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Rubbish Removal: Best Practices for a Clean and Healthy Home in Los Angeles

When most people think about the importance of junk removal services, we probably think about why recycling and reducing our overall waste footprint is so important for the environment. Choosing the best private junk removal company can ensure that the junk items you need to get rid of don’t simply get sent straight to our area landfills. With Junk King Los Angeles, at least 60 percent of the junk items that we haul away are either donated, recycled, or otherwise repurposed. And in the case of special types of trash such as electronic waste, appliances with refrigerants, and organic waste such as yard debris, we ensure that 100 percent of those items are kept out of our dumps.  However, rubbish removal from our homes and businesses is not simply an environmental manner. Rather, quick, efficient, and stress-free junk removal can also play a major role in our mental and physical health. In this short article, we take a quick look at the best practices for keeping a clean and healthy home in Los Angeles, and how these practices can help keep you physically and mentally healthy.  Rubbish Removal: Best Practices for a Clean and Healthy Home in Los Angeles


Top 3 Tips for a Clean and Healthy Home in Los Angeles 

  According to one recent survey, 91 percent of people state that “they are overwhelmed at least some of the time by the clutter in their house — so much so, that 88 percent want less clutter, nearly half won't invite their friends over to see their home, and a third say they don't even know how to reduce clutter.” Living in an overly cluttered space can lead to high levels of stress and mental anxiety. Most of us have probably felt the anxiety and pressure that comes with searching frantically for the car keys when already late for an important business meeting. In fact, one recent study found that women who saw their homes as cluttered suffered from significantly higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol throughout the day. In comparison, women who felt that their homes were well-organized and offered a restful space had lower levels of the same hormone.  In order to stay relaxed, centered, and mentally alert, here are five simple tips for how to maintain your home as a clean and healthy space. 
  1. Have a dedicated space in your home for unwanted objects that you eventually want to throw away: One reason that clutter tends to build up in our homes is that we store things we don’t really use or want in different rooms of our home. Suddenly, your kitchen counter is cluttered with dozens of unused appliances and your closet is overrun by hundreds of pairs of shoes that you no longer wear. Instead of storing these unwanted items throughout your home, make it a priority to take these items down to a storage closet in the basement, the garage, or some other extra space that is not being used. Once that area is full, you can either organize a yard sale or give Junk King a call for a quick and easy way to get rid of those unwanted items. 
  2. Think long and hard about every purchase you make: Another reason why our homes tend to become cluttered so quickly is because as consumers, we tend to make too many mindless purchases. The rise of e-commerce has only exacerbated this trend, as a simple push of a button can lead to dozens of packages landing on your doorstep the next day. The best way to avoid an overly cluttered home is to avoid the temptation to buy things that you don’t really need. Before making any purchase (and especially online purchases), ask yourself how often you will use that item, where it will be stored, and if it is really necessary. This can go a long way in helping to keep your home healthy and clean. 
  3. Focus on the importance of indoor air quality: Homes that are messy, overly cluttered, and disorganized also tend to suffer from poor indoor air quality. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.” Before purchasing any item, make sure to look for low or zero VOC alternatives. Furthermore, investing in an indoor air purifier or mechanical ventilation devices can ensure that you and your loved ones are always breathing healthy, purified air. 
  4. Make it a priority to hire a private junk removal service at least once a year: Lastly, another reason why our homes tend to get messy, disorganized, and unhealthily cluttered is that most of us don’t have the time, energy, or physical means to haul heavy furniture, appliances, and other bulky junk items out to the curb on garbage pickup day. Instead of going through the hassle, many people simply let those unused items collect dust in hidden corners and rooms throughout the home. 
  One simple way to avoid this tendency is to make it a yearly habit to hire a private junk removal service. For example, if you are into spring cleaning, you might make it a part of your cleaning routine to hire a private junk removal to help you clear away the items you no longer use or want taking up space in your home. If you regularly host friends and family before the end-of-year holidays, hiring a private junk removal service in late October might make more sense. 

Why Junk King is the Best Option for Helping you Clean up your Home 

Unfortunately, people with cluttered, chaotic, and disorderly homes or businesses often don’t know how to begin reclaiming their spaces. Getting rid of large, heavy, and bulky junk items that are taking up space in your home or business may be hard for people who either don’t have the strength to physically move these items or do not have a vehicle to haul these items away. Also, most local governments in California and around the country have strict ordinances against throwing away appliances, electronics, and other sources of e-waste with regular trash.  Given these difficulties, the process of de-cluttering a home without outside help may seem close to impossible to many homeowners. Hiring a professional junk removal company like Junk King can make the process of de-cluttering a home or business significantly easier and less stressful. Our professional junk removal teams are always able to do all of the heavy lifting and hauling for you. We can even help you with some minor demolitions for larger and heavier items that simply cannot be taken out of the home without prior disassembly.  Furthermore, we here at Junk King also believe that cleaning up your home or business should not be excessively expensive. Thus, we are committed to providing all of our commercial and residential customers with fair and transparent pricing mechanisms. We offer four simple ways to get a direct quote for the different types of junk you need hauled away:   
  1. On-Site Pricing Estimate: On-site pricing is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price. Unlike other companies, our on-site pricing estimates are completely free, and come with no obligation on your part. Our junk removal professionals will inspect the junk you need hauled away and offer you an upfront price. If a price is agreed upon, we will often be able to get rid of your junk on the same day. 
  2. Call to Talk with a Trained Customer Service Representative: If you´d prefer to talk with someone before making a decision, you can call us toll-free at 1-888-888-JUNK. Our customer service representatives can help you plan the logistics for any size junk removal and offer you a price estimate based on the amount of junk you need to get rid of. 
  3. Text us a Photo: For smaller jobs, you can simply take a photo of your items, text us at 737-888-5865, and we will text you back an estimate. Once you accept the estimate, all you have to do is wait for the Junk King truck to arrive.
  4. Online pricing estimator: Lastly, Junk King also offers an easy-to-use online pricing estimator. Simply enter your zip code to ensure that you are in the right service area and provide a few more pieces of information regarding the junk you need removed. Our pricing estimator allows you to receive a transparent cost estimate based on either the actual items you need to be hauled away or the anticipated volume in the Junk King truck you plan on taking up. The online pricing estimator is convenient, reliable, and time-saving for those on a tight schedule. 

No matter what option you choose, as soon as a price is agreed upon, you choose a date and two-hour service window that works for your schedule. Our junk removal professionals will call you 15-30 minutes before we show up to promptly take your junk and help you reclaim your home and transform it into a healthy and livable space!

Rubbish Removal: Best Practices for a Clean and Healthy Home in Los Angeles

Rubbish Removal: Best Practices for a Clean and Healthy Home in Los Angeles


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