Middlesex Single Item Removal: All in A Day’s Work for Junk King

Middlesex single item removal is just another way that we are dedicated to 100% percent client satisfaction. As far as North American junk removal businesses go, we have the highest ratings and most loyal clientele. One of the big reasons is the unwavering reliability and professional conduct of our excellent well-trained teams.

We know it’s just the kind of thing that our clients expect from a top-rated company like ours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to a new home or cleaning out a space at your existing one, we will take your junk away and recycle over half of it.

One of the things that separates us from the competition are our highly responsive Junk King Middlesex teams. Not only are these individuals 100% dedicated to customer service, they are highly trained and understand what goes into landfill and what can be recycled.

The Environmentally Friendly Decision

It’s an outstanding way of making the environmentally friendly decision when trying to decide where one Middlesex single item removal piece goes. There’s no project that’s too large and certainly none that’s too small for our Junk King team.

Credibility is one of the cornerstones of our entire business. That’s why we encourage you to take a look at our website and the customer testimonials there. These are from real people just like you who’ve used our services. Everyone found them to be top-notch and, in many cases, exceeding expectations.

Prospective Clients

A lot of our prospective clients ask us exactly what a junk removal service is. We are always happy to explain that what we offer is simply the ability to take any junk away from your home or business.

Business owners are always interested in what we’ve got to say because many of them don’t have the time to remove old photocopy machines and computers. You might not even have a lot of different odds and ends to get rid of. For example, an old refrigerator at your house can be an eyesore, especially if you’ve got a new one on order. That’s the perfect situation where our Middlesex single item removal services come into play.

Getting rid of even one big bulky piece is all in a day’s work for Junk King. Getting in touch with us is a quick and easy process. Ordering our Middlesex single item removal service is as quick as turning on your computer.

Put The Junk King Junk Movers To Work Today

September is a big month for moving. Kids are going off to college. Folks are retiring. First time homebuyers are finding bargains. That makes the first weekend in September extremely busy for movers. Ironically, this is also Labor Day weekend when folks aren’t supposed to be working. If you plan on making a move in the coming weeks, then you’ll want to hire Junk King’s junk movers before you hire professional movers. That way you won’t be bringing any rubbish with you to the new place and that’s a very smart move.


The kinds of things that the Junk King junk movers can haul out of your home is a long one. Think of any type of furniture: Coach, table, recliner, mattress, crib, futon, love seat or desk. They can all be carried out by the junk movers. “Carried” is the key word here because if something took two movers to bring it into the house, then it will take two movers to take it out again. The Junk King junk movers are very skilled at carrying heavy objects down stairs. Yes, they can bring stuff down from the attic or up from the basement. What do you have in those areas that you’d like to get rid of?

You don’t have to wait for your next move to get rid of junk. Junk King is available all the time for whatever removal project you need and it doesn’t have to be limited to the inside of your home. All that moving experience can be applied to the big items you’ve got in your backyard whether those are things that need to be lifted and loaded or taken apart. The Junk King team can handle it all from start to finish.

If you know what you want hauled away, then you can set up your appointment with Junk King today. It might even be taken care of today. Junk King often has room for same-day pick up sessions. This is a team that likes to move fast. How quick do you want to get rid of your stuff? With the Junk King Boston junk movers on the job, it can happen very quickly.

How To Take Care Of Antiques

Some of the antiques in your home might have been passed down through the generations. Others you might have specifically sought out and bought. Whichever way the antique came into your home, it is important that you take care of it in the right way. You don’t want a special piece of furniture ruined just because it was mishandled. Here’s how to take care of your antiques.


Use Beeswax

Despite how easy it looks on TV, those popular spray polishes might cause more harm than good especially if you’re using them consistently. The best way to clean antique furniture is with good quality natural beeswax. Not only does it protect the original finish but the beeswax also brings out the color and grain of the wood. You just need a small amount of beeswax on a lint free cloth. Try to rub in the direction of the grain. You should only wax every couple of months. In between, frequent dusting with a clean, soft duster can help keep the piece looking great.

Handle Brass with Care

Brass mounts or handles on a piece shouldn’t be cleaned with metal cleaners. Those can damage the surrounding wood. Instead, use a light waxing with fine wire wool (0000 grade). Also, be aware that anytime you touch the brass with your fingertips, you could be transferring acid from your skin that can damage the brass.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Natural sunlight is nice for a room but an enemy to antiques. If a piece is sitting in direct sunlight then the color could fade from it over time. That is compounded if only half the item is exposed to the sun. Then you’ll have major discoloration. This doesn’t mean you have to be in the dark all the time but just thing of how you’re going to use the room. Roller sun blinds can cut the sunshine while still providing light. If you know you’re going out for the day, then close the curtains. There are also special film covers you can put on windows that block out the UV but let in the light.

If you’re adding to your antique collection, then you’ll want to put those pieces on proud display. That might mean clearing out some other furniture that would never be considered valuable antiques. This is when to call in Junk King Boston. These are the professional junk haulers who can make quick work of hauling away all your unwanted furniture and appliances. You can always count on Junk King Boston to help make more room in your home for antiques and everything else that matters.

Professional Junk Clearing For Nashau

According to the calendar, summer has officially arrived and with it comes the first major storm of the summer in New Hampshire. A recent storm knocked out power for homes and businesses in Nashua. This is not all that uncommon for this time of year. What was unique about this particular storm is that it might have been a tornado. Pictures were snapped of the distinct funnel cloud. The National Weather Service has made the official designation of a tornado but you can’t dispute what witnesses said or those wind gusts that reached 70 mph. Were you impacted by this latest storm?

Any storm debris that might have been dumped in your yard doesn’t care if the storm was a tornado or not. What does matter is the fact that you’re in charge of the cleanup of your own property. The city only gets involved if damaged as caused to power lines or blocks the street. Luckily, you can always count on a company like Junk King Boston to help with any type of debris clean up here in Nashau.


Junk King Boston is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have literally cleared away tons of storm debris and junk since they began operations back in 2005. Junk King operates on a simple philosophy: They do all the work. That work is performed by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal session. The goal for the Junk King team is to get everything you want removed onto their truck. Sometimes that requires cutting, chopping or dismantling but the teams are equipped to handle those types of jobs.

How your stuff fits onto the truck is how your final fee will be determined. This is an estimate that is calculated by the Junk King team before the work begins. It is a flat fee that covers all the work from start to finish and that includes the dropping off of your debris. When it comes to any kind of storm debris removal or junk clearing here in Nashau, you can trust Junk King Boston to get the job done fast.

This Father’s Day Let Junk King Help Your Dad

Although you say it all year long, Father’s Day is the one day when “thanks, dad” becomes the focus of the day. You’re thanking dad for all the things he has done to provide a happy home. That’s a lot of hard work and it is work that never seems to end. Even if you’re grown up and out on your own, you’re still thanking dad for all the support. A great way to show that appreciation is to get him help with some of those ongoing chores. If getting rid of bulky items around the house is on your dad’s list, then you can give that job to Junk King Boston for Father’s Day.


Anytime you visit with your dad, you might notice all the things that could be removed by Junk King. There could be old appliances in the garage or furniture down in the basement that isn’t being used. It will help make things more manageable around the house to have those things cleared away for good. Junk King will send over everything you need to take care of this task: A pair of movers and a big truck. This is a much better approach then trying to hire workers off the street and renting your own truck. Plus, there is the disposal to think of.

Would you know where to take all those unwanted items? Junk King knows exactly where to make those drop offs. Their order of priorities are charities, recycling centers and, as a last resort, a landfill. Those kinds of drops offs could take all day to complete but that isn’t something you have to worry about with Junk King on the job. They handle all of that as part of their service.

You’ll also find that hiring Junk King is a very affordable option for getting rid of all this unwanted rubbish. Junk King will charge a flat rate based on how much space your stuff will occupy on the back of the truck. It is a unique way of pricing this type of work that is extremely fair and affordable. This Father’s Day, let Junk King Boston help you say thanks to dad by getting all his junk gone for good.

Fast And Affordable Junk Removal In Nashau

The James Mastricola Upper Elementary School in Merrimack has a bat problem. Actually, they had a bat problem. This was a bat colony with around 200 flying critters that had taken up residence at a wing of the school for nearly two years. It’s not just the bats that are a direct safety hazard but also what they leave behind in the form of bat guano. That is extremely dangerous to breath in. To clear out the colony, professional exterminators had to be brought in and walls need to be torn down. Inside the walls they found a few bats with the rest off migrating. Fortunately, they won’t have a home to return to.


What does it cost to get rid of a bat colony? The remediation and rebuilding will come with a price tag of $600,000. Yes, bat clean up can be costly. Do you have any major cleanup projects you’d like to tackle around your Nashau home? Maybe there is a garage full of rubbish or a backyard junk pile that you’d like cleared away. Fortunately, there is a fast and affordable approach to this type of junk removal and that would be calling in Junk King Boston.

Junk King Boston is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who are all dedicated to the same goal: Help homeowners get rid of junk the quickest and easiest way possible. What makes working with Junk King easy is the fact that their crews are going to do all the lifting and loading for you. That includes bringing anything down or up a flight of stairs. Know you have movers standing by to carry everything out can help you with your list. You don’t have to hesitate getting rid of something based on size or weight. With Junk King on the job, it can all go.

Junk King also likes to move fast. If you call today, then there is a good chance all your rubbish can be cleared out by tomorrow. It might even be able to get picked up today. The best approach for getting your Nashau home clear of junk is to give that job to Junk King Boston ASAP.

Take Care of Heavy Junk Removal Today

A typical home can have anywhere between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of stuff. That is a couple of tons of things in your house. What do you think the heaviest thing in your home might be? A piano or treadmill would win that prize but it could also be a sofa or bed frame. All that heavy stuff was brought into your home by a pair of movers. When it is time to get rid it, you’ll need another pair of movers. That is exactly what Junk King Boston can provide: A team of capable movers who can handy your heavy junk removal.


Usually when you think of junk, it is something that is left outside to rot away in a landfill. But junk is really anything you no longer need or want in your home. That loveseat could still be comfortable but after sitting on it for ten years, you’re looking for a change. That makes it junk for you and Junk King is in the business of helping you get that stuff cleared.

You main reason for hiring Junk King might be to get rid of that single piece of heavy junk but there could be a lot more you want to get rid of. Take full advantage of that two-man moving crew and have them clear out all your junk items, big and small. The team from Junk King won’t let you lift a single item for this task. If you have something upstairs that you want carted away, then just leave it right there. The Junk King squad will easily move it from the spot.

Junk King’s helpful removal work can extend beyond the inside of your home and include clearing yard waste. That can be a big help especially if you’re getting some planting done.

How fast do you want your heavy junk gone? With Junk King on the job, it could be gone as early as today. If you call in early enough and a team is close to your home, then there could be a same day pickup arranged. That’s fast. Make room in your home today by having Junk King Boston haul away all your heavy junk.

More Great Reviews For Junk King Boston

To measure how a company is doing you only have to ask its customers. Every company should be open enough to accept criticism. Junk King Boston is proud of the work they do and based on these reviews, they have a lot of happy customers.


“Junk King was very responsive when we submitted an online inquiry form. They were out to give a quote within 48 hours and could have hauled away our broken down swing set if it hadn’t been for the recent foot of snow on the ground. We were able to schedule a pick up on our schedule and the guys who came were even nice enough to take the time to set aside some of the toys that were salvageable. Calling in Junk King to help after storm damage crushed everything in our backyard was the best thing we did! Thank you!” – Victoria Maguire

Junk King likes to move fast especially when the job calls for storm debris cleanup. You can always count on Junk King to provide a quick response for junk clearing.

“The guys were super nice, accommodating and answered all my questions and left no mess! The guys were also on time. Thank you! (and great turnaround time).” – P.P.

“You guys are prompt, courteous, helpful, and reasonably priced. I’ve used you twice and both times the haulers have been incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They always make sure the job is done right.” – Beau Blinder

The operating philosophy for Junk King is that they do all the work. If doesn’t matter if you’ve got something heavy down in the basement or upstairs that you want taken away. All that matters to Junk King is that you want it gone.

“In less time that it took me to put on slippers; they had the sofa bed out the door. I wanted to have that sofa bed out since last year. I wrote the check gave it to them and they drove off. I realize that you would like to have customer comments, on a scale of 1 to 10, the gentlemen were 11.” – W.B.

Two movers make all the difference. When you need junk cleared out of your home, you can always count on Junk King Boston to get the job done.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

The day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas are both prime shopping days. Those are when the big deals are set up to draw in customers. Throughout the year, many stores take advantage of people being off and schedule other big sales around long weekends like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. What about buying a new car? Yes, dealers take advantage of those long weekends but that can often mean large crowds that you’ll have to wade through. The good news is that those weekends are the only good time to buy a new car. Consider these other options:



The end of a quarter is crunch time for dealers. They need to move cars off the lot to make room for new models and meet quotas. The best end-of-quarter would also be the end of the year. It might seem like an odd time, but the week after Christmas and before New Years is a prime zone to shop for a new car. Think of this as the ultimate Christmas present.

End of the Month

If you can’t wait until the end of the quarter, then aim for the end of the month. Car salesperson are always focused on bonuses and those bonuses only happen if they sell the right number of cars. At the end of the month, they could just be one car sale away from hitting the target. That could be you! Make them work for your business.

Early In the Week

Mondays and Tuesdays are also good days to buy a car. Less crowds and more time for the dealer to focus on what you need.

Do you have a new car in mind? Make sure you check out the prices online before you go to into the dealer so you know the bottom line you can bargain towards. You’ll also want to get the garage ready. That might not seem like a priority but the moment you drive that car off the lot it starts to depreciate. That is why you want to protect it as much as you can. If you’re garage is full of rubbish, then you’ll need to hire Junk King Boston to clear it out. They back the truck up to the garage door. You point to what you want taken away and in no time at all, your garage can become free of rubbish. Make room in your garage for a new car with a junk clearing session from Junk King Boston.

Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

Although there is still cold temps, according to the calendar, spring has officially sprung. It won’t be long now before you can throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. It’s also the perfect time to get you house cleaned from top to bottom. Spring cleaning is all about taking those extra steps to make sure your house sparkles and shines. Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips you can add to your checklist:


Protecting Furniture and Carpets

Are your carpets and furniture protected? Sealants like Scotchguard and Utra-Guard can go a long way towards beading up spills. It keeps them from seeping into the fibers and fabrics. These protectors can also help with fading and prevent mold and mildew. Before you spray, do a deep cleaning of your upholstery and carpets. Then seal it all up!

Clean Your Oven the Old School Way

Of all the spring cleaning tasks, cleaning your oven is probably the most challenging. There are a lot of “quick” methods that involve abrasive chemical sprays. These always seem to give off noxious fumes. They also make a horrible mess. The best way to clean is the old school way: Use a wet pumice stone to scrape off dirt and grease then wipe down with a wet towel.

Do Quick Touch-Ups

Once you get your home clean, you should get into the habit of quick touch-ups. A few minutes of spot cleaning every other day can sustain all that hard work you did cleaning. Build yourself a spot-cleaning kit that includes micro-cloths, cleaning pads and dry sweeper clothes. These can all be use for fast removal of fingerprints on the wall, dust in the corners and grime everywhere else. The key is to clean when you see it instead of waiting.

As you go through your home cleaning, you’re sure to come across a lot of items that you can do without. Write a list or tag them with a Post-It and then call in Junk King Boston. A team of hard working movers will be dispatched to your home to efficiently remove all those designated items. Your spring cleaning won’t be complete until Junk King Boston removes all the unwanted clutter.