Get Your Spring Rolling With Junk Removal

It’s time to get your green on. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone but the green we’re now talking about is the green for spring. Having your been eyeing a landscaping makeover for your front yard? Is your back patio in need of sprucing up? To help you get to those transformations, the perfect work partner to bring in is Junk King. They’ll be able to remove all kinds of unwanted objects from your yards to give you the space to create your perfect oasis.


The crews working for Junk King aren’t afraid of getting dirty. In fact, if they come home at the end of the day with their uniform T-shirt still clean, then they feel as though they didn’t work hard enough! Around the yard, there can be all kinds of heavy objects that need to be carted off. Start with the piles of stones or bricks. These might have been left over from a construction project or simply dug up in the garden. They can all be hauled away by Junk King. You can also tap the crew to remove random tires, fenders and engine parts that are just rotting away. If you’re doing a serious remodeling like repaving a driveway or deck, then Junk King can absolutely remove all that construction waste.

Always remember that weight is never an issue with Junk King. You won’t be charged by the pound. That means anything and everything can go. Instead, Junk King will charge you a rate determined by how much space your junk will fill on the truck. Imagine all those bricks and spare tires stack up on the truck bed. If they take up a third of the truck, then that is how much you’ll be charged.

As long as you’ll have the moving crew and that big truck, you should take full advantage of getting all your clutter removed from your home. If you’ve always wanted to set up a home office or workout space in your garage, then let Junk King take away the boxes, appliances and old furniture first. You’ll be amazed at how much your home can change with one junk removal session from Junk King Chico.