Santa Clarita Junk Removal

A visit to Santa Clarita might have you dropping in on Six Flags Magic Mountain or at Castaic Lake. That’s a perfect weekend right there. As you take your time to explore other areas of Santa Clarita, don’t be surprised if you run into a Hollywood production crew. This is a very popular area for many shows to set up operations. In fact, if you watch CSI: Las Vegas close enough you might recognize a lot of Santa Clarita. This has been a huge bonus for many local homeowners who happily turn their properties over to a film or TV crew in exchange for a decent location fee.


Shooting at your home might require for an art department to swoop in and swap out furniture. They could also throw around some fake blood! The motto of any art department is to “leave a place better than when they found it.” You could apply that same motto to Junk King Los Angeles. These are the professional junk removal experts who will definitely improve your property. All it takes is one phone call for you to become the “director” of your own crew.

The Junk King crew who will show up at your home will need to be told what you want removed. You can start with your interiors. Let the crew know what old sofa, TV, stove or mattress you want gone and gone it will be. That’s also true for any other item you’ve deemed as unwanted. As soon as they are finished with your inside, turn the Junk King crew loose on your exterior. Here they can clear up branches, leaves, palm fronds and anything else that might have blown into your yard. While they’re at it, the crew can take away things like tires, auto parts, wood scraps, planters, patio furniture, grills, lawn mowers, fences and even an above ground swimming pool.

Once everything is loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck, you can call, “wrap.” As far you’re concerned, the Junk King job is over. However, the crew still has a little work left. They’ll be traveling to the nearest recycling center to make sure your junk is properly disposed of. They won’t consider the job as finished until every item finds a final “resting place.”

If you’re ready to set up a junk removal appointment, call Junk King or book online. Then if Hollywood calls, your home will be ready for its “close-up!”