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Category Archives: Indianapolis Junk Removal

Hire Junk King To Help Clean Out Your Basement

Even if you are the type of person who likes to fix things around your house there are still tasks that would require “outside help.” Cleaning out your basement would certainly qualify as one of those tasks. Any piece of furniture or major appliance like a washer or dryer that you have down the basement was most likely brought down there by a pair of movers. That means it is going to take another pair of movers to bring those things up and out of the house. A pair of movers is exactly what Junk King Indianapolis provides for every one of their appointments. If cleaning out your basement is on the agenda, then Junk King is the team who can help out.

Stair Climbing

If you are a member of a gym, then you might have worked out on a stair climber. That certainly can be an invigorating exercise session. But just because you climb stairs at the gym doesn’t mean you have to climb stairs to clear out your basement rubbish. That is what the team from Junk King will be doing. Technically, you will only have to make one trip down the basement with the junk King team. That will be when you will point to all of the things that you want to get rid of. The Junk King crew will then remove everything right on the spot and do all the stair climbing.

Before that action get started, the team from Junk King will provide you with a written estimate for the service. That estimate will be based on how the crew intends to pack up the truck with all of the stuff that you are getting rid of. Will it fill up one third, one half or the full truck? The answer to that question will lockdown your price. You will find that hiring Junk King is a very fair and affordable approach for this type of work. If you were to rent your own truck and hire your own crew you could be paying three times more than what Junk King charges!

To get your basement cleared out of junk and rubbish you need to hire Junk King Indianapolis. Book your session today.

Don’t Get Stuck With Old Kitchen Appliances

When you take on a kitchen remodel, everything needs to come out of the kitchen. That starts with the appliances and ends with all the cabinets. A “gutted” kitchen is the perfect kind of blank slate needed to create your dream kitchen. Moving out those old appliances could mean temporarily putting them into the garage or out on the back porch.

Of course, it’s a strong chance that those old appliances won’t make their way back into your new kitchen. That is because updating a kitchen should come with updated appliances. Those old kitchen appliances also won’t have a lot of value. They might just be taking up valuable storage space in your home. That is why you want to hire session with Junk King Indianapolis. These are the professional junk haulers can quickly remove all those old kitchen appliances once and for all.

Empty Space

Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers to facilitate the removal of your old kitchen appliances. If this is part of a renovation project, then you don’t have to worry about the condition of the floor that is underneath those appliances. That flooring will probably be torn up and replaced. If you are just swapping out one old refrigerator or stove, then you’ll have plenty of time to clean that empty space before the new appliance is delivered. In fact, you can coordinate your Junk King session to be on the same day as the delivery of the new item. Junk King prides itself on keeping a prompt schedule. If you let the team know about your timing issues, then they won’t have a problem accommodating that schedule.

Once those appliances are loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck there might be some additional empty space on the truck. Although a stove and refrigerator take up a lot of room in your kitchen they won’t take up a lot of room on the back of the Junk King truck. That can provide you with an opportunity to get rid of a lot of other unwanted items from your home and yards.

Don’t get stuck with your old kitchen appliances. Hire Junk King Indianapolis to haul them away today.

Move Out Your Old Junk Before Moving Out

Moving to a new home is equally exciting as it is stressful. You want to make sure that you have everything packed up and time for the movers. You certainly don’t want to be scrambling with the last few items as the movers are loading up your furniture. One of the last things to get packed up is all the food in the kitchen. That is why when moving you should stop grocery shopping and instead go through the cabinets and your freezer to clear out all the food. The less you have on moving day the easier it will be to get that fridge clean and ready for moving.

Making less to move isn’t just about eating leftovers. You can also take that approach throughout your entire house. It is a safe bet that not everything you currently own needs to be moved to your new place. That is because you have either outgrown things, they broken or you simply have no need for them. Whatever the reason you should move out your junk with help from Junk King Indianapolis before you move.

The Same Moving Philosophy

Junk King is going to sign you a pair of talented movers to get rid of all your unwanted junk. These movers will have the same removing philosophy as the crew you hire to transfer your possessions into your new home. That philosophy is about avoiding damage to the walls and floors of a home.

Once the item is outside of your house, it will be packed up on to the Junk King truck. How it is packed on the truck to determine what your final fee will be. The mission for Junk King is to get as much packed into a little space as possible. That will result in you paying the low end of the price scale. That is always something to shoot for!

Having Junk King Indianapolis haul away your old rubbish before you move can make a big difference in your new home. Set up that session today.

Get Furniture Cleared Out With Help From Junk King

A lot of repairs around your house can be handled by one person. You might occasionally call in a plumber to help fix the slow drain. Even though that plumber might bring an assistant, they will still basically do the job on their own. The same can be said for an electrician or handyman that might help out with repairs around the house. It is only when you take on bigger projects do you need more help. It would be a big challenge if you were remodeling the kitchen which is one person.

The same can be said about getting rid of old furniture. If it took two people to bring that furniture into the house, then it will take two people to carry it out again. That is exactly what Junk King Indianapolis will provide you. We have perfected the task of removing furniture from any type of home, apartment or business. You can always count on Junk King to get the job done right!

Before the Delivery

There are two scenarios involved with the decision to get rid of furniture. The first scenario involves you replacing one piece for another. This often happens with a sofa that gets worn out over years of use. You might also have a few random pieces of furniture that you already placed but put in storage somewhere else in your house. A spare bedroom is the perfect destination for chairs and dressers that you no longer use. The same can be said for your attic and basement. However, there might come a time when you need to reclaim that storage space. That is when that furniture needs to be moved out for good. In either scenario, the team from Junk King will provide fast and efficient furniture removal for your home.

The cost for this service will depend on just how all of your furniture will fit want to the back of the Junk King truck. The less room the furniture takes up, the less you pay. And you can always count on the Junk King team to “stack” that furniture into as little space as possible.

If you need furniture cleared from your home for any reason, then you need to put Junk King Indianapolis on the job.

Bring In Junk King For Backyard Clearing

This has been the summer when a lot of folks have taking on all kinds of remodeling projects around the home. A lot of that work hasn’t just been on the inside. They have also been new decks, patios, and even complete outdoor kitchens put up in backyards. There is still time left in the summer to take on a backyard project for your property. The first step for that type of work should always involve some level of backyard clearing. And that is when Junk King Indianapolis can make a big difference.

Working in The Dirt

The minute any type of backyard clearing work is presented you have to embrace the idea that you are going to be working in the dirt. There’s nothing wrong with that! It is also something that the team from junk King is not afraid of. Although the Junk King squad starts after day looking fresh and clean in their red Junk King shirts, by the end of the day they could be a bit grimy. But that only means they’ve gotten the job done.

The kind of yard clearing that Junk King can help you with should be focused more on removing all the items and debris to make room for whatever it is that you want to create in your backyard. That can include anything from busted up concrete chunks to an entire playground set that has been outgrown by the kids. All of those items can be safely loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck for responsible disposal.

There might be some type of structure in your backyard that needs to be dismantled before it can be loaded onto the truck. That is also a task that you can turn over to the crew from Junk King. These workers have experience taking apart sheds, gazebos, fencing, hot tubs and even entire garages. Yes, there is actually video of that!

Along with all the items that you might have Junk King clear from your backyard you can use that same session to get rid of any objects from the inside of the house.

To set up your backyard clearing you just need to make one appointment with Junk King Indianapolis. Schedule that today.

Rubbish Removal Made Easy With Junk King

The key to successful organization is finding a place for everything. That is true for every utensil in your kitchen and every coat in your closet. Organization is hindered when all those “places” are overrun. If you have too many coats in the closet, then you can’t fit in the one coat that you’re wearing today. That means the coat is tossed on a chair and that creates an atmosphere of clutter. This is why you need to occasionally go through your entire house and pull out all of those items that you’re no longer using. That will free up a lot more space and allow you to get organized once again. After you’ve done all your sorting, you’ll probably be left with a lot of things that you can get rid of. That is where Junk King Indianapolis comes into play. These are the professional junk haulers who can help with any level of rubbish removal from an overstuffed closet to a hoarder level garage!

Two Hours

To set up your Junk King rubbish removal session, you need to pick a day where you can find a two-hour window to set aside for the appointment. This doesn’t mean the Junk King squad needs the full two-hours to clear out your stuff. In fact, they might only need as much time as it would take to brew a pot of coffee! Those two-hours provide time for the Junk King team to get from one place to the next. That is a lot better than waiting all day for the cable company!

Throughout the day, the Junk King team will stay in touch with you by text or calls. It might be that they are running ahead of schedule. That means getting rid of your junk that much quicker.

Once the team arrives, they’ll look over all the things that you want to get rid of any provide you with an estimate based on how your stuff will fit onto the truck. A flat fee covers all the work and disposal.

When you hire Junk King Indianapolis for rubbish removal, they’ll make the who process easy. Book a session today.

Junk King Makes Rubbish Removal Easy

Now more than ever things need to go easy. No one has to time for complications. That is true whether you need to get your car serviced or your rubbished hauled away. For that kind of job, you can always count on Junk King Indianapolis to make things easy. How easy? Let these satisfied Junk King customers explain:

“Honest, Prompt, Courteous, Excellent Communication. These are the words I would describe my experience with Junk King. Joey and Jeremy took excellent care of me and the communication was awesome with the company. As a former business owner, I felt that this company deserved a 5-star rating and I will recommend them to all of my friends and business owners.” – Robin, Indianapolis

“I used their services to remove some junk that was left behind by tenants at my rental a little over a year ago. They were great at communicating with me to schedule, transparent about pricing and they did a great job removing all the junk and sweeping/cleaning up the area. The items were all left in the back of the house by the alleyway and included trash as well as furniture and other junk and I thought they did an exceptional job of cleaning the area, especially considering it was just an alley so it wasn’t exactly tidy to start! I’d recommend them very strongly and I’ll use them again next time I have a need.” – Sara, Indianapolis

“They were professional and very quick. They actually arrived 30 minutes early, which I was fine with. The sooner the better for me. I had a very old 60-70-inch rear projection TV that needed to be gone and they were in and out in 5 minutes. The price was also very affordable compared to other services. They even took another TV from my house at the last minute free of charge. I recommend them to anyone who wants junk removed quickly and efficiently.” – AJ, Indianapolis

Those are just a few of the long list of positive reviews posted by Junk King customers. It is proof that when it comes to getting rid of any kind of rubbish, Junk King Indianapolis is the company to call.

Go Green With Junk King

There are many communities around the country who are adopting zero waste policies. That means they are striving to reduce the amount of waste that goes to a landfill and instead find ways to either recycle or repurposed that waste. In some instances, that recycling involves what you would expect with things like plastics, papers and glass. But there are also ways that you can convert trash into energy. To achieve zero waste means that everything which is throw away is going to be repurposed. That is a noble goal that requires everyone in the community and in the government to participate. You can do that in your own home by asking, “how green am I?” if you are already recycling, then you are doing your part. However, that recycling can be elevated when you hire the right junk removal company. The greenness company in Indianapolis for this type of work would be Junk King Indianapolis.

Recycle First

Junk King Indianapolis is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who had been in this type of work since 2005. From the very beginning Junk King has been dedicated to environmentally approach for disposal. That standard is part of every Junk King operation and Junk King Indianapolis is no exception. What that means is that the Junk King crews will look for any opportunity to recycle or donate what they collect. The goal is to stay away from a landfill drop. So far, Junk King has been able to maintain a respectable 20% diversion rate. That results in literally tons of unwanted items being kept out of those landfills. That can have a major positive impact on the environment.

You don’t even have to ask for this green disposal to happen. It is part of the Junk King package. In fact, you might not know every item that you getting rid of that could be recycled. Fortunately, the Junk King crews are trained to spot any object that could be recycled or donated regardless of its condition.

If you want to go green with your junk hauling, then you want to go with Junk King Indianapolis.

Rent A Dumpster From Junk King For Safe Cleanup

Junk King has implemented new pickup procedures that are meant to keep our customers and our crews safe. Those procedures focus on safety protocols like wearing gloves and masks. They also include touchless pickups which have the crews removing items from a curb, porch or driveway. All that happens while maintaining social distancing guidelines. With Junk King Indianapolis, there is another option for I safe cleanup. That would be renting a mini dumpster. This is a terrific option when you are taking care of some basement to attic decluttering in your home.

Secure Drop Off

If you rent a dumpster from Junk King, then we will make sure that it is dropped off and secured into place. Once it is situated, you can begin filling up that dumpster. It might work best if the dumpster is placed in your driveway provided it is not on a slope. That way you can roll open the garage door and simply toss unwanted items on to the dumpster. If it needs to go into the street, then it will help if you can mark off the spot until the dumpster is dropped off.

Typically, dumpsters are kept on a property for three days. That is plenty of time to fill it up with all the unwanted items you want to get rid of from your home. That can include any furniture, appliances or other yard waste. If you are going through a remodeling project, then a dumpster like this will help keep the worksite clean for the crews. At the end of the three days, the Junk King team will return and safely remove that dumpster. We will then handle all the disposal of the items collected within.

A dumpster rental means that you are “in charge” of filling it up. If you opt for a regular pickup, then Junk King will still follow social distancing protocols. That would just have you leaving things out in the driveway or porch for pickup. You can pay your fees over the phone when the job is complete.

A safe cleanup can always happen when you rent a dumpster from Junk King Indianapolis.

What To Do When Sheltering-In-Place?

Parents are used to kids proclaiming, “I’m bored.” If you don’t have kids in the house, then you might be experiencing those same feelings of being “bored.” That is totally understandable. Thankfully, you have a lot of options to be productive when sheltering-in-place. Here are some fun activities to take on:

Start Exercising

Sheltering-in-place can mean becoming sedentary. That is not good for anyone’s health. You can continue to exercise at home. The easiest thing to do is to go for walks. Download a step counter on your phone and try to walk a few more steps each day. You don’t need an expensive stationary bike to get in a good workout. There plenty of free online sites that are offering all kinds of exercise classes at all kinds of levels.

Look for Livestreams and Virtual Tours

Recognizing that many people are confined to their homes has inspired a lot of institutions to set up live feeds and virtual tours. You can spend time at an aquarium, zoo and art museums all from the comfort of your sofa!

Explore a New Cuisine

Now is the time to expand your culinary tastes and try cooking something that you’ve never made before. It could also be something from a cuisine you’ve never tried before. You might just discover a new dish to put into the “rotation!”

Create Something

There are a lot of folks who are creating all kinds of fun TikTok videos. You don’t have to make something with the goal of taking it viral. But you could create something that is just for you. Perhaps you once took art classes but put it aside. Now is a chance to go back to that. You can also write a poem, a song or even get to work on your novel. Just don’t make it about a virus. Stephen King already did that!

Make Your Home Clutter Free

Sheltering-in-place is also a good time to help make your place as clutter free as possible. This should involve going through every storage area in your home and pulling out all those things that you no longer want, use or need. Once you’ve created your pile of unwanted items, you can call in Junk King Indianapolis for fast removal. We have established new pickup procedures designed to keep everyone safe. Let Junk King Indianapolis get the clutter out of your home the right way.

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