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Chico Junk Removal

On your next trip to downtown Chico, you might notice things are looking a bit neater. You can thank the Cleanup Brigade for that. This is a group of homeless folks are have been hired to spend a few hours every morning scraping up gum, picking up trash and sweeping the sidewalks. This is a wonderful program that is helping those folks who have found themselves displaced in these tough economic times. It’s also keeping Chico shining like new!

Perhaps the efforts of the Cleanup Brigade might inspire you to finally tackle your big cleanup project. If so, then you could enlist the services of the number one junk hauling team in Chico. That would be Junk King and they’re standing by to make your home a 100% junk free space. Perhaps you have seen one of the big red Junk King trucks driving around town. That’s because the Junk King crews are always on the move but they are never too busy to take on a new client. In fact, you might just be lucky enough to have same day service.

Before you make that call, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and figure out exactly what you want tossed out. There might be some big pieces you know you want to get rid of like that nasty couch that has been sitting on the back patio or those boxes of newspapers and magazines you’re done with. But think about what else you can get rid of. Keep in mind that you’re going to have a two man crew to do all the lifting. You’re also going to have the use of that big truck that you can fill to the brim. Suddenly, it makes sense to go through your closets and pile up a lot of discard stuff you’re never going to use again. It’s also the perfect time to finally go through your garage and get rid of everything that shouldn’t be in there. You don’t have to move anything. Just point it out to the Junk King crew and they’ll handle the rest.

You can do the same thing in and around your yards. If you’re getting ready to put up holiday decorations then you’ll want a “clean palate” to create your Christmas art work. Once Junk King has cleared out the rubbish you can start hanging those lights! Give them a call today and you can have all your junk gone by tomorrow.


Chico Bed & Mattress Disposal

bed frame removalJust in time for Halloween, an infestation of bed bugs has forced the closure of a Torres Community Shelter. It was the first time in the shelter’s 14-year history that they had to close. The only proven method of getting rid of these pests is to toss out all the old beds and fumigate the place. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with something like a bed bug problem but that doesn’t mean you don’t have other issues with your mattress. In fact, if you’ve been sleeping on the same bed for longer than seven years it might be time to consider buying a new bed.

Need more convincing? Right now your old mattress probably weights more than when you bought it. That’s because over the years there has been a buildup of dust, skin cells and bug. How much of a buildup? In some cases as much as ten extra pounds of “debris.” Don’t panic.  It’s normal but that doesn’t mean you have to sleep in all of that. When you’re ready to bring in a new bed, Junk King will be ready to take the old one away.

Junk King of Chico are the leading junk removal specialists around. This is a professional company with a staff of well-trained full time employees. It’s not a bunch of day laborers or someone driving around in a beat up pickup. Hiring Junk King is like hiring the kind of movers you used when you first came into your home. You’ll be getting capable workers and a truck big enough to haul away whatever you want taken out of your home. Not only can they handle bed and mattress disposal but you can also toss out any busted appliances, outdated computers and boxes of clutter.

You should also know that Junk King doesn’t just help you clean out the inside of your home. They can take away anything you want gone from your backyard such as rusty patio furniture or an old BBQ grill. They’ve even been hired to haul away mounds of dirt and piles of concrete and bricks. You’ll have a two man crew and a big truck so put them to work!

When it comes to pricing, Junk King will be extremely fair. They’re only going to charge you by the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of their truck. Everything is included in that one reasonable fee. That means you don’t have to worry about extra charges like dumping fees, truck rental or travel time for the crew. Call Junk King today to get your junk gone by tomorrow!


Trash Removal Chico CA – Clean Up Your Life Today

Who says college kids are too busy with studying and throwing toga parties? Recently a group of student volunteers from Chico State gave up their Saturday morning to take part in a coastal cleanup along the Sacramento River. This was the second annual volunteer cleanup day. The group worked hard to pick up over 720 pounds of trash and recyclables. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

If only we could get a team of volunteers to help with our clean up duties around the home. Most parents are in a never-ending battle to get their kids to clean up their rooms. When things have reached critical mass, mom and dad simply put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the kid’s room and leave it at that. Nowadays, there is new help for home cleanup being provided by Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King are the Gold Country junk removal specialists who dispatch a two-man crew and huge truck for every removal appointment. That’s the kind of positive motivation that can inspire anyone to clear out the clutter in their home or room. All mom and dad has to do is tell their kids to pick out what they want thrown away and the Junk King crew will do the rest. Whether the junk is up in the attic, down in a basement or out in the garage the Junk King crew will see that it gets loaded up on the back of their truck. There won’t be any complaints about doing heavy lifting.

Hiring Junk King Gold Country means you can finally toss out all those things that have been getting the way of you having a clean closets and a empty garage. You can probably put those spaces to a lot better use than a storage locker for things you’re going to throw out anyway. One call to Junk King is all it takes for those things to be gone from your world for good.

The same Junk King crew can also do a sweep around your yards to remove anything from the outside you want gone. Things like old grills, kiddie pools, doghouses or tool sheds can all be broken down and loaded up on the truck. With all that clutter gone you can get your home back to the way it was when you first moved in. Your garage can be a place for your car once again as opposed to all that junk. You can find things in your closet without knocking around a bunch of boxes. Your guest room can become just that a guest room instead of a storage locker. Getting rid of your junk will make you feel a whole lot better!

Got Junk Items in Chico?

Sometimes it takes a while to get a project going. Recently, earthmovers broke ground on a new housing development situated in east Chico. This is a 340-acre plot of land that will soon be transformed into 159 single-family homes, 1,100 apartment units and 109,000 square feet of business space. How long has it taken the work to begin? Would you believe 20 years? That’s when developer Tom Fogarty first bought the land. It then went through years of committees and hearings. The project was finally approved in 2008 but nothing happened for five years. In that time, Tom sold the land then bought it back. Now building is moving at a pace.

Nothing beats being the first occupant in a new home or apartment. You’ll be “christening” the place and it will be all shiny and new. Ever see a garage without oil stains? There will also be plenty of wide-open spaces. How long before those spaces are taken up with junk? That’s not a slam against your taste in furniture. We’re talking about genuine junk. The kind of stuff you move with you because you can’t throw it away. This would be all the broken appliances, outdate computers and furniture you’re planning on replacing. That’s not a very good way to start a new chapter in your life. Instead if you’ve got junk you should be calling Junk King Gold Country. That would help before, during or after a big move.

When you hire Junk King Gold Country you can rest assured that all your junk will be removed quickly and efficiently. That’s how Junk King rolls. Most folks are used to the idea of dragging heavy objects out to the curb in the hopes that someone driving by might pick it up. The truth is that if you’re throwing something out nobody is really going to want it unless they think they can sell it. What are the chances of that? If you’re hoping the city will pick it up, good luck! The only way to make sure your junk is taken away is by hiring Junk King. The really good news is that you don’t have to drag it down to the curb. The Junk King crew is going to be doing all the lifting and loading. All you have to do is sit back and watch your junk disappear.

Whether you have a truck full or just a few items, Junk King Gold Country will help. Call them today to start the ball rolling. You’ll be surprised at how fast they respond!

Chico & Davis CA Junk Removal Prices

Who wouldn’t like to have a little extra cash in their pocket? Saving money doesn’t have to mean going without or radically altering your lifestyle. It really comes down to a matter choices. For instance, when was the last time you considered switching banks? If you’re like most folks you’ve probably grown accustomed to doing a lot of banking online or at an ATM. That doesn’t mean your bank still isn’t charging you fees. Why not shop around to see if you can save money on those fees. Twenty dollars a month adds up to $240 a year. Wouldn’t you have a better use for that money then paying a bank for the privilege of your being their customer?

Around the home you can turn stuff off that you’re not using. This goes for lights and the television. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to light up the house or keep a TV running in every room. Cutting back on your electricity will have you saving money each month on your power bills.

Pay attention to customer rewards. There are many shops which become our “favorites” but if those shops aren’t offering the kinds of rewards as other shops then you need to think about switching. Some grocery stores are offering money off on gas at partner gas stations. Other businesses have a frequent buyer program which helps you unlock coupons or free stuff. That’s where you should be shopping or dining out!

Speaking of dining out, don’t! Instead of going to dinner with friends invite them over for a potluck dinner. It’s a lot more fun and gets everyone involved in the night in a unique way.

Try to curb your impulse buying. If you see something that is not a necessity that you want to buy try waiting 30 days and see if you still want it. Chances are the impulse will have passed and you’ll put that money to better use. This holds true with credit card purchases as well. The more you can pay down a debt the better off you’ll be.

Another way to save money with smart choices is with junk removal. If you’ve got a bunch of bulky items you want to toss out your best bet is hiring Junk King Gold Country. With Junk King you’re only going to be charged by the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. That means you won’t be paying labor costs, dumping fees or truck rental. If you price out those items then junk removal becomes a very expensive proposition. It doesn’t have to be that way when you’ve got Junk King Gold Country on your side. Start saving money today.

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Chico

It really doesn’t take a lot to give yourself the simple pleasure of a soothing bath. When you get right down to it there are 20 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of soaking. You’ll want to run that hot bath and fill it with bubbles or some other type of relaxing oils. While the tub is running, light some aromatic candles, dim the lights, turn on your favorite music and pour a glass of wine. By now the bath will be ready and all you have to do is slip in. If you’re not used to taking this kind of “spa” bath then you need to treat yourself to a trip to a local bath and body store to find what you need. Mostly you just need to carve out the time. Now, if you’re saying to yourself that you can’t possible spare 50 minutes for a bath then that’s when you need it the most.

The best approach to accomplishing this pampering goal is to handle all the stuff you’ve put off for the weekend. It would also be a good idea to enlist a little help like you would get by hiring Junk King Gold Country. This is the junk removal company who can be a huge part of helping you finally clean out the clutter in your home or yard. There are probably a lot of items you’ve got laying around taking up space and collecting dust. Is it too much for you to cart off to the nearest landfill? Most likely and that’s why you still have the junk filling up your home. When you put Junk King Gold Country on the job they’ll be able to go through those areas and take away whatever your point to. That’s when your “job” ends. As for the Junk King crew they still have work to do with dropping your stuff off to the proper end point but that is nothing you have to worry about. Junk King handles all of that for no extra charge.

So what have you been eager to get rid of? Old tires in the garage? Rusted car parts? A ping-pong table nobody uses? A leaky kiddie pool? A yard shed that has seen better days? Ratty furniture? Kitchen appliances? A refrigerator? Any oversize items like those are just what Junk King was made for. All of that stuff can be tossed onto the back of their truck and you’ll never have to deal with it again. As the Junk King Gold Country truck pulls away, start the bath! You’ll be glad you did.

Chico Grill Disposal and Recycling

It takes a lot to keep Chico clean and even more to keep it green clean. Luckily, the town has some help with this endeavor in the form of Chico State University students. They’re part of a volunteer program called Community Action Volunteers in Education or CAVE and this is the second year they gathered together with the specific mission to beautiful the neighborhood. They targeted the weekend after Halloween which seemed to be a good idea considering all the garbage left behind from the various revealers. The students loaded up with garbage bags, gloves and hand sanitizer and headed downtown for a thorough sweep through. All together there were over 70 students who pitched in for the cleanup effort. Most of what they collected was targeted for recycling which is where the “green” thing comes into play.

Imagine what you could do with 70 cleanup volunteers around your own home? Would there be enough trash to pick up and junk to collect? Maybe you wouldn’t need that many folks knocking around. Truth be told all you would really need are two dedicated workers like the kind you would get when you hire Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King is the Gold Country based business that specializes in all kinds of junk removal. One of their favorite things to do is help folks get rid of those clunky items which can’t be thrown out. A perfect example would be a rusty backyard grill. If you’re a serious griller then you’ve probably put your barbeque through its paces. Is it time for a new model? When you’re ready to swap out your old grill you’re going to need to make room for the new grill. Most folks are stuck with the old model and simply shove it behind the garage or some other out of the way place. Why not get rid of it the right way by having Junk King pick it up and take it away for recycling?

Most of the junk that Junk King picks up ends up at a certified recycling facility. That grill of your is just a hunk of scrap metal waiting to be melted down. You could say the same for items  like old sofas, tables, mattresses and even ping pong tables. Junk King Gold Country can make all of that and a whole lot more disappear from your home. The Junk King crew will also be doing all the heavy lifting. The only lifting you’ll have to do is with your phone to call them for an appointment! Give them a try today and find yourself junk free tomorrow!

Junk Removal for Chico Realtors

The state of California’s economy is as large as some small county’s entire economy. That’s why when the nation takes a hit, we’re sure to feel the impact even more severely. Of course, the reverse is also true. When there are signs of an economic comeback, California often leads the charge. Take for instance the foreclosure rates. Here in California those numbers were at an all time five year low between July and September. That means that the housing market is coming back in a big way.

“We started out a few years ago with over 400 homes and now we are at the 250K range of homes available for purchase. So that really drives the sale price up,” Real Estate Agent Lisa Bristow said to a local interviewer.

Drilling down into the numbers finds that Chico real estate agents have been seen a positive uptick in their business lately. That’s because they’ve sold about 150 more homes in the Chico area this year, compared with the same time last year. Overall there are fewer homes on the market which is not only driving prices up but also forcing realtors to be even more competitive. This is when they have to use their imagination to see all the possibilities of a potential property.

Realtors already know the benefit of staging a home but before it can even get to that phase, that same home might need a major cleanup. In extreme cases, a home on the market could be in wonderful condition but it’s the home next door that really needs the cleanup. With a small investment, a real estate agent can partner up with Junk King Gold Country to clean up any property and return it to its previous saleable condition.

Junk King is often hired by homeowners for “selective”  junk removal. This means those residents have a few oversized items they are eager to get rid of. That could be anything from old sofas to patio furniture to a hot tub. Usually there are a few other odds and ends tossed onto the Junk King to go along with the big item. However, with a real estate cleanup, Junk King can be given the simple instructions to “take it all away.” That’s a job they are happy to comply with. In many ways it’s a lot easier not to be selective with junk!

Not only can a Junk King Gold country crew clean up the interior of a home but they can also make sure all the debris is removed from the yards. This is where you can offer the help of Junk King for those neighborhood properties that might have some “eyesores” piled up on the lawns. You don’t want anything to distract from your sale and offering to clean up someone’s yard without them lifting a finger might be too good to pass up. Let Junk King be your new partner to take your real estate business to the next level of success!

Chico Air Conditioner Disposal

An air conditioner is a lot like a piano: Once you get it you’re almost always stuck with it. This is because the typical AC is such a bulky and heavy item it’s hard to move around let alone throw away in the garbage. There was a time not too long ago when televisions were heavy objects too but that has all changed thanks to modern design improvements. No such luck with the air conditioner. It’s always going to weight a ton and you’ll always need two people to get it in and out of a window. So, what to do if you want to get rid of your old clunky AC?  Simple: call Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King’s goal is to help you get rid of the stuff you can’t throw out in the weekly garbage pickup. Your old air conditioner would certainly qualify. If you were to do a little research you might find that there are plenty of drop-off centers that can insure that you’re air conditioner will be properly disposed of. That’s important because there are a lot of elements in an AC that could be deemed hazardous if they are left to “leak out.”

The real problem with those drop-off centers is that you have to do all the work. You need to get someone to help remove the AC from your window, carry it out of your home or apartment and then load it into your car. Hopefully, you have a big enough trunk otherwise you’re in real trouble. With Junk King Gold Country you won’t have to worry about any of that. The Junk King crew will do all the heavy lifting. You just have to point to the window and tell them to “Take it out!”

Along with your AC, this could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of some other bulky items you might be holding onto. Maybe you’ve got an old sofa or mattress in need of disposal. Perhaps it’s something even bigger like a stove or fridge. Once again, Junk King can come to the rescue and make sure those pieces are disposed of properly.

There are many recycling centers around Chico and each one serves a different function. Junk King knows who does what. If they need to make drop-offs at several locations that won’t matter to them. It’s all part of the job and part of the price. You’ll only be charged for the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck not how many stops they have to make or hold long they’ll be in traffic. This makes working with Junk King one of the best bargains in Chico. What do you have to get rid of? Call Junk King and say goodbye to your junk today!

Chico Landscaping Cleanup

As you travel through life, what do you leave behind? That’s a question which was answered by 25 student-volunteers from Chico State University as they set out to spend the day cleaning up the remnants of Beer Can Beach after the big Labor Day holiday weekend. There was already a group of volunteers who camped out along the beach for cleanup duty but the Chico students returned last week. Sadly, they still have plenty to pick up which in and of itself is a big problem.

Fortunately, these students approached the cleanup with a good attitude. Many took to paddling upstream in kayaks to spot floaters. Anytime something was found, the call, “Trash!”  echoed off the shorelines. Even with their attitudes they couldn’t help but notice that literally thousands of people enjoyed this beach area for the weekend and yet only 20 showed up for the cleanup. Of course, if those thousands of beach goers had been more careful with their garbage then there wouldn’t be a need for the volunteers. Wishful thinking because it seems to be a part of human nature for some to toss their garbage wherever they want.

In our own homes we have that same right. We can pile up the junk until it hits the ceiling. If we want to turn our backyards into a storage area then so be it. The problem is that those kinds of “dumping projects” can have an impact not only on your property value but also the property value of your neighborhood. Even if you have no plan to sell your home, you want to insure that its value stays at a premium. Maybe it’s time for that landscaping cleanup project you’ve been putting off. You’ll be able to get that job done quickly and without any strain if you hire Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King is the Chico based business who specializes in all types of junk removal. Typically, the Junk King Gold Country crew will pickup bulky items like old furniture, unused kitchen appliances or a mattress. But they also do great work with a landscaping cleanup. Any of those junk items you have in your yard like rusted patio furniture, piles of dirt, parts from an old car or a child’s busted swing set can all be carted away on the back of a Junk King Gold Country truck. Perhaps one of the reasons why you never accomplished this clean up was the fact that you didn’t have the truck big enough to haul it all off. That won’t be a problem when you have Junk King working for you. Their truck can handle any amount of junk you want to get rid of. All you need to do is call Junk King Gold Country to get the ball rolling. They’ll take care of the rest and your property will sparkle!

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