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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Is Your Monterey Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

First impressions matter a lot in business. If you meet a client outside of your office, then you’ll want to take him to some place that is befitting of what you’re trying to get from him. In other words, a food truck by the park won’t cut it unless you’re selling food trucks! When they client comes to check out your operation, what is the first impression they’ll have of your office? Could it be too cluttered? Before you ruin that first impression, bring in the team from Junk King. They’ll help remove all kinds of office clutter.


Junk King has been in the professional junk hauling industry since 2005. From that first company, they were able to franchise their business model in over twenty-two major cities all across America and up into Canada. Clearly, they must be doing something right!

Customers appreciate the fact that when Junk King says they do all the work, they really mean that. The two man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal session will be able to lift and load any heavy piece of office furniture or equipment. They will also be equipped with the right tools to dismantle a desk, cubicle or anything else that needs to be take apart before it can go into the service elevator.

The goal is to get everything remove without disrupting your business. If you prefer to have Junk King come in before the work day starts or on the weekend, that can be arranged, too! Scheduling is easy with Junk King’s online appointment calendar.

With regard to the cost, you’ll find that Junk King offers the most reasonable fees for this type of service in Monterey. The fee structure is based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk will need to fill on the back of the truck. Once the crew presents you with that estimate, it won’t change. You can depend on Junk King to provide a fair price every time.

You can also arrange for that same crew to help declutter your home and yards. This is a great opportunity to tackle that big junk removal chore around your home and you won’t have to lift a finger! A cluttered office is no way to impress a client. Get Junk King to remove all your office junk ASAP!

Monterey Don’t Be Scared Of Your Attic (Or Basement) This Year

There isn’t a lot to be scared of with living in Monterey. The views are spectacular. The beaches are amazing. Plus, you’re never far from a great bottle of local wine. Still, it is the season for scares and you’ll find plenty of folks getting into the Halloween spirit by transforming their homes into something spooky. It doesn’t take much to turn any exterior into a haunted house. A few cobwebs, some plastic bones and a couple of tombstones will do the trick. What might be truly scary is the place in your home where you keep all those decorations. If your attic, basement or closets are overrun with clutter, then it’s enough to make you scream! That is when it’s time to call in the pros from Junk King.


If you’re wondering whether Junk King is a good company to hire, consider what some of your fellow Monterey residents are saying about their experience:

“The gentlemen who arrived at my house were very friendly and accommodating. It’s convenient in that they will move and pack everything for you! My garage is still full so – yes – I’ll be contacting Junk King again!”

The goal for Junk King is to clear out whatever you want taken away in a single appointment. However, sometimes you might not have everything sorted through. That’s not a problem for Junk King. You only have to point to what you want taken away and it will quickly be loaded on the truck. Sometimes, just clearing away half the clutter helps you sort and save.

“First off, Jeff was very friendly and polite! We spoke as if we’ve know each other all our lives I showed him what I needed taken away, Jeff went over the estimate and it was just what I figured it would be. Being disabled as I am, there was no way I could do this myself. Jeff and his crew got everything loaded and done in about 20 minutes! Perfect!”

This happy customer points out how easy it is to work with Junk King. It only takes one call to put a plan into action that will have your junk removed without you lifting a finger. Junk King will also be extremely responsible with the disposal of your items. If something can be repurposed, then they’ll make sure that can happen. Are you ready to finally get your basement, attic and garage clutter clear? Let Junk King show you the way!

Convenient Junk Removal Services in Monterey, CALIFORNIA

All homes and businesses tend to have a fair share of junk accumulated in the backyard, for months or even years. If you are nodding to that, it is time you did something about it. If you want your house or office to have some more breathing space and a cleaner environment, call Junk King. We are committed to remove every piece of scrap from your city.

We offer junk removal services in Monterey, California at a very competitive price and we are known for doing our job in the most efficient way. There are many junk removal companies but we are among the most popular because we believe in doing something for Mother Earth too. We just do not pick up junk and dump it somewhere else to add to the landfill. We ensure to properly donate, recycle and dispose everything we load in our truck.

Junk King is a fully insured organization. Moreover, we are well aware of all rules and regulations that our kinds of services need to abide. We offer prompt service at affordable rates. The fact that our trucks are 20% bigger than our competitors, you are at an advantage to dispose more junk at a lesser price.

Cheap Junk removals easy now with Junk King

Once a time,people had to deal with the scrap materials lying at home on their own. But with the passage of time, due to lack of time as well as a change in regulations,most people today prefer hiring professionals to do it for them. Junk King has become a favorite with people as a professional company that offers cheap junk removal in Monterey, California. We have years of experience to back our business and our clients have stayed loyal.

We offer our junk removal services at affordable prices because we want everybody to take advantage of what we have to offer. People often back out from hiring professional junk haulers due to their steep charges. And in the process they either pile up the debris or hurt themselves while attempting to do it themselves.

Our junk removal prices solely depend on the amount of junk you want to disburse. Moreover, we offer the most accurate free estimate, which is much lower than you would be charged by other such junk removal service providers. Our charges include tax, labor and dumping fees. We do not have any other hidden charges.

Convenient household Junk Removal Services at your doorstep

How convenient would it be if somebody comes to your place and takes away all your scrap items? That’s now easily possible with Junk King. We come to your doorstep, collect all the debris and load it onto a truck while you relax.

Junk King has been providing household junk removal in Monterey, California for a long time now. We have been in the business for a long time and know how this job is donebest. We have all the necessary things we need, including trained manpower,hi-tech equipment and massive trucks to efficiently remove junk from your property without disturbing anything else.

We offer all kinds of junk clearing for homes. Whether you want to clear the garage or backyard, or if you are shifting homes, offer all those services at your doorstep. The fact that we are often referred by customers is proof that we are the best in the home junk removal business. So, if your garage is piled with debris and you’re looking for reliable home junk removal services, look no further. Junk Removal is just a call away.

Clean out at homes & offices is easy with Junk King

It is quite common to see a heap of junk when homes are foreclosed, being vacated or being renovated. Sometimes, the previous residents do not take the time to clean the scrap they leave behind. At other times, some people want to leave a clean home. Often, the responsibility of cleaning homes falls on the shoulders of banks or realtors. They have a lot of properties to clear and therefore they need to hire a clean out service provider.

This is when Junk King comes into the picture. We are a team of skilled junk haulers in Monterey, California and provide all kinds of trash removal services.

Whether it is old appliances, furniture, useless items or any other debris, we are there to take all of these away. We are proud to say that our customers find us the most efficient junk haulers and rely on us forclearing services repeatedly. We also have the shortest turn-around-time because we understand the level of urgency of cleaning up.

With an expert team of people for junk hauling, we always meet expectations. All costs are told to your before we start working. Also, we take a maximum of two hours or less to reach the location from the moment we receive a call.
We also charge based on the amount of junk needed to be removed with no hidden charges.

Safe and easy Junk Hauling Services in Monterey

Junk removal on your own is not only tiring but extremely risky as well. Trying to haul away heavy junk from the home on your own can injure you. Therefore, it is not recommended that you do that. Instead, simply call Junk King where we provide junk hauling services at a reasonable price.

If you need to do things like that instead of carrying the load all by yourself, just pick up your phone and call Junk King. We are a group of professionally-trained junk haulers providing reliable services for several years.
You can rely on us for quick and cost-effective junk hauling in Monterey, California. We have a large workforce because of which we are always available. The team is able to meet the requirements of homes of all sizes because they are also trained professionals. Once you give us a call, the team arrives at your home with a large truck and all the equipment required to haul away all the junk.

We also believe in providing quick and efficient services to clients. We know the value of time and give extreme importance to your needs.We are just waiting for you to say, “take my junk” and we would be at it, finishing the job in no time.

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