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Category Archives: Chico Junk Hauling

Find The Right Junk Hauler In Chico

Finding the right worker to perform a service in your home takes a little bit of research. That research can begin with asking your friends who have used a similar service or by conducting an online search for the type of business that would provide that kind of service in your community. Once you have found the right service professional, they will be someone you can use again and again. For the task of junk hauling, the right professional would be Junk King Chico. They have been in this line of work since 2005 which only proves they know how to get this kind of job done right.

The approach the Junk King takes to every appointment is to make sure the customer is totally satisfied and doesn’t have to do a bit of work. The idea of hauling a heavy piece of furniture or bulky appliance might seem complicated if you were to do that on your own. Junk King is going to be sending over a team of movers who will be doing that lifting and loading for you. That means there isn’t any limitation on what you can turn over to them that you’d like to get rid of. Whether it’s something extremely heavy or an oversized item in an upstairs bedroom, the team from Junk King will make it look easy to get rid of.

Before they begin loading things onto the truck, the Junk King crew will present you with an estimate. This estimate is going to be based on how they will pack everything up on the truck. Think of it as a big game of Tetris. The Junk King crew knows how to fit a sofa and a box of clothing so that it takes up a minimum amount of space. The less room your junk will fill in the truck, the less you’ll be paying. You will know what this price is before the work begins and it won’t be something that will change with surprise add on charges.

Finding the right junk hauler in Chico is easy: just put Junk King Chico on the job and watch how fast your junk and disappear.

Storage Unit Packing Tips

Renting a storage unit is a great way to make up for lack of closet space in your home. The size of the unit you rent might be based on how much you’re willing to spend. That means you’ll have to maximize the space. Here are some terrific storage unit packing tips to keep in mind:


Utilize Every Empty Space

If you are putting things like a suitcase, dressers or coolers into storage then make sure you fill them up with other items that your putting in there. Anytime you can eliminate a box or two you’ll be ahead of the game. It might also make sense to buy a cheap garbage can for storage of things like garden tools or other things that can’t fit into a box.

Breakdown Furniture

You can make more space by breaking down your furniture. Legs can be removed from tables and chairs. Whatever type of furniture you are storing you want to wrap up either in industrial plastic wrap or with moving blankets.

Stack Heavy On the Bottom

The heavy boxes should be on the bottom and you should over stack in the event it might topple over during an earthquake. It helps if you can create spaces between your stacks of boxes so that you can have access from the front to the back of the storage unit.

Write Up an Inventory

Popular reality show Storage Wars will often involve bidders finding valuable treasures inside abandon storage units. You definitely don’t want that to happen with your stuff. That is why you should keep an inventory list with carefully numbered boxes. If you need to go into your storage unit to pull something out, then you will know exactly where to find it.

Don’t Store Perishables

A storage unit is not the place to put your wine collection. Anything that could get ruined by the elements should not be put into a storage unit. That also holds true for hazardous materials like propane tanks, solvents and paints.

Don’t Store Junk

The other way to maximize your space is to make sure you’re not storing junk. You might be in a hurry when you’re moving and just need to put everything in a unit to sort out later. When you’re ready for that task, you definitely want to bring in Junk King Chico. This is a company that has been dedicated to removing rubbish from all kinds of property for over 10 years. They’ll be able to back up their truck to your unit and have their two-man team quickly load up all the things you want to get rid of. The best way to keep clutter out of your storage unit is to bring in Junk King Chico today

Garbage Removal Chico CA

Do you consider yourself a good suitcase packer? That is certainly a valuable skill set when you are going on an extended trip. Of course, you could run into trouble at the airport now that they have strict weight limits. That is the same kind of challenges you might have with your weekly garbage pickup. Although you might be able to cram a lot into the trashcan, there are weight restrictions. If the garbage collectors feels as though your can is over the limit, they might not be able to lift it onto the truck. That is not going to be a good time for you! Then there are all the things you can’t fit into the trashcan or shouldn’t throw out in the first place. When you get right down to it, there are a lot of garbage removal issues you might have with the city collectors. Instead of getting into a squabble, just turn your overflow garbage removal task to Junk King. They’ll know what to do with your rubbish.

The only restriction Junk King has is with hazardous materials. State regulations prohibit any type of junk collector from transporting those materials. Beyond that, there isn’t much that Junk King can’t haul away for you. First of all, weight is not an issue. That is because Junk King will never charge by the pound. Instead, they’ll charge you a flat rate based on an estimate of how much space your junk is going to fill up on the truck. It’s all about the volume with Junk King.

Size also isn’t an issue for Junk King either. They truck they use will be able to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings. In fact, Junk King has taken care of many estate and foreclosure cleanouts that required the full truckload!

Junk King can also insure that your discarded items will be disposed of in a responsible manner. This is vital for things like old computers, laptops and television. All of that e-waste will definitely be rejected by city garbage collectors. However, Junk King will make sure those objects find their way to a certified recycling center. It’s all part of their eco-friendly way of doing business. When you have to take care of overflow garbage removal, its clear Junk King is the best option in Chico.

Chico Junk Removal In 2014

Recently a chicken plant in Fresno closed itself after a major issue with cockroaches. At first, the plant was inspected, cleaned up and given the seal of approval to reopen. It did open but then the plant managers decided “clean” wasn’t clean enough. They wanted super clean. So they shut down the lines and began an even more intense cleanup of the entire facility. These will be some very clean chickens!

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Junk Removal Grass Valley

Are you aware of the Grass Valley tree ordinance? This was a measure adopted in 2005 by the city council that was meant to keep certain trees safe. Why? Here is how the city explains the reason for the ordinance: The City of Grass Valley acknowledges the importance of trees to the community’s health, safety, welfare, and tranquility. Trees increase property values, provide visual continuity, provide shade and cooling, decrease wind velocities, control erosion, conserve energy, reduce storm water runoff, filter airborne pollutants, reduce noise, provide privacy, provide habitat and food value, and release oxygen.”

Any tree that is at least ten inches in diameter and 54 inches tall would fall under this protection. If you have a tree on your property that is “protected” you need to get special permission to have the tree removed or significantly pruned. That might seem a bit involved for tree trimming, but the intentions of the city are in the right place. Luckily, you won’t have to cut through any red tape if you want to get junk removed from your property. For that, all you have to do is call Junk King of Chico.

Junk King is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. This means that the Chico branch is following those same high standards as the Junk King businesses from around the country. Junk King can only stay in business if they keep their customers happy. After all, those same customers provide the best publicity for Junk King. Consider these recent mentions on our Facebook page:

“Very friendly, helpful guys! They took care of everything and even swept up the garage floor when done loading. Great service!”

“Prompt, fairly priced. Moved bulky and heavy items from the inside of my home and garage and onto their truck.”

“They called to let me know they were on their way and arrived in a very timely manner. The two men came in surveyed what needed to be done and the best way to get a large, heavy, bulky TV out without damage to the house. I was very impressed at the way they were dressed, very professional and clean cut. I would certainly recommend Junk King to friends.”

These are the kind of reviews that pop up nearly every day for Junk King of Chico. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk, Junk King is the only call you should make. Fast, friendly and dependable: That’s the Junk King way!

Chico Junk Removal

On your next trip to downtown Chico, you might notice things are looking a bit neater. You can thank the Cleanup Brigade for that. This is a group of homeless folks are have been hired to spend a few hours every morning scraping up gum, picking up trash and sweeping the sidewalks. This is a wonderful program that is helping those folks who have found themselves displaced in these tough economic times. It’s also keeping Chico shining like new!

Perhaps the efforts of the Cleanup Brigade might inspire you to finally tackle your big cleanup project. If so, then you could enlist the services of the number one junk hauling team in Chico. That would be Junk King and they’re standing by to make your home a 100% junk free space. Perhaps you have seen one of the big red Junk King trucks driving around town. That’s because the Junk King crews are always on the move but they are never too busy to take on a new client. In fact, you might just be lucky enough to have same day service.

Before you make that call, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and figure out exactly what you want tossed out. There might be some big pieces you know you want to get rid of like that nasty couch that has been sitting on the back patio or those boxes of newspapers and magazines you’re done with. But think about what else you can get rid of. Keep in mind that you’re going to have a two man crew to do all the lifting. You’re also going to have the use of that big truck that you can fill to the brim. Suddenly, it makes sense to go through your closets and pile up a lot of discard stuff you’re never going to use again. It’s also the perfect time to finally go through your garage and get rid of everything that shouldn’t be in there. You don’t have to move anything. Just point it out to the Junk King crew and they’ll handle the rest.

You can do the same thing in and around your yards. If you’re getting ready to put up holiday decorations then you’ll want a “clean palate” to create your Christmas art work. Once Junk King has cleared out the rubbish you can start hanging those lights! Give them a call today and you can have all your junk gone by tomorrow.


Haul Away Junk From Your Chico Home

Haul Away Junk ChicoThere’s good news for homeowners all across the country. The prices for homes cropped up by 12% this past September compared to the same time from last year. This represents the 19th straight month that home prices have ticked up. Here in Chico, that number actually went up by 13.5% in September. For all those folks who weathered the housing crisis this is good news indeed. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home having increased value will come in handy if you’re looking to refinance or want to open a line of credit using your home as collateral. Besides remodeling one of the easy fixes to improve your home’s value is to simply clear out the junk.

Think about the appraiser who will be coming by to inspect your home. They’ll want to make sure the structure is sound and the plumbing isn’t leaking. But they also want to know that your home could be competitive if put on the open market. That’s why clearing away the junk can be a big plus on your side. Even if you’re not getting an appraisal, having all the clutter removed from your home is a great way to get ready for the holidays. Let’s face it, nobody wants to see a beautifully decorated home that is full of junk. Why not let Junk King Chico lend a hand with all that junk removal?

It didn’t take long for this branch of Junk King to become Chico’s number one professional junk hauler. They got to that position by providing exceptional customer service for all kinds of removal projects. Many Chico homeowners have turned to Junk King to take away tons of their junk. They then told their neighbors what a terrific job the Junk King crew did. Before you know it, everyone on the block has used Junk King. Is it your turn?

One of the biggest advantages with hiring Junk King is that the crew they’ll dispatch to your home is going to be doing all the work. If you tried to rent a dumpster to toss out your stuff you would still be stuck with carrying all those bulky items down to the curb. With Junk King on the job, you won’t have to lift a finger. You also won’t have to rent a truck to haul everything away. That will be provided by Junk King, too! The quicker you get rid of all your junk the quicker you can get ready to open your home for the holidays. Junk King Chico is standing by to help!


Chico Bed & Mattress Disposal

bed frame removalJust in time for Halloween, an infestation of bed bugs has forced the closure of a Torres Community Shelter. It was the first time in the shelter’s 14-year history that they had to close. The only proven method of getting rid of these pests is to toss out all the old beds and fumigate the place. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with something like a bed bug problem but that doesn’t mean you don’t have other issues with your mattress. In fact, if you’ve been sleeping on the same bed for longer than seven years it might be time to consider buying a new bed.

Need more convincing? Right now your old mattress probably weights more than when you bought it. That’s because over the years there has been a buildup of dust, skin cells and bug. How much of a buildup? In some cases as much as ten extra pounds of “debris.” Don’t panic.  It’s normal but that doesn’t mean you have to sleep in all of that. When you’re ready to bring in a new bed, Junk King will be ready to take the old one away.

Junk King of Chico are the leading junk removal specialists around. This is a professional company with a staff of well-trained full time employees. It’s not a bunch of day laborers or someone driving around in a beat up pickup. Hiring Junk King is like hiring the kind of movers you used when you first came into your home. You’ll be getting capable workers and a truck big enough to haul away whatever you want taken out of your home. Not only can they handle bed and mattress disposal but you can also toss out any busted appliances, outdated computers and boxes of clutter.

You should also know that Junk King doesn’t just help you clean out the inside of your home. They can take away anything you want gone from your backyard such as rusty patio furniture or an old BBQ grill. They’ve even been hired to haul away mounds of dirt and piles of concrete and bricks. You’ll have a two man crew and a big truck so put them to work!

When it comes to pricing, Junk King will be extremely fair. They’re only going to charge you by the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of their truck. Everything is included in that one reasonable fee. That means you don’t have to worry about extra charges like dumping fees, truck rental or travel time for the crew. Call Junk King today to get your junk gone by tomorrow!


Got Junk Items in Chico?

Sometimes it takes a while to get a project going. Recently, earthmovers broke ground on a new housing development situated in east Chico. This is a 340-acre plot of land that will soon be transformed into 159 single-family homes, 1,100 apartment units and 109,000 square feet of business space. How long has it taken the work to begin? Would you believe 20 years? That’s when developer Tom Fogarty first bought the land. It then went through years of committees and hearings. The project was finally approved in 2008 but nothing happened for five years. In that time, Tom sold the land then bought it back. Now building is moving at a pace.

Nothing beats being the first occupant in a new home or apartment. You’ll be “christening” the place and it will be all shiny and new. Ever see a garage without oil stains? There will also be plenty of wide-open spaces. How long before those spaces are taken up with junk? That’s not a slam against your taste in furniture. We’re talking about genuine junk. The kind of stuff you move with you because you can’t throw it away. This would be all the broken appliances, outdate computers and furniture you’re planning on replacing. That’s not a very good way to start a new chapter in your life. Instead if you’ve got junk you should be calling Junk King Gold Country. That would help before, during or after a big move.

When you hire Junk King Gold Country you can rest assured that all your junk will be removed quickly and efficiently. That’s how Junk King rolls. Most folks are used to the idea of dragging heavy objects out to the curb in the hopes that someone driving by might pick it up. The truth is that if you’re throwing something out nobody is really going to want it unless they think they can sell it. What are the chances of that? If you’re hoping the city will pick it up, good luck! The only way to make sure your junk is taken away is by hiring Junk King. The really good news is that you don’t have to drag it down to the curb. The Junk King crew is going to be doing all the lifting and loading. All you have to do is sit back and watch your junk disappear.

Whether you have a truck full or just a few items, Junk King Gold Country will help. Call them today to start the ball rolling. You’ll be surprised at how fast they respond!

How To Recycle Your Junk In Chico CA

One of the reasons we hold onto our junk is because we have no way of getting rid of that stuff. Actually, that is really the only reason. If we could use a little “Star Trek” technology and beam the junk out of our homes we would never have any clutter. Of course, if you’re “beaming” something you have to have a destination. You can’t just wish for an object to disappear. This is where a company like Junk King becomes a huge benefit. They can “beam” your junk out with no effort on your part and they’ll make sure it is properly disposed of. When you get right down to it, isn’t that the best approach to cleaning out your home?

Naturally, there is nothing stopping you from disposing of your own junk. You just need time, a truck and manpower. The time it takes to load up a truck might not be a lot depending on how much you’re throwing out. However, if you have to factor in renting a van or truck then you’re adding on an hour or two. Once you’ve loaded up the rental you’re looking at another couple of hours to drop it off at the nearest recycling center.

Keep in mind that recycling isn’t “one size fits all.” There is a place for plastics, papers and glass for sure. But there are separate places for wood, foam, metal and e-waste. You could be looking at four or five drop off sites for your single truck full of junk. So much for your day off of relaxing. That leaves you with two choices: hold onto the junk or hire Junk King Gold Country.

Holding onto the junk isn’t a good option. That stuff is taking up space. It might also become a health hazard at some point. With Junk King all it takes is a single phone call to insure your stuff is gone for good. Junk King will send out a two-man work crew and a truck that will fit whatever you’re getting rid of. There won’t be any lifting on your part. That’s what the JK crew is for and they are happy to oblige. As for all those potential drop off sites, it’s all part of the complete service provide by Junk King Gold Country and you’re not going to be charged any extra. In fact, you’ll only be charged by how much space your junk will take up on the truck. When you’re ready to finally clear out your home of clutter then Junk King is the only call to make.

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