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Category Archives: Junk King Reviews

Watsonville Junk Removal

As cities go, Watsonville has a lot to boast about. Here’s how we’re described on the official city page: “Watsonville, California is known all over the world for its long and rich heritage as a center for agriculture – especially berries. What many may not know is that Watsonville is a proving ground for entrepreneurs and businesses from all types of industries and emerging technologies. Its central location, nestled between the Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz mountains, offers growing companies quick and easy highway access, while avoiding daily traffic snarls. Watsonville’s location is topped only by its ideal climate and the rustic, small town charm of a close-knit rural community. The Watsonville Area offers beaches, mountains, wine, food, activities and more!” Sounds like a great place to live!

However, there is one thing that they left out. Watsonville was one of the first cities in the region to adopt automatic trash removal. This means we put those fleet of trucks to work with the mechanical arms. Those arms reach out and snatch the garbage cans for a quick flip into the truck. The result is a faster and cheaper way for the city to remove garbage. The one drawback is that it makes getting rid of bulky items more challenging for the homeowner. You can no longer set something on the curb and hope it will get picked up. If it doesn’t fit into the garbage can then you’re stuck with that item. At least you were before Junk King set up operation in Monterey. Now, getting rid of your oversized items has never been easier.

One call to Junk King Monterey will allow you to set up a removal appointment for all kinds of stuff. Take a walk about your home and think about all the things you can toss out. Keep in mind, you’re going to have a two-man crew doing the lifting and loading. You’re also going to have a big truck at your disposal to fill up. That pretty much means anything goes. Time to toss out boxes of clutter, mattresses, furniture, appliances, and e-waste.

With Junk King on the job, you’ll know that the bulk of your junk will be kept out of landfills. Instead, the JK crew will have it dropped off at one of the many recycling facilities in the area. Fast and efficient. That is just the Junk King way. Call them today to set up your removal appointment. You’ll be happy you did!

Santa Cruz Junk Removal Reviews

Have you ever written a review? Thanks to the Internet, it’s now becoming standard for anyone to write a review about anything. There are entire sites set up just for that purpose. Facebook has gotten into the review business as well and that’s proving to be a big boost for all the users. Anytime you log into Facebook you have a chance to write a “review” about your friends post. Even if you don’t want to make a comment you can still “like” something which is another kind of review. A company like Junk King of Monterey was eager to get their Facebook page set up because they knew the kinds of reviews they were going to get and they weren’t disappointed. Here’s a sampling of recent  reviews about their Monterey and Santa Cruz Junk Removal services:

“Professional, on time, and in and out quickly with no mess.”

“The movers were great and did a excellent job! I am very pleased!”

“The young guys that moved my stuff were very professional and friendly. Great service.”

One of the reasons that customers are happy with Junk King is the level of respect they get from the crew and dispatch staff. Junk King Monterey knows how valuable your time is which is why they don’t want to keep you waiting like the phone or cable company. They’ll always try to schedule your removal appointment around when is the best time for you. You’ll also be given the heads up when the crew is getting close.

“Sufficient notice given for arrival time. Arrived on time. Worked quickly and efficiently. Pleasant personalities. Bright red vehicle easy to identify. Was informed all material picked up would be sorted, re-cycled or donated where possible,” writes a happy customer.

“I was impressed with the timeliness of the response to my request for an estimate. The crew that arrived to do the work was extremely polite and did an excellent job. Customer service and quality of performance all the way around gets a superior rating,” writes another.

Your removal job can be big or small. Small can mean a few pieces of e-waste like a computer and television. A big job can mean oversized items like sofas, futon mattresses, BBQ and kitchen appliances. Of course, it can be a combination of big and small. The moment you realize you’ll have a two-man crew and big truck at your disposal should inspire you to get rid of all kinds of junk from your garage, attic and closets. The Junk King crew can even take away anything you want tossed out from your front and back yards. When you’re ready to clean up, Junk King Monterey will be ready to pick up. Call today to set up your appointment and you’re sure to add your own rave review!

Monterey Junk Removal Reviews

Most businesses know the value of customer opinions. That’s why restaurants leave comments cards with the bill. Dry cleaners let you fill out a response and enter it in a contest for a free cleaning. Junk King of Monterey is a professional team of junk haulers that has built its solid reputation on the positive word of mouth of its customers. But you don’t have to take their word for it; you can read the reviews on their Facebook page. Here’s a sample:

“What do you like about our services?” asks Junk King.

“Friendly, Courteous and gets the job done!” responds one customer.

“You have quick, reliable service and reasonable prices,” writes another.

“Your people show up on time, work hard and quickly and are fair about pricing,” posts another customer.

Then there are those customers who were really impressed! “I was given a 2 hour window for delivery and was called twice with updates which was FANTASTIC!!! The guys arrived on time and were polite and professional. I would recommend Junk King to everyone!!!”

Notice all the exclamation points! The list of positive reviews goes on and on. They’re also extremely current. It’s no wonder that Junk King has quickly become the leading junk hauler in the area. It all comes down to that solid reputation. Hiring Junk King means you’re hiring a company who has vetted their employees and put them through rigorous training. This isn’t just in the proper way to lift with your legs and not your back. It’s also about customer service.

There is no escaping the fact that a company like Junk King survives because of the volume of business they can handle in a day. You’ll find that they want to make you happy ASAP. That’s why you could call in for an estimate in the morning and actually have your junk removed by the afternoon. It’s not a race; just a professional way of doing business.

When it comes to the type of junk that Junk King Monterey can remove the sky really is the limit. In other words, if it can fit on the back of the Junk King truck it can be taken away. And we’re not talking about a pickup but a decent sized moving truck. Could you fill it up with all of your junk? Go right ahead. You’ll only be charged by the amount of space your stuff takes up on that truck. Whether it’s a little or a lot the price will be fair and locked in. There will be no extra charges or haggling. Even if you use Junk King Monterey  just once you’re sure to be impressed enough to leave a great review!

Santa Cruz Eco Friendly Appliance Disposal

Businesses are getting into the eco-friendly way of doing things by advertising that they have “gone  green.” Technically, you could be a company with a single recycling bin and make that claim. Does it really mean you’re doing all you can for the environment? One company who is truly eco-friendly is Junk King Monterey. To prove it, all you have to do is follow one of their trucks around.

A Junk King crew starts out making the rounds of scheduled appointments. These are with homeowners or business owners who are tossing out all kinds of junk. It could be furniture, construction waste, car parts, lawnmowers, backyard grills, tree limbs or dirt. As soon as the junk is loaded, the crew is off to the next scheduled stop. There is typically a two-hour window for pickups and the crew will always call when they are 15 minutes out from a job. Towards the end of the day, their truck will be pretty full. That’s when they’ll kick it into “green” gear. The Junk King Monterey crew will sort through all they’ve collected and break it into piles.

There will be the recyclable pile. This is all the stuff that can be broken up and repurposed. There will probably be a lot of e-waste like old computers, televisions, copiers, fax machines and printers. These all have to go to a special facility for disassemble. Then there are all those items that can be fixed up and reused. These are things like couches that need new cushions or chairs that need new leg.

Those things get dropped off at the many Santa Cruz charities that fix up and resell donations. Finally, there will be one pile of straight up trash. That is the stuff that ends up in the landfill. The bottom line is that Junk King diverts a large % of everything it collects away from a landfill. It’s a sure thing that Junk King Monterey is a genuine green company.

What are you thinking about tossing out? You won’t have to worry about deciding where it will end up. The Junk King crew will take care of that just like that take care of the lifting and loading. All you have to do is watch.

That’s what Mary from Boulder Creek did. “When I called to schedule them, I was told they would be out between 10 and 12. Paul called at 10 on the dot. Chris, Paul and Sean came out to pick up a LOT of junk and they were able to fit it all in one load. The old refrigerator, some trash and a huge pile of yard waste. They work like a well oiled machine, in sync and getting everything out in an efficient manner. They are polite, friendly, professional and the price was reasonable. It would have taken me multiple trips to the dump to get rid of everything. What a trio of yard and lifesavers.”

Call Junk King today and put them to work for you!

Spring Cleaning Tips in Monterey California

As you set out to tackle your spring cleaning project, you’ll want to get yourself organize. First, make sure you’ve got all of your cleaning supplies at the ready. You should also have a handy carrying bucket that you can take from room to room. As you step into that first room to clean you have a choice to make: De-clutter as you go or de-clutter first and then clean. One thing is for sure, you’re going to need to get rid of that clutter to really consider your home clean.

In the clutter arena there are trashcan worthy items and all the rest. The trashcan is anything you can simply toss out like junk mail, magazines, newspapers, pens that don’t work and all the small stuff. The “all the rest” would be those oversized items that aren’t so easily tossed out. We’re talking about things like furniture, appliances or mattresses. In other words, things that need two people to move. If you de-clutter these objects first then you’ve going to open up some floor space that will need cleaning. It makes sense to move out those big objects and to get that done you need to hire Junk King Monterey.

Junk King of Monterey is part of the same national franchise of professional junk removers which has been around for over eight years. Here in Monterey they’ve created a strong following of happy customers.

“Outstanding! Mario’s team of professionals were punctual, courteous, efficient and all around a pleasure to deal with,” writes Tristan on his Yelp review. “Removed the debris from a kitchen demolition and price very fair. Highly recommended.”

Frank, another Yelp reviewer, proclaims, “I had them come to home in Aptos this last weekend and things went as planned. They were fast and gave me a fair price. I would definitely recommend them if you need some junk hauled away.”

Tamara needed her hot tub taken away. Who did she call? Junk King Monterey, of course, “I had the Junk King crew come out and haul away my large old hot tub. It became a bit more of a job than expected,” she writes on her Yelp review. “Apparently the person who installed it, intended for it to never move. I want to express my thanks and appreciation for how professional, personal and what a great job was done getting that big piece of junk off my deck. The price was very fare and I will recommend The Junk King to all of my family and friends. You have one very satisfied customer.”

Are you ready to add your review? You will when you hire Junk King Monterey to help you with your spring-cleaning de-cluttering!

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