New Hampshire Dumpster Rentals vs. Junk Pick Up From Junk King

There are really only two approaches to getting rid of a lot of trash: Bring in the pros or do it yourself. One is taken care of with a call to Junk King. The other might become very expensive and eat up a lot of your free time. First, you have to consider the scope of what you want to get rid of. If you’re just cleaning out a closet, you might create a pile of a lot of unwanted stuff that could be tossed out. Maybe that can fit into a trashcan for the weekly pickup. What happens if you’ve got a serious trash overflow problem? Or what about getting rid of the really big things like furniture and appliances. For that kind of junk removal, you really do need Junk King.


Fortunately, Junk King is your one stop shop for all your trash removal needs. They’re most popular junk removal package involves sending over a pair of strong movers to help do all the heavy lifting. This is the crew who will gladly climb as many stairs as it takes to safely remove what you want tossed out. You don’t have to worry about something being too heavy. The Junk King crews are experienced with taking away pianos, pool tables and treadmills. They can certainly handle your old sofa!

That crew will also be happy to go around your yards picking up any debris out there. You can remove busted planters, rusty patio furniture or even a pile of bricks. It will all go on the same Junk King truck.

The other option would be to arrange for a dumpster to be dropped off at your property. This allows you to fill up the bin on your own schedule. It’s great for sorting through clutter in your garage or when you have an ongoing remodeling job. Just ask Junk King about their dumpster rentals and they’ll be able to steer you in the right direction.

Keep in mind, that Junk King is dedicated to an eco-friendly way of disposing of junk. They are dedicated to keeping the area around New Hampshire clean. That means a lot of recycling drop offs but it’s all included in the affordable price. When it comes to quality junk pick up, Junk King has you covered.