more space in your house and can transfer some of the stuff from your storage unit into your home. It might also be that the things you are keeping in the storage unit have little value to you. After all, if something has been in storage for over a year that you haven’t used, then chances are you might not be using it again. That brings up the issue of whether or not you should continue renting your storage unit. If you make the decision to end that rental, then you need to clear out all the stuff is inside. That’s where Junk King Chico can be of assistance.

Same Professional Service

Junk King is going to provide you with the same level of professional service for your storage unit clearing out as you would get cleaning out your home. You’ll be able to take advantage of the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your task and the big truck that they will arrive. This is really all you need to clear out old furniture and boxes of household goods. If your storage unit is outside, then the team from Junk King can position their truck right by the rollup door. That will make the loading go very swiftly.

You will also benefit from the same price structure as you would with a home or business appointment. Junk King only charges a flat rate based on how the truck is pack. There are no scales needed to weigh the things you are getting rid of. The Junk King team knows exactly how everything will fit onto the truck just by looking it over. Once they make that assessment they can provide you with an estimate that will be a very competitive and affordable price for this type of service.

The sooner you can clear out your storage unit, the sooner you can stop paying that monthly fee. Let Junk King Chico help you with that goal.

Get Rid Of Your Old Computers The Right Way

Do you remember your very first computer? Did you have to use floppy disks to save data? That would certainly date your computer use but not by that much. It seems as though every year computers take a technological leap forward. Any computer that is older than two or three years could be considered obsolete. It might still get the job done but the operating systems have all been updated. You might also find on those older computers it is harder to surf the Internet without slowing down or crashing. This is why updating your computer make sense.

Before you bring a new computer into the house, you should get rid of the old computer. As long as you downloaded all your data there is no reason to hold onto that older model.  The moment you decide that your old computer is indeed obsolete it becomes e-waste. The best way to get rid of e-waste is to put Junk King Chico onto that task.

More Than Computers

The e-waste that you have in your home might not be limited to obsolete computers. Anything that needs an outlet to power up that isn’t being used could be considered e-waste. How many old televisions are you keeping in storage? Do you have any broken computer monitors? Maybe there’s a printer or fax machine that you have also replaced. The team from Junk King will load up all of those e-waste items in very short time. They won’t be handling the actual disassembly and recycling of those objects but can make sure that they get to the right facility. That has been part of Junk King’s operating philosophy since they began collecting junk over 14 years ago.

Fair Cost

Junk King provides a two-man moving crew and a huge truck to handle your disposal needs. It might not take any effort at all or a lot of truck space to get rid of all of your e-waste items. That is why you should think about utilizing your Junk King appointment to get rid of even more unwanted things like furniture and yard debris. The cost for this service will be based upon how much space you use on the Junk King truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you pay. The Junk King team will provide you with that the estimate before they start the work. You’re going to like how fair and affordable that cost is.

Disposing of your old computers and the rest of your unwanted rubbish doesn’t have to be complicated. Junk King Chico can easily take care of that task.