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Junk King Los Angeles Earns Great Reviews

Time is a very valuable commodity. That is why when a customer takes the time to post online review it matters. Every company should embrace the opportunity for their customers to share those opinions online. If they are doing the job right, then those reviews will reflect that. They will also be a great way for potential customers to learn how the company operates. For junk hauling, junk King Los Angeles consistently earns great reviews. That is why they have become the areas leading professional junk hauler. Here are some prime examples of that:

“Excellent customer service! Definitely using this company again after the dust settles with this pandemic. Thank you, Junk King!” – Skye, Sierra Madre

“Could not have been kinder, very reasonable price! Stop reading reviews, and go with these guys, you won’t regret it!” – Lindsey, Lancaster

“Junk King helped make my move a pleasant experience. The quote was spot on (size of my load was just as estimated). They arrived when they said they would. Crew was professional, friendly and hard working. I would definitely use Junk King again and have recommended them to my friends.” – Bill, San Dimas

“These are my go-to guys when it comes to getting rid of bulky items I no longer want or need. Super-fast and efficient and right on time! I’ve used this service twice already and I’m never disappointed.” – Melanie, Valley Village

“Very fast service! I was originally given the time slot for 3-5pm this afternoon. Jonathan called and said they could stop by earlier. I was impressed at how quickly Jonathan and David were able to get my bulky furniture out of here! I’ll be returning customer for sure.” – Melia, Bellflower

You can see by these reviews that Junk King has created a very efficient process when it comes to removing junk from all types of homes. It helps that the crews are dedicated to this type of work and are dedicated to making customers completely satisfied.

Do you need rubbish or debris removed from your home? Then you need to put junk King Los Angeles on the job. You’ll be writing your rave review in no time!

Get Cleanup Help From Junk King Los Angeles

It seems clear that this is going to be the summer of the staycation. Even though we’ve all been “stuck” in our homes since March there is still fun to be had around the house. A backyard camp out could be a lot of fun. And even though it involves work, you might decide that you want to paint the rooms in your house. If done right, then that is a task that can be accomplished in a single day. Just think of how great things will look with a fresh coat of paint! The matter what kind of plans you have for your staycation you will feel a lot better if you can get rid of junk in clutter from the house. This isn’t just about tossing things into the trash but about getting rid of all the unwanted stuff, big and small. For that level of cleanup, you want to bring in the team from junk King Los Angeles.

Start Outside

Camping in your backyard means creating a space to put up a tent. That might be a challenge if you have some structures in the backyard like an old playground set or a sandbox that has been outgrown. All of those items can be removed by the Junk King team even if it involves taking those things apart. The crew from Junk King has also dismantled things like toolsheds, hot tubs and above ground pools. That’s the kind of job that does take a little bit of extra time but you will be paying for the extra time. Your price will always remain the same flat fee that is based on how the Junk King truck will be packed up with all the stuff. You will know what that prices before the work begins and it will be provided to you in a written estimate. Junk King wants to make this kind of work fair and affordable.

Move Inside

Once the team from Junk King is removed everything that you want to get rid of from the outside of the all they can go through the inside of the house and perform the same kind of removal help. This is your chance to finally get rid of all of those unwanted pieces of furniture, discarded electronics and appliances that you no longer using. Just think of what a big difference is to make when all that stuff is gone from your home once and for all!

Set of your clean up session with Junk King Los Angeles today. You’ll be glad that you did.

Junk King Makes Rubbish Removal Safe And Affordable

Safety is on everyone’s mind these days. Inside the house, we can feel safe but the moment we step outside it’s all about the masks and social distancing. The good news is that all those additional safety measures are having a positive impact on reducing the spread of the coronavirus. It also means that businesses are changing the way they operate. Many of your favorite restaurants have made the switch to take out and curbside pickup only. Grocery stores limit the number of people who are allowed to go in. Everyone is cooperating and also looking out for each other. It’s further proof that folks living in Los Angeles are simply the best!

Spending more time at home also means you get to take care of all those chores you might’ve been putting off for some time. That includes clearing out the rubbish from her garage and closets. Rubbish should be defined as anything that you are no longer going to use again. Once something has crossed over the “rubbish line” it is time to bring in the team from Junk King Los Angeles. We have also changed the way we are doing business and are now providing touchless pickups. It’s a terrific approach to help our customers get rid of the rubbish and keep everyone safe. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Decide What You Want Removed

The time you invest in sorting through all your storage areas will reveal plenty of things that you can get rid of. Remember, Junk King does not charge by the pound so don’t hesitate to get rid of those heavy and bulky objects for your pickup.

Step Two: Snap A Picture

Once you have pull together all the things that you’re getting rid of snap a picture. This will be sent over to Junk King and that will help us determine what your price will be. We will base that price on how the crews will pack up the truck with all of the things that you want to get rid of. Just as we used to size things up in person we can do that same estimation with a photo.

Step Three: Set the Appointment

When you agree to the price, then you can set the appointment with the team from Junk King. You just need to pick a day and a two-hour window within that day to make it happen. Everything can be set out on the porch of the driveway on the day of the appointment. When the Junk King team comes by the swiftly load everything up while maintaining a healthy social distance. You can then pay over the phone and the job is done.

Book a session with Junk King Los Angeles to find out how we make rubbish removal safe and affordable.

Ways To Make Sheltering-In-Place Fun

The shelter-in-place order has compelled everyone across the city to hunker down at home. For some that means spending a lot more time with roommates. For others it means kids are home from school and there is no “escape” from finding ways to keep them occupied. Other folks who live alone are turning to social media and video conferencing as a way of staying in touch. Anyone who is sheltering-in-place also has the opportunity to make the most of this time by taking on some new activities. This a wonderful opportunity to learn new things. Here are some ideas you can take on starting today:

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Have you binge watched “The Great British Bake Off?” Is the Food Network your “comfort channel?” It is time to put all the things that you’ve learned into action. There are two approaches to take. The first is to work with what you have in the pantry. This might mean creating your own fantastic dish based on what you’ve got on hand. The other option would be to find a recipe from your favorite cookbook and order up the ingredients on Instacart. Then you can give your new recipe a try.

Start a New Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you used to do as a kid? Is there something you always wanted to try? This is the time to take it on. You can learn an instrument, grow a bonsai try or take up painting. Any one of those hobbies can be taught with some online tutorials.

Take on Puzzles

It is important to keep your mind sharp when sheltering-in-place. Puzzles can help with that goal. Clear off the dinning room table and build a massive jigsaw puzzle. When you’re done, glue it all together and put it in frame. This will be your shelter masterpiece. There is also an endless supply of word and numbers puzzles available online for you to take on every day.

Enroll in an Online Class

Colleges and universities all across the country already have been offering online courses. Now is a great time to sign up for one of these classes. You don’t have to go for a degree program (but you could!). Just take a class that interests you like literature or history. Most of the classes have an online discussion element so you’ll be able to set up a new social circle online.

Clear Out the Clutter

Spending more time at home could reveal that you’ve been living with a lot of clutter. It’s time to say goodbye to that rubbish once and for all. Junk King Los Angeles can help with that. We have established new pickup procedures to help keep our customers and our crews safe. When you’ve identified all the things that you want to get rid of, set up a hauling session with Junk King Los Angeles. We can make it all go away fast.

Bring In Junk King Los Angeles For Some Spring Cleaning Help

Is your spring cleaning a solo task or will you get help from the family? Depending on the age of the kids in the house, spring cleaning can be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. The young ones can get into the act with their own rags for dusting. Of course, they should only dust things within their reach and even then you still might have to put some zones off limits. Teens can take on more cleaning chores especially when there is an allowance tied to the completion. Overall, it is much better to get help with spring cleaning. Keep in mind, that not all of that help has to come from the family. You could reach outside the house for some big help from Junk King Los Angeles. This is the crew you can count on to get rid of all your spring cleaning rubbish.

What’s Inside?

Deciding what you want Junk King to take away doesn’t have to mean grouping things into categories. One session with Junk King can have all your unwanted stuff gone. That means your old sofa can be put onto the truck with a box of old sweaters. Random household goods can be put along side computer monitors. All you have to do in this process is decide and then point. The Junk King moving crew will pick everything up right on the spot. This is a terrific opportunity to extend your spring cleaning to all those bulky items you’ve been eager to get rid of.

What’s Outside?

The cleaning work Junk King provides can also extends to the backyard. Here more unwanted items can be removed; even the rusty and grimy things! The team from Junk King can also load up yard debris including sod, dirt, rocks and gravel. In other words, all the leftover stuff from your landscaping makeover.

Are you ready to make Junk King Los Angeles your spring cleaning partner? Book your session today.

How To Remove An Old Lawnmower

Mowing the lawn is a one-person operation. For some it is a chore that stands between them and the weekly allowance. For others is it about taking pride in the ownership of a home and wanting to make those lawns look amazing. Cutting the grass is one of those tasks that have to be done on a regular basis or else things can quickly get overrun. This is why your lawnmower needs to always be operating with peak efficiency. Anything less and the lawn suffers. If you are at the point where your old lawnmower is no longer up to the task, then it will be time to swap it out. That means making room in your garage and that is when you need to hire Junk King Los Angeles.

Pull Up for Load Up

The process of getting rid of your old lawnmower will literally only take a few minutes with Junk King. The two-man crew will pull up in their truck. You point out the lawnmower, they wheel it out to the truck and load it up. Fast and simple. You might not think this job needs two movers but every Junk King appointment is staffed by two movers. If all you were getting rid of is the lawnmower, then the crew can be in and out in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee. This is why you might want to consider all the other rubbish removal possibilities.

Are there any other bulky items that you’ve been stuck with? There will be room on the truck for those things and a lot more. It would be well worth your time to not only go through your garage but the rest of the house. Knowing you will have a pair of dedicated movers and that big truck can have a positive impact on your final decision of what to get rid of. Essentially, everything you’re not longer using can be turned over to Junk King. Just think of the difference that will make around your house.

The best approach for old lawnmower removal and rubbish hauling remains a session with Junk King Los Angeles.

Transform Your Living Room With Help From Junk King

Is your living room the next place in your home that you have targeted for a transformation? If that transformation includes replacing furniture, then you need to find an efficient way to get rid of the old living room furniture. One or two of those pieces might end up in another room in the house. But you have to ask if that is really the best use of that space. It might be more practical to simply have all the old living room furniture moved once and for all. Junk King Los Angeles would be the best option for taking care of that job.

The Perfect Crew

Junk King is going to provide you with the perfect crew for your furniture removal. This crew will always consist of at least two experience movers who know what it takes to get a bulky sofa out of the house. These crews have removed furniture from all types of homes and apartments. Stairs, weight and size won’t be an issue because the Junk King team has worked with all of those elements.

Your task in this operation is to just point out all the things that you want the crew to remove. You will do this when they first show up for the appointment. This will allow them to make an assessment with regard to how they plan on packing up the truck. That in turn will provide them with an estimate for the service. The Junk King team always wants to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. They do this so that they can present you with a terrific deal of pain the low end of the price scale. Junk King always wants to make a session with them worthy of your positive reviews.

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you are flexible, then Junk King might be able to provide the same day pickup. If you prefer to schedule your furniture pick up on the same day as delivery of the new furniture, then Junk King can make that happen.

Junk King Los Angeles is eager to help you transform your living room. Book a session with them today.

Put Junk King To Work Clearing Storm Debris

It might come as a surprise to the rest of the country, but it actually does rain in California. This is the season when those winter storms move through and can generate a lot of damage and debris. Hopefully, the worst that will happen are palm fronds falling in your yard, but even those need to be cleaned up. Junk King Los Angeles is standing by to provide fast and reliable storm debris clearing. That is a good company to have on stand by for sure!

Assessing the Situation

After any significant storm event, you should do a walk around your property. Not only do you need to asses any storm debris that might have been dropped in your yard but you also have to check above for any damage to the roof. That is where a drone with a camera can come in handy! When the Junk King crew shows up for their cleanup session, they will also be making an assessment. They need to look over all the things you are tossing out to determine how they plan on packing everything up on the truck. This is how they will determine your final fee. It doesn’t matter if those objects are heavy, dirty or water logged. It all comes down to the volume for Junk King.

If you have been spared from storm damage, then you can still benefit from a session with Junk King Los Angeles. They will be able to help clear your home of all kinds of unwanted clutter. The moment you have decided that you are no longer using something it becomes clutter. It doesn’t matter if that clutter is out of sight in a closet or out in the garage, it should still be cleared from your home. The Junk King crew will be able to accomplish that goal in a very timely manner.

If you need any kind of storm debris cleanup or junk removal, you can always count on Junk King Los Angeles to get the job done.

Junk King Los Angeles Customers Share Their Reviews

There is always a certain amount of interpretation would it comes to hiring a new service professional for the first time. You don’t quite know whether or not they will provide exceptional service. All that you can go on are the recommendations from your friends and family or online reviews. In many cases, it is the online reviews that become your only source of information as to how that company performs. With junk King Los Angeles, it is clear from reading the reviews that these professional Junk haulers make the process of rubbish removal fast and efficient. Consider what a few customers recently posted:

“I use Junk King in the Riverside County, Ca. Area and Chris Florence (the operations manager) and his team (Miguel & Myles) were fantastic! They were easy to work with, very accommodating, and very patient and professional. They finished the job when they said they would and over delivered on my expectations. Chris is very knowledgeable and personable. He knows his stuff. I highly recommend using their services if you’re in the Riverside County area. Great job guys!” – Matt W., Riverside

The team from Junk King who will be assigned to your task has a lot of experience with moving and with packing of the truck. That moving experience helps keep your walls and floors safe from scuffs. This allows them to safely haul away any items from your home regardless of size or weight.

The packing experience comes into play when it is time to determine your final fee. Junk King’s price policy is always based on how all of your things will fit onto the truck. If they use up a little space, then you will pay the low end of the price scale. It is Junk King’s goal to always make the deal that works best for your time and budget.

“Great service and very friendly workers!” – Sidney G., Whittier

“They were very professional and friendly.” – Mary J., Compton

“Junk King is awesome. Cool Guys, very fast, no issues and total pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Junk King Los Angeles.” – Jim S., Los Angeles

The reviews are in and Junk King Los Angeles scores high marks from the customers! Set up your own rubbish removal session today to see how good they are.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Post-Holiday Clean Up

As you got ready for the holiday you might have put a lot of folks to work and that’s a good thing. They could have been caterers to hire for a big party. There were probably plenty of delivery drop-offs of items you ordered online.  Some folks hire professional decorators to string up the lights around the house. And if you really get overwhelmed, then there are plenty of personal shoppers in Los Angeles that could have helped with clearing out your gift list.

Now that the holiday is over, you have the opportunity to hire one more company to help around the house. That would be Junk King Los Angeles. These are the professional junk haulers who are in the best position to help you with your post-holiday clean up needs.

Finally Time

Is it finally time to get rid of an unwanted piece of furniture? What about the old computer equipment that has long since been updated? There could also be plenty of items from your closets that could also be cleared out. Just because you are done with something doesn’t mean you have to continue to “live” with it. Your Junk King post-holiday clean up can focus on clearing out all that unwanted clutter once and for all. Just imagine what a difference that can make around your home. You could create enough space to set up a home gym or even a guestroom.  Even if it makes looking for things in your closet to wear easier, then it will be totally worth setting up the session with Junk King.

Your Day Off

You might want to use your day off to schedule your junk King appointment. The good news is that Junk King only asks that you set aside a two-hour window within that day for the appointment. Most of that two hours is used to get through LA traffic. Once the crew does arrive you can count on them moving expeditiously to clear out all the items you have targeted for removal. That will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your day off.

A post-holiday clean up with Junk King Los Angeles is the perfect way to close out the year. Set up your session today.

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