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Bring In More Hotel Business With These Awesome Ideas

Monterey is a very popular destination along the California coast. There are a lot of people passing through that could be spending the night at your hotel. There's also enough to do around town for an extended vacation stay. Are you being proactive when it comes to attracting these new customers? Here are some awesome ideas to help bring in more business to your hotel: hotel-room-1549044 Network with Other Businesses As part of the Monterey community, you have the opportunity to network with a lot of other businesses that could benefit your hotel. There are many attractions and vacation rental services throughout the area that you could partner with an offer discounts to your guests. The same can be said with surrounding restaurants and cafés. If they deliver, then they can deliver to your guests. This would be a big help especially if you don't offer room service. Offer a Honeymoon Bridal Registry Monterey is a very popular honeymoon destination. You can get into the spirit of that by offering a honeymoon bridal registry. Couples can let their friends and family know that you're offering things like a special spa package or dinner in the restaurant. That potential revenue that can be filtered through your hotel. Add Live Entertainment Live entertainment is a terrific way to make your guests happy but also bring in some outside business for the day. It would take much to set up a DJ by the pool or have a small music trio playing during Sunday brunches. It's a nice touch. Provide a Smart Discount Rate When a guest checks into a hotel, the "meter" starts running. They know they have 24 hours to enjoy your facilities before they'll be charge for an extra day. However, there are some circumstances that warrant not a full day being used. Some guests might check in late at night while others need to check out late in the afternoon. Don't be stingy with your rates. Offering a discount for a late check-in will earn you a lot of positive feedback. Keep Everything Clean One of the first things against remembers about their hotel stay is whether the room they were in was clean. Your housekeeping staff should go above and beyond to make sure those rooms are properly maintained. You may have to go in and inspect. When it comes to keeping everything clean don't stop at the rooms. If you have any piles of debris in storage, in the parking lot or even in one of your suites, then you should bring in Junk King Monterey. These are the professional junk haulers who been in this line of work for over 10 years. The two-man moving crew that will be sent to your hotel will be able to lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of. Keep your hotel looking great and clear of rubbish with help from Junk King Monterey.
Bring In More Hotel Business With These Awesome Ideas


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