Monterey Don’t Be Scared Of Your Attic (Or Basement) This Year

There isn’t a lot to be scared of with living in Monterey. The views are spectacular. The beaches are amazing. Plus, you’re never far from a great bottle of local wine. Still, it is the season for scares and you’ll find plenty of folks getting into the Halloween spirit by transforming their homes into something spooky. It doesn’t take much to turn any exterior into a haunted house. A few cobwebs, some plastic bones and a couple of tombstones will do the trick. What might be truly scary is the place in your home where you keep all those decorations. If your attic, basement or closets are overrun with clutter, then it’s enough to make you scream! That is when it’s time to call in the pros from Junk King.


If you’re wondering whether Junk King is a good company to hire, consider what some of your fellow Monterey residents are saying about their experience:

“The gentlemen who arrived at my house were very friendly and accommodating. It’s convenient in that they will move and pack everything for you! My garage is still full so – yes – I’ll be contacting Junk King again!”

The goal for Junk King is to clear out whatever you want taken away in a single appointment. However, sometimes you might not have everything sorted through. That’s not a problem for Junk King. You only have to point to what you want taken away and it will quickly be loaded on the truck. Sometimes, just clearing away half the clutter helps you sort and save.

“First off, Jeff was very friendly and polite! We spoke as if we’ve know each other all our lives I showed him what I needed taken away, Jeff went over the estimate and it was just what I figured it would be. Being disabled as I am, there was no way I could do this myself. Jeff and his crew got everything loaded and done in about 20 minutes! Perfect!”

This happy customer points out how easy it is to work with Junk King. It only takes one call to put a plan into action that will have your junk removed without you lifting a finger. Junk King will also be extremely responsible with the disposal of your items. If something can be repurposed, then they’ll make sure that can happen. Are you ready to finally get your basement, attic and garage clutter clear? Let Junk King show you the way!