Get Rid of Bricks, Roofing, Concrete in Los Angeles

old bricks disposalIf you use the 405 Freeway on your daily commute then no doubt you’ve faced off against Carmageddon. This is when the freeway was shuttered to make way for repairs and expansion. The only way to get this kind of work done is to close down certain off ramps overnight. In some cases these shutdowns have been for 48 hours. Surprisingly, most drivers adapted. Usually that meant staying home. The crews who are charged with the construction work are on a tight deadline. They have to demolish, cleanup up and repave sections of roads faster than they ever had to do before. The good news is that it appears these projects are going off without a hitch. The bad news is that there will still be traffic jams.

How fast do you think you could do a cleanup around your LA area home? With the weekly dusting and sweeping you might have it down to just under a few hours depending on how thorough your want to be. If guests are coming over then everything has to get cleaned otherwise you could get away with skipping the vacuuming. However, there are some cleanup duties that take a bit more effort such as getting rid of oversized items. These would be all the things you can’t throw out in the garbage for the weekly pick up. Stuff like old couches, stoves, washing machines or bedroom sets. Then there are heavy objects like bricks, chunks of concrete and roofing materials. These could all be left over from a remodel or repair job but you shouldn’t hold onto them. Instead, make a call to Junk King Los Angeles to have everything picked up in one appointment.

Junk King LA will be sending over a crew and a truck capable to getting the job done no matter what you’re throwing out. Don’t worry about getting the Junk King crew dirty. They’re going to do whatever it takes to load up everything you’re throwing out even if it means getting their nice Junk King T-shirts all grimy! Best of all, you won’t have to lift a single brick. The Junk King crew will go to wherever you’ve got the rubbish whether that’s behind your garage or in the driveway. The same holds true for any belongings you want thrown out in the house. They’ll climb the stairs and take it all away.

Once your junk is loaded up, the Junk King Los Angeles crew will be heading off to the nearest recycling center. They’ll drop off whatever can be reused and that includes all that construction waste. Everything else will go straight to a environmentally friendly landfill. Junk King is determined to keep LA clean any and every way it can!