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Los Angeles Junk Removal Reviews

If there was ever a town that appreciates a good review it is Los Angeles. Not a week goes by without a new movie, television show or restaurant getting a review. Nowadays, the professional reviews who write for newspapers and magazines are being crowded out by the average customer who is happy to share their own “two cents” when it comes to a product or service. As result of being surrounded by reviews, Angelinos have gotten pretty good at writing their own. Take a gander at these blurbs from the Los Angeles Junk King Facebook page:

“Saul and Michael were on time, neat and professional. They had my stuff out in no time. They respected my wishes about being careful on the porch steps as I had just had them rebuilt. When I asked them to be careful, Michael’s response was “Yes, we understand.” I felt the price was fair for the size of my items. Ten minutes in and out. I will hold their card and give it out to anyone I know who could use their services. So easy. USE THEM!”

Sometimes a good review doesn’t have to be wordy. Less is more. Like this other Facebook fan who responded to their Junk King experience with the pithy: “Fast. Friendly. Clean.” You could almost see that on a movie poster!

Every reviewer brings their past experiences with them. Clearly, this person had some problems with fighting workers, “Angel and his crew worked extremely well together. There was no bickering,” they write. “Everyone knew what they had to do and got the job done. They completed the job in a professional manner. I would definitely use your company again if needed. Thank you very much for your services.”

How would you like to add your review to the Junk King LA page? Of course, you’ll have to hire them first and all that takes is a phone call. When you speak to a Junk King rep they’ll want to know what you want to get rid of. If it is one or two items you could set the deal right away.

For bigger jobs they might have to send someone out to do a scout first. That’s because Junk King will be charging you based on how much space your junk will take up in their truck. Often they’ll show up with the truck and crew, take a look at your junk, give you an estimate and off it goes. Because the pricing is so fair most folks don’t have a problem committing to the job right then and there.

As how much junk you can toss out that’s where Junk King really shines: There is no limit. Fill up their truck if you want. They won’t mind a bit! Just be sure to post your review. Junk King Los Angeles is confident it will be a rave!

Summer Decluttering in Los Angeles

It stands to reason that the place where movies are made would have the coolest places to watch those movies. As summer kicks into gear, there are plenty of unique outdoor screening events taking place all across Los Angeles.

One of the most popular is the screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. These movies are hosted by Cinespia and feature films made between 1930 and 1990 that were filmed right here in Los Angeles. The screenings are held on the Fairbanks Lawn which is named for the crypt holding the remains of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Jr. The movies themselves are shown against the wall of the Cathedral Mausoleum which is the final resting place of silent era screen legend Rudolph Valentino. For those who like to dine out while watching movies outdoors there is the Street Food Cinema showcase that features outdoor movies, food trucks and live music. These screenings are held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park down by the USC campus.

You might enjoy these kinds of outings a bit more if you’ve checked off all the things you’re supposed to do around you home. If you’ve been putting off a major de-cluttering project there is no time like the present to get that job done. This can easily be accomplished when you enlist Junk King LA to the task.

Junk King has only been operating in Los Angeles for little over a year but in that time they’ve already achieved the status of becoming the leading professional junk hauler in the area. They’ve managed to hit that goal thanks to their dedicated and hardworking crews. It’s also the high standards of customer service set forth by the parent company that has earned Junk King Los Angeles such a solid reputation.

A call to Junk King in the morning could mean having a crew out to your property by the afternoon. Before you put that plan into action, you’ll want to assess just what it is you’ll be throwing out. This is important because Junk King determines your fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. This is truly the best way to price this type of service. Don’t worry about packing up the truck. This is where the Junk King crew really shines. Whether you’re getting rid of an entire living room worth of furniture or a garage full of boxes, the crew will do all the loading.

They’ll also be sorting as they pack because they want to make sure if any of your junk can be recycled that it will. This might mean a little extra work for the crew but that’s nothing you have to worry about. It’s all part of the Junk King’s complete service package. Call them today and schedule a pickup. You’ll still be able to make your movie!

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