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Take Care Of Your Estate Cleanup With Help From Junk King

As executor of an estate you will have to make a lot of decisions. The timeframe for those decisions depends entirely on you. You may want to put the home that is part of the estate up for sale. However, it doesn’t have to be right away. Then again, if the property taxes on that home are exorbitant, then you may want to sell it quick so that you won’t be stuck with that burden.

To get a home ready for sale it will mean clearing out everything that’s inside. Some of that can go quickly with an estate sale. Instead of a yard sale where everything is brought to the on, an estate sale literally opens the door of the home and puts the price tag on everything inside that house. One good weekend can have a lot of the possessions gone. What’s left behind becomes part of the necessary estate cleanup. For that task you can bring in Junk King Chico.

Your Moving Crew

Junk King will provide you with your own moving crew at least for the duration of the estate cleanup.  This might be a standard two-man operation or it could involve several additional Junk King team members. It all depends upon the size of the clearing. On want to stay clean up it took six movers and three trucks to get the job done. It is probably a good idea if you have a lot of items to get rid of to bring out Junk King in advance of the appointment so that they can size everything up.

The Junk King moving crew is going to do all the work for you. You don’t have to bring it all down to the living room to make it easy for them. They actually want to make it easy for you. That could involve going into every room and pulling out items. This is what the Junk King moving crew does every single day.

Great Pricing

Junk King offers great pricing for this type of work. If you were to hire your own movers, then you would be paying by the hour and that could be a very expensive proposition for this type of work. Junk King’s flat fee covers all the labor whether they are clearing out the house for one hour or six. The price is really about how the truck  gets filled up. Fortunately, the Junk King movers know how to pack up a truck tight and that will translate into the low end of the price range for you.

Junk King Chico wants to make your estate cleanup go as smoothly as possible. Book that session today.

Get The Office Cleaned With Help From Junk King

Part of doing business in an office is setting up a way to keep that office clean. Usually, that will mean janitorial services coming in at night once the workers are gone home. These workers aren’t meant to do a deep cleaning the but instead take care of all the obvious things like empty and the wastebaskets, vacuuming and cleaning up the break room. It’s always nice when the staff can come back into a space that is clear of trash. What happens when there’s more than just crumpled up paper to get rid of? If there’s a big cleaning that involves rubbish removal, then Junk King Chico is the company you want to hire.

Unwanted Office Rubbish

Every office has random pieces of furniture and equipment that has been upgraded. Those extra items and up going into a cubicle that’s not be used or a storeroom. They might also end up in the parking garage because there’s no available space in the office. The moment something goes into storage that is not going to be used again is wasted space. That is space that you are paying for and needs to be maintained. One call to Junk King can get that space cleared. It doesn’t matter the size or weight of what you’re throwing out. All that matters to Junk King is that you want it gone.

Friendly Movers

Junk King will dispatch a team of friendly movers to get rid of all that unwanted office rubbish. These movers have a positive attitude and a great with solving problems like how to maneuver something into a freight elevator. There also licensed and insured which makes them the exact kind of professional vendors that you should be hiring for your business.

Fast Service

Junk King likes to move fast. When the unwanted items have reached critical mass in your office, you definitely want to remove them quickly before the next client shows up for meeting. Most Junk King sessions are completed within 24 hours.  Junk King also has appointments available on the weekend if you prefer to not disrupt the office staff at all.

Getting rid of your excess office rubbish can be a quick and efficient job when you turn that over to Junk King Chico.

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