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Category Archives: La Debris Removal

Garbage Removal Los Angeles

Every city has to deal with garbage problems whether that means issues with collecting or cleanups. Here in Los Angeles we have a unique situation with garbage that has a major impact on the environment. The garbage that gets carelessly thrown out inland ends up flowing down storm drains and getting dumped into the ocean. This is why intense cleanup efforts were recently underway after the last storm. Volunteers scoured the beaches at Santa Monica and Playa del Ray in an effort to clean up the latest garbage flow. A single rain storm can generate up to 10 billion gallons of runoff that flows right to the beaches. Anything that is thrown out in the LA River basin or down the sewers will be caught up in that torrent of water. All of this means we have to pay attention to how we dispose of our garbage.

For the vast majority of LA residents, we have the option of the weekly garbage pickup which also includes a bin for yard waste and recyclables. What happens when those cans overflow or you have something that won’t fit in there? That’s when you should be hitting the speed dial for Junk King.

Since they set up shop in Los Angeles, Junk King has done its part to keep homes and businesses garbage free. In just over a year, they’ve collected several tons of junk. Yes, tons of garbage! This has included everything from unused furniture to broken appliances to mounds of e-waste. All of that junk was picked up by the capable Junk King crews and loaded onto the back of the JK trucks. Once a truck is full, the Junk King Los Angeles crew will head out to the closet recycling center for a drop off. You might not know where these facilities are in the LA area but Junk King sure does! They’re part of their daily drop off routes.

How can Junk King help you? It doesn’t matter if you need to get rid of just a few bulky pieces or an entire garage full of junk, you’ll be treated to the same professional service. Junk King also helps businesses and homeowners clean up after construction and remodeling projects. This is where your trashcan simply won’t work. Instead of keeping hazardous piles of demolition around let Junk King remove it all in a single pickup appointment. Any time is a good time for a cleanup. Give them a call today and let Junk King be your decluttering partner!

Get Rid of Bricks, Roofing, Concrete in Los Angeles

old bricks disposalIf you use the 405 Freeway on your daily commute then no doubt you’ve faced off against Carmageddon. This is when the freeway was shuttered to make way for repairs and expansion. The only way to get this kind of work done is to close down certain off ramps overnight. In some cases these shutdowns have been for 48 hours. Surprisingly, most drivers adapted. Usually that meant staying home. The crews who are charged with the construction work are on a tight deadline. They have to demolish, cleanup up and repave sections of roads faster than they ever had to do before. The good news is that it appears these projects are going off without a hitch. The bad news is that there will still be traffic jams.

How fast do you think you could do a cleanup around your LA area home? With the weekly dusting and sweeping you might have it down to just under a few hours depending on how thorough your want to be. If guests are coming over then everything has to get cleaned otherwise you could get away with skipping the vacuuming. However, there are some cleanup duties that take a bit more effort such as getting rid of oversized items. These would be all the things you can’t throw out in the garbage for the weekly pick up. Stuff like old couches, stoves, washing machines or bedroom sets. Then there are heavy objects like bricks, chunks of concrete and roofing materials. These could all be left over from a remodel or repair job but you shouldn’t hold onto them. Instead, make a call to Junk King Los Angeles to have everything picked up in one appointment.

Junk King LA will be sending over a crew and a truck capable to getting the job done no matter what you’re throwing out. Don’t worry about getting the Junk King crew dirty. They’re going to do whatever it takes to load up everything you’re throwing out even if it means getting their nice Junk King T-shirts all grimy! Best of all, you won’t have to lift a single brick. The Junk King crew will go to wherever you’ve got the rubbish whether that’s behind your garage or in the driveway. The same holds true for any belongings you want thrown out in the house. They’ll climb the stairs and take it all away.

Once your junk is loaded up, the Junk King Los Angeles crew will be heading off to the nearest recycling center. They’ll drop off whatever can be reused and that includes all that construction waste. Everything else will go straight to a environmentally friendly landfill. Junk King is determined to keep LA clean any and every way it can!

Los Angeles House Cleanouts

Are you going to be busy this September 21st? If not, you might consider joining Coastal Cleanup Day. This is billed as the “biggest volunteer day on the planet.” Last year, over 62,000 volunteers fanned out along coastlines up and down the U.S. In just a few hours, they managed to collect and remove over 700,000 pounds of garbage. That is a staggering number when you consider every single piece of that garbage was brought to the beach by some careless person.

This year Los Angeles beaches are bracing for even more debris from the Japanese tsunami. It has taken several years for the garbage float to make it to our shores but that debris is now floating up and we need all hands on deck! Even if you can’t make it out for Coastal Cleanup Day, you could still do your part to keep LA clean by getting rid of your own junk. You won’t need an army of volunteers to help you when you’ve got Junk King Los Angeles on your side.

There are plenty of so-called junk haulers in LA but none with the level of professional care that you’ll get from Junk King. All the Junk King workers are bonded and insured. These are day laborers who disappear when the job is done. They are responsible workers who know how to lift and load the right way.

They also know how to properly dispose of your junk. Like every other city Junk King operates in, the Los Angeles franchise is dedicated to eco-friendly policies. That means whenever possible your junk will be recycled before it is thrown away. In many cases it can be donated to charities that refurbish things like furniture or appliances. That way those items can be given to others in need. Did you ever think your junk would have so much fun?

When you’re ready for your cleanup project give Junk King Los Angeles a call and let them know what you’re throwing out. It only has to be a rough estimate but that will be enough to get the ball rolling. If it is more than a few pieces, the dispatch staff will send over a Junk King supervise to assess the load. You’re going to be charged by how much space your junk takes up on the truck so you want to make sure this assessment is spot on and it always it. It’s a safe bet that as soon as you agree to the estimate you can have your junk removed. There shouldn’t be any hassles or regrets with removing junk. Call Junk King today and to find out how they can help with your cleanup.

Los Angeles Landscaping Cleanup

Farmers’ markets are extremely popular in the Los Angeles area but it takes a few hours for those farmers to bring their goods into the city. That doesn’t mean fresh veggies and produce can’t be grown here. As you drive around the neighborhoods, you might see a new type of land development popping up: the urban community garden.

The most recent addition is a 5,000-square-foot vacant lot in South LA that has been given a new lease on life thanks to a $150,000 donation. The original owner fell behind on his taxes and had to forfeit the property. That’s when the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust swooped in to take over the lot. Philanthropist Erika Glazer stepped in with her generous gift and the planting has begun.

Do you think you could turn your backyard into an urban garden? You could with a little help from Junk King Los Angeles. Don’t let the title fool you. When it comes to hauling away stuff, Junk King is the expert and that goes for landscaping cleanups as well. To plot out a backyard garden you’ll want to start with a cleared out space. If you’ve got a concrete patio then obviously that cement has got to go! If you have a patch of grass then you’ll need to cut up the sod to make way for your plants. Either way, you’re going to have piles of debris that you can’t throw out in the garbage. That’s where Junk King LA comes into play. They’ll provide you with the manpower and truck space to cart off all that yard waste and let you have a fresh start.

If you don’t want to tear up a patio but still want a garden, you might think about your front yard. That could be some prime real estate for a small vegetable garden. Bringing in garden boxes can help keep your herbs separate from your produce and prevents your soil from spilling out everywhere.

As you think about your landscaping cleanup, it’s not just dirt or concrete you might want to get rid of. The Junk King crew can also haul away things like old lawnmowers, BBQ grills, patio furniture or hammocks. While they’re at it they can also help you clean up the rest of your home by removing all those bulky items you’ve been holding onto. Hiring Junk King LA is the perfect way to kick start your spring cleaning project. As soon as all that clutter is gone, you can start planting. A fresh garden salad is just a few weeks away!

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Los Angeles

If there was ever a city which could claim to invent “pampering” it has to be Los Angeles. LA  has day spas and weekend spas all across the city. A Los Angeles resident who isn’t getting pampered isn’t trying very hard! For women, one of the simplest ways to feel taken care of is with a free make-up makeover from Sephora. To eat right, you can pamper yourself by shopping at any of the weekly Farmer’s Markets which pop up from Hollywood to the beach. And there is the original Farmer’s Market which is open 7 days a week right next to the mega-shopping complex the Grove. Plenty of opportunities for fresh goodies and good shopping.

Some Angelinos idea of pampering is a exhilarating yoga workout. At any given time you’ll see plenty of residents roaming the sidewalks outside of the yoga studios with their trusty matt rolled up under their arm. And don’t forget about pampering your pooch. Los Angeles is the home of doggie daycare where you can drop off your furry friend for a day of frolicking with their pals.

The real issue isn’t so much about how you’re going to pamper yourself in Los Angeles but how you’ll find the time. One of the most productive ways you can carve out some extra hours is by hiring Junk King Los Angeles for all your junk removal needs. There’s no telling when you’ll be ready to finally get rid of some oversized items that are clogging up your living environment. One thing is for sure, Junk King LA will be ready when you are. Hiring Junk King means you’ll take a DIY project which could last for literally hours and reduce to a “blink of the eye.”

If you were to get rid of your bulky items like old furniture, mattresses or appliances you first have to rent a van or truck. That’s a good hour right there. Then you’ll need to ask a friend or two to help you with the actual moving of the item from your home to the rented truck. Naturally, you’re going to want to spend some time catching up with the friend so that’s another hour or so. Then there is the actual dumping. You’ve probably gone from one end of town to another at some point but have you ever seen a landfill? There isn’t one within the city limits which means you’ll be heading out to the freeways in search of a proper dumping ground. Depending on the time of day, you could be stuck for hours in traffic.

Now consider Junk King Los Angeles. One phone call (1-800-995-5865) sets the plan in motion. When the terms are agreed upon, you’ll make an appointment with the JK crew for the actual removal. On the day of your appointment the crew will show up, get the stuff you want taken away and load it up on the truck. All in, start to finish could have the job done in under an hour. That leaves you with the rest of your day for pampering. What could be better than that?

Thanksgiving Junk & Clutter Cleanup in LA

We might not get snow on the ground but we still know how to throw a great holiday here in Los Angeles. In fact, because of our warm weather and sights to see, LA becomes a favorite spot for out of town visitors to come out and see what it’s like to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in short and T-shirts down on the beach! To be ready for those guests you’ll want to give your home a mini-make-over. We’re not talking about repainting or remodeling. But a little de-cluttering will go a long way towards making your home inviting to a weekend guest.

First up, getting that spare room ready for an overnight visitor. Even though we have warm days, the nights can get downright chilly here in LA. Make sure your guest room has a spare blanket or two. For that matter, you should also make sure there is a decent reading lamp. An overhead lamp might be bright but you don’t want your guest stumbling around in the dark after they turn off the light from across the room. A little nightstand lamp will do the trick. To freshen up the room, you could bring in a vase of fresh flowers or scented candles. And a couple of magazines or coffee table photo books would be a welcome addition for anyone needing some reading material at the end of a day.

If you can clear out space in the closet, make sure you’ve got spare hangers for your guests to hang their clothes. Even something simple as a spare ottoman in the corner for their suitcase is a nice touch. That’s much better than having the suitcase on the floor.

Just because you don’t have a designated guest room doesn’t mean you can’t make your overnight guest comfortable. It might be that a firm air mattress in a den or living room can do the trick. These are surprisingly affordable and durable. Of course, you’ll need the room to inflate the mattress. That might call for tossing out some of the clutter that’s been gathering dust in your home. To do that, you should be calling Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King is the Los Angeles based business that spares folks a trip to the landfill or recycling center and does the dumping for them. Instead of surrendering your entire weekend to cleaning up, a Junk King LA crew can come into your home and carry off all the stuff you want to get rid of without you lifting a finger. They also have the right sized truck for any size removal. That’s another hassle you won’t have to deal with. What you should focus on is bringing in those cozy touches which will make your guest feel welcome. Let Junk King Los Angeles handle the clutter removal.

LA Debris Removal

The space shuttle Endeavour made its last airborne flight strapped to the back of a 747. It was flying to its new home at the California Science Center and like any Hollywood star it had to make a grand entrance. For that final flight, the Endeavour was taken on a tour of Southern California from the Hollywood hills to the beaches of Malibu to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Thousands of LA residents we able to snap up pictures of this one-of-a-kind visual before the 747 touched down at LAX. However, that wasn’t the final stop.

To get to the California Science Center, the shuttle needs to be shuttled by flatbed truck 12 miles along the streets of Los Angeles. To make way for that caravan some trees had to come down. How many? Close to 400 trees lining the streets have been chopped, sawed and buzzed down. The locals along the route were told this was the only way because after so many space flights the Endeavour couldn’t be disassembled without risking permanent damage. The trade off is that the Science Center pledged to plant 2 trees for every single tree cut down. They’re also going to offer a lot of classes and guest passes to the neighborhood residents impacted by the disruption.

If you’ve ever watched a professional tree removal crew at work it’s a very efficient process. As they cut down the tree they grind it up into instant mulch. That mulch is then taken to a recycling center where it is reused for other landscaping projects controlled by the city. It’s amazing how fast a big tree can be reduced to a pile of sawdust. Wouldn’t it be great if we could “wood chip” away all the junk in our lives? As fun as that might be it’s not very practical or safe. A wood chipper is not something to play around with. The best method of getting rid of the debris around your home is to call Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King is fairly new to the Los Angeles area but they are old to the junk removal business. There are branches of Junk King all across the country with more franchises opening up every day. These are professional junk removers. By “professional” that means licensed to do business in the state and insured. It might not seem that you would need so many precautions with junk removal but that’s just how Junk King rolls.

When you’ve identified oversize or heavy items you want removed from your property, a Junk King LA crew will be equally efficient with that task. In less time than it takes to trim a tree, you could have all of your junk removed and properly disposed of. Junk King Los Angeles is the best way forward for your debris removal needs.

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