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Back to School Junk Removal In Davis CA

Back to School is an exciting time whether you’re a first grader or a college freshman. However, it is those college bound students that retailers like the most. That’s because they spend around $850 per student just to get their dorm rooms outfitted for the fall. A popular stop for the coeds is IKEA. Hans Greenawalt, the marketing specialist for IKEA, offers up some helpful guidance for returning students.

“In a lot of those rooms, you don’t necessarily have the proper lighting for your study habits,”  Greenawalt says. “IKEA offers a variety of table lamps, clamp spotlights and hanging lamps. When you’re studying until 4 a.m., your roommate will thank you for remembering to buy a small lamp that you can keep on your side of the room.”

You also have to be mindful of the room measurements. “You’re sharing the room with another person,” says Jane Heaton, associate director of housing and residential life at California State University, Sacramento. “You don’t want to bring everything under the sun.” In fact, the typical CSUS dorm room measures out at about 11 feet by 13 feet. At that one campus alone about 1,000 new students will be taking up residence in those dorms. That’s a lot of IKEA!

After you’ve shipped your college student off, it might be time to reassess the space in your home. You don’t have to clean out your kid’s room (yet!) but you could do with a de-cluttering sweep as a way to get rid of a lot of unwanted items. Maybe your kid has outgrown certain pieces of furniture. Maybe they are moving on to their own apartment. Either way you could end up with a truckload of junk to toss out and that truck should belong to Junk King Gold Country.

These are the junk removal experts working hard all throughout Davis, California and the rest of Gold Country to make sure homeowners, apartment renters and landlords can toss out the big stuff. These would be all the things you can throw out on your own but still want to get rid of. Along with furniture that has served its purpose, you could get rid of old rugs, mattresses, appliances, sports equipment and boxes of trash. Whatever you’re holding onto for no good reason can finally be tossed out with the help of Junk King.

The Junk King crew will do all the lifting and climbing of stairs. You just have to sit back and watch your junk fly out the door. You’ll enjoy your “empty nest” a whole lot more if it is a clean nest!

Gold County Junk Removal Reviews

We all appreciate the occasional “Good job!” That’s why Junk King Gold Country asks is customers to share their experiences on their web page and Facebook page. They want their team to know they are appreciated, as well as ensure other customers that the junk removal service they are providing is top notch. Here are a few samples:

“The two men that came to my home were very professional, polite, and did a great job at a great price. I would highly recommend them at any time! By the way, BP and his partner were the two men that helped me. Great employees!” writes one customer.

“Prompt service, friendly, fair,” writes another. And “The crew was very efficient and polite. They got the job done swiftly, thanks,” shares yet another happy client. When you add it all up, the Junk King workers have a lot to be proud about. They are part of a national franchise with branches in major cities all across the country. They’re also providing an amazing service for their neighbors in the community. Yes, the Junk King of Gold County is a local owned and operated business. We take care of our own!

The vast majority of Junk King customers are relieved when they see the big red truck pull up to their home. The two-man crew will hop out and get right to work. You don’t have to feel guilty about not doing any of the lifting. That is what the crew is for. Besides, if what you were getting rid of was easy to move around you probably would have tossed it out on your own a long time ago.

You’ll be able to point out what you want taken away without any hassle from the crew. Whether you’re getting rid of a bedroom set or steamer trunk, the crew will know how to move it without causing any damage to your walls or floors. That same crew has been bonded and insured which makes them 100% responsible for the work they do.

Getting Junk King to haul away all your unwanted stuff will free up your time and your living space. You’re not going to bother with renting your own truck or driving to the outskirts of Chico looking for a dump. And Junk King won’t keep you waiting like other service companies. Typically, you’ll have a two-hour window for the pickup. Often you can even call in the morning and have a pickup by lunchtime. When you’re ready to say good-bye to your junk give Junk King a call. You’ll be so happy with the results that you’ll eager to add your own reviews.

Chico and Davis Trash Outs

The number one reason to clean out all the trash from your home and backyard is because it’s going to make you feel a lot better. The number two reason could be crawling around your property right now. That would be ants. In California the most common ant that pops up in homes and picnics is the Argentine worker ant. These are dark colored ants without a sting. They also have no natural enemies which means unlike other bugs, ants are free to do as they please unless you put a stop to them.

You’ll often find ant nests in moist soil or under trash on sidewalks and driveways. They’ll also go as far as 100 feet away from their nest to dine out. If they make their way into your home, they’re going to keep coming back until you seal up their entryway or get rid of their food source. For the ant, that food source would be whatever trash you’ve got laying around that might have some sweet stuff on it. Even if you keep your home clean of crumbs, those ants could still be setting up shop in a comfy box in your garage or under a pile of wood in your backyard. If you want to keep the ants away, then it’s time to take out the trash and Junk King Gold Country can show you the way.

Getting rid of weekly kitchen trash is simple as long as you get the trash to the curb in time for a pickup! But there is a lot more trash that could be piling up around you home and yards which can not only attract ants but all kinds of other vermin. Do you want to take that risk? You don’t have to when you’ve got Junk King Gold Country working on your side.

Junk King is the business dedicated to helping you clear out the clutter. They provide you with a two-man team who will be trained in how to lift, carry and haul away everything from an old sofa to an unused hot tub. Every Junk King removal project also comes with a truck big enough to drive those items away. Best of all, you won’t have to fret about looking for a certified landfill or recycling center. The Junk King team will take care of that for you. You can hire Junk King to take away one computer or an entire attic full of stuff. Don’t wait for the ants, bugs and vermin to overrun you. Get rid of your junk today with the help of Junk King.

Davis California Junk Removal

Like it or not, we’re often in a hurry. Whether that means running to work, getting the kids off to school or making sure we get to “Iron Man 3″ on time, life is full of distractions. Those distractions can often slow us down just when we need to speed up. It’s usually in those rushed moments when accidents happen. That’s why we all need to take a deep breath and approach those situations with calmness. That especially holds true for driving. With the other things like cleaning the home or getting a house ready for sale, it pays to be on time.

Recently, Terri O. from West Sacramento had the need for a fast cleanup. Lucky for her that Junk King Gold Country was just a phone call away. “When I was faced with a time sensitive situation that desperately needed a quick hauling job Junk King was my hero! I moved my aunt out of her house two days before the sale was supposed to close,” she writes in her Yelp review. “She said she had all the clean up handled. I showed up to meet with the realtor and the place had trash and broken furniture piled up some 6 ‘ high on the driveway and a dilapidated stuffed storage room and cluttered backyard to boot. The realtor gave me 24 hours. I called Junk King, and with only 16 hours’ notice they showed up and made all of the garbage disappear and for a price more reasonable than I could get a neighborhood maintenance man to do it for. They were real pros!”

What’s amazing is that Junk King often works that fast even when your personal “clock” isn’t ticking. In other words, you can call them up get an estimate and your junk removed all in the same day. For that to happen you might try early in the week or away from the first of the month (moving day!) if your schedule is flexible.

One way to know whether or not a business is successful is if they have repeat customers. You’re not going to go back if you didn’t get what you paid for. Clearly, Junk King Gold Country is a success here.

L.S.  from Diamond Springs explains, “I have used Junk King three times and found the crew extremely helpful. They arrived on time, were organized and courteous and did exactly what I asked them to. I was surprised at how efficiently and quickly they worked to remove the debris (which included two decrepit tree houses, a broken swing set and huge piles of branches and underbrush) from my yard. They were also good at loading the truck in a way that they could squeeze as much stuff on it as possible so I could get more hauled away for my money. It would have been impossible to do what they did by myself and I am grateful for how beautiful my yard looks now.”

What kind of job do you have for Junk King Gold Country? As you can see, no job is too big or too small or too fast!

Lawn Mower Disposal in Chico California

In lawn mowing circles, there is a never ending debate as to whether it is more efficient to mow in rows or spirals. This being the age of “too much free time” some math geeks and puzzle makers got together to put the debate to the test. Here’s what they came up with: “On a square 16-foot by 16-foot lawn, both the spiral and row techniques take a total of 30 turns; 14 left and 16 right for the rows, and 30 right turns for the spiral.

One could argue that to mow in rows, there are half as many turns—when you get to the end of a row you make two 90-degree turns, which you could also count as a single 180-degree turn. Still, the total number of angular degrees you turn is in either case is the same.” Now that the debate has been settled it’s time to spray on the sunscreen and get to mowing.

If you’ve got a big property then a rider mower is the best way to cut the grass. It’s also the most fun! As for the push-type of mower, you might want to consider tossing out the old gas guzzler for a rechargeable electric model. You can even go with the always eco-friendly rotary tumbler. That’s more pushing work for you but in turn you’ve be getting a great aerobic workout every time you cut the grass.

No matter which type of model you prefer you should really only have one lawn mower on your property. A second mower that is old, rusty and not working is nothing to be hanging onto. The same could be said for luggage that is busted, furniture that isn’t used or appliances that you’ve replaced. Add to that old the outdate computers, copiers and monitors and suddenly you’ve found yourself surrounded by junk. How did that happen? Relax. We’ve all got piles of stuff we should toss out but just don’t have the chance. Now Junk King Gold Country can ride to the rescue and give you the opportunity to turn your home into a complete junk free zone.

After you’ve given a Junk King supervisor the chance to estimate how much space your junk will take up on their truck, you can set up a pickup appointment. That supervisor needs to see your junk first because that’s how they’ll be charging you: by the amount of space your junk will take up on the truck. On the day of the removal, that’s the price you’ll be paying. No extras. The Junk King Gold Country crew will cart off all your stuff on the back of the truck they provide. You can help by piling everything in your driveway or you can leave it right where it is.

All the Junk King crew cares about is getting all of your clutter out! Call them today to find out how they can remove your old lawn mower and all the rest of your junk.

Hoarder Cleanup Help In Chico California

What kind of junk are you hanging onto? The answer to that question could determine whether or not you can be classified as an official hoarder. Someone with compulsive hoarding issues will keep things like junk mail, magazines and newspapers. They’ll also hand onto things they might think they’ll use for crafts. The problem is none of those periodicals every get read and none of those crafts ever get made. The same issue comes up around clothes that are never worn, sporting goods never used and even appliances that are broken but not disposed of.

There there is the concern of not using space in your home for its intended purpose. For instance, is there so much junk on your bed that you can’t even sleep on it anymore? Is your kitchen so cluttered that you can’t cook in there? Is the dining room table so full of stuff that you can fit a plate of food? When clutter gets this bad, you could start isolating yourself from your friends because you’re too embarrassed to have anyone come over.

This is especially hard on kids who want to have friends to come over to play or study with. Things go to the extreme when something breaks down but you don’t want a repairman to come over because of the clutter. Then there is the safety risk for fire or mold that is an issue. Add up all of those problems and you could be facing a serious hoarding situation. If you’re ready to make a break with all of that trash, then Junk King  Gold Country is standing by to lend a hand.

Junk King is the professional serviced used by home and business owners to help them keep their properties clear of clutter in Gold Country, CA. They also work on the extreme hoarding emergency calls that require cleaning out entire homes which have become overrun with trash. Hopefully, your place hasn’t become that desperate but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from working with Junk King. When you hire Junk King Gold Country they’ll provide you with a capable two-man moving crew and a truck big enough to hold all that you’re throwing out. It doesn’t matter where you’ve placed the junk, the JK crew will go to pick it up from the back of your home or inside your garage. Just tell them what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest.

Once your junk is loaded up on the truck, you can rest assured that it will be properly disposed of at a recycling center or certified landfill. There’s no reason to live with junk when you’ve got Junk King just a phone call away.

Spring Cleaning Tips in Gold County California

How close are you to living in a “hoarder’s house?” We’ve all seen those reality shows where some folks have been collecting junk for years without throwing anything away. Hopefully it hasn’t gotten as bad for you but that doesn’t mean you should skip on the spring-cleaning. A good spring cleaning project goes beyond the typical weekly dusting or mopping. This is the time to pull the furniture from the walls and dig in deep to remove every spec of dirt and dust. This is the time to vacuum light fixtures, wipe down outlets and clean out windowsills. To get it done right is a big undertaking and it all comes down to a matter of attitude. Embrace that you want this done and realize that it’s not the end of the world to dedicate a Saturday morning to the effort.

If you’re a person who works better with lists then use those for spring-cleaning. First, make a list of all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. You don’t want to be running back and forth to the grocery store once you start cleaning. It will also be helpful to have a little carrying bin to cart around those supplies from room to room. This will make things go a lot quicker. After you do the shopping list, walk through every room and make a list of what needs to be cleaned. Take a floor to ceiling approach. For added fun you can probably write that list on your iPad and check it off as you go with a swipe of the finger.

You might discover that part of your list is “Throw out this or that.” With old magazines or junk mail that’s easy but what about bigger items you want to toss out? Things like an old piano that nobody uses or a sofa that has seen better days won’t be so easily to get rid of on your own. When you’ve got oversized items to toss out then Junk King Gold Country is the only call you need to make.

Hiring Junk King Gold Country means you’re actually hiring two movers and their truck. These are not independent contractors but 9 to 5 employees who work for this national franchise. All of the Junk King crews are licensed and insured. They also know how to lift heavy objects. No worry about straining your back! After your junk is loaded up you’ll be able to rest assured that your stuff is going to be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner that is good for the community. Junk King recycles more of what they collect than any other removal service. It’s all part of the Junk King experience. Put them to work for your spring-cleaning.

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Chico

It really doesn’t take a lot to give yourself the simple pleasure of a soothing bath. When you get right down to it there are 20 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of soaking. You’ll want to run that hot bath and fill it with bubbles or some other type of relaxing oils. While the tub is running, light some aromatic candles, dim the lights, turn on your favorite music and pour a glass of wine. By now the bath will be ready and all you have to do is slip in. If you’re not used to taking this kind of “spa” bath then you need to treat yourself to a trip to a local bath and body store to find what you need. Mostly you just need to carve out the time. Now, if you’re saying to yourself that you can’t possible spare 50 minutes for a bath then that’s when you need it the most.

The best approach to accomplishing this pampering goal is to handle all the stuff you’ve put off for the weekend. It would also be a good idea to enlist a little help like you would get by hiring Junk King Gold Country. This is the junk removal company who can be a huge part of helping you finally clean out the clutter in your home or yard. There are probably a lot of items you’ve got laying around taking up space and collecting dust. Is it too much for you to cart off to the nearest landfill? Most likely and that’s why you still have the junk filling up your home. When you put Junk King Gold Country on the job they’ll be able to go through those areas and take away whatever your point to. That’s when your “job” ends. As for the Junk King crew they still have work to do with dropping your stuff off to the proper end point but that is nothing you have to worry about. Junk King handles all of that for no extra charge.

So what have you been eager to get rid of? Old tires in the garage? Rusted car parts? A ping-pong table nobody uses? A leaky kiddie pool? A yard shed that has seen better days? Ratty furniture? Kitchen appliances? A refrigerator? Any oversize items like those are just what Junk King was made for. All of that stuff can be tossed onto the back of their truck and you’ll never have to deal with it again. As the Junk King Gold Country truck pulls away, start the bath! You’ll be glad you did.

New Year’s Resolution 2013 Junk King Gold Country California

Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around self-improvement plans. Nothing wrong with that. But what if you could supplement your self-improvement to-do list by adding a few resolutions to save money around the home? There are some very simple fixes your could implement starting today.

First up, turn off the lights. No, not the ones you’re using to read this article but the ones that are still burning in the room you just left. There’s no reason to keep lights on in rooms when you’re home. If you like coming home with the lights on, then consider adding a timer to a lamp or two so you don’t have to keep those lights on all through the day.

When you do leave the house for an extended period of time be sure to turn off the air conditioner. At night you should crank down the heat. Why keep your home cool when you’re not there? And when it gets colder at night your thermostat will be working overtime to compensate. Dial it back and add a blanket to the bed and watch your energy bills drop.

As for your water bill you should be using low-flow showerheads and cutting back on watering the lawn so much. And always wait for your dishwasher and washing machine to be fully loaded before running them.

Another home resolution you could make and easily keep is to finally get rid of all those bulky items you’ve been hanging onto. Hiring Junk King of Gold Country, CA will help you cart those things out of your home with very little effort on your part. Keeping a hold of things like old furniture or computer monitors or mattresses year after year isn’t the best use of your home space. Think of what you could accomplish if you finally clear out your garage of all the junk. You might even be able to actually park the car in there! Imagine converting that spare room into a home office instead of a storage locker? These are all proactive choices you can make but first you have to get rid of the junk and that’s where Junk King will come into play.

A Junk King Gold Country removal appointment includes a two-man crew who will be doing all the heavy lifting and loading. It also includes a large truck capable of holding all of the stuff you want to get rid of. Try getting that job down with your family SUV. It just can’t happen. You’ll also be saving money with Junk King because they only charge by the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. That makes them one of the most affordable options for junk removal in the Chico and Davis area. It’s never too late to complete a New Year’s resolution especially when you can get help from Junk King.

Chico Christmas Tree and Holiday Junk Removal

A local Chico business got into the Christmas spirit by helping a group of Trappist Monks restore their beloved abbey and its all thanks to beer. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company of Chico helped raise millions of dollars for the rebuilding effort. All of this goes back to the 1930s when William Randolph Hearst transported a former Trappist monastery all the way from Spain, brick by brick. He was going to build himself a fancy swimming pool but that plan got scrapped and Hearst donated the stones to the city of San Francisco. Those stones sat in Golden Gate Park for over 60 years until a local chapter of the same Trappist order decided to take on the project. Sierra Brewing stepped up and the monks we able to complete the first building of the reconstruction in time for the holidays. It just shows you want a local business can do to help out.

Another local business that is helping out with the holidays is Junk King Gold Country. Of course, Junk King is really helping with all the post-holidays work as in cleaning up after Christmas. This is where the Junk King crews are making their way around Chico to help local residents with all kinds of cleanup efforts from Christmas tree removal to carting off all the bags of holiday wrappings and boxes. There’s also a long list of items Junk King has picked up that have been replaced thanks to Santa and his elves dropping off new versions of things. Items like old bikes, furniture, appliances and e-waste are all perfect examples of what has been swapped out during the holidays. Instead of hanging onto the old items why not get rid of them? If you define “junk” as something that is no longer used then Junk King should be hauling it away.

The way Junk King Gold Country works is simple: You call them for a estimate. Depending on the nature of the job, a supervisor will pay you a visit to assess the volume of what you’ll be getting rid of. This is important because it’s how you’ll be charged: the amount of space your junk will take up on the truck will determine the fee. Once you agree upon the fee you’ll schedule the actual removal appointment. On that day, the Junk King crew will arrive at your home (on time!) and carry out the assignment. They’ll also be carrying out all of your junk! You won’t have to lift anything. If you’ve got piles of holiday debris or any other type of oversized item to get rid of that Junk King Gold country is really the only way to go!