Don’t Clutter Up Your Home With Junk Get Rid Of It With Help From Junk King Monterey

Do you like going to yard sales or flea markets? It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday morning and there’s no telling what you might find. Of course, those are also way for folks to get rid of their junk so they don’t have to bring it with them on the next move. As they say though “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” How many things in your home would you classify as treasure versus junk? Obviously, you don’t want to think of your furniture as junk. But if you have an old sofa out of the garage or in a spare room that nobody is using then it could be classified as junk. The same can be said for outfits in your closet and appliances in your kitchen cabinets. Certainly all your old electronic gear that you upgraded would definitely be considered as junk. Have you reached the point where you’ve had enough with your junk? Then it’s time to call Junk King Monterey.


Junk King Monterey wants to make the removal of your unwanted clutter as easy as possible. That begins with embracing the fact that you don’t have to move a single piece of furniture or box of stuff. Everything you want taken away can be left right where it is. When the two-man moving crew from Junk King Monterey shows up at your house take them on a tour of all the things you want hauled away. After they’ve had a chance to look everything over they’ll be able to present you with an estimate for the cost. This is a fee that will be determined by how they think they’ll pack up the stuff on the truck. The less space they use, the less you’ll be paying.

When you agree to that price, the crew will spring into action. In a very short amount of time, all of your unwanted things will be gathered up and taken out to the truck. What you might not notice is while the loading up your stuff the junk King Monterey crew will be mentally sorting through all those things. They’re looking for the stuff that can be donated or recycled. This is all part of the Junk King Monterey service. Getting rid of all the clutter from your home is going to make a world of difference. Let Junk King Monterey handle that for you today.

A Great Home Improvement Project Starts With A Call To Junk King Monterey

The bigger the home improvement project, the bigger the plans. That is especially true with something like a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You need to know exactly what you’re getting into in terms of pulling up flooring, rewiring, knocking down walls and replacing counters. You might not need a blueprint but you certainly need to plan and budget accordingly. Of course, there are a lot of little home improvement projects like painting a room or installing the ceiling fan that don’t require much planning. Maybe the only home improvement project you want to take on is simply removing all the junk you’ve accumulated over the years. That is easily taken care with one call to Junk King Monterey

No matter when you’re reading this post, you’re only 24 hours away from getting all your junk cleared away. That’s how much time it takes for the average junk removal session with Junk King Monterey to be completed. Many of those same sessions are completed within the same day. A lot of that is determined by your own schedule. If you know exactly what you want Junk King Monterey to take away, then tell them you wanted picked up as quickly as possible. If you need some more time but when you log in a weekend slot, then Junk King Monterey can accommodate that as well.


Every junk appointment is going to be staffed by two strong movers. This is the team is going to do all the lifting and loading for you. They don’t want to see you move a stick of furniture out of your house. Unlike other junk haulers who requested you bring stuff down to the curb, Junk King Monterey will pick everything up right from the spot. That’s good news if you have something you want to bring down from upstairs or have a piece of furniture that is especially heavy. Weight or size is never a problem for Junk King Monterey.

What also isn’t a problem is taking care of the environment. Since they began collecting clutter, Junk King Monterey has been dedicated to keeping as much rubbish out of landfills as possible. That’s the kind of disposal plan that we can all benefit from. Get your home improvement project off to a great start with a call to Junk King Monterey.

Give Your Spring Cleaning A Boost With A Call To Junk King Monterey

If you were to Google “spring cleaning hacks,” then you would find literally thousands of pages of resources that are meant to make your annual big cleaning job go a lot smoother. There are all kinds of recipes for homemade cleansers and tricks to utilize for cleaning ovens and hard-to-reach corners. A lot of these hacks are total game changers and could have you rethinking how you do all of your cleaning. But there’s one way to boost your spring cleaning project that won’t have you lifting a finger. That’s hiring Junk King Monterey to take away all your unwanted rubbish.


As you go through the house cleaning you are sure to find all kinds of things that you’d like to get rid of. This can be stuff that has been on your list of rubbish for quite some time. The only thing stopping you from getting rid of it in the past is the fact that you didn’t have any help lifting it out of the house and loading it onto a truck. That can all change with one call to Junk King Monterey. Every junk removal session that set up by Junk King Monterey is staffed by two very strong movers. There really all the muscle you need to get rid of just about anything. This crew will be showing up in the truck big enough to hold entire house is worth of furnishings. It’s how your stuff will fit on the back of the truck that will determine what price you pay.

Way Junk King Monterey’s pricing policy works is that the crew needs to look over everything they’re going to be loading up right on the spot. They’ll be able to determine how much space that junk will occupy. Based on that sizing up, they’ll apply the price scale. The less space they use, the less you be paying. It’s a very fair and affordable way to handle this type of service. Anyone who is charging you by the pound isn’t looking out for your best interest.

Take a moment to consider how your home can be transformed once all that junk is cleared. The best way to finish your spring cleaning project is to bring in Junk King Monterey to remove all the clutter.

Junk King Helps You Enjoy A Weekend In Monterey

When it comes to enjoying Monterey, it’s all about the outdoors. You could make a great day hiking the Monterey Peninsula recreational trail were just hanging out in the bay. Strolling along Cannery Row is another way to spend a warm day. There’s also whale watching and paddle boarding that can fill up your time. All of these are great activities to do as long as you don’t have anything pressing back at home. Those chores you’ve been putting off for several weekends have a way of interfering with having a good time around town. This is why you want to reach out to Junk King Monterey. These are the professional junk haulers who can take care of getting rid of all that clutter that’s been piling up around your home and yard.


Before you book an appointment with Junk King Monterey it helps to have a sense of exactly what you want to throw away. You have to provide them with an itemized list. But they just want to know if they’re dealing with a standard cleanup or a hoarder level type of clean up. They can certainly handle both but one requires the standard two-man team while the other might require additional crews and trucks.

Whether you just have the two workers or six you won’t be paying any extra labor costs. That’s because Junk King Monterey only charges a flat fee based upon how much space your junk will occupy the back of the truck. This is a number that’s determined by the crew once a they’ve had a chance to look over all the things you want to toss out. Thankfully, these teams know how to pack up the trucks very tight. They want to get as many junk in as possible throughout the course of the day. That means you’ll benefit to a low price with every pickup.

In addition to removing all the items from your garage and closet, Junk King Monterey can also work wonders around the front and back yard. If you have old planters, patio furniture, barbecue grills, lawnmowers or even spare tires to get rid of, then this is your chance to do it. If you want to make the most of your weekend around town, then hire Junk King Monterey first.

Call On Junk King Monterey For Fast Apartment Clean Up

The typical amount of a security deposit for an apartment is equal to one month’s rent. That’s a lot of money to leave behind. The only reason the landlord collects a security deposit is to ensure they can make any repairs to damage you might have cause since you moved in. Of course, if you didn’t make any damage and everything is as it was when you took over the lease, then there should be no excuse for not giving back all your security deposit. Don’t assume that just because you’re leaving behind a perfectly good sofa or rugs that get charge for that. The apartment needs to be empty. That is why you should consider hiring Junk King Monterey for fast apartment clean up. This can be the last thing you do in the apartment and will ensure you get your deposit back.


Anytime you pack for move you have a chance to decide what to keep and what to toss out. You might discover there is a lot of outfits to wear will books you don’t need to keep. Those things might be easy for you to get rid of on your own. But when it comes to bigger items like kitchen appliances, furniture or an old mattress then you definitely need to hire Junk King Monterey. This is a professional junk hauling service is dedicated to clearing out spaces of all kinds of unwanted clutter. It doesn’t matter how many trips up your apartment stairs the Junk King crew will have to make clear out all that rubbish. If you want it gone, then consider it gone.

You might also have a storage unit in the building that is full of stuff left over from the last move. It’s a perfect reminder that you should bring junk with you to your new living space. Always remember that when you hire Junk King Monterey your hiring a company that is dedicated to repurposing the bulk of what they collect. Junk King Monterey will happily go out of their way to drop off your things at a local charity to make sure they stay out of a landfill. The perfect way to take care of an apartment clean out is hiring Junk King Monterey. Book them today.

Professional Contractors Know They Can Count On Junk King Monterey For Reliable Junk Hauling

One of the best indicators for a good contractor is someone that is too busy to take your job. That might seem counterproductive but if you can schedule with a contractor that is always working, then you know they must be doing something right. A contractor will also take on several projects at once. This doesn’t mean they’re going to ignore your remodeling job but instead they’re going to delegate the work to trusted employees. Often that means hiring out to subcontractors. Junk King Monterey is a perfect example. Professional contractors know they can always depend on Junk King Monterey to provide quick and efficient cleanup of any construction waste. You can also count on Junk King Monterey to get rid of all your unwanted junk and you don’t have to be a contractor!


Junk King Monterey isn’t limited by weight or size. They can clean up the demolition from a kitchen remodel down or an entire home renovation project. They’re not to charge by the pound. Instead, they have a price scale that is based upon how the crews pack up the truck. This isn’t something that is determined after the truck is loaded but before. Junk King Monterey crews have a lot of experience with this type of packing. They can look at any pile of junk and know exactly how it will fit onto the truck. They can say whether it will be one quarter, one-half, one third or the entire truck bed.

Once it has been determined they will present you with a written estimate of that fee. This is a number that will be locked down and. You not to find any hidden charges at the end of the job. In fact, if your stuff takes up more room than what was estimated you’re still be paying that original price.

Included in that affordable fee are all the drop off stops the Junk King might make on your behalf. They are dedicated to keeping the environment around Monterey as green as possible. That means avoiding the landfills and instead dropping your things off at a recycling center or charity. If you want to get your junk taken away the right way, then do what contractors do and hire Junk King Monterey from the start.

Make 2017 The Year Of No Clutter In Your Home With Help From Junk King Monterey

Do you have any big things plan for 2017? No doubt there are plenty of weddings, new babies, graduations, first time home buying, career changes and big vacations that a good to keep plenty of people busy throughout the year. That is nothing wrong with making big plans. But there is also a lot to be said for accomplishing small things that can make a huge difference like clearing your house of clutter. This could be a task you’ve actually been putting off since the start of the holidays but now that the New Year is here time to toss out all your unwanted items. Where should all that stuff go? That’s easy: onto the back of the Junk King Monterey truck!


Having access to a big moving truck could be a deciding factor in having you pick just what you want to get rid of. The other important factor would be the two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal task by Junk King Monterey. Because you have this very capable crew at your disposal, there is no limit to what you can get taken out of your house. They will happily load up any piece of furniture, appliance or other oversized item that you want gone. It also doesn’t matter what kind of condition that item would be in. The fact that you want it gone is all that matters to Junk King Monterey.

The crews working for Junk King Monterey are also great at problem solving. That comes into play when you’ve got something that might not fit out the door or down the hallway. Usually, that happens when you build something in a room like an entertainment center or bookshelf. Now that you want removed it will have to be taken apart first. The Junk King Monterey crews have a lot of experience with dismantling thinks.

All of this amazing work happens in a very short amount of time. Junk King Monterey knows how busy your days can get and they don’t want to take up any more of that time than necessary. That’s why they also offer same-day pickup appointments when available. You never have to wait to get rid of clutter and junk when Junk King Monterey is just a phone call away.

Get Organized With Junk Removal Help From Junk King Monterey

How many things around your house could you point to and say, I’ve got to get rid of that someday?” That day could be today you call Junk King Monterey. These are the professional junk haulers who are standing by to provide all the help you need to get rid of any amount of rubbish. This is really the only way you can get organized around your home. If you’re ready to make that call, then Junk King Monterey is ready to dive in!


In the last year, the teams from Junk King Monterey have helped all kinds of businesses, homeowners and apartment dwellers removed tons of stuff from their properties. When you call to set up an appointment with Junk King Monterey you’ll never be asked how much something ways. That’s because weight is not really an issue with Junk King Monterey. They’re only concerned with how much space your stuff will need on the back of the truck. To them it’s all about volume. When the crew arrives at your home, they’re going to size up all the things you want to toss out. These crews have a lot of experience packing up a lot of junk in as little space as possible. That’s exactly how they’re approach your job and that means you be paying the low end of the price scale every time.

Included in the flat rate offered by Junk King Monterey will be the various drop offs of your stuff. That is “drop offs” plural. It could be that one truckload collected by Junk King Monterey needs to go to several different recycling centers and charities. That is all part of their eco-friendly disposal policy that they been dedicated to as they began collecting. You’ll even have to ask of your stuff is going to be recycled. You can count on it!

You’ll be amazed at how much space can open up with a thorough decluttering. You might even be able to reclaim entire room. The quicker you bring in Junk King Monterey to clear out the clutter the quicker you can start organizing. Are you ready to make that happen?

Your Holiday Decorations Go Up Bring In Junk King Monterey To Clear The Clutter

There are several seasonal companies that will gladly hang all your Christmas decorations for fee. This might not be a bad idea if you’re stringing lights around the upper exterior of your house. Then again, there’s a lot to be said for putting up those decorations yourself. You probably worked out a pretty good system by now and every year you might add a new item. Nothing beats that first plug-in of those lights as you stand back and look at your accomplishment. Of course, the best way to prepare for putting up those decorations is to hire Junk King Monterey. This is the professional junk hauling company that can provide you with a clutter free interior and exterior.


Junk King Monterey is going to send over a pair of very capable to handle your junk removal task. This is an experienced team who has already been completely vetted so that they can be licensed and insured. That makes them the perfect kind of workers to invite into your home. When the crew arrives, you’re going to take them on a tour of all your junk. That can start around the front and back yards. Although many homeowners depend on Junk King Monterey to remove furniture and appliances they also do a lot of amazing yard work. If you have any type of tree limbs, construction waste, auto-parts or other eyesore items cluttering up your yards, then get the crews to load them up. It will certainly make those outdoor decorations shine a bit brighter!

Moving inside the Junk King crews is won’t have any trouble navigating down hallways or upstairs in order to get to the items you want taken out. The only finger you’ll be lifting is the one used to point to all the stuff you want taken away. It doesn’t have to get any more complicated than that.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King also has the opportunity to benefit someone in need. That’s because Junk King likes to donate the bulk of what they collect to local charities. You’ll have to worry what kind of shape your junk is in; if Junk King Monterey thinks it can work for a charity they’ll make sure it gets to that charity. You shouldn’t string one strand of holiday lights without calling in Junk King Monterey.

Junk King Monterey Can Help Make Your Home Guest Ready

There is a lot you can do to spruce up a guest room for out of town visitors. You can put new sheets and pillows on the bed. You can make sure there are fresh towels in the guest bathroom. You might also want to have a Wi-Fi extender in the room to make sure they get their Internet access! Of course, the best approach to getting your home guest ready is to start with a call to Junk King Monterey. These are the junk removal specialists that can quickly clear out all kinds of clutter from a spare room and the rest of the house. Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger except to dial the phone!


The minute you please that call to Junk King Monterey you’ll be put on the schedule for a rapid response junk pickup. Sometimes that might mean scoring a same day session with Junk King. That only means you need to be ready with what you want to get rid of. Some folks prefer to schedule with Junk King Monterey early in the week for a weekend appointment. That gives them plenty of time to sort through all the boxes, shelves, closets and other storage areas in the home. The thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to have a very dedicated moving crew assigned to the task. This is the team that will be rolling up in a big truck. All of that means you have the opportunity to finally get rid of just about anything you want to toss out.

Although the nights might be getting chillier, you still have the opportunity to enjoy a nice sunset in the backyard. Another way Junk King Monterey can help get your home guest ready is to clear out any kind of accumulated yard waste. That includes the big stuff like rusty patio furniture or leftover construction material.

Everything is loaded on the back of a Junk King Monterey truck will be sorted through back at the depot. Junk King Monterey never goes directly to a landfill. Instead, they prefer to pull out all those things that could be repurposed. You might be done with an old sofa but that doesn’t mean a charity can’t reupholster and give it to a family in need. That responsible disposal is another benefit of hiring Junk King Monterey. Don’t invite anyone to your house until you first hire Junk King Monterey to clear out the clutter.

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