Use Junk King To De-Clutter The House For Back-To-School

Getting your kids ready for back-to-school often means getting them used to waking up early again. Most kids go through a cycle of sleep that starts with them waking up early as a young child. The older they get, the more they tend to want to sleep in. By the time they get to be a teenager it’s a big challenge to get them out of bed. A smart move would be to keep them on the same alarm schedule over the summer as they are for school days. It might be too late for that this year but it something to plan on for next year.

It also helps to de-clutter their rooms as much is possible for back-to-school time. That decluttering work should begin in the closets and dressers. That is where you are likely to find a lot of outfits that are no longer going to be worn simply because the kids have outgrown them. Devoting some time to sorting through the closets and dressers will have you creating a big pile of clothing that should be cleared out of the house once and for all. You might even want to add your own unused outfits to the pile. Once you’ve done the sorting it is time to call in the team who can make short work out of getting rid of it all. That would be Junk King Monterey. These are the junk hauling professionals that can take your decluttering agenda to a whole other level.

A Big Help

Junk King provides the crew that is going to be a big help for your decluttering project. Everything that you pull out of the closets and dressers that you want to get rid of you can leave than a pile right by the stores. When the Junk King team shows up at your house you can direct into the piles and have them pick them up right spot. It is a much more efficient way of getting rid of things then you have probably ever utilized before. All the things that you’re turning over to Junk King will have the opportunity to be donated to a charity. That is the best approach for disposing of things that you don’t want that can still be used by others. It is a drop off the Junk King is happy to make.

When it is time to de-clutter your house for back-to-school is time to put Junk King Monterey to work.

Get Your Rental Properties Market Ready With Help From Junk King

The Internet has made it a lot easier for folks to rent properties most on the short and long-term. This means that having a home in a vacation area like Monterey can be a decent revenue-generating enterprise. The goal is to make sure that you have a fast turnaround in between renters. Obviously, if you are renting of furnished apartment or house you only need to do a good cleaning in between the renters. However, if your property is more for the long-term renters, then you might have the need for some more intense rubbish removal in between occupants. That’s where Junk King Monterey can make a huge difference.

All The Crew You Need

Junk King will provide all the crew that you need to facilitate your rental property rubbish removal. It might be that the standard two-man moving crew is all that is required. That certainly would work if there is just a few pieces of furniture and some random household goods. But if that property has been left in a bigger mess, then you can count on Junk King to provide you with even more crew members for a big cleanup session. They want to make sure that everything is taken away quickly so that you can bring in any other contractors needed to make repairs or painting.

Whether you use one Junk King team or three you will be charged the same flat rate. That rate will always be based on the volume. It all comes down to packing. And if there’s one thing that the junk King crews know it’s how to pack up their truck with a lot of stuff in as little space as possible. That will result in you paying the low end of the price scale.

The Junk King crews don’t need a lot of supervision. Once you have identified for them what you want them to load up you can leave them to their job. Just don’t go too far. That’s because the crews work fast. They could have the house cleared out in less time than it takes you to do a Starbucks run!

Let Junk King Monterey be your cleanup partner to help make your rental properties ready for the market.

Steps And Trash Don’t Slow Junk King Down

Whenever someone moves out of a home or apartment they have two choices: either take everything with them or leave stuff behind. Leaving stuff behind might be because they didn’t plan properly for packing. It also could be that they didn’t have room on whatever truck they were using to move out. There are also a few tenants that leave without even telling the landlord. They might think that they can avoid paying rent and use their security deposit as that last rent but in reality, the landlord could come after them for that rent. They can also sue them for cleaning charges. Those would be the irresponsible tenants.

A responsible tenant, would hire Junk King Monterey to help with the cleaning out of the property. This quick video is a perfect example of how Junk King operates in a home clean out assignment. When everything must go, no amount of trash or steps slow down junk King.

A Lot of Effort

A clean a job like the one demonstrated in the video was a lot of effort. You can imagine how many times the Junk King crew had to climb the stairs to get that property cleared out of all the unwanted rubbish and trash. It seems as though they were requested to take everything. That means clearing out all the cabinets and drawers. As long as that stuff is considered trash and doesn’t have to be sorted through, then junk King is happy to comply with that request. This is the type of job that you can set up with junk King and then return later and have the whole home cleared from top to bottom. What a relief that would be!

You don’t have to hire Junk King to clear out an entire home worth of unwanted clutter. They will be just as happy to combine your house to remove only a few pieces of furniture.

The goal should be never to live with trash and clutter that you don’t need. One session with Junk King Monterey can help with that goal.

Redesign Your Office With Help From Junk King

You won’t have to go far online to find inspiration on ways to redesign your office. Whether you are working in a loft space or a traditional office floor, there are ways to utilize that space that can add to the productivity of your staff. One popular trend is the open floor design. This is where you configure desks around a common space that provides better access and communication between the employees. That might seem like a radical redesign of your office especially if you have been using cubicles for a long time. However, this is something that will be easy to take on with the help from Junk King Monterey.

The Right Crew

Junk King has the right crew for this job. Actually, every crew working for junk King is the right crew for this job! That is because all the junking team members have experience with dismantling all types of structures. They can take apart shelving, desks and any other type of office furniture. That includes the cubicle walls. If you moved into the space with the walls already up, then you might not even know how to bring them down. There is no need to look for a manual. The team from Junk King will have the right tools and the experience to get his job done.

Clear Out the Stock Room

Hiring junk King to bring down your cubicle walls is also a chance to clear out your stockroom. You can finally get rid of all that old office equipment that is taking up valuable space. Why pay rent on storage space for things you know you’re never going to use? That office equipment also has to be handled properly. It can’t just be tossed into the landfill. Instead, the Junk King team will strive to make sure it gets placed at a certified recycling center that handles e-waste. That is all part of the exceptional service provided by Junk King.

To redesign your office, you want to start with bringing down the cubicle walls. Junk King Monterey can make that happen with a single appointment.

Stay On Top Of Keeping Your Business Clean

Whenever a business orders too much inventory they will often have an inventory sale. This means selling off the access at a reduced rate. That is something that customers will definitely appreciate and it can help a business recover any potential losses. That extra inventory can also create a bit of a rubbish overflow situation. That’s because there will be extra boxes, pallets and other shipping materials that will be piling up around the business. That debris will often end up in an alley. It certainly helps keep it from the flow of the business but it can create a negative impression when customers see that rubbish overflow. This is why it is important to clean up that kind of trash situation as quickly as it happens. To get that accomplished, you only have to bring in the team from Junk King Monterey.

Outside of the Business

The bulk of the jobs that Junk King accomplishes occur on the inside of a home. This is where old furniture, appliances and other household goods are cleared from. The team from Junk King are experienced with this type of removal and make quick work of it all. But their efforts aren’t confined to the inside of a house. They can also perform some amazing clean up outside of a business, too. The same two-man crew and big truck can roll up to the back of your business and load up any amount of rubbish overflow. It doesn’t matter if those items have gotten rained on and are a bit of a mess. Junk King’s mission is to get it all clear away for you in a single session.

Settle on the Fee

Before the work can start, you will need to settle on the fee. That will happen after the Junk King team has looked over all the things that you want to get rid of. This will allow them to decide just how much space everything will take up on the back of the truck. One fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. It is a very fair and competitive price that will always be good for your business bottom line.

Don’t let rubbish overflow at your business cause a negative impression for customers. Get it cleaned up today with help from Junk King Monterey.

Start Your Summer With Rubbish Disposal

How many plans have you put together for the summer? You might have some specific dates set aside for hosting dinner parties for family gatherings. You might also have plans for a vacation to far-off destinations. Maybe your vacation is just going to be a staycation here in Monterey! Whatever your plans for the summer it helps to have a “clean plate” with regard to household chores. You have a lot more fun knowing that you’ve taken care of all those tasks that you’ve been putting off. That can include rubbish disposal. It is not just tossing out the recyclables but getting rid of the big rubbish items that won’t fit into the trash can that you should be focused on. One of the reasons that might have prevented you from throwing out those kinds of objects is that you needed a moving crew and the truck. Now you can get exactly that with one call to Junk King Monterey.

Where is Your Rubbish?

If you define rubbish as something that you no longer need or is broken beyond repair, then the next question to ask is where is your rubbish around the house? You might have designated a spare room as the storage area for old furniture and electronics. That makes sense if you not using that space. Of course, the fact that you put in all that rubbish might be preventing you from using that space. Wouldn’t it work better as a guestroom for the summer or maybe a place to take up a crafting hobby. The team from Junk King can swiftly swooped in to remove all those items from that spare room but they don’t have to stop there. They can also pull out all the rubbish from your garage, attic and closets. All you need to do is decide what specific items you want taken out and the team from junk King will do the rest.

Donation Drop-off

It might be that some of the rubbish items you want to get rid of still could be used by someone else. That is certainly true with clothing and some furniture pieces. As part of the Junk King service, they like to make drop-offs to charities of the things they collect. Some of those charities were even repair appliances and furniture. You don’t have to decide what would work for charity. The Junk King crews know all that.

Your summer will get off to a great start you hire Junk King Monterey for a rubbish disposal session throughout the entire house. Call to make that happen today.

For A Special Gift, Hire Junk King For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is dad’s special day. If he is lucky, he’ll get to sleep in. When he wakes up, he’ll be treated to a great pancake breakfast and plans to fill up his day. That could mean a trip to a golf course or time in a backyard hammock. The last thing dad should do on his special day is any work. It will be easy to let him slide and skip those chores that might have been stacking up but it would be even better if you can take care of them once and for all. Consider the job of rubbish removal from the house. There might be a bunch of things like old furniture or appliances that your dad needs to get rid of from his home. That is the kind of job that requires movers and a truck and that is exactly what Junk King Monterey can provide. That would make an amazing Father’s Day gift.

Dad’s Picks

Before the Junk King team shows up for the appointment, dad will get to pick out all the things he wants to get rid of. Remember, he won’t be doing any of the actual work. That means anything that might have been too heavy for him to move on his own can now be easily picked up by the team from Junk King. That includes any item that might be up on the second floor.

Your dad can also go through the garage, cabinets and closets to pull out all the things he has no more use for. That could mean anything from clothing to books to other household items. It can all go in a single session and that will free up a lot of valuable storage space.

No Waste

Your dad will probably appreciate the fact that Junk King isn’t going to throw everything onto a trash pile in the landfill. Instead, they will make every effort to drop items off at charities. Junk King has great working relationships with these organizations and knows exactly what items that accept and in what condition they can be in. There is never waste when Junk King is on the job.

This year make Father’s Day a special one for dad by hiring Junk King to help him clear out all the rubbish.

Junk King Monterey Customers Share Their Comments

Whenever you go out to dinner you have the opportunity to provide an “instant” review to the food server. They should always be checking in with you to find out if you are satisfied throughout the course of the meal. If something is into your satisfaction, then you should send it back to the kitchen. When it comes to hiring a service professional for something like junk hauling you also have a chance to share your instant review when the job is done. That is exactly what the following Junk King Monterey customers did and their reviews can be very helpful with your decision to hire Junk King:

“After an unavoidable missed appointment my truck arrived promptly the next morning. I was quoted a reasonable price and they took less than 15 minutes to complete the job. Very cordial and courteous workers. I definitely recommend this company for any trash or furniture removal.” – Carol E.

“Speedy and friendly service. The workers were in and out in no time, and the fact that they take card is very convenient.” – Autumn P.

“Mario and his team are as professional as they come. They let you know when they will be there and do the service in a very timely manner. All the stuff in this side room was junk along with a hot tub they were able to dispose of. Thanks Junk King!” – Christopher A.

“I’ve had a pile of cardboard in an old garage sink in the backyard for almost a year I finally got sick of it and called them only took the two guys about 15 minutes to clear out all the cardboard, light fixtures, garage tub, rakes and other old stuff on the side of my house that I’ve had out there forever and since it wasn’t that big of a job and relatively quick only got charged a minimum of 70 bucks should’ve done this a long time ago.” – Robert Q.

“On time… reasonable price…nice people…worked fast… what more could you want?” – Diana G.

It is clear from these reviews that Junk King is providing an exceptional service. Do you need rubbish removed from your property? Then you need to hire Junk King Monterey today.

Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal and Basic Wall Demolition Tips

Over the years that Junk King has been looking after your Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal needs, we’ve seen many DIYers at work. This industrious bunch takes on everything from bathroom to kitchen remodeling jobs. We are always on hand afterward to help them clean up.

Being helpful is what we do. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on basic wall demolition. Just make sure you don’t run these off and pin them up on a wall you’re going to demolish!

Watch Those Load Bearing Walls
One of the first things that you need to do when you’re deis determinedwall is determine whether it is loadbearing or not. Experts suggest that if you need to remove one of these that generally run towards the center of the house, you should have something in its place.

Putting up temporary walls will help to bear the weight. Keep in mind that you can run into structural problems by removing these walls without framing up proper supports. Once that part of the job is done safely, you can give us a call. We are experts at removing construction waste in a safe and eco-friendly way. Remember our Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal services are available when you book online or call us.

Cover the Floor
One of the other things that you need to do before you demolish a wall is cover the floor. We suggest you use a large piece of cardboard or quarter inch plywood. The idea is to protect the finish. There is going to be a fair amount of dust so you might want to use a drop cloth on the rest of the room.

Work in Steps
Our Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal services are methodical and safe. Not only that, we also offer donation and recycling services to lessen everyone’s carbon footprint. Working through a series of carefully planned steps is the way that everyone on our team gets the job done thoroughly.

It’s also the best way to proceed for wall demolitions. If you start by making a hole in the center of the drywall, you can pull out a piece to expose studs or any piping or electrical work you want to leave in place.

If you’ve decided to take the entire wall out, you’ll need a reciprocating saw for the studs. Remember that we always have your back with our Junk King Monterey – Junk Removal services.

Get Rid Of Rubbish Before A Home Appraisal

Has there been a recent home sale on your block? It might be said to lose a good neighbor but it is an opportunity to find out what your home might be worth. If your home is the same relative size as the home they just so and is in the same condition, then you can expect a comparable price where you to put your home on the market.

You don’t have to sell your home to get it appraised. But that appraisal can certainly be a benefit if you are taking out a home equity loan or want to refinance your mortgage. Getting your home appraised is not unlike getting the home inspected. The appraiser might not be as thorough as an inspector but they are still going to take in a lot of factors. A big concern is how you are keeping up the home. If there is a lot of rubbish in the backyard and crammed into closets and out in the garage, then the appraiser might not have a positive impression. That is why you should consider getting rid of all your rubbish before the appraisal happens. That is easily accomplished with help from Junk King Monterey.

The Junk King Way

Junk King takes a simple approach when it comes to rubbish removal. They are going to do all the work. The “they” in this scenario would be the two-man moving crew that will be assigned to your session by Junk King. This is a crew that has been licensed and insured. That makes them 100% professional. They also have a very positive attitude which is something every worker coming into your home should have. No matter what piece of furniture you want them to remove, the Junk King crew will do it with a smile! There also great at handling more challenge removals like objects that have to be taken apart such as a pool table, entertainment center or bed frame. The crew will have the tools and the skills to get this task taking care of in a very timely fashion.

Great Pricing

Junk King’s pricing policy is based on a flat fee. That fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. It is determined by the crew before they begin loading up the truck. They will estimate how all your junk will fit onto the truck. It’s all about the volume with Junk King. Shop around in your shortest find out the Junk King prices are the fairest in Monterey.

Before a home appraiser comes in, be sure to get the rubbish out with help from Junk King Monterey. Set up that session today.