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Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Fast Way To Get Rid Of An Old Futon

A futon is not the type of furniture that gets passed down through the generations. However, it might be the type of furniture that gets passed among the kids. A futon is a sofa and bed combination that works great in the kid’s room or family room down the basement. It is not the kind of furniture item that goes with the rest of the house. That means they will come a time when you probably want to get rid of that old futon especially if the kids outgrow it! If you have reached that point, then it is time to reach out to Junk King Boston. These are the professional junk haulers who can help you get rid of that old futon in no time at all.

The Furniture Removal Experts

Removing furniture is definitely a two-man operation. You might have assembled the futon in the room but now that it is built it has to be carried out by at least two workers. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide you. This is a crew that has been licensed and insured. They also have a very friendly attitude. The Junk King crew will treat your property with the upmost respect. They want to make sure they can carry the futon out without scuffing up your walls or floors. Based on all the positive reviews that the Junk King crews receive, it is clear they get this job done right every time.

Your futon will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck without any problem. In fact, they will be plenty of room left over for anything else that you would like to get rid of. This is the perfect opportunity to clear out all the unwanted stuff from closets, cabinets and other stored spots in your home.

Hiring Junk King Boston to get rid of your old futon can end up having all the junk removed from your home. That is a terrific session to set up.

Junk Removal Is Easy With Junk King On The Job

How long does it take your family to fill up the kitchen trashcan? Are you clearing out the trash every single day? Or does it take two days to fill up the can? Either way, once the trash is taken out it is relatively easy to have it removed. All you have to do is take the can to the curb for your regular pickup. Unfortunately, there are probably a few more items in your home that you would like to get rid of that wouldn’t fit into the trash can. That doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with those items. Now there is a solution and that solution is setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Boston. These are the professional junk haulers who can make quick work out of getting rid of all your unwanted items.

Start With Your List

To prepare for your Junk King session, you can start with the list of all the things that you want to get rid of. It will help to make a list so that you remember everything. Obviously, there will probably be a few big items that you want to get like a random piece of furniture or a major appliance that has been replaced. But there could be a lot of little things like boxes of rubbish from out the garage or bags of clothing that you cleared out of the closet. All of that stuff to be picked up from the Junk King crew. You do not have to put it all into any pile. Just show the Junk King team where it is located and they remove the junk right from the spot.

The cost for this service will be a flat rate that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That flat rate is based on via. It all comes down to how everything will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. It is just that easy!

Getting rid of the junk from your home has never been easier thanks to the help provided by Junk King Boston. Hire them for a session today.

Wooden Pallets Removal: An Essential Plank in Commercial Junk Removal

Wooden Pallets


Business owners know how frustrating it can be to have new inventory coming in and not enough space. New supplies typically come on pallets or within cardboard boxes. These can eventually pile up, contributing to clutter in warehouses and storage facilities. 


At Junk King Middlesex, we help businesses to declutter and make room for new inventory. We try to recycle upwards of 60 percent of every commercial junk haul, as well, so that wooden pallets and cardboard materials get recycled. We also take plastic and metal containers, in addition to wooden pallets removal.


Metal, Plastic, and Wooden Pallets Removal 


Pallets usually come in three flavors: metal, plastic, and wooden. Junk King works with local recyclers to give each of these materials a second life. Wooden skids and stringer pallets can be recycled along with plastic pallets, pallet boxes, and solid deck pallets. Scrap metal and pallet trays are also made of fully-recyclable metal materials. 


The National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) says that 1.9 billion pallets are used every year in the United States. The lion’s share of these pallets is constructed from wood (approximately 95 percent), whereas the rest are made from wood composite, plastic, or corrugated metals.


The funny thing is that a large number of pallet producers themselves often cannot say what kind of lumber comprises wooden pallets. That’s because a variety of hardwoods and softwoods contribute to wood pallets. Mills in different parts of the country process different woods, depending on the growing region and harvest that year. 


Full Service Junk Removal


  • Recycling Wooden Pallets 

There’s an unquenchable industrial need for what is known as remanufactured or reconditioned pallets. These are sometimes also called ‘combo’ pallets because they are made out of the materials of yesteryear’s pallets. That is certainly much better than chopping down more trees! 


The hospitality and beverage industry also has a great need for off-size custom pallets, so business owners and supply chain managers in these industries predominately rely on remanufactured pallets to economize. There’s an international standard known as ISPM 15 (export shipping) that remanufactured pallets pass with flying colors. 


Wooden pallets removal that goes towards remanufactured and reconditioned pallets help the environment, too. A lot of people have the hopeful thought that wooden pallets can be popped into landfills with no harm done. Aren’t wooden pallets biodegradable? Somewhat. The truth is that wood products take, on average, about 15 years to decompose in landfills. 


  • Issues with Plunking Pallets in Landfills 

The problem with putting wooden pallets into landfills – aside from taking these pallets out of the recycling and reuse circulation – is that they are treated chemically.


A chemical treatment can make pallets a less attractive option for bugs and mold, but it can also be worse for the environment if the pallets are piled up in a local landfill. A particular chemical known as methyl bromide can harm the local environment (water, air, and soil) and the ozone layer. 


Wood actually decomposes with the help of fungi, and this fungus relies on damp conditions to do its work. Mostly because landfills themselves are overcrowded, the wood pallets piling up in landfills don’t have the right conditions to decompose naturally.


Landfills have been a widespread American phenomenon since the 1960s, but that model is breaking down because the landfills themselves are severely overcrowded. The landfills these days are usually too wet (for too long) or too dry to accommodate the fungi growth which would decompose pallets. 


The lack of proper conditions to promote fungi growth coupled with chemical treatments of the pallets and overcrowded landfills calls for an alternative solution. At Junk King, we pioneered that better way a long time ago, since we started recycling-based junk removal nearly twenty years, back in 2005. We also offer a 100% quality guarantee to complete peace of mind. 


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Pallets and Commercial Junk Removal 


Beyond warehouses, pallets can be an issue bedeviling construction job sites, proper managers, and storage facility managers. Once the new equipment comes in or the tenant skips town, who’s there to pick up the mess? At Junk King, we’re here to help with wooden pallets removal and a host of other commercial junk removal services, including: 



Wood products made up around 10 percent of the material that Americans sent to landfills in 2017, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This is higher than you might think because 11 categories made it into that study, and the weight of all this wood taken collectively is pretty substantial, to the tune of about 12 million pounds of wood sent to landfills in 2017. 


Wooden pallets were actually about 90 percent (by weight) of the 10 percent of material sent to landfills in 2017. All of these pallets are still trying to decompose in overcrowded landfills today. Wooden pallets removal with Junk King can dramatically cut down on the amount of wood forced to decompose in landfills every year. Remember that about 2 billion wooden pallets are circulated every year in the United States. 


Junk King takes all kinds of scrap metals in addition to wooden pallets removal. What some may be surprised to discover is that these two items can cross paths – wooden pallets are often fastened together with the help of nails. These nails, in turn, can be difficult to remove from pallets, and they often just stay in place if the wooden pallets make their way to landfills instead of being recycled properly. 


While most wooden pallets are repurposed into tomorrow’s wooden pallets, they can also be turned into mulch and kindling. The catch is that for wooden pallets to be turned into mulch or kindling they can’t contain nails, since nails hidden in wooden pallets can ruin the machines that turn pallets into mulch. Recycling is the way to go. Simply consider that wooden pallets make up 50 percent of the hardwood consumption in North America every year.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator
Need wooden pallets removal? Feel free to contact Junk King today and set up an appointment online or call 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) to get one step closer to eco-friendly commercial junk removal.


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Understanding Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling in Middlesex



The Environmental Protection Agency says that there are about 10 million refrigerators and freezers thrown away every year in the United States. That makes sense considering that every home has at least one fridge and the restaurant and hospitality industry relies on them to run their businesses. 


But how the heck do you get rid of your refrigerator? True, some municipalities will take your refrigerator as part of their curbside pickup programs, but that leaves the problem of how to get your refrigerator or freezer to the curb in the first place. What if your refrigerator has been on the fritz for years and is collecting dust in the basement? 


Thousands of customers have already relied on Junk King to conveniently and safely remove their refrigerators and freezers. At Junk King we’re a full-service junk removal company, so you can rely on us to bring the right equipment and manpower to get a refrigerator weighing hundreds of pounds out of your home or workplace. 


Full Service Junk Removal


Eco-friendly Refrigerator Middlesex Recycling 


The average lifespan for modern refrigerators is around 13 years, but if you’re reading this then your refrigerator might have already given out. Older refrigerators might cost more to repair or replace than it is worth to buy a new one over the long haul. Sometimes older refrigerators contain dangerous chemicals that need to be handled before recycling the valuable metals inside.


The Environmental Protection Agency calls refrigerators and freezers ‘durable goods’ partly because they are designed to last three years or more. Large appliances like refrigerators and smaller appliances like toasters both qualify. Various consumer electronics and lead-acid automotive batteries also qualify under this definition. Fortunately, we at Junk King take all of these and much more! Everything except for hazardous waste. 


The glass, metal, and plastic from your old fridge can likely be recycled, but you have to be careful about how you go about it because refrigerators can contain harmful chemicals. Older refrigerators can contain mercury and polychlorinated biphenyl sometimes called PCBs. Refrigerators also may contain toxic gases and chlorofluorocarbons that can do serious damage to the environment if not handled with extreme care. 


Energy Savings Via Refrigerator Recycling 


The good news is that 95% of materials from recycled refrigerators can be transferred into the manufacturing of new products, thus preventing more mining and harvesting of raw materials. You might want to give Junk King a call for removing your old refrigerator once you hear this next fact: old refrigerators use three times the energy of newer, more energy-efficient fridges. The latter is likely marked with the Energy Star logo. An older fridge is said to use 1500 kWh of energy, whereas newer units only require 500 kWh to run at full capacity. 


Another reason that recycling is an excellent idea is that the energy savings have a positive impact on the environment in addition to your wallet in the form of lower utility bills. Remember that about 10 million refrigerators are tossed every year in the United States. Among those 10 million units that might otherwise wind up in the landfill, if a mere 0.25 percent (25,000) are recycled then that’s the equivalent of removing the carbon dioxide from 50,000 vehicles


Book a Touchless Appointment Today!


The Refrigerator Recycling Process 


There are a few refrigerants and liquid materials that need to be removed from your refrigerator unit before they can be properly recycled. A refrigerant known as R-22 is present in older refrigerators, whereas newer refrigerators contain a less harmful but still pernicious refrigerant known as R410A.


Refrigerants, Condenser Oil, and Heavy Metals 


The Environmental Protection Agency says R410A is less harmful to the environment than R-22, but each needs to be treated with respect to avoid environmental damage. Refrigerators also have a part called a compressor, which some have called the ‘heart’ of the fridge because it ‘circulates’ the refrigerant throughout the system to keep all of your food nice and cool. (Ironically, the compressor adds pressure and warmth to make the refrigerant hot.) The compressor allows the refrigerant to cool down, condense, and turn from gas to liquid. 


All of this is made possible thanks to your compressor, true, but that compressor, in turn, requires compressor oil. Compressor oil needs to be removed from your refrigerator before the recycling process can get underway. Likewise for any mercury in the refrigerator. Mercury is a heavy metal that was used predominately in refrigerators before the year 2000 or so; mercury, like lead, can contaminate local groundwater and soil if left in landfills, so it needs to be properly handled before recycling, too. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Recyclable Metals, Glass, and Plastics 


In the same way that aluminum cans are coveted by recyclers because of their resistance to corrosion and ability to be repeatedly recycled without a loss in quality, the aluminum in your refrigerator is of the most prized components for recycling. That said, several metals, such as steel, and plastics in your old fridge can be recycled once the junk removal professionals at Junk King pick it up. 


Modern fridges typically have tubing made of copper, which is highly recyclable and a hot commodity of late. Both the aluminum and copper in your refrigerator are used partly because they provide a shot in the arm to your fridge’s overall efficiency and have unmatched thermal transferring. The upshot is lower utility bills, a fridge that lasts many more years, and food at just the right temperature! 


Certain components in your fridge are also made of plastic, which can be readily recyclable. You might have also noticed that the back of your refrigerator appears to have sheet metal. That’s exactly what it is, and it can be recycled, as well. A thick layer of sheet metal is usually employed by refrigerator manufacturers to encase the refrigerator’s cooling system and further increase efficiency. 


Ready to kickstart the process of recycling your old refrigerator with Middlesex recycling? If you’re ready for Middlesex recycling and for Junk King to stop by your home or workplace to pick up a refrigerator, consider booking an appointment online or calling 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) today. 

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Looking for Convenient Furniture Removal in Bedford? Start with Junk King

furniture removal


All of us at Junk King Middlesex are dedicated to being as environmentally conscious as possible. That means overcoming a few of the problems that have plagued furniture recycling for decades. 


The Environmental Protection Agency says that every year more than 12 million tons of furniture and other furnishings get thrown out. Of that prodigious amount of furniture that makes its way to landfills, only a tiny percentage gets recycled. 


The reason for that is furniture contains different materials that are difficult to recycle or must be recycled, cleaned, and reprocessed through different recycling facilities.


Full Service Junk Removal


Eco-friendly Furniture Removal Bedford 


Some people don’t think that the process is worth the effort. As North America’s greenest junk removal company, we’re different. Furniture removal Bedford takes virtually every kind of residential and commercial furniture piece. 


Junk King takes the following furniture: 


  • Couches 
  • Recliners 
  • Sectional sofas 
  • Headboards 
  • Nightstands 
  • Chairs 
  • Bunkbeds 
  • Futons 
  • Mattresses 
  • Bookcases 
  • Office desks 
  • Cabinets 
  • Chests 
  • Coffee tables 
  • Patio furniture 
  • And much more! 


Most of the furniture items mentioned above are recyclable, at least to some degree. The tell-tale sign for whether a piece of furniture is recyclable or not is to look at the materials that it is made of.


Furniture that is made mostly out of one material, or composed of a limited number of simple materials, can typically be recycled. A bookcase made of metal or a bed frame made of wood is both typically highly recyclable. 


Furniture made of wood or wicker can be recyclable, but it may have to be sent to a special recycling facility. Metal is usually easy to work with and can be recycled by metal recycling, and metal furniture can be reprocessed and turned into other products down the line.


There are other pieces of furniture – e.g., patio furniture – that contain a lot of glue, particleboard, plastics, and compressed wood that cannot be as readily recycled.


Efficient Commercial Furniture Removal Bedford 


Property managers and business owners can be tempted to handle furniture removal on an in-house basis, but the costs can quickly add up. Supposing that you can throw away furniture in the dumpster out back, what happens with going about moving and transporting the furniture on your own? 


Going about office furniture removal on your own often means sidelining one of your workers to spend a day or three attempts to get furniture downstairs and into a dumpster. Will the furniture fit in the dumpster? Can you workers handle it? Is this the most efficient way to proceed? 


At Junk King, we offer full-service commercial junk removal, including bulky office furniture. Junk King is a top-rated service committed to efficient service; payment plans for business accounts also make service more convenient. 


Junk King handles all kinds of commercial junk removal, including commercial furniture removal in Bedford. Junk King can help with commercial equipment removal and commercial scrap pickup in addition to full warehouse cleanouts, property management cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, and storage facility cleanouts. 


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Fair and Transparent Pricing from Junk King 


All of the furniture that you need to be removed can still be removed by junk removal Bedford. At Junk King, we make it a priority to only charge customers for the actual space they use in terms of the volume they take up in the big red Junk King trucks. 


This is a huge advantage for customers, compared to the pricing structures that competitors might have. For instance, many junk removal companies will charge customers based on the weight of the particular furniture pieces added up together.


That can be a severe disadvantage when it comes to a back-breaking desk or den couch. Junk King does things differently. You will only pay for the interior volume that your furniture takes up in the Junk King truck. 


Another advantage that is sometimes overlooked is that Junk King can remove everything you have extremely efficiently. With Junk King, you can book an appointment online, pick a date and time, and have your residential or office furniture removed potentially within a day or two of reaching out to us.


Free, On-site Estimates Includes Everything 


At Junk King, we provide free, on-site written estimates. An estimate for furniture removal Bedford will include all labor charges, taxes, and dumping fees. Junk King is a full-service junk removal service. This means that you can expect prompt service from our fully insured, experienced crew tailored to your schedule. 


Without Junk King, you might have to incur these costs separately, which could add up without the experience and economies of scale that Junk King leverages for your benefit. Furniture removal Bedford can also be done through Junk King dumpster rentals


The Many Benefits of Recycling Old Furniture 


If you went about junk removal yourself, you would likely have to worry about labor costs, transportation, paying the fee for a landfill, or finding local recycling centers for all of the relevant materials (woods, metals, plastics, and so forth). 


Junk King does its best to recycle old furniture and ensure that furniture removal Bedford is done in an environmentally responsible way. Recycling old furniture reduces the need to expend energy or resources on new materials. This reduces the need to, for instance, cut down trees for wood to make new furniture.


The Environmental Protection Agency says that a “significant portion” (about 20 percent) of furniture and furnishings was put towards energy recovery via combustion in 2018. The flip side is that about 80 percent of this product sector was destined for landfills! 


Recycling more and keeping materials in circulation reduces carbon emissions and overall pollution that would have resulted from locating and processing these raw materials. Lower levels of deforestation will also translate into environmental benefits since trees help to capture carbon in the atmosphere. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator



Ready to Get Started? Contact Junk King Today 


Junk King is North America’s number-one-rated junk removal company partly because of how easy we are to work with. Call 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK), text a photo to 1-737-888-5865, or book your next appointment for furniture removal in Bedford online. 


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