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Junk King Can Help Clear Out Your Attic

The attic in your home is probably one of the least “visited” rooms that you have. The only exception would be is if your attic is in active use as another bedroom or home office. If not, then you might only go up into the attic twice a year. Once to bring down the Halloween decorations and then again to bring down the Christmas decorations. If your attic has become so overrun with stuff that makes finding those decorations sure, then now is the perfect time to sort through everything and clear out the rubbish. That is a job that Junk King Indianapolis can be a big help with.

The Access Point

The only way to get up into an attic is by a set of stairs or a pull down ladder. No matter which access point you have for your attic, the team from junk King will make good use of it. Junk King does all the work and that work is provided by a pair of exceptional movers who show up to every job the positive attitude and lots of experience. That experience comes in handy when there is a “challenging” removal task like carrying heavy objects down a ladder or a narrow flight of stairs. You won’t have to worry about the Junk King team accomplishing their mission at your home. All you have to do is point to what you want removed from your attic and then stand back. The crew from Junk King have it all loaded onto the back of the truck in no time at all.

Some of the items that you are getting rid of might still be useful to someone else. That is why Junk King will often make drop-offs at charities for those items like clothing and household goods. That all happens as part of the package.

Start your summer with a clean attic. One rubbish removal session with Junk King Indianapolis can make it happen.

The Best Way To Finish Your Yard Sale

At the end of any yard sale two things should happen: you should have extra cash in your pocket and a lot less rubbish in your home. The amount of cash that you have will depend on how many people stop by your yard to buy things. As for the amount of rubbish, there will always be some left-over items. If those can be tossed into the trash, then the last thing you want is to bring that stuff back into the house. You have designated as unwanted and therefore it should be gone for good. That is when you might schedule a rubbish removal session with Junk King Indianapolis. That is the best way to finish your yard sale.

Additional Items

The stuff that you brought out your yard sale were no doubt things that you could easily carry. Even if you had help, it might still have been a struggle to bring out large pieces of furniture. However, that is exactly what you might have want to get rid of the first place. After the Junk King team has loaded up your yard sale rubbish, they can go through your home and bring out all the other things that you would like to get rid of. This is your chance to clear out junk from your basement or from the upstairs floor. It is also a great opportunity to remove unwanted items from your backyard. Think of this kind of removal as an extension of your yard sale. You are getting rid of everything you no longer need or want and that can make a big difference around your home.

As for the cost, Junk King always charges a flat rate based on how everything will fit onto the truck. The Junk King movers will always pack the rubbish in as tightly as possible. They want to make sure you get a terrific deal for their terrific service.

Cleaning up after your yard sale and removing all the other unwanted rubbish is a job made for Junk King Indianapolis. Put them on the job today.

Junk King Can Help With Your Estate Clean Out

An estate clean out means emptying out a home. That can be a challenge especially if you are the only one in charge of the estate. A lot of the items in a home could be gotten rid of thanks to an estate sale. But there is always some leftover stuff that has to be removed. Most of that won’t be able to fit into a trash. Instead, it has to be disposed of in a responsible manner and that starts with having it loaded onto a big truck. This is where the team from Junk King Indianapolis can be a big help.

From Start To Finish

Junk King is going to assigned you a minimum of two movers and a truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of stuff for your estate clean out. The great thing about hiring Junk King for this type of job is that they have a lot of experience. They will be able to look over all of the items that you were getting rid of and make a professional assessment as to what it will take to clear it out. It might be that you need additional crews and trucks to get it all done in a single day.

When you want to get a home ready to sell, you don’t want to wait around. Junk King can make the cleanout happen very quickly with the right amount of crew members. Best of all, you won’t pay extra for the extra labor or time. Everything will be covered in the same flat rate that Junk King always charges. That rate is always based on volume and not weight.

When you are ready to get your estate clean out handled the right way, put Junk King Indianapolis on the job. Call to discuss the removal options today.

More Positive Online Reviews For Junk King Indianapolis

When it comes to getting rid of rubbish from your home, the crew from Junk King Indianapolis is up to the challenge. Junk King is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over 16 years. In that time, they have perfected the approach for removing rubbish in junk from all kinds of environments. The proof of how well Junk King operates can be found in the positive reviews posted by Junk King customers. Here are a few to consider:

“We had a huge pile of water laden bags from cleaning out our sadly flooded basement. We knew we needed to get the trash removed ASAP and Junk King responded quickly by text that evening to set up a time first thing the next morning. They gave us a fair quote and even offered to grab a couple extra items from the basement since there was extra space on the truck. Quick, friendly, helpful!” – Jessica, Indianapolis

Junk King always provides a rapid response when it comes to trash removal. That is vitally important when you need to clear out storm debris. It also helps that junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. The Junk King price is always based on how everything gets back on to the back of the truck. One flat rate covers all the work, transportation and disposal.

“We rented a dumpster for our move. They were professional, responsive and saved us a great deal of trouble. They were very accommodating of our schedule with removing the dumpster ahead of time.” – Melody, Indianapolis

Yes, renting a dumpster from junk King is another option that you can utilize for cleanup.

“Dawan and Javin were tremendous! Call ahead, were on time and saw a very challenging job through to the end. This was an old and very heavy chest freezer that was in the basement. It was a bear to get out through a narrow passage, but they managed to get it done. I will call on them again the next time I have a need. They were both very hard-working and a pleasure to have in my home. Thank you!” Rad Drew Photography, Indianapolis

You will be ready to add your positive review for Junk King Indianapolis after one removal session. Book your appointment today.

The Best Approach For Box Removal

Every box in your home tells a story. At some point, you put stuff into the box for a particular reason. It might be that you were just making room for something else in your house. It could also be part of a closet decluttering project. They could also be things that your kids have outgrown. Maybe there are also boxes left over from the last move of stuff that you have either replaced or simply don’t need to use. Whatever the story, you have a decision to make with regards to the contents of all those boxes. Do you want to hold onto them or do you want to get rid of them and open up more storage space in your house? If getting rid of them becomes a priority, then you need to put Junk King Indianapolis on the job. These are the junk hauling pros that provide the best approach for box removal.

Many Boxes

You can get rid of as many boxes as you need to with help from Junk King. You are going to be provided with a two-man moving crew and a truck big enough to hold all of those boxes. That moving crew will also pick up the boxes from whatever spot they currently are located in. This means you don’t have to lug those boxes down or upstairs. All you have to do is point to the box in the Junk King crew will do the rest.

Before those boxes get stacked onto the truck, the Junk King team will provide you with a written estimate for the cost. This is a cost that will be based on volume and not weight. In other words, it will come down to just how much space your boxes take up on the back of the Junk King truck. You would never be charge by the pound with Junk King. It is all about the volume.

You don’t need to hold onto boxes of rubbish when Junk King Indianapolis is just a phone call away. Make that call today.

Get Your Backyard Clean With Help Junk King

Working out in the backyard is often a weekend task but one that isn’t a drudgery. That backyard work often involves a little gardening that is rewarded by relaxing in that same area. Gardening is definitely not something that requires hours at a time. However, getting the garden ready for the first planting could involve a lot more work. This means clearing away an area and removing debris. That is a task that can be aided by a call to Junk King Indianapolis. These are the professional junk haulers that can provide a lot of assistance when it comes to getting your backyard clean.

It All Can Go

When deciding what you need to remove from your backyard, you have to factor in what Junk King can provide. Every session is staffed by at least two capable movers. That team will be arriving in the truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of debris. This is a terrific squad to help you get rid of anything you need cleared from your backyard. Not only does that include any type of yard waste like soil or gravel but it can also include structures. If you have an old pergola or a shed that is seen better days, then let the team from Junk King take it apart and load the pieces on the truck. They can also load up an old lawnmower and patio furniture that you want to replace. With extreme cleanups, Junk King teens have also cleared away above ground pools and fencing. Now you can see exactly how one session with Junk King can make a big difference in your backyard.

The cost for clean up your backyard is the same as it would for removing furniture from your house. The Junk King pricing policy is always based on how everything gets back to the truck. The less space that the Junk King team packs up, the less you will be paying. They will always strive to give you a good deal.

Get help for cleaning up your backyard with a call to Junk King Indianapolis. Make the call today.

Hire Junk King For Your Big Clean Out

Do you need to take care of a big clean out around your home? This would be something that involves clearing an area that has become overrun by rubbish and debris. That might describe your backyard or your garage. The only thing preventing this clean out from happening before is you didn’t have the means. That can all change with a call to Junk King Indianapolis. These professional junk haulers will send over a pair of movers and a truck big enough to hold anything that you want to get rid of. That is exactly what you need to take care of your big clean out!

Ready to Go

When you call to set up your appointment with Junk King you’ll be asked to pick a day and a two-hour window within that day that works best for your schedule. The two-hour window provides the Junk King crews time to get from one appointment to the next. They might not need two hours to clean up all the things that you want to get rid of but they do need time in traffic! Throughout the day you will be kept apprised of the time of arrival by the junk. Many customers happily report that junk King often shows up early to get the job done.

You might also have an opportunity to take advantage of the same day pickup. Those can be offered if the crews are close to your home and they have room on the truck. That just means you need to be ready to go with your removal list. Keep in mind, that your Junk King team is going to do all the lifting and loading. You don’t have to hold back when it comes to deciding whether or not something is too heavy to remove. The Junk King team can take it all! Best of all, you won’t be charge by the pound. Junk King has a flat rate that is always based on how the truck gets packed up with all of the things that you are getting rid of. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you’ll be paying. It is just that simple.

The best approach for your big clean out is to hire the crew from Junk King Indianapolis to take care of it. Book a session today.

Use Junk King For Your Dumpster Rental Needs

There is a right “tool” for every job. Sometimes all it takes is a hammer or screwdriver. For other jobs, the tool gets a bit bigger. Consider clearing out all the unwanted clutter from your home. What would be the perfect tool to make that happen? The answer: a dumpster rental from Junk King Indianapolis. This is the kind of convenient container that can be placed in your property and allow you to load up all the things that you want to get rid of. It is a very efficient way to do a total home decluttering.

Plenty of Time

A standard rental session for a dumpster with Junk King is three days. You could schedule your dumpster to be dropped off on Friday. That would give you the entire weekend to utilize that container. This is a perfect choice when you need to sort through a lot of clutter in your garage. It also is great for a major landscaping makeover. All of that yard debris needs to go somewhere and the back of a Junk King dumpster is the perfect destination.

The cost for Junk King’s dumpster rental is the same pricing policy used for the full-service option. That would mean basing your price on how the dumpster will be filled up. You might not know that at the beginning of the job but you will know what the price range will be. That way if you hit the target of sealing up the dumpster from top to bottom, then you will know exactly what you can expect to pay.

The team from Junk King will pick up the dumpster and dispose of its contents at the end of the rental session. If for some reason you need to extend that rental, then junk King will be happy to make the accommodations.

Renting a dumpster from Junk King Indianapolis is the perfect way to get rid of a lot of trash and rubbish. Set up your rental today.

Let Junk King Help With A Hoarder Type Cleanup

The bigger the cleanup, the more help is needed to make it happen. That is something that you should take to heart when it is time to clear out your unwanted rubbish stockpile.  You might think that all the clutter you have collected over the years has approached a hoarder level situation. There is actually nothing to be embarrassed about that. It is just proof that you need help to get it cleaned out. That help can be found with a call to Junk King Indianapolis. These of the professional junk haulers who can make quick work out of clearing away any amount of rubbish.

All or Just Some

When tackling your hoarder type cleanup, you can opt to get rid of all of your unwanted rubbish are just some of it. Whatever the decision, it will work hard dedicating some sorting time on your behalf. You might actually find is valuable because there is no telling what discoveries you could make as you sort through boxes and bins and stuff that have accumulated over the years. Of course, you might also have a situation where you have been storing things like scrap metal or construction debris. That is easy to simply point to and say to the Junk King team, “take it all away.” With either case, you can rest assure that it will all be cleared out very swiftly.

Determining the cost for this service will be based on an estimate of how everything will be packed onto the back Junk King truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. This is the kind of fair and affordable pricing policy that is appreciated by the vast number of satisfied Junk King customers.

No matter how big your cleanup is, you can always count on Junk King Indianapolis to provide all the help needed to make it all go away. Book your session today.

Construction Cleanup Is Easy With Help From Junk King

Inspections are an important part of any construction project. These inspections happen at the completion of every phase of that project. They are meant to make sure that everything is being done up to code. There have been plenty of projects that have failed an inspection and had to rip things down and start over. That is why you never want to “cut corners” on a construction project. Not only is the actual work inspected but also the worksite. There are standards of safety that have to be met and that begins with keeping that site clear of hazardous debris. This is where the crew from Junk King Indianapolis can be a big help. These are professional junk haulers that can become the independent construction cleanup team that can keep any size construction site clear of trash and debris.

Regular Pickups

The most debris that is generated on a construction project typically happens on the first day at the completion of the demolition. However, once that is cleanup there will still be more waste generated throughout course of the project. The only time a construction project is designated as 100% clean is when the “keys” are turned over to the new owner! Junk King is happy to set up regular pick-up appointments for the construction waste. Those appointments can be locked down to a specific day and time or they can be called in “as needed.” One thing that you can count on is consistency. Most Junk King cleanups are completed within 24 hours of first contact. There are also same day appointments available depending upon where the crew was located. There are also many businesses that set a time on a Friday or Saturday for this type of work. Junk King will make it work for your schedule.

Junk King will also make it work for your budget. The Junk King pricing policy is based on a flat rate. That rate is determined by how much space the debris fills up on the back of the truck. This is a cost that you will know before each session. All the cleanup labor and disposal is handled in that flat fee.  These prices are also extremely competitive for this type of labor.

Construction cleanup is easy when you get help from Junk King Indianapolis. Call for a cleanup session today.

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