Best Approach To Backyard Shed Removal

There are a lot of projects that you put off until the weekend. It’s normal to take care of your maintenance tasks starting with a trip to the hardware store on Saturday morning. Depending upon the situation, you could make minor repairs by lunchtime and have the rest of the weekend free. But there are some jobs that require a little bit more effort if you decide to do them for yourself. For instance, how much time do you think it would take you to handle a backyard shed removal project? This can be a very challenging job to do it by yourself. Instead, bring in Junk King Boston for the task.


The crews working for Junk King Boston have a lot of experience taking apart all kinds of things from entertainment centers to hot tubs. When called on to take care of your backyard shed removal, they’ll have the right tools to disassemble any type of shed. All those pieces will then be carefully loaded onto the back of the truck without you lifting a single plank.

If that is all you need done, then the Junk King crew will be off to the next job as soon as they sweep up where they just work. However, there’s no reason why you can put them to work clearing out the clutter from the rest of your house. This is a golden opportunity to finally toss out all the old clothing in your closet, sporting equipment in the garage and unused furniture down the basement. Remember, the Junk King crew is going to do all the work. That also means carrying anything up stairs and out the front door.

The cost for this service is extremely affordable. Junk King Boston provides the crew, the transportation and the disposal all for one flat fee. It doesn’t matter how long the crew has to work or how many drop-offs they need to make to get rid of your stuff. Your price will only be based on the amount of volume your stuff fills on the back of the truck. You’ll know this cost before the work begins. And it won’t change once the work is done. Getting rid of a backyard shed and your rubbish is easy when you let Junk King Boston handle the job.

Terrific Ways To Recycle Around The Office

You have probably gotten into the habit of recycling your paper or plastics at home. But what about around the office? There is a lot you could be doing that can lower your company’s carbon footprint. Best of all, you’ll be able to promote your business as “green” with very little effort. Here’s what you can do to boost your recycling around the office:


Buy Recycled Paper

The only paper you should be buying is recycled paper. One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water. Recycle paper will have the green logo printed on the package. You may already be using recycled paper and not even know it!

Set Up Recycling Bins

Your office should have recycling bins for paper, plastic and metal like aluminum soda cans. Those bins should be placed in every break room and copy station. All you have to do then is arrange with your building management for proper recycling pickup.

Recycle Empty Ink and Toner Cartridges

On any given day, nearly 700,000 cartridges are tossed out in the trash at offices all around the country. Most of those cartridges can be recycled. Again, the company you by your toner from might already have a recycling program in place. If not, then there are plenty of organizations online that can help with this process.

Switch To Mugs

If you haven’t already, then your office should be a coffee mug office as opposed to a Styrofoam cup office. It’s easy to fill up your kitchen with mugs from a thrift store.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

One rechargeable battery equals one thousand regular batteries in terms of a usable lifespan. Which would you rather by? One battery or thousand?

Recycle E-Waste

Every year brings new advancements in office equipment technology. Anytime you upgrade your old office equipment you should consider recycling that e-waste. Don’t put it in storage but instead turn it over to Junk King Boston. These are the eco-friendly junk haulers who know all the certified e-waste recycling centers throughout the area. They’ll make sure your old office equipment gets to the proper final destination. Make Junk King Boston your office recycling partner.

Smart Ideas To Bring More Guests Into Your Hotel

How many times have you been able to tell a potential guest that your hotel is fully booked? Although it is hard to turn away a customer, it’s also nice to know that no room is left empty. However, there could be periods where your hotel isn’t as busy as you would like it. This is especially true during the week. Here are some smart ideas to bring more guests into your hotel on a consistent basis:


Two-For-One Meal Rates

If your hotel has a decent restaurant, then not only do you want your guests to be dying there but you also want to bring in local business. You can promote a two-for-one meal rate Tuesday through Thursday. There’s also special happy hours deals that you can set up. Provided there is foot traffic, boost your lunch business by setting up quick fix menu options. As long as business professionals know they can get in and get out in a timely manner, then your restaurant will become a good option.

Promote Mid Week Weddings

Does your hotel also serve as a wedding venue? That’s a great way to generate extra money but it can be limiting especially if you only can have two weddings on the weekend. Why not promote midweek weddings at a special rate? The newlywed couples might discover that caterers, DJs, photographers and other reception vendors would also reduce their rate to pick up business during the week.

Entice Your Guests To Stay An Extra Day

Once your guests set up their reservation you could entice them to stay an extra day with a major reduction in their room rate. This is something you should let them know about right away so that they can coordinate their travel plans. You don’t want them ever to say, “I would’ve stayed an extra day if I only known!”

Reach Out To Real Estate Agents

On any given week, there are hundreds of people coming into Boston and the surrounding area to check out new homes or commercial spaces. Those people all need a place to stay. Their real estate broker is going to be their best recommendation. It wouldn’t take much to get flyers or emails out to the brokers in your area.

Keep the Clutter Out

As you attract these new guests, you want to make sure they’re going to generate positive reviews online. That is where cleanliness of your establishment becomes vital. Along with keeping the room spotless you want to make sure that the rest of your property is free of clutter. Junk King Boston can take care of that task in a very affordable and efficient manner. One session with Junk King Boston will ensure that your hotel is totally clear of all unwanted clutter.

Tips For Being a Successful Landlord

Are you thinking about investing in a rental property? It is actually a decent way to earn extra income without exerting a lot of effort. Yes, you will have to maintain the property but you can also hire out for that task. Before you take on the responsibility of becoming a landlord, consider these tips for making this successful endeavor:


Screen Out Bed Tenants

The biggest mistake that a landlord can make is renting to the wrong person. While it is true that you won’t truly know someone until they’ve lived in your property for a while there are some red flags in the screening process that you should be aware of. The first is their source of income. Ideally, they should be making at least twice or three times the monthly rent and be employed in a stable job. Someone who is working for tips or on commission might not be an ideal candidate. They should also not have any recent evictions or felony charges. If they can’t provide you with a good reference from their last landlord, then you have to question what went wrong.

Treat Your Tenants with Respect

Just because they are your tenant doesn’t mean they have to become your new best friend. However, you should treat them with respect. That will support the idea of them treating your property with respect. This means responding to their concerns with regard to fixes in a timely manner. It also means being flexible with things like decorating the apartment to their own tastes.

Set Boundaries

The most important boundary you need to establish with your tenant is paying the rent on time. A good way to secure this is to set up direct deposit into your bank account. That way they’ll be no excuse with a check getting lost in the mail or forcing you to go around door-to-door to collect the rent. If you’re going to establish late fees, then you need to enforce late fees. Anytime you provide a “grace period” you will be setting yourself up to getting the rent late every month.

Hire Help

Just as you probably wouldn’t fix your own plumbing, there’s no reason why you have to fix the plumbing at your rental property. You do need to provide is a reputable plumber who can handle that situation. In fact, you should develop relationships with many professional vendors to support your property. One of those should definitely be Junk King Boston. These are the expert junk haulers who will be a big asset anytime you need to clean up a vacated apartment. One session with Junk King Boston will help you maintain your status as a successful landlord.

Most Effective Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

There might be a lot of clutter around your home but most of it is probably in the kitchen. Just as with a closet full of clutter, having a kitchen full of clutter makes it difficult to get things done. Just think of all the time you waste looking for stuff. The following are some effective ways to organize your kitchen. Once you set this up it will be easy to have everything find a new home.


Hang Your Cleaning Products

You probably store a lot of cleaning products under your sink. They can become a real hodgepodge of spray bottles. A small tension rod can be suspended under the cabinet that allows you to hang those bottles. That frees up space below for baskets to put the rest of your cleaning supplies. Those same tension rods can be set up in a cabinet vertically to make a kind of separator for cutting boards.

Use Magnets More

If you have a drawer full of loose knives, then you might want to hang up a magnetized strip on the wall. Those knives can then be attached to the magnet for easy access. There are also magnetic spice racks that can attach to your fridge or on strips inside of the cabinet. Remember, the goal is always to reach for something that you can easily spot as opposed to rummaging through things to get to what you need.

Utilize Wall Space

Your wall space in a kitchen is a perfect spot for organization. You can put up a painted piece of pegboard to hang pots and pans. You can also find decorative pieces of trellis to use with hooks for the same purpose. Even a hanging magazine rack can be adapted to hold a lot of your cookware.

Elevate Your Fridge

Your refrigerator will come with a limited amount of shelves and drawers. That doesn’t mean you can’t supplement that space with your own storage ideas. Small plastic bins are great for separating things like condiments, vegetables and fruit. If you can find ones with handles, then they are easy to pull out. You could also add a wire shelf or a Lazy Susan turntable.

Stack Your Bulk Items

Savvy grocery shoppers know that buying in bulk is always the best way to go. You can store your bulk items like sugar, flour and other dry goods in stackable plastic bins. Another good tip is to print out a conversion chart, get it laminated and then hang it on the inside of a cabinet door. That way it’s always handy for you to look up while you’re cooking.

Toss Out the Unwanted Appliances and Junk

As you go through your kitchen, you’re sure to find plenty of things that you can get rid of. This can be as big as a dishwasher that you replacing or small as a box of gadgets you never use. Instead of shoving those out into the garage want to turn them over to Junk King Boston. These are the junk removal professionals who can help you transform your home into a junk free zone. One call will set up an appointment with two capable movers and a big truck that will hold everything you need to haul away. Get your kitchen organized with a little help from Junk King Boston. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Make Your Remodel Contract Work For You

Are you planning a remodeling project this summer? Although it may cause a lot of upheaval around the house, the end results will be well worth it. Before the work begins, you’ll going to be entering into a contract with a professional contractor. Just because you are a novice at remodeling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a contract that works in your advantage. Here’s what you should include:

All the Details

There is going to be a final price for your kitchen or bathroom remodel and there are many factors that go into that price. You need to include the scope of the details. For instance, you may be tearing down a wall or adding a window. A sink that is being moved requires new plumbing. The same for a gas hookups for stove. Those are all the kinds of things that should be included in your contract details.


You should also make sure your contract spells out the amounts paid for every item and when they should be paid. Obviously, some of this might be approximations especially when it comes to labor cost if a crew ends up working overtime. That is why you should always build in a contingency so that there won’t be any surprises.

As For Fixed-Price Contract

A fixed price contract means you’ll be paying a contractor one fee for everything. It’s up to them to deliver on the parameters of the design. A fixed price contract means the contractor will pick up any differences between extra labor costs or an increase in materials. You may be asked to enter in a “cost plus” contract. This means that if there any overruns on the project you split the costs between you and the contractor. That might sound like a good deal at first but it’s also something that could set you up with a lot of squabbles.

Avoid Major Expense Allowances

Some contractors may want to include a materials allowances for major expenses like cabinets and countertops. This could mean they assign a price to those items before you even go out shopping for them. Unfortunately, you might be stuck paying for more expensive items because that’s exactly what you want. There’s nothing wrong with that but you should know those costs up front before you get started.

Wait For Materials Before Demolition

Once everything has been agreed on the project get started with the demolition phase. However, that should begin until all the materials have been delivered to your property. You don’t want to rip out your kitchen on a Monday and then wait a week for the new cabinetry to come.

Speaking of demolition, you might find that a good way to save money on your remodel is to do some of that demolition on your own. That could save on labor costs. You can also hire your own cleanup crew. That’s where Junk King Boston comes into play. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience cleaning up after remodel demolition. You want to make sure all the trash generated at your remodel can be removed in an efficient manner. Junk King Boston can do that with no problem and at a great cost.

Question You Should Ask Your New Roommate Before They Move In

Once your roommate signs a lease agreement and they move in, it will be very hard to get them to move out. That is why you want to find out as much about them as you can before that agreement is signed. This could have you asking some very personal questions but it’s better to find out this stuff now then be surprised by it later. Here are some of the questions you should be asking any new roommate:


What Is Your Romantic Situation?

This is probably the most personal question you could ask a potential roommate but it definitely needs asking. Someone who is single is probably ideal. That doesn’t mean there romantic status won’t change while they are living with you but you could be on the same page starting out. A person who is in a relationship will often have that other person staying over. That might not be a problem at first but if it feels like that person has moved in, then it could be an issue when you are suddenly sharing a space with three people that is meant for two.

Can You Put Down A Deposit?

The answer to that question should always be, “yes.” In the worst-case scenario, a deposit can be used if your roommate suddenly skips out on the rent. That deposit is also a good indication of their financial stability. If they have a hard time coming up with that money, then they might have a hard time coming up with money for other bills.

Do You Like To Cook?

The best roommate would probably be a professional chef. This is someone who is always going to be in the kitchen experimenting. Nothing wrong with that! On the other hand, if you like to cook as well, then you could find yourself bumping into your roommate a lot. You might discover that if you have the same schedules, then cooking and having dinner together is very enjoyable.

What Were Your Past Living Situations Like?

It’s a safe bet that anyone who has had several roommates might also have roommate horror stories. How your potential roommate handled the that situation could tell you a lot about their own personality. Is this someone who cut and run at the first sign of trouble or are they always reaching for 911?

While you are conducting your roommate interviews, you might need to spend some time getting their room ready. This is where Junk King Boston can be a huge help. These are the professional junk haulers who will send over a pair of movers that can clear out furniture, appliances, e-waste and other household goods from your home or apartment. Most of what Junk King Boston collects also ends up being donated to charity. That should make you feel good about getting rid of a lot of your old stuff.

Find out all you can about your new roommate before they move in and get their room ready with help from Junk King Boston.

Six Vital Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

As a parent, you have probably discovered early on that kids love to bounce. Whether that is in a bounce house, on the bed or a backyard trampoline it’s hard to stop kids from all that bouncing fun. Trampolines are a great way to work out some of that “kid energy.” But you can’t just set one up in your backyard and let them start bouncing. There are some vital precautions that you should take to make sure your kids are safe as they bounce. Here’s what you should do:


Position the Trampoline Away From Obstacles

Bouncing on a trampoline can sometimes get out of control. This is why you want to make sure your trampoline isn’t positioned near trees, fence poles or walls. You also want to keep it clear of garden furniture, poles and anything else that they may accidentally fall onto or into.

Check All Springs and Bolts

If you are hiring someone to assemble a trampoline, then you should pay close attention to how it is done. That is because before each use you should check the springs and bolts to make sure they are all in position and tightened. All that bouncing can cause those springs to loosen. It only takes one hanging spring to cause an unnecessary accident.

Install Safety Pads

Every decent backyard trampoline will have safety pads that can be installed around the perimeter. These pads go over the springs and prevent legs, feet or arms from falling in between. This is a vital feature that should be in considered before you purchase a trampoline.

Add Safety Net Enclosures

Along with the safety pads around the perimeter, you can also install safety nets around most backyard trampolines. These nets are great for keeping the bouncers inside the bounce area.

Empty Pockets And Remove Jewelry

Your kids might not have a lot of necklaces or keys in their pockets but if you join them on the trampoline, then you definitely want to make sure your pockets and jewelry are removed. It’s too easy for that stuff to go flying and cause trouble.

Enroll In Trampoline Class

After bouncing up and down for while, your kid is going to get bored. They’re going to start experimenting with how high they can go and what tricks they can accomplish. Before they do that on their own, you might want to enroll them in a trampoline class. That way they will learn proper techniques for trampoline gymnastics.

If your old trampoline has seen better days, then you might want to bring in a company like Junk King Boston for fast removal. The crew that Junk King Boston will send over will have no problem dismantling that old trampoline and loading it safely onto their truck. They can also pick up all the rest of your unwanted yard clutter on that same trip.

Make sure your backyard trampoline is always safe for bouncing.

Old Swing Set Removal Won’t Be A Problem For Junk King Boston

Just because your kids are done with a swing set in the backyard doesn’t mean you need to hold onto that those swings until they graduate from college. They probably stopped swinging on it once they got into high school. Now, it is just sitting there taking up valuable space in your yard. Obviously, an old swing set is not something you can fold up like a cardboard box and put into the recycling bin pick up. Instead, you need to bring in some outside help. The perfect partners for this type of work is Junk King Boston.


Junk King Boston prides itself on being problem solvers when it comes to oversized items. An old swing set would certainly fall into this category. This is something that has to be taken apart piece by piece before can be loaded up on the truck. The Junk King Boston crew that will be assigned to this task will show up with the experience and the tools to get the job done. It might take a little more “elbow grease” to loosen those rusty nuts and bolts but the crew will get the job done.

An old swing set would also fall under the category of “scrap metal.” Without doing a Google search would you know where the nearest scrap metal recycling facility is located? You don’t have to when you hire Junk King Boston. They make trips out to the recycling center several times throughout the month and will be happy to add your old swing set pieces their next drop-off.

Getting rid of your old swing set might inspire you to get rid of all the other unwanted clutter that is gathering dust and rust around your house. The team from Junk King Boston will happily load up all your unwanted clothing, books, sporting equipment, toys, furniture, appliances, electronic gear and other household goods. Take a moment to consider how much space you’ll be reclaiming once all of that rubbish is gone for good.

You can schedule your appointment with Junk King Boston online. That will earn you a discount right out of the gate. Don’t go another summer with an old swing set and rubbish on your property. Give it all to Junk King Boston today.

Junk King Boston Helps Make Spring Break Junk Removal Time

Spring break started out as a way of giving college kids a little time off before heading into the final push for finals. The idea is that the time off should be spent studying. Instead, spring break has morphed into a perfect excuse for taking a vacation. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that! Around the house, you might find that all of your kids to go to school have some kind of spring break happening. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pack everyone up for a road trip. But you can certainly take advantage of having them off from school by putting them to work around the house. They may grumble but a little decluttering can go a long way towards transforming your home into a junk free zone. To help get this accomplish you want to bring in the pros from Junk King Boston.


Junk King Boston is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over 10 years. As your kids go through the closets and bedrooms they may find a lot of things they could toss out. They won’t have to bring anything down stairs or piling up on the driveway. This is what you’re hiring Junk King Boston for. The two-man moving crew assigned to your task will gladly pick up everything right from the spot. That holds true for a bag of clothing as much as it does for a sofa. It doesn’t matter to them size or weight.

Spring break might also be the time where you are getting your backyard ready for entertaining. Here’s where Junk King Boston can also be a big help. The crews will be able to remove any type of yard waste including concrete, stones and bricks.

Everything you’re tossing out will be loaded onto the Junk King Boston truck. How that stuff will fit on the truck will determine your final price. You’ll know this fee before the work begins when the crew gives you an estimate. Not only are the experts at lifting and loading but there also experts with packing up that truck. There always going to try to squeeze in as much into as little space as possible. That will be good news for your bottom line. Make this spring break a productive one by having Junk King Boston clear out all your junk today.

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