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Get Your Yard Cleaned Up With Junk King  

Spending time in your backyard is what summer is all about. Whether that means an afternoon swim in the pool or an evening grilling session for dinner, your backyard should be an oasis. That means it should have relaxing areas to sit in the shade and nice garden views. Achieving that goal takes regular upkeep but it starts with making sure that any and all debris that you might have scattered around the yard is removed. That is where Junk King Monterey comes into play. Not only are these professional junk haulers great with removing furniture and appliances but they can do some amazing work around the backyard.

Natural and Man-Made

Every item in your yard falls into two categories: natural or man-made. The natural debris could be things like fallen palm fronds or landscaping waste that you want to clear out. They might also be a pile of dirt or rocks that you cleared to make way for garden. All of that natural debris can be loaded by the Junk King. As for the man-made items, they also can be cleared away by Junk King. That can include any old patio furniture or gas grills that you want to replace. If you have structures in your yard like I dilapidated shed or a playground set that you want to clear out, then the Junk King team can make short work of that as well. Those are the types of jobs that require a little bit of dismantling. The Junk King teams have the experience to take on those tasks and best of all you won’t be charged any extra for the additional time.

The fee for yard cleanup is the same as it would be for your furniture and appliance removal. The cost is a flat rate that is based on how the truck will be filled up with all of the items that you are getting rid of. None of those items will be put on a scale. You also know what that prices before the work begins. It is also a fair price that will be matched by any other investment in writing.

One session with Junk King Monterey can get your yard totally clear of any kind of debris. Book that session today.

Get Rid Of Junk The Safe Way

Even as everyone shelters-in-place, the municipal services continue. There was never a slowdown for first responders or basic services like power, water and trash pickup. It is a testament to how efficiently local government can respond during a crisis. Staying at home has also given many homeowners the opportunity to take stock of their living environment. Plenty of folks have repainted rooms, rearranged furniture and reorganized their homes from top to bottom.

Those are the kinds of projects that might often generate excessive piles of unwanted rubbish. That usually happens when you move things around or sort through closets and garages. If you find yourself now dealing with a large stockpile of rubbish, then you can count on Junk King Monterey to help get rid of it all. As with the municipal services, Junk King is still on the job and still ready to help homeowners and apartment renters get rid of all kinds of unwanted clutter from their living spaces.

A Safe Approach

Junk King has put into place new procedures designed to keep the moving crews and our customers safe. That begins with how the crews will be picking up rubbish for the time being. All of our clues will wear gloves and masks as a precaution. They will also make the pickups from the outside of a property. That means you just have to put the things that you want to get rid of on your front porch or driveway. At the scheduled appointment hour, the crew will swing by and grab everything. It will all be gone before you know it!

Before the Junk King team arrives you will be able to work out the price in advance. That will be based on a photo that you can send of all the junk that you want to get rid of. That will allow us to determine how the truck get packed up with all of your things.

Junk King Monterey remains dedicated to providing a safe and affordable method for getting rid of all your unwanted clutter. Book a session today.

Smart Approach For Home-Schooling

Because of school closures throughout the area, parents are getting first hand lessons in how challenging a teacher’s job can be. Keep in mind, that the teacher has to manage 20 to 30 kids at a time! Thankfully, there is a lot of support being provided in the form of structured online assignments. This can make sure your kids can keep up with their classwork and still finish out the year as they would in school. There is still a bit of a learning curve with home-schooling. Here is the smart approach to take to make the most of your home-schooling time:

Make a Schedule

You want to maintain some level of normalcy when it comes to your home-schooling. That can being with keeping everyone on the same bedtime and wake up schedules. This is not the time to allow late-night TV viewing. You should also establish a schedule for the actual assignments. You’ll find that instead of doing homework after dinner, all of the school work can be accomplished in morning and afternoon sessions.

Make Sure to Take Breaks

Even with that schedule, you can still be flexible. You want to make sure you have plenty of breaks throughout the day. After all, that is what you kids have going on at school! Some of those breaks can be “motivational.” You can let the kicks spend time playing video games or watching a favorite TV show is they finish their morning session. The breaks are not only important for the kids but also for you!

Set Up a Class Zone

You should try to create a dedicated class zone for the home-schooling. You might want to supplement the class lesson with some bulletin board action. There will also be a need for a printer and computer. It might mean turning your dining room into a class room for the duration of the home schooling.

Make a Clutter Free Environment

It will also help if you can keep up with the house work while sheltering-in-place. Your kids can pitch in. In fact, you might find them a bit more cooperative because they are looking for things to do! Going through the house and setting aside all those clutter items to get rid of can create a positive living environment. When you’ve got all of that stuff together, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Monterey. We have put in some new procedures for picking up rubbish that can help keep customers and our crews safe. Let Junk King Monterey be your safe rubbish removal partner.

Junk King Can Be A Terrific Spring Cleaning Partner

Spring cleaning could really be called deep cleaning. This might be that one time of the year where everything in your home is thoroughly cleaned. It’s not so much just a light dusting and vacuuming as it is moving furniture and washing curtains. The comforter gets sent to the dry cleaner and everything gets pulled down off of shelves and out of cabinets. On some level, spring cleaning can be thought of as cleaning every single object in the home. That means every thing will pass through your hands. That is the kind of thorough cleaning that can totally reset your entire home. But if you truly want to have a positive impact with your spring cleaning this year, then you need to bring in Junk King Monterey for a removal session.

You Make the Call

When you are deciding what you would like to have Junk King remove from your home, you get the make the call. In other words, you’ll never hear from the Junk King crew, “we can’t take that.” With Junk King on the job, anything goes. That includes anything from a second floor or anything that is especially heavy. You might have been able to move a dresser or a piece of furniture a couple of inches to clean underneath but the Junk King team can lift it up and carry out of your house for good.

Everything that you turn over to Junk King will go through a second sorting process. You won’t be part of this at all. It will fall to the Junk King workers to go through everything that is collected and decide what can be donated to a charity or what can be dropped off at a recycling center. Once they have a full truck load of those items, they’ll make the drop off. This means a lot more work goes on after your stuff has been removed but that is just the way that Junk King wants to do it.

When you’re ready to do a total spring cleaning, you’ll be ready for a session with Junk King Monterey. Set up that session now.

Get Ready For A Backyard She Shed

Everyone needs to occasionally escape to a quiet place. In a busy family, that might hard to accomplish. Perhaps that is why she sheds are gaining in popularity all across the country. Unlike a typical garden shed, a she shed is designed to provide a cozy atmosphere. It can have windows, a sky light and electricity. There can also be room for comfy furniture that allows for quiet relaxation. A she shed can also become a pottery or art studio. Unlike a room addition to the home, a she shed is a freestanding structure that doesn’t require complicated set up. In fact, Amazon even sells she shed kits for easy assembly. If all of this sounds appealing, then you’ll need to get your yard ready for a she shed and that preparation should start with a call to Junk King Monterey.

Yard Clearing Help

The two-man team from Junk King won’t be able to put your she shed together (even though that have the skills!). The purpose for hiring them is to clear the space for the she shed. This can involve taking down things like a swing set or playground area. There might also be an older shed that has to be emptied and taken apart. All of that work can be accomplished by the Junk King squad. They do more than just lifting and loading!

A lot of what you might have Junk King clear from the yard can be especially heavy. This is why you need two movers on the task. It is also why you want to make sure Junk King is the junk hauling company that you want for this job. That is because Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. Imagine if they had to weight rocks and dirt? Instead, Junk King’s fee will be determined by how the truck gets packed up by the crew. Their goal is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. They do that so you can pay the low end of the pricing fee. That really is what they want to make happen.

Getting your backyard ready for a she shed should include a yard clearing session with Junk King Monterey. Set that up today.

How A Junk King Session Can Work For Valentine’s Day

The goal for presenting a Valentine’s Day gift is to present something thoughtful. That involves listening to what your partner likes. The longer you are with someone, the more you are able to pick up all of those “hints” that get dropped regarding gifts. It is always nice when you can surprise someone with a gift. Imagine the surprise you can create if your partner comes home to discover all the rubbish items that they want removed for a long time are finally gone. That can be an extremely thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day and one that can happen with a call to Junk King Monterey.

Business Model

Junk King has been a nationwide professional junk hauling service since 2005. Their first operation proved to be so successful that they began franchising businesses all across the country and into Canada. In order to franchise, you need to establish a proven business model that other companies can use for their operational guidelines. Junk King has created a business model that puts them as the leading professional junk hauler in every community that they set up a franchise. That is no different here in Monterey. The Junk King Monterey operation has exceeded all expectations in providing exceptional customer service. All of that experience can be brought to your home and applied to the removal of all the things that you want to get rid of.

Junk King does all the work. That means you do not have to prepare for the crews in any special way by gathering all the things you want removed. That might not even be practical if you are getting rid of furniture and other heavy objects. You will have a pair of movers that will take care of all that work from start to finish. It’s a very efficient process that will take up a lot of your time. The only thing you need to be prepared with is knowing the specific items that you want removed.

A rubbish removal session for Valentine’s Day with Junk King Monterey can be a very thoughtful gift. Set up that session today.

Junk King Monterey Provides Fast Storm Debris Cleanup

Anyone who lives in a coastal community knows what it means to “brace” for storm. The Monterey area has certain see its fair share of storm devastation. Often, it is not the actual rainstorm but the aftermath of flooding and mudslides that causes the real problem for the area. That is why it is important for every homeowner and property manager to have an independent storm debris cleanup company standing by at the ready to help with the aftermath of any storm system. Junk King Monterey can be that company for you.

Anything Can Go

The items in your backyard are what will take the brunt of any storm. Once you make the determination that those things need to be cleared out the crew from Junk King can make short work of loading everything onto the truck. That can include anything from old patio furniture to a shed that has been damaged. If something in your backyard looks like it might start to fall down, then it is a good idea to let the Junk King team take it apart and clear it out for good. That way you won’t have to deal with future.

A lot of what you are getting rid of in the aftermath of a storm could be waterlogged. That will make it extremely heavy. It won’t be a problem for the junk King crew to lift and load those items onto the truck. It also won’t be a problem for you when it comes to your final fee. You are not can be charge by the pound for anything you are getting rid of. Junk King bases its price structure on how their truck gets packed up. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and let the Junk King crew take care of it.

You will know what the prices before the work begins. There will be no extra charges for a quick pick up. That’s because Junk King always makes a quick pick up.

When the need arises for fast storm debris cleanup it is good to know the Junk King Monterey is standing by to help.

Junk King Monterey Specializes In Full-Service Junk Hauling

Have you ever been to a restaurant that had a menu several pages full? It is nice to have a lot of options but you have to wonder how effective those chefs are with making so many different dishes. Can you really count on that food always been fresh? That is why sometimes it is better to find a restaurant that specializes in just a few really good dishes. At the same can be said for many types of service professionals. You don’t want to hire a plumber who also specializes in landscaping and electrical wiring. That might be spreading themselves too thin. When it comes to full-service junk hauling, there’s one company in the area that it definitely specializes in this specific type of task. That would be Junk King Monterey and they are standing by to help you clear your home of any amount of rubbish and junk.

It Can Finally Be Gone

What is a single object in your home that you have wanted to get rid of for the longest time? Thanks to the help provided by Junk King that object can finally be gone. It doesn’t matter if it is as heavy as a piano or as bulky as an exercise treadmill. Both of those items have been deftly removed by the Junk King crew on numerous occasions. In fact, junk King teams have taken out even bigger objects like a backyard hot tub or garden shed. They have even cut a small boat in pieces in order to get it onto the back of the truck! The Junk King crews have terrific problem-solving capabilities and they will find the best course of action when it comes to getting your unwanted items on to their truck for fast disposal.

All of this work can happen very fast. That holds true for the actual lifting and loading and also for scheduling. You might find the Junk King has a same day pickup available when you call in. At the very least, you can count on Junk King striving to complete your session with a next day turnaround. You won’t have to keep your junk around any longer when you’ve got junk King on the job.

Junk King Monterey specializes in full-service junk hauling and that can be very good for your home and business. Schedule a session today.

Kick Off The New Year With A Junk Removal Session

In many parts of the world, there is a New Year’s Day tradition that has folks taking a plunge in frigid waters. This always attracts a lot of attention both from new stations and passerbys who can only imagine just how cold those waters can be. For the folks taking the plunge, it is an invigorating way to kick off the new year. There are other ways that you can kick off the new year that won’t be as challenging as diving into freezing waters. You could start with a junk removal session from Junk King Monterey. This is the kind of work that can transform your home without you lifting a finger.

Anything Goes

When you hire Junk King for a junk removal session you can create a long list of items to clear from your home. What might impact what goes on that list is the fact that junk King is going to provide you with your own private moving crew and huge truck. This will let you clear out all kinds of furniture and large appliances that you been eager to get rid of all your long. There will be no limitation on weight or location. Bringing a mattress or bed frame down from an upstairs bedroom will be just as easy for the Junk King team as hauling boxes out of the garage.

All you have to do is point to what you want removed and then watch it go by. You don’t have to feel guilty about asking the junk to lift something heavy. This is the kind of work they do every single day and they do it without causing any damage to property or injury to themselves. It is a very seamless process!

The cost for Junk King services will be based on how the crew ends up packing up the truck. They will know that cost before the work begins because of all their experience with packing. They can look over any amount of items and know exactly how they will fit onto the truck. That is when the present you with an estimate for the cost. When you agree to that fee the work can begin and before you know it all of that unwanted clutter and rubbish will be gone for good.

Kick off the new year with a rubbish removal session Junk King Monterey.

Don’t Keep An Old TV In Storage

There are plenty of items that you keep in storage around your house for a good reason. That would certainly apply all of your holiday decorations. These are the boxes and bins that come out once year whether for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. You might also keep some seasonal clothing in storage like bulky sweaters and jackets. They also only need to come out once a year for several months. They could be some keepsakes in storage that you might actually consider bringing out to put on display. Those would be terrific memories to start generating again. As for anything else you have in storage, it might be time to reconsider its practicality.

For instance, are you holding onto any old television sets? You might have been justified in keeping those TVs because you know they shouldn’t be tossed out in the trash and end up in a landfill. That’s very noble but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto that old TV forever. One call to Junk King Monterey can have that TV picked up and your storage area cleared out.

Easy Load In

You will be assigned a two-man moving crew for your old TV removal. The bigger the TV, the greater the necessity for those two movers. It will only take them a few moments to get that TV safely onto the back of the truck. That TV won’t take up a lot of room especially if it is an old flatscreen. This should motivate you to consider what else you would like to have loaded onto the truck. Having the Junk King crew at your disposal means you can get rid of anything from an old pool table to a recliner. These teams have plenty of experience lifting and loading heavy objects of all sizes. You don’t have to hesitate or feel guilty about asking them to do the same for you.

Before all those items get loaded up you will be presented with a fee that will be based on how the truck gets packed. The less room that the Junk King crew uses, the less you will be paying. It is just that simple.

There is no reason to keep an old TV in storage when Junk King Monterey is standing by to help remove it from the house.

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