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Monthly Archives: September 2015

New Hampshire Refrigerator Disposal

The worst thing you can do with an old refrigerator is leave it in your garage or on the porch. Yes, it is too bulky to throw out with the trash and it can’t be moved unless you have a truck. But leaving it unintended could present danger down the line. That is why there are regulations on the books that require you to either remove the refrigerator door or padlock it with chains. Of course, if you’re going to go through all that trouble you might as well get rid of it once and for all. Junk King is the perfect partner to help with your refrigerator disposal.

No doubt, it took two workers to move that fridge into your home. It was probably even more challenging if you live in a walkup. That means you’re going to need two workers to take it away and that is just what Junk King will provide. The crews working for Junk King have had a lot of practice moving heavy objects like refrigerators, stoves and washing machines. Not only do they know the proper techniques to lifting and loading but they also have the skills to unhook your appliances the right way.

If you have a new fridge being delivered, you might want to consider scheduling Junk King on the same day. Because Junk King is extremely reliable, you can probably have your old refrigerator disposal handled in the morning and your new fridge delivered in the afternoon. Your food won’t even have time to get warm!

Although you might hire Junk King just to take away the icebox, there is no reason why they can help clear away the rest of your unwanted items on the same trip. You’ve got the crew and you’ve got the truck so why not take full advantage of that? This is a great chance to finally clear out all the rubbish gathering dust in your garage. You can also get all those unwanted clothes out of the closet. Won’t it be nice to have all that space back? Remember, when you hire Junk King, nothing is going to go to waste. If it can be recycled or donated, then Junk King will make sure that is where your stuff will end up. Take care of refrigerator disposal and junk removal the right way by bringing in the team from Junk King.

New Hampshire Yard Waste Removal

It’s a smart move to keep a few professional service companies plugged into your cell phone. Having a trusted plumber, electrician, AC guy and locksmith are essential to any homeowner. You should also consider adding Junk King to that list of professionals. Although you might not need quality junk removal today, there could come a time in the not so distance future when you’ll be glad that Junk King is just a phone call away.

Think about the next major storm to blow through the region. If you were spared from the last wave of rainstorms, then consider yourself lucky. However, there is no telling what the next storm could dump into your yard. Depending on a city crew to clean up storm debris could have you waiting for several days if not weeks. One call to Junk King will have that yard waste removal handled in as little as 24-hours. Because the Junk King crews are always on patrol, you could even benefit from having a same-day junk removal appointment.

Obviously, you don’t have to wait until after a storm to bring in Junk King. They can prove to a huge help with general yard waste removal. If you’re getting your home ready for the winter, then some tree trimming might be in order. Although Junk King crewmembers might not be able to cut down the branches, they can certainly make short work of having all those lose limbs loaded onto the truck. They can also load up and piles of stones, bricks, rocks, pavers or concrete that you want removed.

All of that sounds like a heavy load, right? It is but you don’t have to worry about paying by the pound. Junk King never charges by weight, just by volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk will need on the back of the truck. The Junk King team will estimate that before they begin the job and present you with the final cost. It’s a price that won’t change after the job is done. Even if your junk takes up more space, you’ll still be paying that original estimate.

Of course, Junk King is also the “go-to” professional junk hauling service for the removal of all your unwanted clutter. Start with yard waste removal and end with a home that is 100% junk free. Junk King can get it done.

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