Your Chico Home Isn’t Haunted, It Just Needs Junk Removal

Do you have a favorite ghost story you like to tell? Halloween is the perfect time of year to share those stories that have been passed down through the family. Maybe you’ve even witnessed something you can’t explain. Hopefully, you won’t have a ghost showing up in your house but that doesn’t mean your home isn’t scary. In fact, it could be “haunted” by a lot of clutter. All you have to do to “exorcise” that junk is to call Junk King


Since they began operations in Chico, Junk King has helped all kinds of folks and businesses remove tons of junk from their properties. The good word about Junk King is spreading:

“Your crew was professional, made it easy to get the job done right on site after given big me a bid. They introduced themselves by name and shook hands right off the bat. Stayed positive. The crew this morning was Sean and another young man who called ahead when they were coming. I asked for 10 of their cards and I am a realtor in both Chico and Paradise who will continue me back for return business & tell my office about your expediency. Thanks!” writes K.L. from Chico.

Yes, real estate agents are big fans of Junk King. They know when a property has been foreclosed on that there could be a huge amount of rubbish left behind. They need that fast cleanup and the crews working for Junk King are experts when it comes to foreclosures. Those are usually the jobs that require multiple teams and trucks. That won’t be a problem for Junk King.

“The guys showed up on time. Quoted a fair price and cleaned away all requested items in a very timely and efficient manner. They were friendly and polite and I will use the Junk King service again in a heartbeat! Great job & thank you!” writes T.J. from Paradise.

With your own two man moving crew doing all the work, you will literally only lift a finger to point to what you want removed. It doesn’t matter is something is really heavy or has to be taken apart, Junk King will make sure it leaves your home ASAP! There is nothing scary about junk removal when you hire Junk King from the start.