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Lawn Mower Disposal in Monterey

Mower Disposal CAThe City of Monterey has some advice with regard to watering your lawn. They suggest that grass only needs watering every five to seven days. Of course, if there is a heavy rain you can put off that watering. It’s also better to water lawns in the early morning hours to prevent evaporation. If you’re someone who turns on the garden hose and lets it run don’t forget to turn it off. That hose can pour out up to 600 gallons of water in just under an hour. Imagine that on your water bill!

As far as cutting the grass is concerned, the recommendations are to raise your blade to at least three inches. A high lawn promotes deep root growth which in turn helps the soil to hold onto moisture. That’s going to mean less run off. If you’ve got a mower with a stuck blade that can’t be adjusted it might be time to send that gadget to the lawnmower graveyard. When Junk King Monterey picks up an old lawnmower that “graveyard” is usually a recycling center. All that good metal can be melted down and poured into new molds. There is no telling what your old lawnmower can be turned into. One thing is for sure, you’ll have a much better time cutting your grass when you’ve got a sharp blade and new model mower.

Having Junk King take away your old mower means they will load it up on their truck alongside any other bulky item you want tossed away. Why stop with the mower when you can also clean out your garage, closets and attic? Just how quick did you fill up those spaces after moving into your home? Hopefully, you didn’t bring any of your old junk with you in the move. If so, then you really need to set up an appointment with Junk King Monterey. Look at it this way; if you still have boxed packed up it’s clear you don’t need any of that junk. Just to be sure, take a quick peek inside the boxes then set them aside for Junk King to take away.

Because you’ll have a hard working Junk King crew at your disposal you can get them to move out all kinds of heavy items like old furniture, washing machines or bureaus. All you’ll be doing is pointing out what you want taken away. You’re back will be spared when the JK crew does the lifting. Removing all the clutter from your home is a great way to kick off the fall. Do it the right way with Junk King.

Salinas CA Junk Removal

If you live in Salinas you’ve got a lot to do. The National Steinbeck Center is open all year round and allows visitors to immerse themselves into a bygone era made popular through one of America’s greatest writers. You can also embrace how Steinbeck lived at the Steinbeck House Museum. For a thrill like no other, check out the Monterey Bay Equestrian Center. There you could hire out a horse for a ride along the beach. For more close encounters with animals try out the Wild Things exotic animal facility. It’s the next best thing to going on a safari! Then there are all the great restaurants and bistros to try out (if you haven’t already). Simply put, Salinas is a terrific place to enjoy the summer. On the other hand, if you feel guilty about stepping out because you’re house is in disarray then help is just a phone call away. That would be a call to Junk King Monterey the junk removal specialists.

Coming home from work every day could have tripping over all kinds of clutter as you make your way from the front door to your bedroom. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ve got to get rid of this junk?” It’s frustrating that your home always seems to be full of clutter. It doesn’t have to be that way when you hire Junk King to help with the cleanup.

Take a walk through your home. What are you ready to get rid of? Some furniture? An old TV? Outdated computers? Kitchen appliances that have been replaced? Those are all perfectly acceptable items that can find their way onto the back of the Junk King Monterey truck. Continue going through the home. What kind of shape are your closets in? Can you easily find something or are you force to pull out box after box until everything falls on your head? What about out in the garage? Is this where the rest of the junk has landed like a kayak with a hole in it? A ping-pong table nobody uses? Rusty car parts? Again, those are all perfect items for the back of the Junk King truck.

Remember that you only have to designate what you want thrown away. The Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting and loading. They will also be the ones who are going to make the final delivery of those items at a recycling center. Junk King is dedicated to keeping Salinas clean and they’re accomplishing that one truckload at a time. Give them a call today to get the clutter out of your home then go and enjoy all that Salinas has to offer!

Santa Cruz Junk Removal Reviews

Have you ever written a review? Thanks to the Internet, it’s now becoming standard for anyone to write a review about anything. There are entire sites set up just for that purpose. Facebook has gotten into the review business as well and that’s proving to be a big boost for all the users. Anytime you log into Facebook you have a chance to write a “review” about your friends post. Even if you don’t want to make a comment you can still “like” something which is another kind of review. A company like Junk King of Monterey was eager to get their Facebook page set up because they knew the kinds of reviews they were going to get and they weren’t disappointed. Here’s a sampling of recent  reviews about their Monterey and Santa Cruz Junk Removal services:

“Professional, on time, and in and out quickly with no mess.”

“The movers were great and did a excellent job! I am very pleased!”

“The young guys that moved my stuff were very professional and friendly. Great service.”

One of the reasons that customers are happy with Junk King is the level of respect they get from the crew and dispatch staff. Junk King Monterey knows how valuable your time is which is why they don’t want to keep you waiting like the phone or cable company. They’ll always try to schedule your removal appointment around when is the best time for you. You’ll also be given the heads up when the crew is getting close.

“Sufficient notice given for arrival time. Arrived on time. Worked quickly and efficiently. Pleasant personalities. Bright red vehicle easy to identify. Was informed all material picked up would be sorted, re-cycled or donated where possible,” writes a happy customer.

“I was impressed with the timeliness of the response to my request for an estimate. The crew that arrived to do the work was extremely polite and did an excellent job. Customer service and quality of performance all the way around gets a superior rating,” writes another.

Your removal job can be big or small. Small can mean a few pieces of e-waste like a computer and television. A big job can mean oversized items like sofas, futon mattresses, BBQ and kitchen appliances. Of course, it can be a combination of big and small. The moment you realize you’ll have a two-man crew and big truck at your disposal should inspire you to get rid of all kinds of junk from your garage, attic and closets. The Junk King crew can even take away anything you want tossed out from your front and back yards. When you’re ready to clean up, Junk King Monterey will be ready to pick up. Call today to set up your appointment and you’re sure to add your own rave review!

Monterey Junk Removal Reviews

Most businesses know the value of customer opinions. That’s why restaurants leave comments cards with the bill. Dry cleaners let you fill out a response and enter it in a contest for a free cleaning. Junk King of Monterey is a professional team of junk haulers that has built its solid reputation on the positive word of mouth of its customers. But you don’t have to take their word for it; you can read the reviews on their Facebook page. Here’s a sample:

“What do you like about our services?” asks Junk King.

“Friendly, Courteous and gets the job done!” responds one customer.

“You have quick, reliable service and reasonable prices,” writes another.

“Your people show up on time, work hard and quickly and are fair about pricing,” posts another customer.

Then there are those customers who were really impressed! “I was given a 2 hour window for delivery and was called twice with updates which was FANTASTIC!!! The guys arrived on time and were polite and professional. I would recommend Junk King to everyone!!!”

Notice all the exclamation points! The list of positive reviews goes on and on. They’re also extremely current. It’s no wonder that Junk King has quickly become the leading junk hauler in the area. It all comes down to that solid reputation. Hiring Junk King means you’re hiring a company who has vetted their employees and put them through rigorous training. This isn’t just in the proper way to lift with your legs and not your back. It’s also about customer service.

There is no escaping the fact that a company like Junk King survives because of the volume of business they can handle in a day. You’ll find that they want to make you happy ASAP. That’s why you could call in for an estimate in the morning and actually have your junk removed by the afternoon. It’s not a race; just a professional way of doing business.

When it comes to the type of junk that Junk King Monterey can remove the sky really is the limit. In other words, if it can fit on the back of the Junk King truck it can be taken away. And we’re not talking about a pickup but a decent sized moving truck. Could you fill it up with all of your junk? Go right ahead. You’ll only be charged by the amount of space your stuff takes up on that truck. Whether it’s a little or a lot the price will be fair and locked in. There will be no extra charges or haggling. Even if you use Junk King Monterey  just once you’re sure to be impressed enough to leave a great review!

Keep Monterey Bay Clean

It’s hard to understand a litterbug. The exact same effort it takes to toss something out of a car is the same effort it would take to toss that garbage out into a trashcan. Then there are the careless people who go out of their way to abandon things like furniture and TV in the back of an alley. These people actually have to load up their car with that junk and make the move in the dark of the night to avoid getting caught. All of this trash tossing has an impact on our environment but nowhere is more deeply felt then in the ocean. After 22 years of deep-sea video the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has found an alarming amount of human garbage at the bottom of Monterey Bay. Forget dumping in an alley, now you’ve got people taking their trash out on a boat or at the end of a dock to get rid of it.

“We’ve only explored less than 1 percent of the Monterey Canyon. We’ve seen garbage in the deep sea everywhere we’ve gone,” said Susan von Thun, a senior research technician at MBARI. “It’s really hard to estimate how much is out there.”

One of the most common items found on the ocean floor were plastic shopping bags and aluminum cans. Think about how many trashcans and recycling bin a person would have to pass to get their trash into the water. What’s worse is that unlike throwing garbage on the street (still no excuse) garbage tossed in the ocean is probably going to be there for years to come.

“Once it gets in the ocean, it’s not going to get cleaned up,” von Thun said. “Especially with plastic or metal, it doesn’t really break down. It’ll be there for possibly thousands of years.”

Not only can this garbage decay and cause harm for the aquatic life but it can also tangle up those fish. One of the biggest pieces of garbage that the group found was an entire shipping container that must have fallen off a cargo ship. Actually, that’s not that uncommon. One study found that upwards of 10,000 shipping containers end up in the ocean. It’s all carelessness. Hopefully, this research will lead to more public awareness. If you should happen to see someone illegally dumping anywhere don’t hesitate to call the police. This has to stop.

At your own home, you are in control of your junk and can keep it as long as you like but is that really the best way to live? Holding onto junk can be a health hazard. Just like fish can get tangled in plastic bags, you can find yourself tripping over piles of clutter in your home. All sorts of creatures could be nesting in a crammed garage. When you’re ready to clean up you can have a Junk King Monterey crew pitching in to do all the heavy lifting. Junk King are the professional junk removal specialists who pride themselves on eco-friendly disposal. You’re junk will never end up in the ocean when you turn it over to Junk King. That’s really the only way to go!

Santa Cruz Eco Friendly Appliance Disposal

Businesses are getting into the eco-friendly way of doing things by advertising that they have “gone  green.” Technically, you could be a company with a single recycling bin and make that claim. Does it really mean you’re doing all you can for the environment? One company who is truly eco-friendly is Junk King Monterey. To prove it, all you have to do is follow one of their trucks around.

A Junk King crew starts out making the rounds of scheduled appointments. These are with homeowners or business owners who are tossing out all kinds of junk. It could be furniture, construction waste, car parts, lawnmowers, backyard grills, tree limbs or dirt. As soon as the junk is loaded, the crew is off to the next scheduled stop. There is typically a two-hour window for pickups and the crew will always call when they are 15 minutes out from a job. Towards the end of the day, their truck will be pretty full. That’s when they’ll kick it into “green” gear. The Junk King Monterey crew will sort through all they’ve collected and break it into piles.

There will be the recyclable pile. This is all the stuff that can be broken up and repurposed. There will probably be a lot of e-waste like old computers, televisions, copiers, fax machines and printers. These all have to go to a special facility for disassemble. Then there are all those items that can be fixed up and reused. These are things like couches that need new cushions or chairs that need new leg.

Those things get dropped off at the many Santa Cruz charities that fix up and resell donations. Finally, there will be one pile of straight up trash. That is the stuff that ends up in the landfill. The bottom line is that Junk King diverts a large % of everything it collects away from a landfill. It’s a sure thing that Junk King Monterey is a genuine green company.

What are you thinking about tossing out? You won’t have to worry about deciding where it will end up. The Junk King crew will take care of that just like that take care of the lifting and loading. All you have to do is watch.

That’s what Mary from Boulder Creek did. “When I called to schedule them, I was told they would be out between 10 and 12. Paul called at 10 on the dot. Chris, Paul and Sean came out to pick up a LOT of junk and they were able to fit it all in one load. The old refrigerator, some trash and a huge pile of yard waste. They work like a well oiled machine, in sync and getting everything out in an efficient manner. They are polite, friendly, professional and the price was reasonable. It would have taken me multiple trips to the dump to get rid of everything. What a trio of yard and lifesavers.”

Call Junk King today and put them to work for you!

Spring Cleaning Tips in Monterey California

As you set out to tackle your spring cleaning project, you’ll want to get yourself organize. First, make sure you’ve got all of your cleaning supplies at the ready. You should also have a handy carrying bucket that you can take from room to room. As you step into that first room to clean you have a choice to make: De-clutter as you go or de-clutter first and then clean. One thing is for sure, you’re going to need to get rid of that clutter to really consider your home clean.

In the clutter arena there are trashcan worthy items and all the rest. The trashcan is anything you can simply toss out like junk mail, magazines, newspapers, pens that don’t work and all the small stuff. The “all the rest” would be those oversized items that aren’t so easily tossed out. We’re talking about things like furniture, appliances or mattresses. In other words, things that need two people to move. If you de-clutter these objects first then you’ve going to open up some floor space that will need cleaning. It makes sense to move out those big objects and to get that done you need to hire Junk King Monterey.

Junk King of Monterey is part of the same national franchise of professional junk removers which has been around for over eight years. Here in Monterey they’ve created a strong following of happy customers.

“Outstanding! Mario’s team of professionals were punctual, courteous, efficient and all around a pleasure to deal with,” writes Tristan on his Yelp review. “Removed the debris from a kitchen demolition and price very fair. Highly recommended.”

Frank, another Yelp reviewer, proclaims, “I had them come to home in Aptos this last weekend and things went as planned. They were fast and gave me a fair price. I would definitely recommend them if you need some junk hauled away.”

Tamara needed her hot tub taken away. Who did she call? Junk King Monterey, of course, “I had the Junk King crew come out and haul away my large old hot tub. It became a bit more of a job than expected,” she writes on her Yelp review. “Apparently the person who installed it, intended for it to never move. I want to express my thanks and appreciation for how professional, personal and what a great job was done getting that big piece of junk off my deck. The price was very fare and I will recommend The Junk King to all of my family and friends. You have one very satisfied customer.”

Are you ready to add your review? You will when you hire Junk King Monterey to help you with your spring-cleaning de-cluttering!

Monterey Computer Monitor Recycling and Disposal

Does anyone still have a VCR? Sure, you might have spent years taping your favorite programs but now they’ll all available online. Do you really need to keep stacks of tapes cluttering up your living room? Even if you have some precious memories recorded on video you would be better served having that video transferred to a DVD. Once that is done you really have no excuse to hold onto that VCR. In fact, when it comes to old stereos, copiers, fax machines, computers or televisions you shouldn’t be holding onto those either. All of that stuff is considered e-waste and you should be thinking about how to get rid of it the right way. Here’s a hint: Junk King.

According to the Electronic Waste Recycling Act that became law in 2003, you’re not allowed to throw out any e-waste in the garbage. Sure, you might be able to slip something into a garbage can and think it’s gone for good. However, your garbage men are well within their rights to report the infraction. That could mean a hefty fine. The reason this is so important is that when those types of junk are broken up or crushed, they can release harmful toxins. That’s why they have to be carefully disassembled.

A quick Internet search might reveal an e-waste drop off sponsored by a local charity. More often than not you’ll find that the event has come and gone. Either that or it will be scheduled with a small window of opportunity that turns out not to be much of an opportunity for you and your busy schedule. You choices then become to either hang onto that stuff (which really isn’t much of a choice!) or call Junk King Monterey.

Junk King is the Monterey County junk removal specialistswho know just how to handle e-waste. They’ve got several drop-off options depending on where the pickup is going down. That’s not anything you have to concern yourself with. Not only will the Junk King crew load up all your e-waste but they’ll make sure it gets to those recycling centers at no extra charge.

You can call Junk King to take away an old computer or monitor but why stop there? If they’re going to pull up to your house in a big truck, why not take advantage of that hauling space and have it all your junk taken away once and for all? You won’t have to drag anything out to the curb. The Junk King crew will do all the work for you. Is it time to say good-bye to your e-waste? Then call Junk King Monterey to get the job done.

Junk Removal for Monterey and Santa Cruz Realtors

You know there is good news in the real estate market when agents are getting big prizes. Recently, American Dream Realty held a drawing for a brand new Mercedes SLK convertible. Here’s how they explained the rules of the contest: “American Dream Realty believes that this contest will continue to encourage a positive and energetic working environment. Agents who are taking part in the contest will accumulate a certain number of points based on the sales, recruiting, continued education, positive feedback they receive from client surveys and team building activities. Any agents joining American Dream Realty during the promotion will also be entered into the final drawing.”

Even though the Santa Cruz real estate market isn’t “out of the woods” quite yet there are some very positive signs of growth and of prices heading in the right direction. All of this points out the need for real estate agents to be on the top of their game and seize any opportunity that comes their way. Often this would mean thinking outside of the box when it comes to finding new listings. Nowhere is there a better source of viable home listings then within the foreclosure market. The hitch with acquiring a foreclosure listing is getting that property ready for sale and that could be as simple as contracting Junk King.

Junk King is the junk removal specialists who have been helping homeowners in the Santa Cruz area clear out the clutter in their lives. A foreclosed property is often an abandoned property. There could be all manner of furniture, rugs and appliances left behind by the previous occupant. Then there are also the bags of garbage strewn about the property. A prospective homeowner doesn’t need to see any of this and that’s where the Junk King Monterey crew can be a big help. You can set up a foreclosure cleanout with Junk King that will have all of that abandoned stuff gathered up and carted off within a few hours.

On many levels it’s easier for Junk King Monterey to clean out a foreclosed home than one that is currently occupied. That’s because all you have to do is tell the JK crew to “clear it all” and they’ll take it from there! Junk King will also make a clean sweep of the front and back yards. If there are neglected shrubs, piles of dirt, rusty swing sets or dilapidated sheds they can all be removed. Once the property is clear from junk it can be staged however appropriate to make the sale. Don’t let a little garbage stand in the way of a commission. Partner up with Junk King Monterey to get those properties ready to move.

Santa Cruz Treadmill and Exercise Machine Removal

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get into shape? Did you finally fire up that treadmill you’ve got in the garage? Did you bust out the dumbbells? If not, don’t feel guilty. We all have made an exercise equipment purchase at some point in our lives. We thought we would be doing a lot more workouts if we did them at home. What happened? Life got in the way in the form of phone calls, kids, pets, making dinner and all the other daily distractions found around your home. This is why it’s never too late to join a gym.

When you join a gym you’re practically tricking yourself into getting into shape. After all, you’re paying for a membership why wouldn’t you use it? Joining a gym has many other advantages beyond just helping your shed those extra pounds. You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to join a like-minded community. Everybody in the gym has the same goals; they’re just going about them in a different way and are at different levels. You’re sure to find someone to share your interests with whether that is through seeing the same people during your workout time or bonding during a class. There is nothing like a shared hatred of a spin class instructor to forge a new friendship.

After you’ve signed up for the gym, you’re not going to want any reminders of your failed attempts at working out around your home. That’s when you should schedule an appointment with Junk King Monterey to get rid of the unused treadmill or stationary bike or other equipment. Imagine all the space you’ll be getting after you get rid of that stuff. The same could probably be said of a lot of other junk in your home: You can get back a lot of space. In some cases, folks have managed to take back entire rooms and convert them into home offices or spare bedrooms. That’s a much better use for those rooms.

When Junk King is on the job, they’ll be doing all the work. You remember how hard it was to get that treadmill into your house. The Junk King workout consists of pulling that heavy item out and loading it onto the truck and the JK crew is happy to comply. You’ll only be paying a fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the truck. And if there is one thing the JK crew likes to do is pack junk into a tight space! Here’s your new to-do list: Join a gym and call Junk King Monterey today.