Smart Ways To Fall Back Asleep

The majority of medical professionals recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep. That would be 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Most of us fall asleep only to wake up at some point in the middle of the night for a variety of reasons. Falling back asleep becomes the goal and that is where folks trip up. Here are some smart ways you can fall back asleep.


Stop Thinking

That is easier said then done. But over thinking all unfinished business you have take care of can jolt you awake. Instead, try to concentrate on your breathing. Follow the breathes in and out as your mind quiets down.

Relax Your Muscles

Obviously, if you’re in bed you should be relaxing. One way to fall back asleep is to take that relaxation to the next level. Try to focus on your different muscles and talk yourself through letting them relax and feel not strain. Begin at your toes and slowly think about the muscles in your legs, thighs, hips and so on. This is a kind of guided meditation that can lull you back to sleep.


If you can’t drift off on your own, then it might help to “switch topics” by taking up a book. The caution is not to blast the room with light in order for you to read. Keep the lights as dim as possible. If you’re using an electronic reading device, then be sure to switch it to nighttime display.

Make a List

If you can’t stop yourself from thinking about all the things you have to do the following day, then make a list. Put it all down on paper as a way of “taking care of it.” You could also write out this list before your go to bed. This is telling your mind that you know what has to happen and you’re going to get to it. Problem solved.

It also helps to fall back asleep when you’re comfortable. Untangle the sheets and fluff up the pillows. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about a lumpy mattress. Replacing that mattress might have to go on your to do list. You’ll want to add calling Junk King Monterey. This is the company who can quickly get that old mattress removed along with any other household rubbish that is past its prime. When Junk King Monterey helps you swap out an old mattress you’ll be one step closer to getting back asleep faster every night.

Who To Call For Old Bike And Junk Hauling

When was the last time you went through your phone contacts? There are probably a bunch of contacts you could delete. The ones you definitely want to hang onto are those trusted service professionals like a plumber or auto mechanic. Those are the calls you don’t ever want to make but it’s good to know you have someone you can rely on to help out. What about getting rid of your junk items like an old bike or couch? The only company to call for that would be the company who has been picking up rubbish since 2005. That would be Junk King Monterey.


How long has that old bike been sitting in your garage? Maybe it’s been there since your kid out grew it years ago. Are they in college now? You could probably put a date on a lot of things in your garage, closet and spare rooms. The reason we hold onto big items is that we simply don’t have any way of getting rid of it. That can all change with one phone call to Junk King.

Junk King provides professional service from start to finish. Although removing junk shouldn’t be complicated, you might be surprised at how many companies get it wrong. Junk King will never ask you to bring anything out of your house or down to the street. You’re hiring a dependable moving crew who won’t have any problem picking up items from right where they are. That includes things that you would consider extremely heavy. For Junk King, it would be all in a day’s work.

Junk King also doesn’t charge by the pound. Instead, Junk King’s price policies are always based on how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crews will survey all the things you want to get rid of and will be able to tell from that how it will fit on the truck. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff that can cram into a little space. This is what they’ve trained for and they’re really good at it. Who are you going to call to get rid of an old bike and the rest of your junk? That would be Junk King Monterey.

Junk King Monterey Earns More Great Reviews

There are market research companies dedicated to finding out what consumers think about various products and services. They put together focus groups and provide them with examples of those products and get the groups to discuss. Of course, you could skip all of this and just read customer reviews. That’s a perfect way to see how a company is performing. When it comes to professional junk hauling, it is obvious form the reviews that Junk King Monterey is doing a great job. Here’s the proof:


“The guys that came out (Jose and Robert) were very nice, prompt and worked very hard. I have already recommended Junk King to my family and friends and I won’t hesitate to use them again if I ever need help hauling away items I can’t use.” – Melinda Smith, Salinas

“Your two movers were friendly, professional, and got some very heavy and awkward pieces out with no problems. No muss or fuss and they were in and out in no time.” – Richard Weinstein, Capitola

Every Junk King removal session is staffed by a pair of strong movers. This is the problem solving crew who does all the heavy lifting for you. Knowing you have two movers dedicated to the task means anything and everything can go.

“They were very prompt, courteous, and easy to deal with! The price was fair and they were very knowledgeable. We will definitely use them again if needed!” – Richard Humphrey, Salinas

“This was a last minute but much needed pick up, had scheduled for the 12pm-2pm window and they called around 1pm to let me know they were about 10 mins away. 10 minutes later, they were there and I told them what was going and they had everything packed up and gone within 10 minutes and it saved me the headache of trying to take everything to the dumps. Super cool guys, very friendly and overall a great first experience! Highly recommended!” – Gregg Maher, Santa Cruz

Junk King appreciates that your time is valuable. That’s why they don’t want to waste any of it. It only takes them minutes to transform your home by clearing out the clutter.

“Prompt, efficient and professional. The team was pleasant to work with and we will definitely go to Junk King in the future for these type of services.” – C.M., Marina

“The gentlemen were here twice, once to evaluate our needs and once to do the actual work. They were on time, friendly, yet professional and very efficient. We would definitely use them again. Thanks, guys. You were most appreciated.” – J.W., Carmel-By-The-Sea

To get your rubbish removed quickly and safely, you can count on the pros from Junk King Monterey every time. Put them to work today and watch how fast your junk can be gone.

Effective Time Management Tips

To get the most out of your day, you have to make the most out of your time. This is where effective time management skills come into play. Do you think you are being effective with your schedule? Here are some ways to improve your time management skills:


Plan Ahead

You should never have to ask, “What’s next?” when it comes to your day. That means you have to make a plant. Before you leave work, use that last 15 minutes to plot out what the next day will look like in terms of achieving goals. The following morning, show up early to set your priority list and map out your day. This same approach can be taken for your weekends so that you can maximize your time off. The goal should be to get your important errands done and leave plenty of room to relax.

Eliminate Distractions

There are dozens of ways we get distracted through out the course of a day. Friends texting while you’re at work is a common distraction. Even if they’re only checking in or confirming plans, it still takes you away from the task you’re supposed to focused on. You could also fall down the “rabbit hole” of social media. If you’re part of discussion groups, then it is easy to get lost in a string of comments. There could also be coworkers who pop into the office to chat about things that have nothing to do with work. You need to find a way to curtail all of these distractions.

Delegate More

You might not be able to hand off some of your work assignments but you could ask for help. Around the house, you should definitely be delegate some of the “work load” of keeping things running. Occasionally that might mean bringing in outside help such as with a company like Junk King Monterey. This is the team to turn to when you need to get rid of junk. If you were to take on this type of task on your own, you could easily end up sacrificing an entire day off. Just think of how much time it would take to rent a truck, find day laborers, load your truck and then drive around looking for a proper disposal drop off. All of that is handled by Junk King. The only time you have to set aside is how long it will take for them to load up your stuff. And, yes, they’ll be doing all the loading. To get rid of your unwanted junk, turn the job over to Junk King. That is true effective time management.

Family Spring Break Fun In Monterey

Monterey is one of those California destinations that folks can’t seem to get enough of. If they vacation here once, they’ll keep coming back. That’s good for the local economy for sure. It also means as residents, you’re living in an amazing community even if you don’t take full advantage of all it has to offer. This spring break you should visit all those places in Monterey that makes it so special. Here are few to put on your list:


Monterey Bay Aquarium

It stands to reason that a place so close to the ocean would have one of the world’s top aquariums. Here kids can have fun with the touch pools and watching the daily feedings. There are plenty of hungry sea otters and penguins looking for a snack. There’s also a serene jellyfish exhibit and big window where you can get lost watching waves crash in from the ocean.

Dennis the Menace Playground

This park has been named one of the best parks in the entire country. High praise that is well earned. There are multiple play structures for kids of all ages can climb around. This is a terrific spot for a family picnic and for getting the kids tired!

Monterey Zoo

Your spring break exploration of animal life can continue at the Monterey Zoo. This is home to many former animal stars who have retired from Hollywood and are just enjoying life. You can stroll the grounds on your own or take one of the informative guided tours.

Whale Watching Tours

These tours are seasonal but they are worth investigating. It means a trip out on the ocean and chance to get close to whales. Really close. Just be sure to dress warmly even on a spring day. It can get chilly on the ocean.

The best way to enjoy spring break is to take care of things at home first. That means tackling those projects you’ve been putting off like clearing out the rubbish from your garage or closets. When you hire Junk King Monterey, you can take care of that chore and still have plenty of time left to enjoy spring break. The amount of time it takes to decide what you want tossed out is all the time you need. Once Junk King shows up, they’ll work fast to get everything load. Start this spring break in a junk free home thanks to a little help from Junk King Monterey.


Smart Ways To Buy A New Car

You might be anticipating that buying a new car is going to be a very stressful and time consuming affair. The thought of negotiating with a car salesperson who you think is going to rip you off might just have you avoiding the situation all together. You can avoid a lot of that stress by taking care of some of the prep work first. You’ll still need to devote time to test driving a few cars so you can get a feel for them but there are smart ways to buy a new car that will make it less of a hassle.



The first step is to work out your budget. Just how much can you spend on monthly payments and insurance? It will help you talk to your insurance agent to find out if your premiums will go up at all. Next, go to your credit union or bank and see if you can prequalify for a loan. You will probably get a much better rate than you would at a dealer. Plus, all the paperwork will be done and you’ll know exactly what the range is for what you can spend.

Research Cars

Before you head to the dealer, you should narrow down your choices. Today, many dealers carry a variety of models from several different car companies. That might mean focusing your attention on one dealership. You’ll find everything to need to know about a car and it’s features online.

Researching cars is also researching the price for those cars. There is the cost to the dealer and the suggested cost. The final price can be somewhere in between. Many car manufacturers allow you to “build” you own car by adding all the features you want. This might not be where you will buy the car from but it can show you what it will cost.

Get Email Quotes

Armed with the information of the make and model of the car you’re considering, you can go contact dealerships online and ask for quotes. This is a good way to start the ball rolling and get a lot of negotiating out of the way. They will be doing all they can to get you to come out to their dealership and getting a quote you like in writing is a good motivator.

Get Your Garage Ready

The good news is that after all of this hard work, you’ll be coming home with a new car. The bad news is that your garage might not be ready. One call to Junk King Monterey can take care of that. You decide which things you want hauled away from your garage and the Junk King crew will swiftly make that happen. The smart way to get your garage ready for a new car is to let Junk King Monterey clear out the rubbish first.

Smart Ways To Organize A Kitchen

Do you spend a lot of time looking for things in your kitchen? It’s not just about finding the perfect snack but the perfect utensil or pot needed for whatever you’re cooking. Often when you do find that item, it is buried under a lot of other utensils or pots which means rearranging everything to get to what you need. A better approach would be to organize your kitchen. Here are some smarts ways to get that accomplished.


Store Food in the Fridge Properly

Did you know that you should keep your dairy on the upper shelf of your fridge? That’s’ because the temperatures are the most constant. Your meat should always go on the bottom in case there is any accidental leakage. Much easier to clean up one shelf than all the shelves. Take the time to clear out all the expired foods and old condiments. Once everything is cleaned out, get into the habit of grouping things together on inside shelf doors. You can also use plastic containers as a kind of makeshift drawer. It is easy to slide out the container to find a jar than constantly rearranging those jars.

Maximize Pantry Space

Some kitchens have separate pantry rooms while others utilize pantry cabinets. In either scenario, you want to make things easy to reach and find. You can incorporate Lazy Susans and more clear storage containers to hold all your canned goods, spices and packages. The back a pantry door is a good spot for one of those over-the-door shoe holders. Those can now hold favorite family snacks, seasoning mixes and a lot more.

Create Kitchen Work Zones

When creating a work zone for the kitchen think triangle. The three points are fridge, oven and sink. Keeping what you need to cook close to those zones will help with the process. You don’t want dishes near the stove or pots next to the sink. The ultimate goal would be able to get what you need blindfolded!

Remove Clutter

As you go through your cabinets and drawers to organize, you’ll be tossing out a lot of clutter. However, there might be some items you don’t want to throw in the trash or they won’t fit in the trash. That is when to call in Junk King Monterey. Everything Junk King collects has a chance to get dropped off at a charity. That means your things won’t be wasted. You can take full advantage of the Junk King crew to get rid of all the rest of your unwanted clutter in the same trip. One junk clearing session with Junk King Monterey will help get your kitchen organized and home empty of clutter.

Will Your Garden Be Ready For Spring?

Part of what makes Monterey such a great place to live is the pride that homeowners take in their property. You can see that pride on full display outside starting with the gardens. Whether you’re planting in the front yard or back, there is some prep work you need to do to get your garden ready for spring. Here’s what needs to happen:


Collect Rain Fall

Rain is always an issue in California. There is a lot all at once and then long periods of dry spells. That mean you need to do the extra watering for your garden. Those efforts can be helped by collecting rainwater. A barrel can be position under your rainspout to collect gallons after every storm. That water will go a long way towards keeping your garden fed all spring long.

Fix Stakes and Trellis

Part of your garden might involve stakes and trellis. Now is the time to make sure those items have survived the winter and are ready to be put to use again. This is also a good time to move those things around if you want to reconfigure your garden area.

Clean Gardening Tools

Tools matter even in gardening. You want to make sure your garden tools are sharp and clean for the season. If they are rusty, then you might want to think about replacing them. Whatever is on the tools could make its way into your garden.

Create a Composting Area

Seasoned gardeners know the value of a compost area. This can be set up in a small bin or as a separate plot of your garden. Once it is set up, the compost area is a great spot for any organic waste from your kitchen and your actual garden. The goal is to keep the compost aerated. Before long, you’ll have nutrient rich fertilizer that your entire garden will benefit from.

Getting your garden ready for spring might require some heavy lifting. That is a job best left to Junk King Monterey. You can utilize the Junk King crew to remove all kinds of backyard rubbish old grills and patio furniture. They can even haul off a swing set or hot tub. Think of the gardening space you can reclaim once those things are gone. Let a rubbish hauling session from Junk King Monterey help you get your garden ready for spring.

Junk Hauling That Matters

There are probably a half a dozen items in your home that you’d like to get rid of. These objects can range in size or weight but what they all have in common is that they can’t go into a trashcan. It stands to reason that if you have something to get rid of you should just be able to give it to the weekly garbage collectors. Unfortunately, things don’t work that easily. The city isn’t inclined to pick up bulk items at random. Even when you do schedule a pickup, there are all kinds of restrictions. The least of these is the fact that you have to drag whatever you want take away down to the curb. That’s not always practical. A much better approach to this type of job is to hire a professional company that will be dedicated to providing you with quality junk removal services on your terms. For junk hauling that matters, you can always rely on Junk King Monterey.


Junk King has been hauling rubbish from homes and businesses since 2005. They know how important it is to provide this type of service around a customer’s schedule. If you know exactly what you want removed, you could call Junk King first thing in the morning and have a pickup later that afternoon. If you need more time to sort through boxes in your garage or shelves in your closet, then you can lock down your appointment for Saturday morning.

When deciding what you want to get rid of you have to factor in the moving. No, you won’t have to move anything down to the curb. Instead, you’ll have a pair of movers at your disposal. This team will be able to lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of in your home. Don’t hesitate getting rid of a piece of heavy exercise equipment that is no longer being used or leftover pavers from a landscaping makeover. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King. That makes this type of service very cost effective. For junk hauling and rubbish removal that matters, Junk King Monterey is the best option in town.

Make Smart Home Improvement Decisions

The money you invest in a home improvement project will be directly tied into your home’s value. That will come into play when you reach the point where you want to sell you home. Before that, you might refinance a mortgage and smart home improvement projects will help with the appraisal. Here are some home improvement projects that provide a decent return on your investment.


Bonus Room Updates

A bonus room is that area in your home that you’ve upgraded from its original condition. Maybe you finished the basement to make it into a family room. You could have converted your attic into a guest bedroom. Even a screened in deck on your patio would be considered a bonus room. Those are all going to be great selling features. Anytime you can add a bedroom or any room, you’ll be able to boost your home’s value.

Living Room Updates

Remember that the home improvements you make need to be the things you would “leave behind.” You can buy new furniture to make your living room nicer but you’ll be taking that furniture with you. However, you could redo the floors or replace carpeting, add crown molding and upgrade electrical outlets. Those are the kinds of details that won’t cost a lot but can ultimately provide a solid return on your investment.

Bedroom Updates

Again, think about what you’re going to leave behind. In the bedroom, you might opt for replacing lighting with dimmers or adding a ceiling fan. Here you might also consider redoing the floors as part of the improvement. If you can upgrade you closets with better storage shelving, then that could be very attractive to prospective buyers.

All of the improvements suggested above are minor fixes. You can also go for the bigger projects like a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Before diving into those, talk to a realtor to find out what is popular with the buyers.

Of course, one of the easiest home improvement projects you can undertake is to get rid of all the rubbish that is cluttering up cabinets, closets, the garage and attic. Do you really need all the stuff you’re holding onto? Junk King Monterey can help with that clean up. It will only take one appointment with Junk King Monterey to haul away all the stuff that is cluttering up your home. That is an improvement project that is always worth making.