Rubbish Removal Helps Get The Guestroom Ready

Everyone wants snow for Christmas. The only problem is that snow can often get in the way of making the rounds on the holiday. You don’t want to go out in bad conditions. Plus, a severe snow storm can shut down airports meaning that your out of town friends and family wouldn’t be able to make it in for the celebrations. Perhaps the best hope is for a “light dusting” of snow just to make everything look like winter but without the disruptions. Getting the guestroom ready for those out of town visitors is also important and that should start with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Boston.


All you need for a cozy guestroom is a bed, nightstand, lamp and closet/dresser space. Anything else will make the room feel crowded. You certainly don’t want your guests to feel like they’re spending the night in a storage locker. Even one stack of boxes is too many boxes!

It is time to evaluate everything that you have in storage in the guestroom. Are you ever going to wear those clothes again? Are you going to use that furniture? What about all the old computers and DVD players? If they’ve already been replaced and upgraded, then it is time to toss them out. However, you’re smart not to put those particular items into the trash. They need to be dropped off at a recycling center. This is something else that Junk King can help with. They make drop offs to recycling and charities every week. That’s where your unwanted stuff needs to go and Junk King can make it happen.

Beyond the guestroom, you might have a lot of other rubbish scattered through the house that you want to clear out. Just let the Junk King crew know what you want gone and you can consider it gone for good. Before the work begins, the team from Junk King will let you know what the total fee will be. They’ll based that on volume and not weight. It’s the fairest and most affordable approach for this type of service.

Your out of town visitors will appreciate a guestroom without rubbish. Junk King Boston can make that happen today.

Get The Home Ready For The Holidays With Help From Junk King

How long is your “to do” list for getting your home ready for the holidays? Once Thanksgiving is over, the real work begins of turning your fall decorated home into a winter wonderland. There could also be parties to plan out, gifts to buy and a lot of Christmas cookie baking going on in the kitchen. All of this is going to require time and coordination. The last thing you want to concern yourself with are some of those leftover chores like getting rid of old furniture or appliances. Don’t let that be something you put off for another year! Hire Junk King Boston for quick rubbish removal session today.


Junk King wants to make the removal of those bulky items from your home as easy as possible. That would mean letting somebody else do all the work. Junk King provides you with your own personal moving crew. But instead of moving stuff from one house to the other, this moving crew moves out the stuff you don’t want permanently. How great would be to never have to look that old sofa or recliner again? One session with Junk King can make it disappear for good!

Before Junk King shows up you will want to go through all the areas in your home where you’re keeping stuff in storage. Remember, the Junk King crews are terrific with maneuvering bulky objects up and down stairs. That means you can clean out the basement and make room for out of town visitors. You can also make all the rubbish disappear from your attic. One session with Junk King can truly transform your home.

After you’ve gone through all the storage areas, you can book your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you opt for the online approach, then you get a discount right from the start. Best of all, this entire process won’t take up much time for your busy day. The Junk King crews can be in and out and all. They can also arrange for same day pickup if they are near your home. The sooner you hire Junk King Boston, the sooner you can get your home ready for the holidays. Make it happen today.

Hire Junk King To Bring The Clutter Down From The Attic

As with any room in your home, your attic has two options: Storage or living space. The decision might be based on design. Some attics were meant to just be for storage and insulation. They could be as rudimentary as having pieces of plywood placed over the rafters to cover up the insulation. Other attics were designed to be useable spaces with covered floors and walls. There might even be windows and skylights up there to let in the light. But just because an attic is designed as a useable space doesn’t mean it is getting used. Too often, it becomes the home’s storage area for all the discarded items that are too big for the trash. If you want to reclaim your attic space, then you need to hire in Junk King Boston to bring down the clutter.


Access is also an issue that determines how you use the attic. It is much easier to use an attic that you can get to by a flight of stairs as opposed to a ladder pulled down from the ceiling. Would the crew from Junk King prefer stairs to ladder? Of course but they won’t be slowed down with either access type. All you have to do is tell them what you want removed and they’ll find a way to make it happen.

Once that unwanted stuff is cleared from your attic, you can continue to use it as a storage space but one that will be a lot more organized. If you want to convert the attic into a practical guest bedroom or office, then you’ll be off to a good start with a junk free zone.

Getting your attic clear of clutter is a good project to take care of with Junk King’s help but it doesn’t have to be the only cleanup project you hire them for. Once all the attic clutter is brought down, you can get the crew to remove items from your closet, garage and yard. Think of the positive impact that is going to have around your home. One call to Junk King Boston can get your attic clear of all kinds of rubbish. Are you going to make that call today?

Quality Junk Haulers For Woburn

Whenever you require help from a service professional the expectation is that that professional will live up to the standards of what they promise. Plumbers, painters and repair service personal will typically guarantee their work with some kind of warranty. That shows they stand behind what they do. However, there are some services that don’t require a warranty such as junk hauling. Once the junk is gone, the job is done. But that doesn’t mean the actual work and interaction with the company can’t be of the highest professional quality. You’ll certainly get that when you hire Junk King Boston for any of your junk removal needs here in Woburn.


Is there one big thing you’d like to get rid of from your home? Is the fact that the item is too heavy to move and you would need a big truck to haul it away a factor? That won’t be a problem with Junk King on the job. They are going to send over a moving crew who can lift and load just about any item you want to get rid of. And that lifting would be regardless of size or weight. As for the truck, Junk King will have you covered there, too. Their company truck is big enough to haul away a lot of discarded rubbish. More than you can imagine!

Aside from that big item that you want to get rid of, there might be a lot of little things that could be cleared out, too. This is a good opportunity to get rid of all the old electronics from TVs to printers to DVD players. That is e-waste that has to be handled at a certified facility. Junk King won’t be doing the dismantling but they can make sure those items end up at the right spot for that task. It is all part of their complete junk removal services.

You can’t also extend Junk King’s help to the outside of your home. Get the yards ready for winter by removing all the debris and other items that need to be cleared out like rusty furniture or a crusty grill. The best approach for getting junk and rubbish cleared from your Woburn home is to hire Junk King Boston. Quality work from start to finish.

Time To Toss Out An Old AC? Call Junk King

The changes of the season usually mean changes around the house. The little things like setting the alarm back an hour or swapping out smoke alarm batteries and air filters are the little things. The bigger issue might concern your heating and cooling system. This is when you should get your hot water heater or furnace inspected to make sure it will work when the weather turns cold. It is also the time to flush out the air conditioner unit and get it ready to be “dormant.” If that AC failed over the summer or you want to get something more powerful for next summer, then it is time to toss out the old AC. And that means it is time to call in Junk King Boston.


Junk King is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work since 2005. In that time, they’ve handled a lot of air conditioners. Even the small window units are best carried out by two movers and that is exactly what Junk King will provide. Your assigned moving crew can bring that old AC down from upstairs and down apartment stairs if needed. They’re also know how to properly dispose of this appliance.

Air conditioners fall into the category of appliances that need to be dismantled at certified facilities. There are some potentially hazardous components inside an AC that you don’t want seeping into the ground at a landfill. Junk King knows where recycling centers are around New England and make drop offs at those places on an ongoing basis.

The focus of your appointment with Junk King might be to get rid of that old AC but you certainly don’t have to stop there. What else do you have in your home that you could get rid of? It would be worth the time to go through closets, cabinets and other storage areas just to see what can be tossed out. It can be a lot of little things or a bunch of big things. Remember, you will have a pair of movers doing all the work so anything goes!

When it is time to toss out an old AC and the rest of your junk, it is time to call in Junk King Boston.

Hauling Away Old Carpets Is Easy With Help From Junk King

Listen to music on the radio can provide a daily, “blast from the past.” There are so many songs that can provoke a memory. You know where you were when that song was popular or maybe it was played at your wedding. There is nothing wrong with taking the occasional trip down memory lane unless it is your home décor. You probably wouldn’t want any guest to your home to think that the furniture and carpets are another “blast from the past.” Unless you’re intentionally decorating for a vintage look, it might be time to get those old carpets hauled away and replaced. Junk King Boston can’t help with laying down new carpet but they can make fast work of hauling away the old carpet.


A Junk King session is always staffed with at least two capable movers. This is all you’ll need to quickly and safely get that rolled up carpet out of your house. You’ll probably also be replacing the carpet padding underneath and that can go onto the Junk King truck, too but you don’t have to stop there. As long as you have two movers at the house why not take full advantage of them? This is the crew who can load up furniture, appliances, electronics and garage clutter in the same trip. Think about the difference that kind of junk removal can make around your house and it can all happen with one call to Junk King.

Cost is always a consideration when you hire a service professional. Junk King has a flat fee pricing schedule that provides the crew, the truck and the disposal for one price. That crew will be charged the same rate if they’re just loading things up or if they have to spend some time taking things apart. If the team needs to make a few different drop offs at various recycling centers and charities, then that will be included as well. You’ll never be charged by weight but instead by volume. Simple and fair.

The challenge of getting rid of old carpet and rubbish is easily handled when you hire Junk King Boston for the task.

Tips For Strong Storeroom Organization

The worst thing you can tell a customer is that you’re out of stock with an item. No matter how loyal they are, there is no reason why they wouldn’t go somewhere else to buy that item. It could be that this is something that simply sold out but it might also be a situation where you storeroom organizing is lacking. Would an employee ever give up looking for something because it is taking too long? Here are some tips to help boost your storeroom organization:


Keep Training Warehouse Staff

The best organizing system in the world won’t mean much if your staff doesn’t know how to use it. This is why you need to constantly keep training them as to the proper procedures that you’ve set for that organization. Any time a new product comes into the warehouse, it has the opportunity to get “lost” unless everyone is on the same page. It also helps to ask your staff about ways to improve the system. After all, they’re the ones on the front line.

Utilize Cycle Counts

Some companies prefer to take one large inventory count, usually towards the end of the year. The problem with that is that if there are any reconciliation issues to overcome, it might be too late. Cycle counting will have you routinely counting inventory once or twice a quarter. This helps keep those numbers accurate and allows for more up to date response for restocking.

Use Information Labels

Scanning barcodes will be vital for your inventory database. It will help your employees if the labels also detail the type of product and description like size or color. Not everyone is going to memorize SKU numbers. Remember, the goal is always to find something fast in the place you expect it to be because it was organized that way.

Remove Clutter

Nothing messes up an organized system more than clutter. In a stockroom, that clutter can take the form of damaged products or items that aren’t even being sold. Accounting will handle the loss of these items but there is no reason to hang onto them. This is where Junk King Boston can be a big help. Setting up regular rubbish removal sessions with Junk King Boston can keep your storeroom clean and organized. That’s a smart business move.

Junk King Can Help With Your Cardboard Box Problem

Somewhere there are cardboard box manufacturers that are very happy. In the last couple of years, selling online merchandise has skyrocketed. That means a lot more cardboard boxes are being utilized to get those packages where they belong. This also means a lot of homes and businesses are developing a cardboard box problem in the form of piles of boxes that are taking up valuable storage space. The solution to that problem is easy: Bring in Junk King Boston.


The best place for a cardboard box to end up is in the recycling bin. When you hire Junk King to remove your piles of cardboard you can count on that recycling action taking place. Junk King has set up partnerships with recycling facilities throughout the area. They know right where to drop old cardboard and any other recyclable material you might be getting rid of. You don’t even have to request this special service. It is included in the junk removal package.

Although getting rid of those cardboard boxes might be the reason you’re hiring Junk King in the first place, it doesn’t have to be the only reason. You can also put them to work removing all the rest of your unwanted junk. When Junk King says they do all the work, that can mean breaking down those cardboard boxes. It can also mean going down into the basement to bring up a busted water heater or worn out sofa. Navigating those stairs won’t be a problem for these crews. They do this every day.

What about the cost? Here you’ll find that Junk King is one of the most affordable options for this type of service in the area. They don’t charge by the pound but by space. How much space will all your cardboard boxes and rubbish take up on the truck is the issue. That is something that the Junk King crews will size up when they arrive at your property. They know how to pack up those trucks tight and that will always benefit your bottom line. Hiring Junk King Boston means your old cardboard boxes and other rubbish won’t be a problem any longer.

Middlesex Single Item Removal: All in A Day’s Work for Junk King

Middlesex single item removal is just another way that we are dedicated to 100% percent client satisfaction. As far as North American junk removal businesses go, we have the highest ratings and most loyal clientele. One of the big reasons is the unwavering reliability and professional conduct of our excellent well-trained teams.

We know it’s just the kind of thing that our clients expect from a top-rated company like ours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to a new home or cleaning out a space at your existing one, we will take your junk away and recycle over half of it.

One of the things that separates us from the competition are our highly responsive Junk King Middlesex teams. Not only are these individuals 100% dedicated to customer service, they are highly trained and understand what goes into landfill and what can be recycled.

The Environmentally Friendly Decision

It’s an outstanding way of making the environmentally friendly decision when trying to decide where one Middlesex single item removal piece goes. There’s no project that’s too large and certainly none that’s too small for our Junk King team.

Credibility is one of the cornerstones of our entire business. That’s why we encourage you to take a look at our website and the customer testimonials there. These are from real people just like you who’ve used our services. Everyone found them to be top-notch and, in many cases, exceeding expectations.

Prospective Clients

A lot of our prospective clients ask us exactly what a junk removal service is. We are always happy to explain that what we offer is simply the ability to take any junk away from your home or business.

Business owners are always interested in what we’ve got to say because many of them don’t have the time to remove old photocopy machines and computers. You might not even have a lot of different odds and ends to get rid of. For example, an old refrigerator at your house can be an eyesore, especially if you’ve got a new one on order. That’s the perfect situation where our Middlesex single item removal services come into play.

Getting rid of even one big bulky piece is all in a day’s work for Junk King. Getting in touch with us is a quick and easy process. Ordering our Middlesex single item removal service is as quick as turning on your computer.

Put The Junk King Junk Movers To Work Today

September is a big month for moving. Kids are going off to college. Folks are retiring. First time homebuyers are finding bargains. That makes the first weekend in September extremely busy for movers. Ironically, this is also Labor Day weekend when folks aren’t supposed to be working. If you plan on making a move in the coming weeks, then you’ll want to hire Junk King’s junk movers before you hire professional movers. That way you won’t be bringing any rubbish with you to the new place and that’s a very smart move.


The kinds of things that the Junk King junk movers can haul out of your home is a long one. Think of any type of furniture: Coach, table, recliner, mattress, crib, futon, love seat or desk. They can all be carried out by the junk movers. “Carried” is the key word here because if something took two movers to bring it into the house, then it will take two movers to take it out again. The Junk King junk movers are very skilled at carrying heavy objects down stairs. Yes, they can bring stuff down from the attic or up from the basement. What do you have in those areas that you’d like to get rid of?

You don’t have to wait for your next move to get rid of junk. Junk King is available all the time for whatever removal project you need and it doesn’t have to be limited to the inside of your home. All that moving experience can be applied to the big items you’ve got in your backyard whether those are things that need to be lifted and loaded or taken apart. The Junk King team can handle it all from start to finish.

If you know what you want hauled away, then you can set up your appointment with Junk King today. It might even be taken care of today. Junk King often has room for same-day pick up sessions. This is a team that likes to move fast. How quick do you want to get rid of your stuff? With the Junk King Boston junk movers on the job, it can happen very quickly.