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Monterey Construction Waste & Debris Removal

For years there has been a battle raging in Monterey over one of the most pristine and scenic stretches of the Pacific Coast: Pebble Beach. At issue is a proposed expansion of the area put forth by developers who want to build a new hotel, expand existing hotels and develop 90 lots for new homes. All told this is a whooping 200 million dollar project that will be a boost for the local economy. What stood in the way were a group of environmentalists and local residents who all worried about the impact this project would have. After plenty of studies, hearings and debate the California Coastal Commission gave the green light to the plan. This comes as welcome news for the developers.

“It’s an historic day for us, because it shows that the public sector and private sector can work together in a cooperative manner,” said Bill Perocchi, chief executive and part-owner of Pebble Beach Company told the Wall Street Journey. This is the same company whose resort includes the Pebble Beach Golf Links and 17-Mile Drive.

As for the environmental impact, the commission took strides to insure that would be minimized. “If you walk in those forest areas, there is an amazing collection of coastal resources that will be protected by this plan,” Charles Lester, executive director of the commission, said in a hearing where the plan was approved.

Now with the plan approved, the construction work can begin in earnest. No doubt there will still be grumbling from some locals. One aspect of a construction project like this that can help smooth ruffled feathers is to insure that the construction waste is properly disposed off. On a big project like this, there will be mounds of construction waste created every day. Unless that waste is carted off quickly, it can prove to be an eyesore and a hazard. That’s why construction waste disposal is such a vital part of any project planning.

On a much smaller scale, you might be dealing with your own construction waste issue. If you’re planning any type of home remodel project you’ll be creating plenty of trash. That’s why you should arrange for a professional junk hauling team to handle you construction waste removal: Junk King Monterey.

Your contractor might offer to handle this responsibility which on the surface seems like a good idea; after all they are handling all other aspects of your project. The problem with this approach is that the contractor will be dealing with limited resources. To keep your project on budget, they’ll only have a small number of workers on the job site on any given day. If they have to stop the job early so these workers can load up the waste and drive it to the right dump site then you’re not getting a full day’s work in terms of your project. Hiring Junk King Monterey means they’ll be charge of the trash and you can make arrangements for a daily or weekly pickup. Just be thankful you don’t have to handle all the Pebble Beach construction waste!

Monterey Foreclosure Clean Out

While there have been some signs that the foreclosure crisis is easing in certain parts of the country, California is still feeling the pain especially when it comes to Federal Housing Administration insured home loans. Even the homeowners that were offered relief with some refinancing options have slipped back into default. This has resulted in an increase of foreclosures in the state in the last several months. While this is obviously bad news for those homeowners, this could be turned into a “plus” especially in areas such as Monterey where housing is at a premium. If you are thinking about investing in the real estate market don’t discount the foreclosed home to provide you with a bunch of viable listings.

There are many online services which claim to offer complete listings of all the foreclosed homes in the Monterey area. Even though you have to pay a monthly fee for these listings you might think this is a good resource. While that might be true in certain instances, there is no guarantee that these listings will be up to date. One of the best resources for foreclosed home listings would be the banks themselves who now have to take charge of these types of properties. It’s the banks that will be scheduling any auctions for these properties and that is where you might be able to pick up a really decent home for an incredible price.

However, with an auction, you might not always have the opportunity to closely inspect the house. Yes, the bank will have to provide a truthful representation of that home’s value with regard to its structure but you might not have any idea what you’ll find when you get the keys and open the door. Inside could be a ton of garbage left behind by the previous occupant. If that person was foreclosed on then they might not care what state the house is in. It could also be the case that they were leaving to a smaller home or apartment and forced to abandon a lot of furniture or other appliances. As the new owner, you’ve now inherited all of this garbage. The good news is you can clear it all out in a matter of hours with the right crew of professional junk haulers – Junk King Monterey.

These professional junk haulers won’t be put off by the garbage left behind; they’ve seen it all! While you’re arranging for painters, new carpets or anything else for the home, the junk haulers will be tossing all the garbage onto the back of their truck for removal. This is important because the faster you can clear out the junk, the quicker you’ll be able to make that home habitable. Whether you’ll be moving in or you’ll be renting out the space, you’ll definitely want Junk King Monterey to remove all traces of the previous occupant.

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