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Category Archives: Construction Waste Removal

Construction Debris Removal In A Safe Manner

People working in the construction industry have to face several challenges on an everyday basis. Dealing with different types of people, understanding their requirement and offering them the appropriate assistance is tough. Just constructing new buildings and selling them to the right people does not end the job. Real estate owners and their staff also have to deal with the painful task of waste cleaning. Cleaning huge amounts of construction waste is difficult and can be hazardous at times. If you do not want to face this frequent ordeal of waste cleaning, you can now take help from commercial junk removal Monterey companies.

A large number of real estate owners are now opting for the assistance of professionals to clean their construction sites as this helps in keeping their plot free from any kind of junks in a safe manner. These professionals are trained in handling all type of construction debris. Therefore, they will not have to face any difficulties, even if there are hazardous substances involved. To get the best assistance in clearing trash, you can check out Junk King. The company has years of expertise in this field and are known for their commitment.

Get Rid of Bricks, Roofing & Concrete in Monterey

Get Rid of Bricks Roofing Concrete in MontereyIs it time for a new roof? That is a dreaded question that many Monterey area homeowners are forced to answer whether they like it or not. One of the telltale signs of a leaky roof are ceiling spots. If this spots pop up on the ceiling directly under your roof it could be a sign of leaks. Maybe it’s just one “hot spot” that can be fixed with a simple patch but the more spots that show up the greater the chance your roof is failing.

You can also take a good look at your roof which might mean it’s time to break out the ladder. If your roof shingles are buckling then it’s a sign that your roof wasn’t properly installed. This is also a clear indication that it might be time for a new roof. While you’re up there you might also notice other areas of rot. That is only going to spread and will need to be repaired. Fortunately, here in California, we can’t really claim that our roofs take a pounding from rainstorms. But it only takes one good downpour to open up the floodgates and cause a lot of damage. Before you start reaching for the buckets, find yourself a qualified roofer. In fact, you should probably get estimates from at least three or four roofing contractors to give you a sense of what you can expect to pay. As tempting as it might be to go for the low bid, you need to remember that your new roof needs to last for a very long time. This isn’t a project you should be “cheap” with. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to keep your costs down. To accomplish that you might considered hiring Junk King Monterey for all the roofing material removal.

Junk King are experts when it comes to picking up debris and making sure it is properly disposed of. They’ve been in the junk removal business for several years. With all that experience they’ve developed proven methods of cleanup and customer service that has folks coming back to Junk King over and over again. In terms of your roofing or any other remodeling project, you’re guaranteed to make a lot of mess as you tear down the old to replace with the new. You’re also going to have left over scarps of materials. All of that can be picked up and carted away by Junk King in a single trip. While they are helping you clean up the construction trash, Junk King can also load up any other bulky item you want to toss out. You won’t have to keep trash around when Junk King Monterey is only a phone call away.

Monterey Concrete Disposal and Recycling

Over at the Santa Maria Town Center they’re putting the finishing touches on the 10,000-square-foot Kickers Arena. This is an indoor soccer field that is the dream of two local business partners who were determined to create this fun space. Actually, it’s two fields: one for adults and one for the kids. Now soccer players of all ages can play this fast-paced sport all year round in the comfort of this indoor arena. There are plans underway to add on areas for volleyball, tennis and even indoor football. Indoor soccer is a bit different than regular field play. The balls aren’t quite as bouncy and the ball never goes out of bounds. That’s because the walls of the field are the boundaries just like in hockey.

This particular project was not without its “bumps in the road.” When initial funding ran out, there was a 14-month construction hiatus while other investors were lined up. Once that happened, the building was back on track with a scheduled opening later this May.

If you’ve ever taken on a construction project around your home then you know that delays are expected. You might not be building something as expansive as an indoor soccer arena but even tearing up an old driveway can be a challenging DIY project. One aspect of that type of project that you shouldn’t have to worry about is the removal of all the concrete and other waste. At least, you won’t be worrying if you hire Junk King Monterey. These are the junk removal specialists who can make short work of piling up your broken concrete chunks in the back of their huge truck. Imagine trying to do that with your family SUV? Not only would it ruin your trunk but you’d also be making a dozen trips back and forth to the dumpsite. With Junk King Monterey its one pickup and one drive off. Because you’ll have the Junk King crew doing all the backbreaking lifting you can relax and start mixing your cement to pour.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for getting rid of concrete chunks to hire Junk King. They can be called upon to take away any oversize item you want to get rid of whether that’s a single piece of furniture or old kayak. The typical Junk King truck has a bed over 12 feet long and 8 feet wide. That’s enough room to toss out an entire garage worth of junk. Once Junk King collects your junk, they’ll be sorting it before tossing it out. That’s because they make it their mission to divert garbage away from landfills. Concrete or useless stuff. Either way, Junk King Monterey is the only way to go!

Monterey Construction Waste & Debris Removal

For years there has been a battle raging in Monterey over one of the most pristine and scenic stretches of the Pacific Coast: Pebble Beach. At issue is a proposed expansion of the area put forth by developers who want to build a new hotel, expand existing hotels and develop 90 lots for new homes. All told this is a whooping 200 million dollar project that will be a boost for the local economy. What stood in the way were a group of environmentalists and local residents who all worried about the impact this project would have. After plenty of studies, hearings and debate the California Coastal Commission gave the green light to the plan. This comes as welcome news for the developers.

“It’s an historic day for us, because it shows that the public sector and private sector can work together in a cooperative manner,” said Bill Perocchi, chief executive and part-owner of Pebble Beach Company told the Wall Street Journey. This is the same company whose resort includes the Pebble Beach Golf Links and 17-Mile Drive.

As for the environmental impact, the commission took strides to insure that would be minimized. “If you walk in those forest areas, there is an amazing collection of coastal resources that will be protected by this plan,” Charles Lester, executive director of the commission, said in a hearing where the plan was approved.

Now with the plan approved, the construction work can begin in earnest. No doubt there will still be grumbling from some locals. One aspect of a construction project like this that can help smooth ruffled feathers is to insure that the construction waste is properly disposed off. On a big project like this, there will be mounds of construction waste created every day. Unless that waste is carted off quickly, it can prove to be an eyesore and a hazard. That’s why construction waste disposal is such a vital part of any project planning.

On a much smaller scale, you might be dealing with your own construction waste issue. If you’re planning any type of home remodel project you’ll be creating plenty of trash. That’s why you should arrange for a professional junk hauling team to handle you construction waste removal: Junk King Monterey.

Your contractor might offer to handle this responsibility which on the surface seems like a good idea; after all they are handling all other aspects of your project. The problem with this approach is that the contractor will be dealing with limited resources. To keep your project on budget, they’ll only have a small number of workers on the job site on any given day. If they have to stop the job early so these workers can load up the waste and drive it to the right dump site then you’re not getting a full day’s work in terms of your project. Hiring Junk King Monterey means they’ll be charge of the trash and you can make arrangements for a daily or weekly pickup. Just be thankful you don’t have to handle all the Pebble Beach construction waste!

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