Junk Hauling That Matters

There are probably a half a dozen items in your home that you’d like to get rid of. These objects can range in size or weight but what they all have in common is that they can’t go into a trashcan. It stands to reason that if you have something to get rid of you should just be able to give it to the weekly garbage collectors. Unfortunately, things don’t work that easily. The city isn’t inclined to pick up bulk items at random. Even when you do schedule a pickup, there are all kinds of restrictions. The least of these is the fact that you have to drag whatever you want take away down to the curb. That’s not always practical. A much better approach to this type of job is to hire a professional company that will be dedicated to providing you with quality junk removal services on your terms. For junk hauling that matters, you can always rely on Junk King Monterey.


Junk King has been hauling rubbish from homes and businesses since 2005. They know how important it is to provide this type of service around a customer’s schedule. If you know exactly what you want removed, you could call Junk King first thing in the morning and have a pickup later that afternoon. If you need more time to sort through boxes in your garage or shelves in your closet, then you can lock down your appointment for Saturday morning.

When deciding what you want to get rid of you have to factor in the moving. No, you won’t have to move anything down to the curb. Instead, you’ll have a pair of movers at your disposal. This team will be able to lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of in your home. Don’t hesitate getting rid of a piece of heavy exercise equipment that is no longer being used or leftover pavers from a landscaping makeover. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King. That makes this type of service very cost effective. For junk hauling and rubbish removal that matters, Junk King Monterey is the best option in town.