Hire Junk King For Reliable Old Furniture Removal

Would you describe your taste in furniture as “eclectic” or “traditional?” An eclectic approach to decorating means having a little bit of everything. It is a kind of “mix and match” way of placing furniture around the house. The traditional approach would have you matching furniture to carpeting and drapes and having those furniture pieces all from the same set. Either approach is great as long as you’re happy with the choices.

When you reach the point where you want to make some changes or those individual pieces are worn out, then you’re ready to make a switch. The old furniture needs to go out and the new furniture needs to come in. To make that happen you need to accomplish two tasks: Go shopping and call in Junk King Monterey. The shopping can take you all over Monterey. The call to Junk King sets up a reliable appointment for old furniture removal. That will actually be the easy part!

The Crew

Your furniture removal appointment with Junk King is going to be handled by a two-person crew. That is a standard number for every Junk King appointment. On some of the big jobs like a hoarder clean up, Junk King might send over additional workers to make sure the cleanup can happen in a single session. With furniture removal, if two movers brought something into the house, then it will only take two movers to bring it out again.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King could also provide you with a chance for some deep cleaning. If you are getting rid of a sectional sofa or bedroom set, then after Junk King has gone you should bring in some professional carpet cleaners. They can work their magic in plenty of time for delivery of your new pieces. That is a terrific way to welcome in some new furniture!

As for the fee, Junk King charges the same prices no matter what they are hauling. That price will always be based on how much space your furniture will fill on the truck. You never will be charged by the pound for furniture removal with Junk King.

When you’re ready to replace old furniture, Junk King Monterey will be ready to move those pieces out. Call to book a session today.