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Tips For Holding An Estate Sale

On any given weekend, you can drive around Los Angeles and find dozens of yard sales happening. However, it is the occasional estate sale that attracts the most attention. This is when an entire home is opened up and every item inside his put up for sale. People will go out of the way to look for estate sales and will most likely show up the very minute you open up "business." If you are in charge of holding an estate sale, you might want to put a few of these tips into action: interior-1519595_1280 Write An Inventory You should have an inventory of all the things you plan on selling as well as the things you won't be selling. You can divide inventory into categories by room. It might help to list the price you want to charge and what kind of condition you feel these items are in. If you have to do some research on eBay or Craigslist to see what similar items are being sold for. Fix and Clean Most of the things that you're going to be selling will be "as is." But you could do a quick polish or superglue fix that will help you take something from trash to treasure. Even if it brings in a few extra bucks it is still worth the minimum amount of effort. Price everything After you do all your research about the fair market value of what you're selling, make sure you put a price on everything. You don't want to waste time guessing as to what you should be selling something for. Keep in mind, that nearly everyone who shows up to buy something is going to haggle over that price. You're not going to be getting fair market value but instead a depreciated value. That doesn't mean you have to give things away. Try to anticipate a good flow As buyers browse through each room, you don't want them to get crowded. That's why you want to keep items in the center or perimeter. Don't clutter up tables with too much stuff that could block the door. You want to have enough room for people to stand and deliberate without holding everyone else up. At the end of the day, you may be left with several pieces of furniture and piles of stuff that you have no use for. That's when you call in Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk removal professionals who will easily clear out all the unwanted clutter. The best way to handle an estate sale is to book Junk King Los Angeles for the final cleanup.
Tips For Holding An Estate Sale


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