Taking Care Of Big Garbage Removal The Right Way

Are you the type of person who likes to clean their home before a cleaning service comes over? It’s actually a very common habit among a lot of folks. It’s a bit like washing off the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. When it comes to getting your big garbage items removed you won’t need to do any preparation if you hire Junk King Monterey. They know how to handle a job like this the right way from the start.


The Junk King process is based on one simple philosophy: They do all the work. Removing big garbage items like construction debris, yard waste, furniture or appliances takes a bit of muscle and that’s what Junk King provides in the form of two dedicate movers. This is a team who is going to show up at your home with a friendly attitude and the experience to make your big garbage problems go away.

Regardless of shape or size, the crew from Junk King is dedicated to loading up anything you want removed. That includes some items that might have to be taken apart first. You could have a playground set in the backyard that has long been outgrown. They might even be a hot tub or tool shed that you want hauled away. Big jobs but not a problem for the Junk King team. They do this kind of work every day.

They Junk King squad also knows how to pack a truck. If there was an Olympic event for getting as much junk into as little space as possible, then they would be bringing home the gold medal! Why does that matter? Because Junk King uses that packing to determine how much you’ll be paying. The crew will look over all the things you’re getting rid of an know right away how they’re going to fit on the truck. It could be half of the truck space, one-third or the whole truck bed. When you agree to this price, the crew will start loading and in no time at all, your home will be clear. For big garbage removal handled the right way, bring in Junk King Monterey today.

Junk King Solves The Problem Of Old Carpet And Rubbish Removal

Have you ever gone through a single day without solving at least one problem? On any job, there are all kinds of problems big and small that need solving. At home, helping a kid with their homework would definitely call upon your problem-solving skills. Of course, there are some situations where bringing in outside help is the best solution to a problem. That is certainly true when you need to get rid of an old carpet or pile of rubbish. How is that problem solved? By hiring Junk King Monterey.


When it comes to getting rid of unwanted things, the crews working with Junk King are amazing problem solvers. The old carpet is easily rolled up but not so easily carried out of the home unless you have two movers. That’s what Junk King will be sending over. The old carpet will be slipped onto the back of the Junk King truck and disposal of in a responsible matter. The minute that carpet is walked out of your house by the crew it is literally no longer your problem.

What about all the rubbish you want to get rid of? Don’t think rubbish as a pile of old magazines or junk mail. Think bigger. The crew from Junk King can haul away a bedroom set, a recliner, a sectional sofa and even a piano. That’s really big! All of those things will be take care of too either through recycling or donating. The goal for Junk King is to stay away from the landfills and they’re doing a great job with that goal!

For pricing, Junk King solves another problem: They make their service affordable by charging a flat fee based on volume and not weight. The fee will be estimated by the crew after they’ve looked over all the things you want to get rid of. They know how to pack up all that rubbish so it will fit into the smallest space on the truck. That’s exactly what you want happening. At last the problem of getting rid of an old carpet and rubbish has been solved. The solution is Junk King Monterey.

Great Back-To-School Tips For The Whole Family

Can you hide you enthusiasm for back-to-school time? Probably not and that’s a good thing. With the approach of the school year, your kids might be feeling a bit anxious and your excitement at the prospect of them going back to school could actually help. It’s not just about making your day easier but about them meeting up with old friends, taking on new challenges and simply learning. Here are some other great back-to-school tips you should put into action:


Set Obtainable Goals

The hope is that every child will be a straight A student and the star of whatever activity the want to go out for. The reality is that getting those straight A’s is going to require a lot of work and sacrifice and not everyone can be the star quarterback or the lead in the musical. That doesn’t mean your kid can’t have ambitions and goals. It will just help to mix the encouragement with a healthy dose of reality. Winning isn’t as important as trying your best.

Be Prepared

If your child is going to a new school, then it will help to give them a preview of that school. There will probably be an orientation where they can check out the classrooms and meet the teachers. If not, then the school will surely be open a few days before the first day for a quick walk-through. You should also reach out to the teachers and introduce yourself and find out if there are course materials that can be obtained early on.

Be Consistent

You need to set boundaries for bedtime, wake-up and homework and you need to be consistent with them. Thanks to DVRs, any TV show or movie can be finished watching the next night. It might even be better to hold off until the weekend to watch the shows especially if it is going to cause a lot of grumbling. As for waking up in the morning, the snooze alarm is not going to be anyone’s friend.

With regard to homework, you also have to set a consistent time for your kid to finish their daily assignments. That includes Fridays even though they have the “whole weekend” to get it done. How many times did you take the weekend and end up scrambling on a Sunday night?

Get Organized

Not only do you have to get organized with everyone’s new schedule but you also have to make sure things run efficiently when it comes to lunch making and outfit wearing. If you can make lunches the night before, then you’ll be the ahead of the game. The same for picking out what the kids are going to wear to school. It will help to keep the closets clear of all the unwanted items that they’ve outgrown or wouldn’t be caught dead in! To get rid of all that stuff and the rest of your clutter, book a session with Junk King Monterey. The hauling crew from Junk King can swoop in and clear out the stuff you want to get rid of in a single session. Hiring Junk King Monterey for some decluttering time is going to go a long way towards getting the house ready for back-to-school.

Best Advice For First-Time Homebuyers

September is one of the most popular times in the year for buying homes. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, then you’re going to be entering into a very competitive marketplace. That doesn’t mean you won’t find your dream home. Just know that there will be challenges ahead. It can help if you can put some of this advice into action:


Use a Realtor

Buying a home will be one of the most important and biggest financial investments you make in your lifetime. That is why you want to get as much experienced help on your side as possible. A local realtor will be your best advocate. Not only will they help you find the best home for your price range and wish-list but they’ll be the ones who will be negotiating a fair price. That includes all the potential counteroffers. To find the best realtor for your search, ask for recommendations from friends. Do some research online and don’t hesitate to meet with a few brokers to find a perfect fit.

Make Your List

You’ve probably been thinking a lot about your dream home and not it is time to make it a reality. That starts with writing out a list. The first priorities are the number of bedroom and bathrooms. Remember that the home you’re buying today should be the home you’ll be in five or ten years from now. Will your family grow in that time? Next is type of home. There are dozens of designs to choose from and it might help to be open to the possibilities. Finally, you have to consider location. Schools, neighbors and commute should all be a factor. What is important to you?

When everything falls into place, you’ll be weeks away from closing. That means it is time to start packing. What you definitely don’t want to pack is the junk and rubbish you’ve accumulated over the years. It is time to call in Junk King Monterey to help with this goal. After you’ve packed what matters, you’ll have plenty to turn over to Junk King. They can get it all out of the way before the movers show up. Let Junk King Monterey help you make the move into a new home without carrying in old junk.

Excellent Junk Haulers In Monterey

Nobody likes to have buyer’s remorse. That is the regret you feel after spending money on something that either didn’t turn out the way you thought or it ended up costing more than you wanted to spend. Buyer’s remorse is often associated with major purchases like a car or a house but you can also have buyer’s remorse with little things. Yes, ordering the wrong thing for lunch can be remorseful! When it comes to hiring a service professional you never want to experience buyer’s remorse. You always want to get just what you expect from that service. If you get a little extra, then that’s a nice surprise. For junk hauling, you’ll never be disappointed with Junk King Monterey. They’ve been providing excellent service for years.


The first promise that Junk King makes is regarding your scheduled appointment. When you set up your session with Junk King, you’ll be asked to pick a day and two-hour window within that day. Those two hours will give the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. On the day of your appointment, the crew will keep you posted as to their progress in case there needs to be adjustments because of traffic snarls. These are junk haulers that like to stick to their schedules.

Once they arrive, you’ll show them all the things to you to get rid of. There doesn’t have to be limitations on weight or size. The Junk King junk haulers can remove all manner of furniture, appliances and general rubbish. That removal will be done by the team. They don’t want you lifting a single box or piece of furniture even if it is light as a feather!

Before they get to work, the crew is going to provide you with an estimate that will be based on how your stuff is going to fit on the truck. It is all a matter of packing as much as they can into as little space as possible. That’s a very fair approach for this type of work. When you agree to the fee and it is locked down, the crew will get busy and in no time at all it will seem like your stuff has simply vanished. If you’ve got unwanted rubbish, then turn it over to the excellent junk haulers from Junk King Monterey.

Junk King Can Help With Your Midsummer Cleaning

One of the pleasures of staying in a hotel is that no matter how messy you leave the room in the morning, by the time you come back at night, it has been cleaned up. Wouldn’t it be great if that same thing can happen around your house? Obviously, if you’re hiring a cleaning service for the day it could but even the best house cleaners aren’t going to be able to take care of rubbish removal. For them, if it can’t fit into the trashcan, then it isn’t going anywhere. If you want to get serious about your midsummer cleaning, then it’s time to hire Junk King Monterey.


What is the one piece of furniture or old electronic gear that you’d love to get rid of in your house? How long have you been holding onto it? Sadly, these are the kinds of things that often end up getting moved from home to home because there is no convenient way of getting rid of it. At least there wasn’t a convenient way before Junk King started collecting clutter in the Monterey area. Now anything you want taken out of your house can be gone in a flash.

If you’re reading this post during working hours, then you could put in a call to Junk King right now to set up a junk removal session. Don’t be surprised if Junk King asks if you’re junk is ready to be picked up within a few hours. Junk King will often have room in their schedule for a same day pickup. If you need more time, then you can schedule the day that works best for your schedule. One thing you can count on with Junk King: They’re going to be prompt.

Once they arrive, the first priority is to show all the things you want to get rid of to the crew. It could be stuff that is all in one room or scattered throughout your property. A quick look is all it will take for Junk King to provide an estimate fee based on how much room your stuff will fill on the Junk King truck. One price covers everything. Take your midsummer cleaning to a whole other level by including a junk clearing session from Junk King Monterey.

Enjoy Your Backyard Deck Without All The Rubbish

There are plenty of home improvement reality shows dedicated to backyard makeovers. The center piece of these remodeling projects are always a deck of some kind. Whether that is an enclosed deck or an open platform, these can become wonderful places for folks to entertain on. Yes, they also get outdoor kitchens. You might not need a makeover for your deck as much as you need a junk clearing. If piles of rubbish are keeping you from enjoying your backyard deck, then it is time to bring in Junk King Monterey.


Things have a tendency to pile around a home with every available space being used for some kind of storage. That leaves the backyard deck as a kind of “overflow” spot. If you can’t fit something in your home or garage, then it can go on the deck. The only reason to hold onto things like old furniture or appliances is because you don’t have the means to get rid of them. Thanks to Junk King Monterey, now you do.

Your session with Junk King is going to involve two movers and a truck. Sounds simple and it is. Those movers are going to do all the work of clearing off your backyard deck of all the things you’re eager to get rid of. But they don’t have to stop there. They can also load up whatever else you have in your yard that you consider to be useless. Weight, size and grime aren’t an issue. All that matters is that you want it gone.

To set up your junk removal session, Junk King asks that you find a two-hour window that works best for your schedule. It’s a safe bet it won’t take two hours to clear your stuff away. That just allows them a buffer time to get from one appointment to the next. What happens if you have a massive clean up that actually will take longer than two hours? For those jobs, Junk King will often send over additional movers and trucks. You won’t be paying for the extra labor or the time. You’re going to enjoy your backyard deck a lot more once Junk King Monterey has cleared the rubbish from it. Make that happen today.

Junk King’s Pricing Estimator Helps Make Your Junk Disappear

Making things disappear in the movies has gotten to be an art form. In the early days of cinema, if you wanted an object to “vanish” you would film it in place for a few seconds. Then stop the camera, remove the object and film for a few more seconds. The editor would then splice the two pieces of film together and it looked like something vanished. Today, you can literally “erase” an object from the film using special effects tool. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make the junk around our homes vanish that quickly? Until they’ve worked out magic spells for junk, you can always count on Junk King Monterey to get the job done. And thanks to Junk King’s pricing estimator that job just got easier.


Junk King’s pricing estimator is a computer program that lets you create a list by designating all the things you want to get rid of. As you click on the items, you’ll also be building your estimate of cost. The Junk King pricing policy is a flat fee that covers the workers, the transportation and the disposal. It is a price based on how everything will fit on the truck. The pricing estimate used approximate sizes to make that estimate. The final estimate can only be locked down once the Junk King crews have seen everything in person. That’s because they know better than a computer program how to pack up the truck. This often means your actual estimate could come in lower.

When you are complete with the pricing estimator list you can then schedule your appointment on the same page. By doing all of this online, you also get a $20 discount. That is savings before one item is loaded.

Once the estimate is agreed to it won’t change. Even if your stuff takes up more room you’ll still pay that original price. What can go on that truck? Just about any piece of furniture, appliance or electronic gear. You can also add boxes or bags of clothes, toys, books and other household items you want to get rid of. Think of how much of an improvement that will make around your home. Making your junk disappear isn’t magic. Just put Junk King’s pricing estimator to work and you’ll see how easy it is to clear out rubbish.

Smart Ways To Fall Back Asleep

The majority of medical professionals recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep. That would be 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Most of us fall asleep only to wake up at some point in the middle of the night for a variety of reasons. Falling back asleep becomes the goal and that is where folks trip up. Here are some smart ways you can fall back asleep.


Stop Thinking

That is easier said then done. But over thinking all unfinished business you have take care of can jolt you awake. Instead, try to concentrate on your breathing. Follow the breathes in and out as your mind quiets down.

Relax Your Muscles

Obviously, if you’re in bed you should be relaxing. One way to fall back asleep is to take that relaxation to the next level. Try to focus on your different muscles and talk yourself through letting them relax and feel not strain. Begin at your toes and slowly think about the muscles in your legs, thighs, hips and so on. This is a kind of guided meditation that can lull you back to sleep.


If you can’t drift off on your own, then it might help to “switch topics” by taking up a book. The caution is not to blast the room with light in order for you to read. Keep the lights as dim as possible. If you’re using an electronic reading device, then be sure to switch it to nighttime display.

Make a List

If you can’t stop yourself from thinking about all the things you have to do the following day, then make a list. Put it all down on paper as a way of “taking care of it.” You could also write out this list before your go to bed. This is telling your mind that you know what has to happen and you’re going to get to it. Problem solved.

It also helps to fall back asleep when you’re comfortable. Untangle the sheets and fluff up the pillows. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about a lumpy mattress. Replacing that mattress might have to go on your to do list. You’ll want to add calling Junk King Monterey. This is the company who can quickly get that old mattress removed along with any other household rubbish that is past its prime. When Junk King Monterey helps you swap out an old mattress you’ll be one step closer to getting back asleep faster every night.

Who To Call For Old Bike And Junk Hauling

When was the last time you went through your phone contacts? There are probably a bunch of contacts you could delete. The ones you definitely want to hang onto are those trusted service professionals like a plumber or auto mechanic. Those are the calls you don’t ever want to make but it’s good to know you have someone you can rely on to help out. What about getting rid of your junk items like an old bike or couch? The only company to call for that would be the company who has been picking up rubbish since 2005. That would be Junk King Monterey.


How long has that old bike been sitting in your garage? Maybe it’s been there since your kid out grew it years ago. Are they in college now? You could probably put a date on a lot of things in your garage, closet and spare rooms. The reason we hold onto big items is that we simply don’t have any way of getting rid of it. That can all change with one phone call to Junk King.

Junk King provides professional service from start to finish. Although removing junk shouldn’t be complicated, you might be surprised at how many companies get it wrong. Junk King will never ask you to bring anything out of your house or down to the street. You’re hiring a dependable moving crew who won’t have any problem picking up items from right where they are. That includes things that you would consider extremely heavy. For Junk King, it would be all in a day’s work.

Junk King also doesn’t charge by the pound. Instead, Junk King’s price policies are always based on how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crews will survey all the things you want to get rid of and will be able to tell from that how it will fit on the truck. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff that can cram into a little space. This is what they’ve trained for and they’re really good at it. Who are you going to call to get rid of an old bike and the rest of your junk? That would be Junk King Monterey.