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    Let us know what you need disposed or recycled. We take just about everything!

Mattress Disposal Marin County: How NOT To Dispose of an Old Mattress!

Mattress Disposal Marin CountyIs your old mattress hurting your back? Upgrading from queen to king? Mattresses don’t last forever, and they create quite the giant conundrum when it comes to throwing them away. Here’s an explanation of the wrong ways to handle mattress disposal Marin County residents should consider, and alternatives to get rid of mattresses responsibly.

Don’t Just Throw It on the Curb!

Depending on neighborhood rules and your regular trash hauler’s schedule, you might not be able to put a mattress out on your curb or on the sidewalk at certain times. Neighbors might take furniture that you leave out, but it’s far less likely that someone would want to take a chance on a used mattress. Consider the safer bet and call for mattress disposal Marin County residents prefer, the professionals at Junk King.

If you do find a time and place to leave your mattress out for collection or for people to take as a freebie, try to keep it clean. You can find plastic mattress covers at many hardware stores and storage centers.

Don’t Leave It at a Donation Center Without Asking

Many charities will accept a gently used mattress, either to sell in their store or to give to someone in need. However, don’t just drop off your mattress at a donation center without verifying the non-profit’s policies.

Some donation centers may not accept mattresses, or they might require an appointment for drop-off. Among options for mattress disposal Marin County residents should consider donating only when someone else wants the item.

Don’t Drive Unsafely With a Mattress

If you’re going to drive with a mattress strapped onto your vehicle or sticking out of the trunk, be very careful. The weight of a mattress can make tie-down systems fail, especially at highway speeds.

If the mattress is blocking the driver’s view, you risk causing an accident just because you’re trying to get rid of a mattress. If you don’t have a safe way of handling the mattress yourself, it’s better to call Junk King for mattress disposal Marin County homeowners trust to handle such large items.

The RIGHT Ways for Mattress Disposal Marin County

Dispose of mattresses properly so it doesn’t become a big chore and you don’t break any local rules. Better methods of mattress disposal Marin County residents can use include:

  • Call on Junk King professional removal services.
  • Use an appropriate vehicle to drop the mattress off at a donation center ready to accept it.
  • Make arrangements to sell or give away the mattress appropriately, such as through a yard sale.

We can handle bulk trash in a breeze to clear out your unwanted spaces, so you don’t break your back or worry about an unsightly mess at your curb! For proper mattress disposal Marin County can trust Junk King.

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