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Estate and Foreclosure Cleanouts in Middlesex? No Problem!

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Handling big cleanouts can be intimidating if you go it alone. Rooms full of clutter or a warehouse chock full of debris is not necessarily a pleasant sight, true. At Junk King Middlesex, though, we make large cleanouts as easy as possible by coming with as many trucks as needed to get the job done. That’s what being a comprehensive junk removal service franchise is all about. 


Junk King Middlesex helps homeowners, renters, and landlords from all corners of Middlesex County get a space clean and ready for use. Everybody’s needs are different, which is why Junk King offers a variety of different services. Since Junk King is a full-service junk removal company, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and haul away even the largest appliances in an eco-friendly way. 


Estate Cleanouts at Junk King 


Several different circumstances can result in needing to clean out your entire house. Although some of these circumstances can be difficult, Junk King is here to offer help. An estate cleanout is when you need most of the items inside a home removed as quickly as possible. 


Reasons for an estate cleanout can include: 


  • -An upcoming move 
  • -Downsizing/lifestyle change 
  • -Extensive renovations 
  • -A loved one passing on 
  • -Overwhelming debt 
  • -Divorce settlement 


With an estate cleanout, customers typically want everything removed from the home, including heavy appliances and furniture. While Junk King takes all of these items – Junk King will take virtually any residential and commercial junk except for hazardous waste! – you might want to take a few steps before an estate cleanout. 


Checking boxes, shelves, drawers, and pockets of clothing for anything that you might want to retain is a sensible first step. There are, also, some important documents that you’ll probably want to hang on to before an estate cleanout, including: 


  • -Burial certificates 
  • -Insurance policies
  • -Real estate deeds and titles
  • -Bank statements
  • -Stock certificates
  • -401(k) records
  • -Tax returns and receipts


You might want to make a quick check to see if any of these items are stored digitally on the hard drives of computers or tablets on the estate. These files can likely be saved on an external hard drive if you’re thinking about wiping the hard drive on these devices after getting the files you need. Remember that Junk King accepts electronic waste (e-waste), so you’re covered there. 


Aside from checking for these kinds of files – the physical copies and possible digital versions – it might be a good idea to check drawers and dressers for valuables before an estate cleanout. Memorabilia and mementos might also want to be retained before an estate cleanout.


Although estate cleanouts are difficult, Junk King’s comprehensive junk removal service is here to help make the process easier and less stressful for you and your family. 


Full Service Junk Removal


Foreclosure and Eviction Cleanouts 


Business owners, property managers, and landlords also face the challenge of getting junk cleared from a space as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, an eviction can mean a lot of left-behind furniture, old appliances, and trash strewn everywhere. Discarded appliances could also be part of the picture. 


Reliable Service, Insured Workers, and Payment Plans 


Fortunately, Junk King provides a host of B2B commercial junk removal services to get your business up and running at maximum efficiency. Every employee here at Junk King is fully insured for complete peace of mind. Junk King even offers payment plans and business accounts for easier payments, in addition to reliable service within narrow service windows.  


Quickly Clear Space for Landlords 


Landlords face similar problems to property managers and storage facility managers who need the space cleared to rent to the next client. Although there might be a lot of work ahead in terms of routine maintenance, painting, cleaning, and repairs, the more short-term problem is getting the old tenants’ junk out of there. Unwanted items and junk left behind by old tenants or customers can be priority number one. 


About a third of people rent, according to the Census Bureau, and businesses are constantly looking for more attractive space. That means that there’s a lot of turnover, consolidations, and reasons to remove junk. A full-service junk removal company like Junk King is a great option because we have the resources to maneuver heavy items like dressers, filing cabinets, and appliances downstairs.


Storage Facility Managers Rely on Junk King 


Junk King Middlesex also helps local storage facility managers get the junk out of existing space to shore up room for new tenants. Storage facility managers face many of the same problems as property managers and landlords, namely, getting the space ready for rental after an old tenant or renter has left. The self-storage industry in the US is nothing to scoff at since it represents about 60,000 storage facilities and $40 billion in annual revenue. 


Eco-friendly Service 


Because Junk King is the ‘greenest’ junk removal company in North America, you can also feel good about what you’re doing. The Environmental Protection Agency found that only about 22 percent of junk gets recycled, but Junk King is here to dramatically boost that number. Foreclosure and eviction cleanouts create a lot of waste and more opportunities for eco-friendly disposal and recycling! 


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Junk Removal Service and Large Item Removal 





Junk King is an extremely convenient option for removing large items such as water heaters, refrigerators, and bulky office furniture. If you go it alone, you have to worry about having sufficient manpower, transporting the junk down flights of stairs safely, and ensuring that the municipal trash or landfill will actually accept your junk. There’s also the matter of having a large enough truck. 


At Junk King Middlesex we greatly simplify the process by taking the following large furniture items


  • -Couches
  • -Sofas
  • -Sofa Beds
  • -Mattresses
  • -Chairs
  • -Tables
  • -Bookcase
  • -Cubicles 
  • -Desks
  • -File Cabinets
  • -Boxes
  • -Armoires
  • -Tool Units


We also accepts all kinds of larger appliances, including: 


  • -Air Conditioners
  • -Dishwashers
  • -Dryers
  • -Garbage Disposals
  • -Heaters
  • -Lawnmowers
  • -Microwaves
  • -Mini-Fridges
  • -Ovens/Wall Ovens
  • -Refrigerators/Freezers
  • -Stoves/Ranges/Cooktops
  • -Trash Compactors
  • -Vacuums
  • -Water Heaters
  • -Washing Machines/Dryers


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


These are usually the items that cause the most problems with larger cleanouts, including estate cleanouts and foreclosure cleanouts. If you need these items removed or need to tackle a big cleanout, consider booking an appointment online with Junk King or calling 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) today! 




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