Monterey, CA Exercise Equipment Removal

Monterey is a great place to get in shape. There are miles of hiking trails, bike pathways and coastline that make for exciting opportunities to work up a sweat. Of course, that means getting out of the house to do those workouts. You might think that is a waste considering you have some exercise equipment in your home. However, how often do you actually use that equipment? Has it become more of a clothes hanger or place to put overflow boxes? If so, then you might consider letting it go. Moving out a heavy object like that will require a little help. That is easily found with one call to Junk King.


Junk King sends a pair of professional movers out to every junk removal job. This is the crew who will literally be doing all the work for you. You only need to point to what you want removed and then watch it fly out the door. Knowing you have that extra help, you can begin to see how easy it is to take away all your unwanted stuff. This is a great chance to not only clear out the closets but the garage as well. While they’re at it, the Junk King team can also do some amazing things around your yard. If you’ve been hold onto piles of construction waste or landscaping debris, then turn it over to Junk King. They’ll make sure it is disposed of in a responsible manner.

In fact, Junk King prides itself on how it gets rid of junk. Instead of rushing to a landfill like most so-called professional junk haulers, Junk King would rather take extra time sorting through all the collected materials. They’ll be on the lookout for any item that can be repurposed. If they spot something like that, they’ll see to it that the object gets to a certified recycling center or reputable charity.

That recycling is included in the low rate Junk King charges. It is price that will be based on an estimate of how much space your junk needs on the truck bed. Once you agree to the price, it will be locked down. Even if your junk ends up using more space, you’ll still only pay the original estimate. That is a fair deal you won’t get anywhere else. Whether you just need to remove old exercise equipment or get all of your junk hauled away, Junk King is the best deal in Monterey.