Utilize Junk King Indianapolis For Your Estate Cleanup

Junk King Indianapolis is a professional junk hauling service that provides rubbish removal assistance for homeowners, apartment renters and businesses. That rubbish removal can actually cover a lot of items. You can hire Junk King just to remove a few small things or clear out massive amounts of construction waste. One area where Junk King can be a big help is with an estate cleanup. This is  a task that has to be taken care of swiftly in order for a property to be cleared and prepped for sale. One call to Junk King put a plan into action that will make sure your estate cleanup needs are met in a very timely and affordable manner.

Clearing the House

An estate cleanup literally means clearing the house of everything that isn’t nailed down. It starts up in the attic and is incomplete until the last item is carried up from the basement. Depending on the level of items that remain after estate sale, this cleanup could be a big task if you were to try to do it on your own. When you have the Junk King crew on the job you won’t have to lift a single item or carry anything down a flight of stairs. Your only role in this process is to inform the movers what you want taken away. If everything is going, then you can tell them that and relax on the porch while the job gets done!

Fair Pricing

The Junk King pricing policy is based on an estimate of how you’ll fill up the truck with all the stuff you’re getting rid of. Junk King crews know exactly how to pack things up and how to get a lot of things into as possible. You appreciate that effort because it will mean that you will be paying the low-end of the price scale. It doesn’t matter how heavy something is; it only matters how it fits onto the truck.

When you call to set up your appointment, Junk King ask you general terms how many things you getting rid of. If you tell them it’s an estate cleanup with a whole house that has to be cleared, then they will probably give you more movers to get the job done. Again, you won’t be paying any extra.

Your estate cleanup isn’t an impossible task when you hire Junk King Indianapolis to get it done. Call for session today.